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1[[foldercontrol]]²²!Protagonists²[[folder:Goop]]²The main protagonist, a rare purple gooptar born once every millennium with shape-shifting powers.²-----²* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Goop is confirmed to be purple, and this is evidently very rare.²* BadButt: Pretty close to one in the first two episodes.²* ShapeShifter: Revealed to be one in Episode 104.²** PlayingWithFire: His Flame Form²* TheChosenOne: A rare purple gooptar destined to be a great hero.²* TheHero: Of the comic.²* TinyGuyHugeGirl: Goop and Princess Blossom²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Bing]]²Goop's nerdy scientists best friend.²-----²* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: WordOfGod claims that he is bright green.²* ExpressiveMask: His glasses seem to act as one.²* GadgeteerGenius: Bing has built a Goop Alarm system and an ice machine.²* TheLancer: Of the comic so far.²** TheSmartGuy: He's also this.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Draclo]]²An infantile dragon who is also one of Goop's best friends.²-----²* OurDragonsAreDifferent: Draclo is supposed to be a dragon, but more closely resembles a wyvern.²* TeamPet: Not really a pet, but close enough.²* YoungerThanTheyLook: Despite being a five-foot, 200lb dragon, Draclo is only 4 years old.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Princess Blossom]]²The benevolent ruler of the Gooptar Kingdom and Goop's love interest.²-----²* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: WordOfGod claims that she is bright pink.²* EverythingsBetterwithPrincesses: Definitely²* PrincessesPreferPink: According to WordOfGod²* RoseHairedSweetie: While she technically has no hair, her crest is designed to resemble a long ponytail.²* TinyGuyHugeGirl: Goop and Princess Blossom²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Marco the Elder]]²A wise and sometimes senile mystic who is the world's oldest gooptar.²-----²* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: WordOfGod claims that he is bright orange.²* CoolOldGuy: Definitely.²* Really700YearsOld: In Episode 101, he claims to be 282 years old.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Captain of the Guard]]²The Captain of Princess Blossom's castle guard.²-----²* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: WordOfGod claims that he is bright orange.²* ButtMonkey: He is eaten by Snaptrap in Episode 101 and burnt to a crisp in Episode 103.²* LeeroyJenkins: He yells this verbatim while attacking Snaptrap.²* NoNameGiven: He's simply referred to as Captain of the Guard.²[[/folder]]²!Antagonists²[[folder:King Grex]]²A malevolent sorcerer who rules a rival kingdom and wants to take over the planet Gooptonia.²-----²* BadassMustache: King Grex has a long flowing one.²* BadBoss: King Grex is rather verbally abusive to Moki and Shelldon.²* BigBad: Of the series so far.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Moki]]²The more competent of Grex's henchmen (and that is saying very little).²-----²* BigGuyLittleGuy: The little guy to Shelldon's big guy.²* ButtMonkey: In Episode 102²* TheDragon: Moki and Shelldon both serve as this.²* SmallNameBigEgo: He claims to be much more competent than he really is.²* WaddlingHead: Moki is a variant of this.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Shelldon]]²The dumber and more oblivious of Grex's henchmen (and that is saying a lot).²-----²* BigGuyLittleGuy: The big guy to Moki's little guy.²* TheDitz: Shelldon isn't the brightest bulb in the workshop.²* TheDragon: Moki and Shelldon both serve as this.²* DumbMuscle: Shelldon appears to serve this purpose. He's not very bright, but does his fair share of damage to his cohort Moki.²* PunnyName: Shelldon, obviously.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Frogrump]]²An obese bounty hunter frog who serves as the main adversary of Episode 103.²-----²* AwesomeAussie: He seems to speak in an Australian accents.²* BountyHunter: He offers his services as one to Grex.²* BurningWithAnger: He does this when Blossom slaps in his debut episode.²* DeathGlare: Frogrump gives one to Moki to intimidate him.²* FatBastard: He's incredibly large and just as arrogant.²* PlayingWithFire: He wields a flaming staff and can breathe fire.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Snaptrap]]²A massive jive-speaking plant that lives in the Petunia Forest.²-----²* JiveTurkey: Has shades of this.²* ManEatingPlant: He is a 25-foot plant.²[[/folder]]


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