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1!!Main: ''Characters/HellsKitchen''²²!!Navigation: [[Characters/HellsKitchenSeasons1To3 Seasons 1 - 3]] | [[Characters/HellsKitchenSeasons4To5 Seasons 4 - 5]] | [[Characters/HellsKitchenSeasons6To7 Seasons 6 - 7]] | [[Characters/HellsKitchenSeasons8To10 Seasons 8 - 10]] | [[Characters/HellsKitchenSeasons11To12 Seasons 11 - 12]] | [[Characters/HellsKitchenSeasons13To15 Seasons 13 - 15]] | [[Characters/HellsKitchenSeason16 Season 16]] | Season 17 (All Stars) | [[Characters/HellsKitchenSeason18RookiesVsVeterans Season 18 (Rookies vs. Veterans)]]²* TheBusCameBack: 16 chefs from multiple seasons return!²* InformedAttribute: As the season name says, it's All-Stars, all the returning contestants are previous Hell's Kitchen contestants that made black jackets in their original season. You wouldn't know it watching the season, where they make the same mistakes as every other contestant in the show's run, and still regularly get thrown out of service. Ramsay even lampshaded this in the sixth episode after an inconsistent performance from the Blue Team.²-->'''Ramsay''': What has happened to my All-Stars?²* MyGreatestSecondChance: Every returning chef never won Hell's Kitchen (in fact none of them are even runner-ups). That being said, they did all make it to the black jackets in their respective seasons.²* SpotlightStealingSquad: Lampshaded by Manda when looking at her competitors, calling it a reunion due to the overabundance of contestants from Season 14 & 15 (4 chefs from Season 14 and 3 chefs from Season 15). Season 10 as well with 3 chefs competing, in addition to that season winner Christina as the red team's sous chef. By the time the final five made it to black jackets, 3 out of the 4 chefs from Season 14 made up the majority of the group.²²!!Michelle²-> '''Previous Season: 14 (3rd place)'''²--> "I guess if you bring cold mash up to Chef Ramsay, he's gonna call you a donut."²* ActuallyPrettyFunny: Found it funny in the confessional how Ramsay called Barbie a donut.²* ArchEnemy: After choosing Elise to cook for her life in Episode 7, it appears that Elise is becoming one to her. It actually came to a head in the final service when Michelle decided to put Elise on her team, and despite Elise's poor attitude, it ended up working ''for'' Michelle as it showed that she could handle someone like Elise and earned her the grand prize at the end.²* BirdsOfAFeather: Indirectly to be this with Benjamin. Both were third placers of their respective seasons and were the final two this season. Both also happen to be from Texas (Michelle's hometown is Dallas).²* FriendlyRivalry: With Nick. In fact she took him on her reward after the first black jackets challenge and unsurprisingly, she picked him as her first draft for the final service.²* HistoryRepeats: ²** Again went up against Nick in the signature dish challenge and again scored 4.²** Also, like in Season 14, she's the youngest chef participating (at age 24).²** She managed to receive a black jacket like last time.²* LaserGuidedKarma: Suffered one according to Manda by failing to give her the correct cook on the pasta and later on slipped while putting the lamb in the convection oven.²* LastOfTheirKind: She became the only member of the red team to earn a black jacket, and come the final three, is the only female chef left standing.²* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Her decision to put Elise for the cook for your life challenge might have backfired because not only did Elise not get eliminated, but it made her attitude even worse. After that, the Red Team only won 1 challenge after that episode due to not being able to control Elise.²* [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Woman]]: Like with Dana and Jennifer, Michelle was probably one of the few chefs that did not argue almost everytime this season, despite Barbie and Elise constantly targeting her.²* TheRival: To Barbie and Elise.²* TookALevelInBadass: While she was not terrible in Season 14, she vastly improved this season, clawing her way through one of the most dysfunctional red team's in the shows history, and eventually becoming the winner of this season.²²!!Benjamin²-> '''Previous Season: 7 (3rd place)'''²-> "Oui, Chef!"²* TheAce: Made it through the finale without getting nominated, as one of the four runner-ups to do so. Alas, like Will from Season 9, he lost to someone who was nominated one time.²* BirdsOfAFeather: Indirectly to be this with Michelle. Both were third placers of their respective seasons and were the final two this season. Both also happen to be from Texas (Benjamin's hometown is San Antonio).²* GracefulLoser: While a little disappointed by his loss, he took it well and congratulated Michelle on her victory. ²* GratuitousFrench: Still occasionally says "Oui Chef!" Nick quickly got annoyed by it come to the fourth service and the rest of the chefs got annoyed by it during the first black jackets service.²* HistoryRepeats: ²** Like Van, he also received favourable praise from Ramsay on his signature dish and scored a perfect 5.²** Like in Season 7, he and his team experienced their first loss by the third team challenge and dealt with punishment involving garbage.²** He managed to receive a black jacket and won a black jacket challenge like last time.²* OlderAndWiser: Like Ben and Giovanni, he had gained weight, a full beard, and a heavily-restrained {{Jerkass}} personality.²* OneSteveLimit: Averted, with Ben and Benjamin on the same team -- until Ramsay chose to eliminate Ben.²* OutOfFocus: ²** For the other chefs at least as he was one of the chefs in the earlier seasons. Unlike Ben, Giovanni, and Van, who know each other to a degree (Ben and Giovanni were in the same season, while Ben and Van were part of the All-Star team in Season 9), Benjamin has no other person from his season to talk with.²** Compared to his season where he had a rival and was known for his ego, he had the presence of TheGenericGuy. Unless he made some mistakes or got praised, Benjamin was not featured as heavily as the other chefs. It was until the black jacket phase where he got a significant amount of attention.²* PromotedFanboy: Admitted having a crush on Chef Ramsay when he went for a ride through Malibu with him in his Porsche.²** But TookALevelInJerkass at the very same time. When they arrived at the restaurant, Benjamin expected to have lunch with Chef Ramsay and commented that his family "is the past" now. Cue lunch actually being with his family, and Benjamin's unconcealed disappointment. Doubles as {{Irony}} because in Season 7, he was very upset that he didn't win the second last challenge to meet his family.²* TookALevelInBadass: He redeemed his poor performance on the Blind Taste Challenge from Season 7 with a 3 out of 4 this season. His leadership skills had been improved as well which had landed him second.²* TookALevelInKindness: He seems to have toned down his smugness since last season. Even when he was leading the beef entree part of the charity night service, he wasn't talking down to anyone and was more or less lenient with his team.²** Doubled down for the finale, emphasizing that he wants to be a nice boss. Earned him arguably his shining moment as a leader when he PetTheDog by dealing gently with Barbie, earning her respect and hard work, but possibly backfiring by letting Robyn back into the kitchen after Chef Ramsay already threw her out. ²* TookALevelInJerkass: Though in Episode 11, he got a little short with Robyn, but if anything, he was just getting irritated by her inconsistency by that point.²²!!Nick ²-> '''Previous Season: 14 (5th place)'''²-> "Watch out, bitches, this is not the same Nick as last time."²* TheAce: Went the entire season without being nominated before finally being eliminated during the final tasting challenge.²* ArchEnemy: To Josh from Season 14, who is obviously not happy to see him.²* BadassBeard: And mentioned that this wasn't the only thing that had changed from him in the premier.²* BirdsOfAFeather: ²** With Robyn after she transferred to the Blue Team, where starting from the 4th challenge they referred to themselves as Team Gay.²** Appropriately enough, his sous chef for the first hour of the finale was Season 10 winner and Red Team's Christina who is a lesbian.²* FriendlyRivalry: With Michelle. He also defended Michelle when Elise targeted her in one of her many rants. And he was genuinely happy when Michelle won the whole thing.²* HappilyMarried: Mentions that he's gotten married since Season 14, and on being questioned by Ramsay emphasizes that yes, it is to his boyfriend (same-sex marriage not yet having been legalized nationwide when Season 14 was filmed) and he hasn't gone back to dating women.²* HistoryRepeats: ²** Again went up against Michelle in the signature dish challenge and again scored 3.²** He managed to receive a black jacket like last time.²** He managed to win the Taste it Now Make it Challenge like last time.²* TookALevelInBadass: Compared to Season 14, Nick has improved tremendously in terms of cooking and leadership that he went through the competition without being nominated once and managed to make it farther than he did originally. Even Ramsay noted that Nick was one of the most improved All-Stars to have come back to the competition.²** He had improved so much he probably would have won the season had the owner of the restaurant that was the prize not told ramsay in private that he was not comfortable with a gay man being the face of his restuarant. making it impossible for him to win due to homophobia²* TookALevelInKindness: He's a little less bitchy since last time, probably because being married mellowed him out.²²!!Milly²-> '''Previous Season: 14 (4th place)'''²-> "You wanna hear it again? Y'all wanna hear it again? You can't BURN."²* AchillesHeel: His lack of fine dining experience and knowledge towards it, which slightly hampered him on the 4th service as he got stumped at the names on the menu. Eventually as the competition went on, Milly's lack of experience showed more and he got in trouble more than often. Ramsay even acknowledged that when Milly was eliminated and offered him a chance to come to London and shadow one of his own kitchens to learn more, which Milly accepted.²* ArchEnemy: To Josh from Season 14.²* BadassBeard: The previews show he still has it, and it's even ''longer''. Although he has to tuck it in his shirt for safety reasons.²* EmotionalBruiser / TenderTears: Did Milly do badly? Expect tears. Did he do well? Also tears. The mere mention of any person he cares about brings forth double tears.²* FailedASpotCheck: While he ended up being safe from the cook for his life challenge in Episode 7 and possibly made the best dish of them all, Ramsay needed to nudge him (and the other chefs) a little more before he realizes that he only prepared 5 oysters instead of 6.²* GracefulLoser: Left in tears of joy of far he made it through and thanked Ramsay for the once in a lifetime offer.²* HistoryRepeats: ²** He managed to receive a black jacket like last time.²** He placed fourth again.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He is rough and blunt, but he is also one of the strongest blue chefs so far, and knows the importance of teamwork.²* LazyBum: The last two punishments he did showed him not contributing a lot much to Robyn's annoyance.²* TheLeader: Shows early signs of it, especially during the second service since it helped the blue team win. He also led the blue team well during the charity night service.²* TookALevelInJerkass: In episode 13, he developed an entitled attitude as he did not help out a lot during punishment and even argued loudly against Robyn. It did not stick as he calmed down by the next episode.²²!!Robyn ²-> '''Previous Season: 10 (6th place)'''²-> "That's right! Cause I'm the bounce back queen!"²* AchillesHeel: Fish for her seems to be a major problem as it cost the red team the win in the signature dish challenge, and got them thrown out of the second service. Her fish in the cedar challenge seems to be a subversion, though Nick was her partner on it so it's unknown if she did cook the fish. In the 5th service, her overcook salmon became the trigger for Ramsay to kick the blue team out of the kitchen. Finally subverted in Episode 9 when she scored a point on her fish dish in a challenge.²* ArchEnemy: She and fellow Season 10 contestant Barbie still clearly don't like each other, but in the first service that feud quickly paled into insignificance next to her newly-established rivalry with Elise. Come to the second service, however, her rivalry with Barbie was back up to full speed. Given that Robyn is now on the blue team, both rivalry's are on hold and ended with both Barbie & Elise being eliminated while she received the black jacket.²* BeliefMakesYouStupid: After the signature dish challenge loss it was revealed that during times of stress she consults with a pendulum, who was revealed to be named Herbie after her elimination. The other women were naturally pretty bemused by this, with Elise joking that the pendulum could probably have given more accurate cooking times for the salmon in her signature dish.²* BirdsOfAFeather: With Nick after she got transferred to the Blue Team, and stated that her transfer got less stressful due to being with him.²* BornLucky: Aside from being saved from elimination over stronger members, the biggest one of all is being transferred to the more stable Blue Team early in her game, which enables her to focus on her cooking itself while the rest of the Red Team ended up being dysfunctional due to being unable to handle Elise. However, when she got to the black jackets, it was every man for herself, and she was eliminated not soon afterwards.²* ButchLesbian: She gets a little... excited when surrounded by her bikini-clad teammates during a reward.²* CripplingOverspecialization: In challenges, she has been the top runner since being on the blue team. In services however, she makes more mistakes than often.²* TheDeterminator: As her quote above hints, Robyn is a strong fighter who, despite starting of as one of the weaker chefs, made a bit of a come back and fought hard to get to the black jackets. Even Ramsay stated that he was impressed on how much she improved since then when she was eliminated.²* EpicFail: ²** Single handily cost the red team the win in the signature dish challenge with the only 1 out of 5 at the worst possible moment, and later being the only contestant that scored 1 point in the 3rd challenge (though here her team won). Her failure stood out all the more when you consider that none of her team-mates scored any lower than a 3.²** As well as single-handily costing Benjamin's chances of winning the season. She made so many mistakes that Ramsay himself kicked her out. Fortunately for her, Benjamin let her back in.²* GracefulLoser: Left with no regrets and was proud how much she improved in this season.²* HistoryRepeats: ²** Just like in Season 10, Robyn is switched over to the blue team.²** She also won the Blind Taste Challenge just like in Season 10.²** She managed to receive a black jacket like last time. For bonus points, she was the last chef form both seasons to get a black jacket.²** Just like in Season 10, she was eliminated the episode after receiving her black jacket. [[TemptingFate She even lampshaded this moments before her elimination]].²* {{Irony}}: She paid attention to Benjamin, who had more experience than her, when both of them were cooking their respective Elk dishes, and yet she was the one to score the winning point while Benjamin's dish was deemed dry.²* LargeHam: Especially compared to last time.²* TheLoad: For the final service, she had a poor night on the meat station which involved raw meat, scorched meat, and even cooking a lamb dish in a pan that was used for a steak dish earlier. She was inches from getting kicked out from service by Ramsay until Benjamin allowed her back on (at a different location).²* TheScapegoat: Barbie and Elise tried to turn her into this after the first service, claiming that Elise had only performed as poorly as she did because Robyn left her to do too much of the work. The other women ignored this argument and nominated Elise anyway, but it resulted in a major argument between the two afterwards.²* TooDumbToLive: During the final service, she tried to justify using the same pan to cook beef and lamb "because it was hot". That is a health violation, made even worse by the fact that there are literally dozens of saute pans in the kitchen. With Benjamin not being a proactive leader, Ramsay had no choice but to tell her to get out.²* TookALevelInBadass: ²** Robyn started off as one of the weaker red chefs this season, but being on the blue team has improved her consistency.²** She managed to redeem her poor performance in the Blind Taste Challenge in Season 10 with a 3 out of 4 this season.²* TookALevelInKindness: Robyn would have had the same personality like in Season 10 as her arguments with Elise and Barbie shown. But when she was transferred to the blue team, she got along with most of the guys, and toned down her attitude a lot. Maybe Ramsay made the right decision in reassigning her.²* WhatTheHellHero: Pissed off her blue teammates (mostly Giovanni) when she begged Ramsay to send her back to the red team, even though the blue team has been trying to get along with her and Jared was the one to comfort her when she was upset by the switch.²* WhatWereYouThinking: Got this from both Chef Ramsay and her team-mates after she decided to cook a thin piece of salmon with over a half-hour of the signature dish challenge to go.²* WorthyOpponent: She considered Jennifer this as she respects her as a culinary. The fact that she had to compete against her in the final black jackets challenge brought her to tears.²²!!Jennifer ²-> '''Previous Season: 9 (5th place)'''²-> "Culinary 101 has gone out of Elise's brain."²* ArchEnemy: To Elise from Season 9, though her quiet approach ended up not making them fighting each other for now. Until near the end of Episode 10 where the gloves came off after Elise tried to pin the blame oh her. But...²** EnemyMine: Come episode 11, she made an alliance with Elise. It did not last long as the next episode was the Black Jackets challenge, and Jennifer decided to ally with Robyn to get Elise out once and for all.²* BittersweetEnding: Did not get a black jacket this time, but at least got to see her mortal nemesis Elise get eliminated before her.²* EpicFail: Scored 0 out of 4 in the Blind Taste Challenge.²* GracefulLoser: Left in high spirits and was extremely happy to see Elise go home before her this time. This is especially notable when you remember [[SoreLoser how bitter she was (and not unreasonably so) during her elimination in Season 9.]]²* [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Woman]]: Shares this with Dana and Michelle.²* OutOfFocus: She hasn't been focused as much as the rest of her team. This isn't surprising given that Elise is on her team.²* TemptingFate: She was ''really'' hoping that Elise wouldn't come back. She didn't get her wish.²* ThisIsGonnaSuck: Her reaction to Elise's breakdown means that things for the red team might be going downhill.²* WorthyOpponent: At the end of the Black Jackets Challenge, she considered Robyn to be this. She even told Robyn to win after she was eliminated.²²!!Elise ²-> '''Previous Season: 9 (3rd place)'''²-> "This is the new Elise. No more playing nice now!"²-> "BOOP!"²* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: Nobody was excited to see her, especially Jennifer (her mortal nemesis).²* AndThereWasMuchRejoicing: Jennifer and Robyn were practically jumping for joy when Elise was eliminated, even if Jennifer herself was eliminated soon afterwards. And when Michelle learned Elise was gone, she was cheering as well.²* ArchEnemy: Subverted, at least initially. While it was expected that she would resume her rivalry with Jennifer from Season 9, Robyn was actually the first person who she had a major argument with, and it's clear that the two do ''not'' like each other in the slightest (which subsequently became a non issue after Robyn is transferred to the Blue Team). Then after Michelle chose Elise to cook for her life in Episode 7, Elise chose her for her new enemy, declaring she was going all-out to get rid of her and prove herself better.²* BigNo: She let one out when it was announced Josh would be moving to the red team.²* BookEnds: She started off her signature dish challenge with a lobster dish, which Ramsay gave it the high possible score. Her last dish that got her eliminated ended up being a lobster dish.²* TheBully: The other chefs label her one repeatedly. Elise denies it, but it is entirely true.²* CripplingOverspecialization: She is easily one of the strongest performers in the challengers, but her attitude prevents her from doing as well in the services.²* EnemyMine: Surprisingly, she agreed to an alliance with her old nemesis Jennifer.²* EpicFail:²** Was directly responsible for costing the red team any chance of redemption by incorrectly guessing her food in the Blind Taste challenge.²** She blew any chance she had in the second challenge for black jackets when she forgot to remove the digestive tract from her lobster. A disgusted Ramsay drew everyone's attention to it as he took it out himself, then refused to even taste the dish.²* TheFriendNobodyLikes: Quickly became one on the first punishment when she refused to help the red team carry the risers, and then screwed up big-time during the first service. Barbie was the only person who liked her, but their disagreements came more often. This may be why Michelle chose to have Elise cook for her life in Episode 7.²* {{Hypocrite}}: After designating Michelle her new enemy, Elise rants constantly about how she coasts through service not pulling her weight, talks a lot but can't back it up, and walks around with her nose in the air thinking she's the best chef in the competition. Projecting much?²* ImNotHereToMakeFriends: Hand in hand with TheFriendNobodyLikes, Elise ''knows'' the rest of the Red Team hates her and doesn't care because of this trope.²* ItsAllAboutMe: Once again, throughout the series. [[spoiler:In the final moments of the finale, there's a cut to her in the ConfessionCam crying.]]²-->'''Elise:''' I didn't come here not to win.²* {{Jerkass}}: Eight years off from the show did nothing to dispel her bad attitude. [[IgnoredEpiphany Apparently Ramsay's advice to her last time did not stick]].²* KarmaHoudini: ²** Subverted. She tried to get out of punishment by only drinking the broth of their disgusting meal, but was caught by Sous Chef Christina.²** More subverted in this season than in Seaosn 9 because she actually got eliminated before the black jackets.²* LaserGuidedKarma: After Michelle forced Elise to cook for her life, Elise declared Michelle her new enemy. [[spoiler:Cut to the finale, where not only is Elise forced to cook on Michelle's team, but breaks down in tears as she watches Michelle win.]]²* LazyBum: Doesn't help her teammates during the first punishment. In the 4th service, her teammates (especially Dana, who worked with her at the meat station) complained that she is just doing the bare minimum in order to pass the service until Josh is kicked out. She tried to avert this during the 5th service (as she working on the table side), where her only successful attempt to avoid being this is when she helped Manda tasted her pasta, the rest came off as being unnecessary and only annoyed the other women. ²* MusclesAreMeaningless: Despite showing that she has gain muscles since Season 9, she refused to help out on the risers during punishment.²* NiceJobFixingItVillain: Never got along with Michelle, even declaring war on her. So naturally she was an argumentative asshole to Michelle [[spoiler:during the final dinner service]]; however, this may have actually ''helped'' Michelle, because as Milly pointed out being able to work with Elise showed what a great leader Michelle was. Whoops.²* NeverMyFault: Pretty much her default mood like in Season 9. Poor performance on the meat station opening night? Nope, all Robyn's fault. Almost all of her sea bass got burned? Her team sabotaged her. A poor performance of a black jacket that got her eliminated? Having an off day.²* PickedLast: Well second-last, but Michelle decided to pick Elise as her last member of the team (not surprising given the two's animosity this season).²* SmallNameBigEgo: Repeatedly and openly declares herself the best chef in the red team, and anytime someone speaks against her she deflects it by insisting they just dislike her because she's a threat. Despite this she's yet to prove herself as a standout competitor and does little to justify her high opinion of her own skills.²* SoreLoser: ²** She left Hell's Kitchen not in the best of moods and argued that she had an off day.²** Her poor attitude continued when she came back for the finale, clearly not wanting to be back and had a heated argument with her teammates before service began. She was even seen tearing up as she did not win the competition near the end.²* TheRival: To Barbie, Dana, and Michelle.²* TookALevelInJerkass: Episode 7 saw a "Cook for your Life" challenge where some chefs had to cook the same dish and the worst of them was eliminated. Elise was nominated by Michelle, and came out of the competition ''even worse'' than before, ranting about Michelle constantly and loudly, annoying everyone on both teams with her antics, proudly proclaiming she's only in it for herself, and refusing to listen to anyone else.²* VillainousBreakdown:²** Being picked by Michelle to cook for her life in Episode 7 brought the worst of her in terms of crying & jerkassery, thus even while she's safe she ended up waging war against Michelle & possibly destroying the teamwork the red team had built for the last 3 episodes. ²** She got a bigger one in Episode 12 when she failed miserably on the first two challenges and then, had the weakest dish compared to Robyn and Jennifer.²** Then in the finale, she teared up when she saw her arch enemy Michelle win this season.²* WhatWereYouThinking: Jennifer and Michelle's reactions to her putting potatoes in a blender during the last opportunity for black jackets.²²!!Dana²-> '''Previous Season: 10 (3rd place)'''²-> "Pretty much five times a day, I say that Barbie sucks. I'm going for number six: Barbie sucks!"²* AndThereWasMuchRejoicing: Was extremely happy to see Barbie gone.²* ArchEnemy: With Barbie from Season 10, though there are no minor arguments between them for now.²* EpicFail: ²** Scored 0 out of 4 in the Blind Taste Challenge.²** In Episode 11, she had a miserable night on the meat station, scorching beef wellington's (not burning them, ''scorching'' them) and sent two poor Wellingtons on the red team's last ticket, causing them to get kicked out. After that, Ramsay eliminated her. Ramsay lampshaded this during her exit speech; this was the ''first time'' in two runs on the show that Dana was nominated, and it was also her last.²* HistoryRepeats: Was eliminated right after Barbie's own elimination once again.²* {{Irony}}: Was the only returning chef that was never nominated once before. Here, she got eliminated on her first, and only time being nominated.²* NoIndoorVoice: Inverted. Back in Season 10, she was arguably the loudest contestant that season, and hamming it up in Confession Cams. This time around, she is more muted and not as hammy.²* NonAnswer: When Ramsay and Barbie were discussing the latter's constant nominations from Season 10, Barbie believes it was because the red team was fearful of her abilities. Dana argues that wasn't the case, but when Ramsay asked her what the real reason was, Dana failed to give a proper answer.²* [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Woman]]: She's the only one in the red team that isn't arguing with her teammates.²* TheRival: To Barbie and Elise.²* ThisIsGonnaSuck: Was not thrilled with the Blind Taste Test as she knew how hard that challenge could be.²* WeUsedToBeFriends: Played with. In regards with Christina, Dana mentions it will be hard to be friends with her right now given the situation (Dana's a contestant while Christina's the red team's sous chef).²²!!Barbie²-> '''Previous Season: 10 (4th place)'''²-> "HOW 'BOUT I GET THAT SPINACH, MICHELLE??!"²* ArchEnemy: To Dana and Robyn. Robyn and her get back to their arguing during the second dinner service. Episode 9 added Elise to her list.²* DudeWhereIsMyRespect: Had this belief that the red team kept nominating her out of spite, even though her attitude was growing sour near the end, and there were legitimate reasons why the red team nominated her. In the final service however, Benjamin treated her more as an equal, and she even said that he gave her more respect than what she got from the red team all season.²* OnlyFriend: Was this to Elise as she was the only one besides her to try and put Robyn up for elimination. Until Episode 9 which added her to her shit list.²* PickedLast: The last pick of the Benjamin's brigade, but to be fair, besides being slow on hot appetizers, her performance was not as bad as Robyn's was.²* SassyBlackWoman: Near the end of her time in the competition, her personality devolved into this.²* SoreLoser: She was not happy about being eliminated and is the first All-Star so far not to take their elimination with grace (even some of the other ones were not ''that'' bitter like she was).²* TheRival: To Dana, Elise, and Michelle.²* TookALevelInJerkass: A mild example, and for the most part it's only been directed at Robyn, who she already disliked, but she's ''way'' snappier this time around. But then came Episode 9 where she deliberately dumped her punishment on the floor and argued loudly with Elise. It continued in the next episode with her aggressive leadership on her meat entree round had her yelling at Michelle for the garnishes, but it soon became LaserGuidedKarma for her as Ramsay eliminated her because of that.²* TookALevelInKindness: But, when she came back for the finale, she was in better spirits probably because being away cooled her down. Or that she was not on Michelle's team and there was no way of her and Elise continuing to argue like last time.²²!!Van²-> '''Previous Season: 6 (6th place)'''²-> "Ratchet! Ratchet girls."²* BerserkButton: He got angry at Josh when he found out the latter works as a private chef with a 3 hour a day limit, compared to himself working 16 hours a day (as with probably the other blue team members).²* CrazyEnoughToWork: In the cedar challenge, he decided to boil eggs on the fire pit for his dish. Despite Jocky's concern, it came out very well.²* DudeNotFunny: He got called out by Ramsay for smiling during the 6th service when the meat section was struggling. Van admits that he shouldn't have done it, and smiling is a coping mechanism for him.²* GracefulLoser: Played with. While he was understandably upset for getting eliminated, he still had no ill regards towards Ramsay and wanted to keep making people happy with his food.²* HistoryRepeats: ²** Receives favourable reviews on his signature dish, earning the first 5 for his team. For bonus points, both of his dishes were seafood related.²** In the two times he got eliminated, his last dinner service had him on the fish station.²* LargeHam: 11 seasons later, he still has it. Dana even called him the [[SpearCounterpart "Male Robyn"]].²** Surprisingly he was silent in the eighth service which caused a slow down in the blue kitchen and led to his elimination. Even Ramsay lampshaded it in his elimination statement.²--> '''Ramsay''': "Van's always had one of the loudest voices here. Tonight, not only did he lose his voice but also his dream of becoming my next head chef."²* RaceFetish: Flirts with Barbie by calling her a Nubian princess.²* OldShame (InUniverse): His infamous argument with Jean-Philippe., though mostly PlayedForLaughs.²²!!Amanda "Manda"²-> '''Previous Season: 15 (5th place)'''²* {{Adorkable}}: She still has it two seasons ago.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: She is one of the nicer female chefs, but she ripped into Josh's condescending attitude during the red team's punishment in Episode 5. And later in Episode 6 got angry at Michelle when the latter wrongly tasted how cooked the pasta is twice (as she's allergic to gluten).²* DodgeTheBullet: Really dropped the ball on the fish station in the first episode, and would almost certainly have been the first person eliminated -- Elise was the first person nominated, but the chances of Ramsay actually getting rid of her were probably pretty minimal -- if not for Ramsay choosing to kick out Ben despite his being on the winning team.²* FailedASpotCheck: She missed an order of pork for one table which caused any momentum in the red kitchen to halt. That blunder was so bad, Ramsay decided to eliminate her instead of Barbie who constantly sent up raw meat.²* [[FanBoy Fan Girl]]: Was on cloud nine when she saw Ben Ford (Harrison Ford's son) guest judge for the cedar challenge. The production crew even added a lightsaber for her confessional.²* HistoryRepeats: Just like in Season 15, she scored a 3 out of 5 on his signature dish.²* TheLoad: Was the weakest member of the red chef and only survived as long as she did due to some lucky breaks.²%%* {{Meganekko}}²²!!Giovanni²-> '''Previous Season: 5 (6th place)'''²-> "No. No, no. You're gonna get both of us in trouble, man. Stop flipping it. Just leave it."²* BigDamnHeroes: He got called up by Ramsay to help the red team (especially Elise) on the meat station in the opening service. With his help, they got entrees out nicely, until Manda's problem on the fish station kicked the red team out of the kitchen.²* FailedASpotCheck:²** During the pizza challenge, the blue team decides to choose Giovanni's dish over Benjamin's (as they had one extra member) due to the top side looking better. Come judging, however, the bottom had burnt marks on it, and Giovanni didn't check before the decision.²** Became a game ending mistake in the "Cook For Your Life Challenge" when he placed too much pasta on his oysters and did not place enough sauce on them either. He got eliminated because of those mistakes.²* GracefulLoser: Despite being disappointed in losing the "Cook for your life challenge" he had no regrets coming back and says he'll be looking forward to seeing his daughters again. His second elimination was heartwarming this time as Ramsay told him that he was happy to bring him back and wished him and his family good luck.²* HistoryRepeats:²** Ben's elimination wasn't the first time Giovanni had to see one of his teammates get eliminated from the winning team (last time it was Carol).²** When Josh was eliminated during service, it was also the third time Giovanni saw it happen to someone on the other team (J and Lacey on back-to-back services).²* OldShame (InUniverse): He still remembers the infamous "dick face" argument from Season 5.²* PapaWolf: Reveals to Ramsay that his new motivation for this season is his daughter as she has medical problems (she's epileptic and autistic).²²!!Jared ²-> '''Previous Season: 15 (4th place)'''²-> "You know how I feel about ties, it's like kissing your sister. You don't win, you don't lose, it's just fucking awkward."²* BlatantLies: Tried to claim that he had a cut that was bleeding a lot. The medic found no evidence of it.²* FriendlyRivalry: Was this with Ashley. He was pretty angry to see her get eliminated.²* HeroWorshipper: Was excited to find out that James "Jockey" Petrie will be the blue team's sous chef. Also one to Wolfgang Puck.²* HistoryRepeats: ²** Just like in Season 15, he scored a 4 out of 5 on his signature dish.²** Ben's elimination wasn't the first time Jared had to see one of his teammates get eliminated from the winning team (last time it was Joe).²* JustFriends: States he is this with Ashley when asked by Ramsay.²* TooDumbToLive: Lying about a cut to Ramsay certainly counts as it got him eliminated.²²!!Josh²-> '''Previous Season: 14 (6th place)'''²-> "I would not be surprised if Gordon would call me back again."²* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: By the end of his run, everyone was tired of his mistakes and attitude that no one missed him when he got eliminated mid-service.²* AndThereWasMuchRejoicing: Josh was [[TheLoad such a weak link]] on both the blue ''and'' red teams that everyone was relieved when they learned that Ramsay had eliminated him in the middle of the service!²* ArchEnemy: To Milly and Nick from Season 14. Although he did warmly say hi to Nick when they reunited. He seems to have also gained one in the form of Van as of Episode 4.²* BaldOfAwesome: Has shaved his head since his previous appearance. Unfortunately, by Episode 4, he doesn't exhibit the awesome part of the trope.²** He at least gets some points for standing up to [[TheBully Elise]].²* BerserkButton: He finds a new one of Ramsay's when he tries to use a stopwatch to time his risotto. Ramsay (and everyone else on his team, for that matter) was incredulous that he needed a timepiece to cook, and Ramsay demanded it from him only to chuck it into the pizza oven.²* EpicFail:²** In Episode 4 he keeps cooking excellent risottos. The problem is he keeps cooking too much compared to how many were ordered, resulting in delicious food that Ramsay doesn't need so he was basically wasting food.²** Come next service, he had a disaster on the garnish station, and was even caught carrying the garnishes with his bare hands while the cooked protein was up on the hot plate! Naturally, Ramsay kicked him out of service, but then Josh decided to try and fight his way back into service. This led to Ramsay eliminating him mid-service.²* {{Expy}}: Considering his weight gain, aforementioned ZeroPercentApprovalRating and his [[TookALevelInDumbass Taking A Level In Dumbass]], he could easily be compared to [[Characters/HellsKitchenSeasons8To10 Raj]] only he doesn't stick his head in the freezer when stressed.²* HistoryRepeats: Just like in Season 14, Josh is switched over to the red team.²* ShipTease: Gets one when Ramsay orders him to sit at the chef's table with VIP guest Paige Van Zant to finish the excess risotto and Paige feeds him the risotto with a spoon.²--> '''Van''': "C'mon man, that ain't no punishment. He's just there like ''(makes smooching noises)''..." ²* TheLoad: Was deemed by ''everyone'' from the blue team as their weakest link during elimination which shocked Ramsay. The red team even viewed Josh as this as well during his very short stint on the team, and you can even see sighs of ''relief'' on their faces when he got kicked out.²* NeverMyFault: Refused to accept blame that his poor performance on appetizers was the reason the blue team lost the 3rd service, even though he cooked too many portions for two tables.²* TooDumbToLive: Trying to return to the service after being kicked out obviously wasn't going to end well.²* TookALevelInDumbass: Whatever smarts or skills he might have had in Season 14 seems to have disintegrated during the off seasons.²²!!Ashley²-> '''Previous Season: 15 (3rd place)'''²* BystanderSyndrome: She didn't contribute much in the second dinner service, being rather distracted & disconnected at times (which later revealed that her grandfather is in critical condition according to her Twitter) which led to her elimination that night.²* FriendlyRivalry: Is this with Jared.²* JustFriends: States she is this with Jared when asked by Ramsay.²²!!Ben ²-> '''Previous Season: 5 (4th place)'''²* BadassBeard: Previews show that he has gone from a goatee to full beard.²* FormerlyFat: Played straight then inverted. When he returned to compete in Season 9, he had a very noticeable weight loss. Here, it seems that he has gained it back.²* GracefulLoser: He had no regrets getting eliminated, admitting he wasn't able to fight back quicker than he could have last time and saying that Ramsay made the right choice in getting rid of him.²* TheLoad: He had two instances in the first service where he almost collapsed from diabetic-related problems which hindered his performance greatly. It got to the point where Ramsay decided to eliminate him despite being on the winning team. Slightly subverted in that, other than having to refire a single piece of salmon, Ben made no mistakes that night, making his elimination even more shocking.²* [[MercyKill Mercy Elimination]]: If you can consider Ramsay doing this to him because of his health problems.²* OlderAndWiser: In his confession, he plans on making a more subtle approach in his attitude compared to Season 5. Alas, his health problems put an early end to his plans.²* OneSteveLimit: Averted with Ben and Benjamin on the same team. Then Ramsay eliminated Ben.²* ShockingElimination (InUniverse): ''Nobody'' expected his name to be called up for elimination.


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