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1All character tropes should go on '''the ''Star Wars'' [[Characters/StarWars character pages]]'''. The characters from ''Guardians of the Whills'' are listed below with the character page they are currently on.˛----˛!Characters in ''Guardians of the Whills''˛˛* Rebel Alliance˛** Rebel Alliance Army˛*** [[Characters/StarWarsRogueOne Rogue One]]: '''Chirrut Îmwe''', '''Baze Malbus'''˛* Rebel Cells˛** [[Characters/StarWarsSawGerrerasPartisans Saw Gerrera's Partisans]]: Saw Gerrera, Beezer Fortuna, Weeteef Cyu-bee, Kullbee Sperado˛* Planets and Races˛** Mid Rim˛*** [[Characters/StarWarsJedha Jedha]]˛˛----


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