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1A list of characters from ''WebComic/HeroOhHero''.²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder: Main Characters]]²²!Burk²-->"TAKE ME TO YOUR TOILET!"²²[[quoteright:142:]]²%%[[caption-width-right:142:some caption text]] ²²The first protagonist of the comic to be introduced. A mysterious, shirtless man who (literally) falls from the sky in the first chapter.²----²* BadassCape: He wore one (and used it as a parachute) when he first appeared, but it apparently became a "casualty of war" while he went to the loo.²* BadassNormal:²-->'''Injured Guard''': Your strength is . . . remarkable. What are you? A magic user?²-->'''Burk''': Nope, I'm 100% Burk!²* BlindingBangs: Though his eyes are visible when he's [[ hanging upside-down.]]²** And they're fully visible when he's wearing [[ his headband.]]²* {{Catchphrase}}: Saying "Nope." as he dodges attacks.²* ChronicHeroSyndrome: When he hears the town has a bandit problem he immediately decides to help.²* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: What else could you call a man who can lose random items of clothing while going to the toilet or fleeing from an angry boar?²* TheDrifter: In the first chapter he shows up, defeats the bandits menacing a town, convinces the town's assigned hero to do his job better and moves on without any further comment.²* GoodOldFisticuffs: When he meets a group of bandits, he's able to hit five of them in the face with one punch.²* GoofyPrintUnderwear: Polka-dot boxers of various colors.²* IdiotHero: For all his bravery, he doesn't come across as very bright.²* LetsGetDangerous: When Burk starts fighting seriously (shown by him wearing a headband), he goes from casually (or not) dodging attacks to practically {{Flash Step}}ping.²* LightningBruiser: Fast enough to dodge most attacks effortlessly, and strong enough to knock out monster boars.²* NotQuiteFlight: While he's fighting seriously, Burk moves and jumps so quickly he appears to be flying.²* TaughtByExperience: He claims not to have any formal training in combat. Just wrestling with his brother and "defeating things".²* TwinkleInTheEye: Whenever he gets excited.²* WalkingShirtlessScene: On arriving at the town, he wears three things above his waist, one is the aforementioned cape and the other two are his gloves. After dealing with the bandits, his new outfit includes an open waistcoat (which, [[ as his large sprite shows]], still exposes impressive abs).²* WrongGenreSavvy: His attempts to invoke DefeatMeansFriendship with one of the bandits' mounts.²²!Noah²-->"...? Do I know you people?"²[[quoteright:116:]]²%%[[caption-width-right:116:some caption text]] ²²The second protagonist. A snarky young man who lives in the city of Gloria, in TheEmpire. He's in Class F at Great Justice High, slightly aloof...and has magic powers in a society where they're strictly controlled.²----²* AmbiguousDisorder: He snarks freely at his classmates and has trouble remembering their names/faces (to the point that he has trouble recognising a friend who's changed his hairstyle), but he's quite [[ shocked and apologetic]] when someone ''tells'' him he's being rude.²* {{Bishonen}}: His light build and ponytail make him look very feminine, even in the comic's pixel based artwork.²* BrilliantButLazy: He's intelligent enough that a kid who gets higher grades than him wants to sit nearby to catch his "Smart beams", but doesn't study.²* DeadpanSnarker: His very second line is a [[ quip aimed at the radio]].²-->'''Radio:''' AND ALWAYS REMEMBER, PEOPLE; THE EMPIRE LOVES YOU, AS LONG AS YOU SHOW LOVE FOR THE EMPIRE!²-->'''Noah:''' ''[switches radio off]'' I'll remember that just fine, thank you.²* DracoInLeatherPants: He's one to his classmates InUniverse. His snarkyness and the fact he barely even recognises people in the same class makes him more attractive to them.²* JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind: [[spoiler: His power is essentially this; the ability to disappear into a person's MentalWorld.]]²* NervesOfSteel: {{Downplayed}} in that he often looks surprised when something catches him off-guard, but is usually back to being TheStoic in the next panel. He otherwise reacts quite calmly to (for example) finding himself in a dark place with his own shadow talking to him.²* NonActionGuy: He skipped the mandatory weapons training, meaning that he's more-or-less one of the few students who can't use a weapon of some sort.²* NotAMorningPerson: The first thing he does in Chapter 2 is complain about being woken up by the radio. ²* OhCrap: He loses all traces of calmness [[spoiler: when he's arrested at the end of his first chapter.]]²* ParentalAbandonment: He's had some sort of falling out with his father. [[spoiler: His mother disowns him after he's arrested for being a magic user. Ironically, his father comes back to try to patch things up, and after a rough start, Noah accepts his father's offer to be there when he needs it.]]²* TallDarkAndSnarky: And it makes him quite attractive to his classmates.²²!Tobi²->"And my Grandpa's too preoccupied to bug me about it...[[TemptingFate sounds like the start of a perfect day]]."²[[quoteright:111:]]²%%[[caption-width-right:111:some caption text]] ²²The third and final protagonist. A dark skinned, pointy eared young lady who lives in the desert town of Raul (and wears blue lipstick, for some reason).²----²* ActionGirl: She raids dungeons for a living.²* AdventureArchaeologist: She's first seen being assigned to an exploration party in a new dungeon that's just appeared in the desert.²* BladeOnAStick: her weapon of choice is some sort of glaive, as befitting both her practical nature.²* BrilliantButLazy: She's apparently cleared dungeons of up to level 5, but can't be bothered to remember.²* GadgeteerGenius: She's introduced "inventing", or so she claims.²* PointyEars: Along with the rest of Raul, firmly establishing that they're not the same people who live in TheEmpire.²* SurvivorGuilt: [[spoiler: After the events of her first chapter, she becomes quite upset at the injuries Sari and Joni suffered.]]²* ThrowDownTheBomblette: Her preferred class is Bombardier.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Burk's Arc]]²²!Pablo²²A royal diplomat from the nation of Livarall. Burk rescues him shortly after leaving Resthill, when he ends up in a town controlled by outlaws. He's been sent out to warn people of a dangerous criminal who escaped from his home country.²----²* {{Adorkable}}: He can be a bit naive for a diplomat, but his heart's in the right place. He looks downright adorable when he thinks Burk's made a HeroicSacrifice.²* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: He starts serving as this to Burk, since they're headed to the same place anyway.²* GuileHero: He can defend himself with his "Diplomatic Arsenal", which consists of various trick items (and money).²* NonActionGuy: So far his tricks haven't been enough to get him out of trouble without Burk to rescue him.²* RealMenWearPink: He wears flowing pink/purple robes and doesn't seem the least bit embarrassed about it.²* TheTeamBenefactor: As a diplomat, he can go places most people wouldn't be allowed, and he can also provide [[ Diplomatic Weapon #1]].²²!Bandit Gang²[[quoteright:315:]]²%%[[caption-width-right:315:some caption text]] ²A gang of bandits who seem to control Resthill. Tropes that encompass all of them include;²* DefeatMeansFriendship: When Burk punches out five of them in one go, they consider the possibility that he might be able to help them.²* HeelFaceTurn: The moment they realise Burk could deal with the real bandits, they immediately turn against their "leaders".²* LawmanGoneBad: Were apparently members of the guard, before the real bandits and the "hero" showed up.²* NeighbourhoodFriendlyGangsters: Friendly might be stretching it, but they certainly have some loyalty to the town.²* {{Mook}}s: Burk was able to defeat five of them with one punch.²²!!Daryll²-->"Do not speak positively of that 'hero', ever. If it was not for that man we wouldn't be reduced to petty criminals."²²The leader of the bandits and former Captain of the town guard.²----²* BerserkButton: He really doesn't like Logan.²* BlackSheep: His brother's still one of the guards.²* HesBack: Averted InUniverse; when he [[spoiler: puts on his old uniform]] and doesn't do this, they realise something's wrong.²²!!Norman²-->"Do you guys remember that guy who punched all of us at once? I asked him to help us defeat the bandits!"²²A member of the bandit gang. He lives in the town with his younger sister and brother.²----²* DefeatMeansFriendship: When he gets punched in the face by Burk, he invites him into his house (and lets him use his outhouse) and asks him to help with the bandit problem.²* DontTellMama: He doesn't want his siblings to know he's a bandit.²* MrExposition: Explains the exact situation with the bandits to Burk.²* PromotionToParent: Implied, since he and his siblings appear to live on their own.²²!Resthill Town Guard²The town's guards.²²!!Injured Guard²-->"If you want to fight them, I can't stop you. Just be warned it cost those stupid enough to try an arm and a leg."²²One of two men guarding the entrance to the town. He's missing two limbs.²----²* BaldBlackLeaderGuy: He seems to be the mentor/superior of the other guard at the gate.²* DeadpanSnarker: "That's right, we're fighting back today."²* RetiredBadass[=/=]HandicappedBadass: He's missing a limb (apparently from trying to fight off the bandits).²²!!Nervous Guard²--> "I uh...can't say I've been trained for a situation like this."²²The second guard on the gate. His brother's apparently the leader of the gang.²----²* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling: He has this relationship with Daryl, who apparently became a bandit thanks to an unspecified grudge with the town's hero.²* NewMeat: He appears to still be being trained (the first thing we see him do is get coached by the injured guard on how to deal with...Burk wearing a cape over his head).²²!Other Resthill residents²²!!Melany and Grandpa²[[quoteright:245:]]²%%[[caption-width-right:245:some caption text]] ²-->'''Melany:''' Look, can you just ignore my Grandpa and tell us what you want?²-->'''Grandpa:''' YEAH!²²A young woman and her grandfather.²----²* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: Melany's grandfather isn't quite all there.²* ConspiracyTheorist: Grandpa believes that the fashion police are after him.²* ThoseTwoGuys: Aside from introducing the bandits in the first few strips, they mostly serve to serve as bystanders.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair[=/=]CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Melany has blue hair and eyes.²²!The Aristocrat²-->"It's quite obvious I'm your only hope."²²An unnamed man of obvious means. He's following [[MagicCompass an amulet]] which is pointing at something he hopes will make him the most powerful hero of all time.²----²* BerserkButton: Having his clothes damaged.²** And [[ not being the center of attention.]]²* TheDandy: He cares a great deal about his clothes and appearance.²* FakeUltimateHero: Tries to set himself up as one after defeating one of the bandits. He's called out almost immediately.²* GoodOldFisticuffs: Like Burk, he's pretty confident in the power of his punches.²* ItsAllAboutMe: And his clothes.²* KickTheDog: While looking for Burk, he [[ punches Daryll's brother in the face and steals his shoes]], then [[ dangles the injured guard upside down by his one remaining ankle.]]²* PunchedAcrossTheRoom: For all his arrogance, his "Destiny Punch" is more than enough to defeat a heavily armored bandit.²²!The Real Bandits²A pair of ominous figures riding boars who the bandit gang answer to (but would rather be rid of).²----²* ChainPain: One of the bandits fights with a chain.²* DirtyCoward: Both try to run away when it becomes apparent that Burk's a realistic threat to them.²* FullBoarAction[=/=]CoolHorse: They ride giant acid spewing pigs. They apparently aren't that dangerous without them.²* HandHidingSleeves: Both have large sleeves as part of their armour, combining this trope with TinTyrant. They seem to hide their weapons up them and their magic is projected from the cuffs.²* IGaveMyWord: They've agreed not to harm any of the townsfolk (although outsiders are fair game). Of course this is more out of fear of the hero who made them promise not to than any sincerity on their part. One also agrees not to use magic if he's defeated by mundane means (although it's left ambiguous if he'll keep to it).²* PlayingWithFire: The stronger of the two fights by flinging around fireballs.²* TinTyrant: They both wear heavy armour with face concealing helms.²* VariableLengthChain: The aforementioned chain the first bandit to be defeated uses seems to expand from his sleeves.²²!Logan Alexander/"Sky Cleaver"²->"You're dead!"²²The "Professional Hero" assigned to Resthill. A mysterious figure who was content to let the bandits harass the town, as long as they only killed outsiders. Has a feud with Daryl which he considers "petty".²----²* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: He has grey skin, which is unusual enough for Daryl to taunt him over.²->"You pale freak!"²* BadassBookworm: He's introduced calmly reading a book shirtless, showing off his muscles, despite apparently being in the middle of a duel with [[spoiler: Daryl]].²* BadassCape: His armour includes an elaborate blue one, with a clasp on one shoulder.²* BlowYouAway: He has the power to project a tornado from his hand.²* CoveredInScars: He has a truly impressive collection when he first appears (outside of a flashback).²* FamedInStory: In 2 villages, 12 cities and 2 nations, apparently.²* FashionableAsymmetry: He wears a large metal gauntlet on one hand and his cape has a clasp on one side, amongst other things.²* {{Flight}}: He's capable of self propelled, wingless flight.²* GagNose: His nose is long and pointed, in keeping with his aloof personality.²* HonourBeforeReason: The reason he allowed the Bandits to keep harassing the town as long as they only killed outsiders, as well as [[spoiler: he agrees to start being more proactive when Burk defeats him in a duel.]]²* LetsGetDangerous: When Burk pulls his own version, he decides to start fighting with his weapon [[spoiler: it doesn't do him much good and Burk defeats him on the next panel.]]²* NotSoStoic: He seems quite unflappable until Burk manages to annoy him.²* ShirtlessScene: His first appearance outside of flashbacks. (WordOfGod is it was because reading a book without a shirt [[RuleOfCool looks cool]].)²²!!Secretary Wu-Cha²->"Wu Cha welcomes you."²²Logan Alexander's "secretary". Some sort of automaton who screens visitors to his house.²----²* ElectronicEyes: Pale grey eyes which are capable of glowing different (mismatched) colours when she's doing something...robot-y?²* FashionableAsymmetry: Her arms are mismatched green and blue. Her eyes have the same colour scheme when they light up, but reversed (although they can also turn red and orange).²* RobotGirl: Her appearance is closer to a {{Fembot}}, but she was clearly designed to resemble (and acts like) a female secretary. Lampshaded when one of the guards asks about this and she thinks he's hitting on her.²-->'''Guard:''' W-what's up with her? Is she some sort of human doll?²-->'''Wucha:''' ''[[{{Beat}} !!!]]'' made me blush!²* RobotHair: A blonde SciFiBobHaircut (although the artstyle doesn't make it clear whether it's stiff or not). Justified, as she's meant to superficially resemble a human.²* StatOVision: She is able to scan people to confirm whether they're a guard or registered hero before letting them through. [[spoiler: Burk only gives her a partial match, but is still allowed through]].²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Noah's Arc]]²²!Great Justice High²The students and teachers at Noah's school.²²!!Blonde Girl²²A schoolgirl seen in the opening of the first Noah chapter. She's sickly looking and apparently has magic powers (with the two possibly being connected), which she is subsequently arrested for having. She is in Class C, so he doesn't know her personally.²----²* BlackMagicianGirl: The exact nature of her powers hasn't been revealed, but she certainly has the personality (and at least some them are offensive in nature).²* DefenceMechanismSuperpower: Her powers don't appear to activate until she's threatened.²* FamedInStory: After being arrested for illegal magic use, everyone (even students from other schools) has heard of her.²²!!Jean²²A schoolboy seen with the Blonde Girl, also from class C.²----²* DeadpanSnarker: He apparently can't resist the opportunity to slip in a quip.²-->"Hey, what did you expect me to say?"²* DirtyCoward: Runs away the moment Sam says he's only going to attack his classmate.²* WithFriendsLikeThese: Even before abandoning her, he was making jokes at his friend's expense.²²!!Jash²-->"Personally I think you're a weirdo, but you'd do wonders for my reputation."²²One of Noah's classmates who leads a GirlPosse.²----²* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: She asks Noah out ''because'' of this trope.²* AlphaBitch: She's rude, accompanied by a GirlPosse and asked out Noah simply because he was popular (sort of).²* BlushSticker: She has the "one on each cheek" variant. It contrasts with her frown.²* PerpetualFrowner: She's drawn with he eyebrows constantly pointed down.²²!!July²²A member of Jash's GirlPosse who she's constantly telling to shut up.²----²* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: Unlike Jash, she appears to be legitimately attracted to Noah.²* DeadpanSnarker: She's not opposed to making fun of her "friend".²* SmugSmiler: In contrast to Jash's frown.²* StalkerWithACrush: Towards Noah, although it might just be to taunt Jash. [[ Jash even calls her out on it]].²** [[spoiler: After Noah gets arrested and outed for being a magic user, she angrily demands he stays away from her and calls him an "unnatural weirdo", implying she is over her crush.]]²²!!Al²²Another student in Class F. He seems to be on friendly terms with Noah (or as friendly as he gets).²----²* DitzyGenius: His grades are good, but he's first seen panicking about a test and looking for someone clever to sit near and pick up "smart beams" from and insists on calling the subway the "Super Awesome Subway".²* KnowNothingKnowItAll: He frequently [[CaptainObvious states the obvious]] as if he's had some sort of insight.²-->"It'd make sense to ''hide'' it if she uses her magic for ''illegal'' purposes."²* NerdGlasses: He gets good grades and wears round, wide framed glasses.²* SkewedPriorities: His response to the school swarming with guards who'll only say that all will be explained in class?²--> "Does this mean we won't have a test today?"²²!!Aude²²A red haired girl with a short temper.²---- ²* TheBully: She's been suspended repeatedly for being violent towards other students.²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: She's first seen in the background getting angry with a guard. When she appears proper, it's reveal she actually attacked him. In a PoliceState.²* FieryRedHead: Technically only her fringe is red, but it's the most prominent part of her hairstyle and makes it resemble actual flames. She has a short temper, to say the least.²* GirlWithPsychoWeapon: When she's asked to pick a weapon, she chooses a [[EpicFlail massive spiked ball and chain]]. She assures the soldier handing them out that she knows how to use it.²* HairTriggerTemper: All of her conversations seem to end with her swearing and storming off.²* HealingFactor: [[spoiler: After the elves attacked, she was left on life support, but almost immediately healed enough to storm out.]]²²!!Mr. Chang²Class F (and therefore Noah)'s teacher.²----²* MrExposition: Neorice even points out that "he only speaks the truth" in TheRant, although he quickly defers to a visiting royal guard.²* SkunkStripe: He has two grey stripes on either side of his otherwise dark hair, although it's more to show his age than villainy.²²!Other Students²²Students from other schools.²²!!Mable²²A student from another school who Noah and his classmates meet on the subway.²----²* NiceGirl: At the speech, she notices that Noah's not with his friends and decides to see if he's OK.²²!!Nail²²A mysterious figure who appears to be a student, but has his face covered by a mask and hood which he refuses to remove under any circumstances.²----²* NothingUpMySleeve: He carries at least one hidden blade.²²!Criminals²The criminal element of Gloria.²²!!Shark Face Sam²A criminal with a disfigured face. Him and his gang are targeting people who appear sick for reasons unknown.²----²* BadassLongcoat: He wears a long raincoat and he's certainly badass enough to be a fear criminal.²* TheDreaded: He's notorious enough that Jean recognises him immediately. ²* {{Gonk}}: His deformed face is apparently the source of his nickname. TheRant for [[ comic #224]] implies that it was the result of an attack of some sort.²-->"Someone carved Sharkface Sam's face in once. He wishes to return the favor to the world."²²!!Switchblade Mickey²-->"'ey, pay your respects to Switchblade Mickey as well, kid!"²²Sam's accomplice. He's armed as his nickname suggests.²----²* MeaningfulName: As Neorice says in TheRant;²-->"Unlike Sharkface Sam, Switchblade Micky's nickname can be taken to be literal."²* AndZoidberg: He's quite annoyed when Jean only notices Sam.²²!The Elves²-->²²A group of magic using humans who're called elves as an insult within TheEmpire, which they're at war with.²----²* FantasticSlur: They're called elves as an insult because of their resemblance to mythical elves.²* GreenThumb: Their magic mainly revolves around the ability to control plants.²* OurElvesAreBetter: On two levels; the HOH universe has at least one magic using race of humans called elves...apparently as an insult because they resembled elves that already "existed" in the Empire's mythologies.²²!!Assassin Elf²²An unnamed elf who tries to assassinate the Emperor while he's giving a speech.²----²* KilledMidSentence: Via a shot to the head from Admiral Jones.²* VoluntaryShapeshifting: He demonstrated the ability to magically disguise himself as a guard.²²!!Detlef²²An elf who was waiting to ambush some soldiers. He's quite affable (when he isn't trying to kill someone) and enjoys a good drink or two.²----²* SelectiveMagnetism: He's able to create a point which pulls Nails sword towards it without attracting any other metal objects in range [[spoiler: including Nail's spare sword.]]²* TheAlcoholic: He's introduced drinking, his speech is slurred and he gets angry when his beer is spilled.²* VerbalTic: Calls other people "Bro", and apparently likes other people to address him the same way.²* WouldntHarmAChild: He shows reluctance (or at least disappointment at having to) to attack Noah, Aude and Nail and was going to let them go [[spoiler: until Aude threw her mace at him and made him drop his beer]].²²!The Empire²People associated with TheEmpire's government.²²!!Emperor Justin²-->"GREETINGS, MY LOYAL CITIZENS!"²²The ruler of the Empire.²----²* AnimeHair: Not to the extend of [=APtGG=], but he still sports impressively tall locks.²²!!The Royal Guard²²A group of mysterious men who wear gold trimmed blue uniforms with masks. So far, the only named member is called "Eloy". Tropes which apply to them include:²----²* EvenEvilHasStandards: In the opening, they decide to let the Blonde Girl beat up Shark Faced Sam and his gang before they arrest her for it on the grounds he has it coming.²* FacelessGoons: Downplayed in that while they wear masks and cloaks which obscure their features, their masks have unique patterns and their eyes are sometimes visible through the eyeholes.²* LargeHam: The guard who talks to Class F can't seem to go more than three sentences...without a dramatic pause, or even...SHOUTING!²* MalevolentMaskedMen: They haven't done anything outright evil (aside from arrest the blonde girl on trumped up/exaggerated charges), but they're certainly sinister and they work for TheEmpire.²* PraetorianGuard: Their main purpose is to protect the Emperor.²* SecretPolice: They operate openly, but people are in awe of them and they seem to hunt down and arrest/conscript magic users.²* {{Tykebomb}}: They're said to be trained from birth.²²!!Admiral Jones²²The woman in charge of the Empire's Navy.²----²* ActionGirl: She's introduced swearing at an elf, before subsequently shooting him in the head.²* TheGunslinger: She's able to shoot an elf from across a dark room.²²!!Admiral Dare²²The man in charge of the Empire's Navy.²----²* AwesomeMcCoolname: It's entirely possible he was recruited on the basis of his surname.²²!!Constable Bradley²²The man in charge of the Empire's police force.²----²* AnimeHair: Even more so than the Emperor; he sports red, spiky hair with black roots.²²!!Professor Null²²One of the Empire's new consultants on magic.²----²* SmartPeopleWearGlasses: He's a professor, and his eyes are hidden by a pair of spectacles.²* WhiteHairBlackHeart: He's a MadScientist working for an oppressive Empire, so naturally he sports shoulder length white hair.²²!!Ms. Veda²²One of the Empire's new consultants on magic.²----²* MsFanservice: She's tall and wears a revealing dress, to the delight of Noah's classmates.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Her hair is green, not unlike the elves, but this apparently passes without comment.²²!!Guy Juliet²->" you think they'd demote me for this...? If you wish to report me, kid, it's Police Chief Guy Juliet, that's G-U-Y..."²²A famous detective who visits Noah in the hospital to grill him about his encounter with the elves. Recently promoted to a desk job he isn't too thrilled about.²----²* CigarChomper: Right down to gesturing by removing it from his mouth.²* CowboyCop: It's hard to say if he always acted like one, or if he's putting it on to get demoted, but...²* KickedUpstairs: He isn't too pleased with his promotion, even going as far to try and get Noah to report him and get him demoted.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: He suspects Noah's a magic user, but thinks there are more important things to investigate. He more or less tells Noah he can deny everything and get off scott free. [[spoiler: Which turns out not to be entirely true, but there we go.]]²²!Other²²!!Ciel²²A mysterious (but cheerful) person Noah meets after finding himself in an unknown location after being attacked by an elf. She denies being an elf, but she's clearly not human...²----²* HandHidingSleeves: She lets her cuffs hang over so that only tips of her fingers are visible. A combination of the "cute" and "mysterious" types.²* HornedHumanoid: One of the less subtle signs she's not human.²* TricksterMentor: She's the one who explains (or rather let's Noah figure out) he has magic powers.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Tobi's Arc]]²²!Rauel²The village in Shira desert Tobi lives in. The inhabitants are dark skinned with pointed ears (not unlike the elves TheEmpire is at war with). While the surrounding desert is hostile, the village itself is well protected by {{Steampunk}} technology. Its main source of resources are raids on the dungeons which pop up from time to time.²²!!Jake²²A friend of Tobi's who pilots an airship. He's a less experienced dungoeneer than Tobi, but not a complete beginner.²----²* AcePilot: He claims (in a roundabout way) to be able to pilot his airship in his sleep. His preferred class when dungeoneering is "Driver", which gives him more options when piloting vehicles.²* DarkSkinnedBlond: His hair and goatee are quite fair, presumably because he spends all day in the sun.²* TheOneGuy: The only guy in Tobi's party.²²!!"King" Baku²²Tobi's Grandfather, who helped make the land inhabitable. He spends his time running the local museum.²----²* InsistentTerminology: Apparently Jake's the only one who calls him "King".²* MrExposition: The third chapter opens with him giving a history lesson at the museum.²* ObsoleteMentor: He becomes very insecure when Delhara points out that people think of him as as much of a relic as anything else in the museum.²²!!Delhara²²An old grey haired woman with a prosthetic eye, who appears to be one of the town's rulers.²----²* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: She seems to keep the old men of Rauel in check.²* EyepatchOfPower: Her left eye is some sort of steampunk prosthetic.²* ForcedTutorial: She gives one to every party before they set off into the RPG-esque dungeons, although it's [[TutorialFailure apparently less than perfect]].²²!!Sari²²A friend of Tobi's who's assigned to an exploration team with her.²----²* ConstantlyCurious: She's treated as this InUniverse for asking where dungeons come from.²* EnemyScan: She's able to do this thanks to her choosing the scout class.²* NewMeat: In Tobi's team; she apparently hasn't raided a dungeon higher than level 1 (the second lowest of the group being level 3).²* InTheHood: She gains a hooded cloak when she switches to the scout class.²* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Her dress (with pink hearts) and shorter stature mark her out as the girly girl to Tobi and Joni's Tomboy.²* TheWatson: She fulfils this role, being the least experienced of the group, but also serves as her own MsExposition by looking the information up.²²!!Joni²²The most experienced dungeon crawler (being one level above Tobi) and the de facto leader of Tobi's raiding party. She and Jake have some sort of gripe.²----²* AloofAlly: She's rather dismissive of his team members. Even skiving off the tutorial to get her axe.²* AnAxeToGrind: Her preferred weapon is a two handed axe almost as big as she is tall.²* LeeroyJenkins: Enough of one to scoff at Tobi for observing enemies instead of charging at them.²* TomboyishName: Her name is pronounced "Johnny", although the spelling follows the same -i pattern as other Rauelian girls' names.²[[/folder]]


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