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1[[Characters/GirlsUndPanzer Main Character Index]] | [[Characters/GirlsUndPanzerOaraiAcademy Ōarai Academy]] | [[Characters/GirlsUndPanzerRivalSchools Rival Schools]] | [[Characters/GirlsUndPanzerDerFilm Der Film Characters]] | [[Characters/GirlsUndPanzerDasFinale Das Finale Characters]] | [[Characters/GirlsUndPanzerOtherCharacters Other Characters]]²²[[foldercontrol]]²²²!Team A/Anglerfish Team²[[quoteright:300:]]²->''"[[TrueCompanions Whatever happens, we give our best with teamwork.]]"''²²²The main protagonists' team. They drive a [[ Panzer IV Ausf. D]], a German medium tank, updated in Episode 7 into [[MidSeasonUpgrade an Ausf. F2 configuration]] with a longer 75mm Kwk 40 L/43 gun and increased frontal armor, and later in Episode 10 into [[PowerupFullColorChange an Ausf. H]], with a new paintjob and ''schürzen'' spaced turret and sideskirt armor. Initially the only Ōarai team without a ThemeNaming scheme, their team's name was later given to them by the other teams right before entering the national tournament.²----²[[folder: Tropes shared by the team]]²* FiveManBand: In contrast to the homogeneous theme of the girls of other teams, the girls of Anglerfish Team complement each other.²** TheLeader: Miho, commander of the squad and overall commander of Ōarai's Sensha-do team.²** TheLancer: Yukari, Miho's fangirl and the most knowledgeable about tanks and military warfare in general aside from Miho herself.²** TheBigGuy: Hana, the tallest of the girls and also their gunner.²** TheSmartGuy: Mako, smartest girl in school and the [=PzIv's=] driver.²** TheChick: Saori, radio operator and the most concerned about feminine stuff like popularity and boys.²* TheLeader: Of the Ōarai teams as a whole, with their leader Miho becoming, by default, de facto commander of the squadron.²* MeaningfulName: An anglerfish is known for using it's lantern-like antenna to lure its prey into a trap before eating them. Considering the fact that most of Miho's tactics involve around using ambushes, trickery, and distractions, the team's name fits nicely.²----²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Panzer IV]]²[[quoteright:300:]]²[[quoteright:300:[[caption-width:300:[[labelnote:Panzer IV upgraded to Ausf. F2]][[/labelnote]]]]]]²[[quoteright:300:[[caption-width:300:[[labelnote:Panzer IV upgraded to Ausf. H]][[/labelnote]]]]]]²The [[ Panzerkamfwagen IV]] is the first tank the characters find upon the re-establishment of the Ōarai Sensha-do elective. This was assigned to Team A/Anglerfish team. As the tank commanded by Miho, it is by default, the "face" of Ōarai's Sensha-do team.²----²* BookEnds: The [[SubsystemDamage battle damage]] the Panzer IV suffers in the movie's FinalBattle leaves it in almost the same damaged shape Miho and co. found it[[note]]all the [[PowerupFullColorChange spaced armour]] gets blown off, the [[MidSeasonUpgrade longer gun is blown in half]] so it resembles the shorter, initial gun, and the roadwheels (and track) of the right side are blown off, same as it was found[[/note]].²* CompanionCube: The reason it's given an entry in the ''characters'' page.²* ContinuityNod: Miho uses the same model of tank in the manga prequel and the anime. This is given a subtle ContinuityNod in Episode 1 when she smiles while caressing the old tank's armor.²* JackOfAllStats: The Panzer IV is portrayed as versatile and useful in most roles, [[ShownTheirWork exactly like its historical usage]].²* MidSeasonUpgrade: The [=Panzer IV=] is the only tank [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin to be upgraded roughly mid-season]]. Other tanks are upgraded for the FinalBattle or not at all. To elaborate, it was initially found as an [[ Ausf D]], then upgraded to an [[ Ausf F2]] for the Pravda match, and finally given additional armor as an [[ Ausf H]] for the final match.²* PowerupFullColorChange: When it receives its final upgrade for the FinalBattle, it's given [[ShownTheirWork that model's most common historical paint pattern]] instead of keeping its usual color.²* StraightMan: Is the only tank not painted in bright colors in episodes 1 to 4. [[AnInteriorDesignerIsYou The insides, on the other hand...]]²----²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Miho Nishizumi]]²!!Miho Nizhizumi²[[quoteright:309:]]²->''"It's not for [[HeirToTheDojo the sake of my home]]. Neither is it to [[BigBrotherWorship imitate big sis]]... This summer, I did Panzer with everyone. I felt that I could treasure this memory. That is perhaps... my 'Panzerkraft'."''²²->'''Position:''' Tank Commander/Squadron Commander²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MaiFuchigami (Japanese), Creator/{{Margaret McDonald}} (credited as Meg [=McDonald=]) (English)²²The main character of the anime and a scion of a clan of famous tankers. She left the discipline after a certain incident and transferred from Kuromorimine into Ōarai, since its Sensha-do class was defunct for over two decades. She was promptly drafted into becoming the leader of its first class in twenty years (as a loader, then later commander of not just her team, but of the school's squadron) after the Student Council discovers her experience.²----²* TheAce: Initially by default, since she's the only person in Ōarai with Sensha-do experience. Throughout the course of the series, Other tank commanders make it clear that Miho ''is'' a legitimately talented commander, and even her older sister Maho acknowledges Miho's skill as being on par with her own.²* AdaptationalAngstUpgrade: In the manga, it's revealed that [[spoiler:she believes she failed to save her teammates at Black Forest, due to them being ostracized and ultimately forced to transfer schools. If counting the Anime and Light Novel adaptations, all but two of them transferred[[labelnote:Note]]Specifically Koume (as revealed in Episode 10) and Erika (as mentioned in the Light Novel)[[/labelnote]]]].²* {{Adorkable}}: She's somewhat shy and socially awkward, and Saori says that she got interested in Miho because she seemed "jittery".²* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Whenever the Nishizumi name is mentioned in a conversation around Miho, it's always either about her mother or her older sister and never about her. Darjeeling inverts this trope after their practice match when she comments that Miho is quite different from Maho and she enjoyed their match more than any match she had with her older sister. She also stresses to Katyusha when she brushes Miho off that Miho has taken Ōarai (a relatively unknown school) into the semi finals. ²* ArmorPiercingQuestion²** Gives one to Anchovy in the manga, during the latter's VillainousBreakdown after her defeat at Miho's hands.²-->'''Anchovy''': ''"[[SeriousBusiness There's no meaning to doing Panzerkraft if you don't strive for victory]]!"''²-->'''Miho''': ''"So, is there no meaning to all the efforts you and your comrades gave?"''²-->'''Anchovy''': ''"[[DefensiveWhat What]]?"''²** She tries this on her mother in Chapter 7 of ''Little Army'', but fails.²* AnimalMotifs: Miho is heavily associated with the anglerfish due to her penchant for [[ConfusionFu catching her opponenets off-guard]] [[CrazyEnoughToWork with a wide vareity]] [[CombatPragmatist of traps]]. Not to mention, female anglerfishes are usually ''big'', reflecting on Miho's position as Ōarai's overall commander.²* AwfulTruth: In the "Little Army" manga, learning that [[spoiler:her sister won the tournament by firing on the flag tank while it was trying to save one of her teammates]] counts as this; [[spoiler:both because her sister would do such a thing, and because the Nishizumi style believes that it's necessary]].²* BadassAdorable: [[{{Adorkable}} She's a bit shy, socially awkward, and overall a]] NiceGirl. She's also very competent at Sensha-do with her ability to [[IndyPloy think of strategies on the fly]] and [[ConfusionFu throw off opposing forces with unconventional tactics.]]²* BadassCreed: She may have rejected her family's "[[SeriousBusiness do whatever it takes to win]]" philosophy, but she does embody and uphold the Nishizumi-style creed of "Always advance". The film reinforces this further, when she gives a proper RousingSpeech to the rest of Ooarai's sensha-do team about their chances of winning against the University Team.²-->'''Miho:''' ''[[BadassBoast There's no path a tank cannot traverse]]! Tanks move forward even under enemy fire... [[{{Determinator}} No matter how tough it is, we must think of a way to overcome]]!''²* BattleCry: Has often said the words "Panzer Vor"[[note]]a German army command for tanks to advance[[/note]] throughout the anime. May also count as her CatchPhrase.²** {{Lampshaded}} in the movie, the second scene of which is basically a set-up so Miho can utter:²-->'''Miho:''' ''Well, once again... PANZER VOR!''²* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: Miho ultimately joins Sensha-do class because Saori and Hana, her first two friends at Ōarai, decide that they want to join the same class as her, even though they wanted Sensha-do. Even when the Student Council is berating her for not joining, the girls argue vehemently for her, which she later tells them no one has ever done for her before.²* BeYourself: The anime is about her finding her own way of Sensha-do. Her character song is open about this.²* BigSisterWorship: ''Little Army'' reveals that she looked up to Maho and wanted to follow her footsteps.²* BookEnds²** On a meta-story level, the main plot of ''Little Army'' ([[spoiler:Maho firing on the enemy flag tank while it was trying to rescue some of her own teammates who risk drowning]]) and the key of Miho's DarkAndTroubledPast ([[spoiler:Miho choosing to rescue her drowning teammates at the cost of her team's flag tank]]), happening between prequel and anime, are very similar.²** Within ''Little Army'', the prequel begins with Miho walking to Ōarai alone like she did in Episode 1, and in the ending, cuts back to the present and shows her walking to school, only for Saori to call out to her and for her to [[YouAreNotAlone turn around and see all her friends]].²* BrokenAce: She's a talented sensha-do practitioner, with tank commanders from other schools recognizing this fact. However, she suffers from confidence issues because of [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter being always compared to her more talented older sister]] and [[ParentalFavoritism being less favored by their mother]]. Add to this [[spoiler: the guilt she felt after being the cause of Kuromorimine's loss to Pravda the year prior, [[ItsAllMyFault which caused some of her crew mates to be ostracized and transfer schools.]]]] ²* BrokenPedestal: Her relationship with her older sister Maho goes through this and RebuiltPedestal ''twice'' -- in ''Little Army''. It was broken when Miho learns that Maho [[spoiler:willingly fired upon an enemy flag tank rescuing a drowning tank crew ''from her own team'', then rebuilt after their heart-to-heart conversation in later chapters;]] then in the anime, it was implied to have been broken again after Miho left Kuromorimine and tried to quit Sensha-do after her attempt to rescue a drowning teammate cost her team their tenth straight championship and earned her a cold-hearted dressing down from her strict mother (who is the head of the Nishizumi style of Sensha-do), then started rebuilding as Maho lending her team chopper to Mako in Episode 6 showed that she still thought highly of helping fellow players, even from opposing teams.²* CallingTheOldWomanOut: Downplayed, in that Miho never actively questions her mother's adherence to their Sensha-do style, though at one point she directly asked her if it was necessary [[spoiler:for Maho to shoot the enemy flag tank rescuing a ''friendly'' unit]]. She was unusually forward to a degree that Maho [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness found it uncharacteristic of her]].²* TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive: She transferred to Ooarai Academy because it didn't have a Sensha-do elective so she wouldn't have to do Sensha-do. Cue the next morning when she's being recruited into the academy's revived Sensha-do club.²* TheCastShowOff: Creator/MargaretMcDonald herself sings the Anglerfish Dance song in the dubbed version of the 4th OVA.²* TheChosenOne: The student council ''absolutely'' wanted her to join Ooarai's revived Sensha-do elective, so they went to great lengths just to get her to join, which she eventually does.²* ClassicalAntiHero: Shows a few signs of this with her insecurities.²* ClosedDoorRapport: In the last chapter of ''Little Army'', unsure of whether or why she should continue doing Sensha-do, she hides inside one of her family's tanks until Sakuyo, Chihiro and Hitomi convince her to come out.²* CombatPragmatist: Miho is often able to think up strategies and tactics on the fly, and will utilize whatever she has to win, such as luring a tank into a trap using false communications. While their effectiveness varies depending on the opposing team's chemistry and performance, this trait of hers is acknowledged as a major strength by all her opponents and Maho [[spoiler:notes how it was just like Miho to fight her as she did, in her own style, that managed to defeat her. She also bluntly tells their mother that Miho is much more skilled than she gives her credit for]].²* CombinationAttack: [[spoiler: The final play in the movie has her have Maho shoot the Panzer IV from behind to give it a speed boost. This is implied to be her idea, evidenced by Maho's reluctance before firing.]]²* ConfusionFu: Her strategies revolve around going against standard tank unit formations and strategies, making full use of the different strengths of the various tanks that she commands. The only one who wasn't fooled by any of her tricks is her older sister Maho, [[CrazyPrepared who prepared counterstrategies for any tricks she might pull off.]]²* CrazyEnoughToWork: Some of her strategies are, as noted by her opponents, not what you will expect a normal commander would think of. However, [[ConfusionFu it is because opponents never expect that they'd do something crazy that they work]] [[CrazyAwesome in magnificent ways.]]²* CuteClumsyGirl: Bumps into a light post in Episode 1 while turning to look at a bakery, and in class, she drops her pencil, then several other items while attempting to retrieve it. Later in the cafeteria she nearly trips after getting her lunch. She also implies that she's clumsy to her two new friends.²* CutenessProximity: [[spoiler:In the movie, she immediately squees upon seeing the Boko Museum.]]²* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[spoiler:After one of the tanks in her squad fell down a river, she abandons hers -- the flag unit -- to save them, costing Kuromorimine the winning streak in the process]].²* DefectorFromDecadence: Left Kuromorimine because she cannot agree with its SecondPlaceIsForLosers attitude towards Sensha-do.²* DefeatMeansFriendship: Lampshaded in Episode 10 when Darjeeling, Kay, and Katyusha show up to wish Miho luck and chat with her nonchalantly. [[spoiler: She even does this with her older sister in Episode 12, when Miho's victory causes Maho to drop his facade to congratulate her]].²** In ''der Film'', this happens with Alice, [[spoiler:who becomes friends with Miho after losing to Ōarai]].²* {{Determinator}}: She may have shown hesitancy at first, but when the chips are down and even if the odds are against her, she '''will''' do whatever it takes to take her team to victory. This is the Nishizumi-style philosophy of "Always advance", which she and Maho embody and uphold. See BadassCreed above for the related quote.²* DitzyGenius: She is brilliant at Sensha-do and seems to be competent enough academically, but poor Miho would forget her head if it wasn't screwed on. Off the battlefield, she's pretty shy, extremely clumsy, and has a common sense deficit, especially in the manga, when she gets lost in an unknown port [[spoiler: so she can buy a cuddly toy]], and even then she stops to admire the town's mascot, in a thick crowd, nearly getting double-lost.²* DontCallMeSir: Suggests that one of her mother's students, being older, does not need to address her formally, but the student tells her that age doesn't matter since she's the instructor's daughter.²* DullEyesOfUnhappiness: After being told to take Sensha-do by the student council, when she has a blank, unchanging stare until she and her friends were in the nurse's office.²* {{Expy}}: Of ''[[Manga/{{Saki}} Saki Miyanaga]].'' Both are talented individuals belonging to a family of sports players, initially hated the sport they are good at because of a past trauma, and both have older sisters which they have a strained relationship.²* FallenPrincess: Miho hails from the most respected (and feared) family of Tank Warriors in Japan, and yet humiliates her family by breaking her school's decade-long streak of undefeated championships by electing to help teammates from drowning rather than holding a key position; coupled with her mother's already cold and and distant upbringing this drives a deep wedge between her and the rest of her family, prompting her to move to Oarai High School. [[SeriousBusiness The disgrace was enough to make Shiho seriously consider disowning and disinheriting her.]]²* FamedInStory: Played with. She came to Ōarai as a nobody, with only Yukari knowing who she is. It was only through Ami Chono's recognition of her that the others are made aware of her sensha-do pedigree. However, the simple mention of her family name invokes recognition and sometimes shock from tank commanders from other schools. This conversation between Darjeeling and Katyusha in episode 8 makes a point of how well-known the Nishizumi school is and Miho's standing in the family.²-->'''Darjeeling''': You're awfully composed in light of the semi-finals. Shouldn't you be practicing?\²'''Katyusha''': It would only be a waste of fuel. Our opponent is just some no-name school anyway.\²'''Darjeeling''': Their commander is the heir of a school though. The Nishizumi School to be exact.\²'''Katyusha''': Eh? (to Nonna) Why am I finding out something this important just now!?\²'''Nonna''': I've told you several times.\²'''Katyusha''': Well, I wasn't listening then!\²'''Darjeeling''': It is just the younger sister, I might add.\²'''Katyusha''': Oh? (sighs in relief) That scared me for a second there.²** Played more straighter in ''Ribbon Warrior'' manga spin-off where she has become something of a LivingLegend in the sport of Tankery. ²* AFatherToHisMen: Her first words to damaged or knocked out friendly units are to ask if the crew is alright, and is more than willing to jump out of her tank to rescue allies in danger -- no wonder everyone in Ōarai's tank teams love, adore and respect her.²* FriendlessBackground: Briefly alluded to this in ''Little Army'', as, similarly to Yukari, she had difficulty finding friends who were interested in tanks before meeting Hitomi, Chihiro and Emi.²* GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals: Miho has a large collection of teddy plushies, known as Boko. All bandaged, beaten or bruised, she uses them as {{Security Blanket}}s whenever she's experiencing {{Flashback Echo}}es.²** In the movie [[spoiler:They are what she packs up first when her school is closed. Later on she even gets to visit a [[TheThemeParkVersion run-down Boko-themed amusement park]]]].²* GiverOfLameNames: She's a downplayed example. Her chosen names for their plans are simplistic and really not that intimidating. Exemplified by her naming her first operation as Ōarai's sensha-do commander "Operation Sneaky sneak". Her naming sense is only called out twice by Momo and by Erika in the movie.²* TheGlomp: ²** Gives one to Maho in ''Little Army'' when she gets home after the tournament.²** Receives two from Anzu [[spoiler: first was after winning the championship in the first season; and later in the movie, after winning back their school in the match against the University Team.]]²* GuileHeroine: She generally out-thinks and outwits opposing commanders, win or lose. [[spoiler:Except Maho, with whom, [[FearfulSymmetry unsurprisingly]], she usually ties.]]²* HeirToTheDojo: Miho hails from a family of legendary tank warriors, and has been reared into their style since childhood.²* HeroicBSOD²** Has a minor one after being told to take Sensha-do by the student council, having a blank, unchanging stare until she and her friends were in the nurse's office.²** Tends to suffer one whenever a friendly tank is knocked out. Her friends generally pull her out before she crashes.²** In the battle against Maho's tank in ''Little Army'', when she loses confidence in their ability to win.²** In ''Little Army'', when Maho [[spoiler:confirms what Emi said]] and begins acting cold and distant. Since she got into Sensha-do because of a desire to be like her sister, she's [[BrokenPedestal shaken to the core and considers quitting]].²** In Chapter 15 of the manga, she has one when [[JerkAss Erika]] gives her a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech claiming that she had no regard for whwat happened to her old school.²* HeroicSacrifice: During the match against Pravda, she is initially willing to surrender to avoid the possibility of people being injured in the shootout should she continue fighting, despite knowing that [[spoiler:she will be disinherited should she fail to win]].²* HiddenBuxom: It's not noticeable in her school attire, but the bath scenes and much of the official promotional art ''loves'' to emphasize how Miho has proportions just as generous, sensuous and voluptuous as her Mother and Sister.²* HypercompetentSidekick: In ''das Finale'' she officially steps down as commander to vice-commander so Momo can be commander [[spoiler: so that she can get in college by AO scholarship]]. In practice, and by everyone else's admission, she's still the one who comes up with the plans even if Momo ultimately calls the shots.²* IHaveManyNames: In ''Ribbon Warrior'', she's said to have many nicknames that are attributed to her newfound fame and achievements, such as "The Miracle of Ooarai", "The War Goddess" and even "The World's Strongest Boko-fan".²* IJustWantToHaveFriends: In ''Little Army'', she said she has long wanted to find people she can do Sensha-do with. In the main series, despite having believed that leaving Sensha-do behind is the right thing to do, she feels lonely at Ōarai until she meets Saori and Hana and is thrust back into the one thing she knows how to do.²* IKnowYouKnowIKnow: In the practice match against Maho in ''Little Army'', Miho says that Maho's [=StuG III=] not having a turret means attacking it from the sides is ideal, but...²-->'''Miho''': ''"I'm sure big sis already knows that as well."'' ([[IronicEchoCut cuts to Maho]])²-->'''Maho''': ''"Miho's team is definitely going to come at us from our flanks."''²* InnocentlyInsensitive: To Erika in ''Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu'' 13.²-->'''Miho''': So you got left behind without ''anyone'' noticing?²-->'''Erika''': RIGHT! Now I'm definitely leaving you behind.²* InSeriesNickname: "Miporin" by Saori and "Mihosha" by Katyusha.²** Following the national tournament she has also acquired some other nicknames such as "The Miracle of Ooarai", "The War Goddess", and "The World's Strongest Boco Fan".²* ItsAllMyFault: In the Maginot manga, she blames herself for not noticing that Maginot only had four tanks in an encirclement rather than five, enabling the remaining tank to catch them off guard.²* TheKlutz: When she's not involved in Sensha-do, she tends to fall into this, almost forgetting to lock her door, dropping her pencils on the floor, and nearly forgetting important dates, and, in one of the tie-in mangas, getting herself lost in an unfamiliar port and having to be helped out by Erika (of all people).²-->'''Erika''' (*thinking): ''And this is the commander who [[spoiler: won the Panzerkraft nationals.]] For real...'' ²* TheLeader: As the only Sensha-do veteran in the school, she is elected to this position; both as commander of Anglerfish Team and of the Ōarai squadron as a whole. She overlaps with all types: planning the attack before the match (mastermind), staying focused during the match (levelheaded) and inspiring her subordinates to follow her (charismatic).²* LittleMissBadass: Both in and out of tanks. Her martial arts moves in [=OVA 6=] are amazing, and in one of the audio dramas, she instictively dodges blows'' even [[ItMakesSenseInContext encumbered by a giant bear costume]]''. [[spoiler:She had to ''remind herself'' '''''not''''' ''to do so'', as she was portraying Boko the Bear at a show.]]²* LivingLegend: Her and her team achievements and feats in the main series are shown to have inspired an entire generation of girls to take up the sport. This includes the two main characters in ''Ribbon Warrior'', who are completely awestruck when they finally meet her. ²* LonelyRichKid: She is the youngest of the prestigious Nishizumi family and in ''Little Army'', tells Emi that because she wasn't able to make any friends who shared her interest in Sensha-do before meeting her, Chihiro and Hitomi, she hopes that the four of them can get along.²** She did, however, get along well with her sister Maho as a child.²* MagneticHero: Miho has a tendency to attract people around her. Yukari notes that Miho's kind and caring personality is what makes the entire Ooarai Sensha-do squad want to follow her and Darjeeling notes how Miho has the tendency to make friends out of her enemies.²* MandatoryUnretirement: Due to a past trauma, Miho became uncomfortable with tanks, so she moved to a school that doesn't have a Sensha-do class. However, [[TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive that school's Student Council decides shortly after she moves to revive the class and force her into it]].²* MeaningfulName²** It's likely that her surname is a reference to Nishizumi Kojiro, a famous tank commander during the Sino-Japanese War.²** The ''"-ho"'' ending their given names (Mi''ho'', Ma''ho'', Shi''ho'') could be a based on the Japanese word for "cannon".²* MirthlessLaughter: When she doesn't really know how to deal with a social situation, she tends to make a nervous laugh and give a little smile.²* MyGreatestFailure: In the manga, it's revealed that [[spoiler:while she saved the crew of the tank that fell in the water, they were treated coldly by their schoolmates, in spite of Black Forest's vigorous enforcement of the rules preventing outright bullying, and at least one of them transferred out. Miho thus feels as though she didn't protect them]].²* MyGreatestSecondChance: [[spoiler: The exact thing happens...and this trope is subverted, and then double-subverted. As...she makes the exact same choice. But THIS time? She saves her friends WITHOUT putting the rest of the team in danger. Essentially, she proves her decision was not wrong... and she has grown.]]²* NervesOfSteel: Miho never panics or loses her cool during matches. A good example is during the practice match with St. Gloriana, Her Panzer IV is cornered and held at gunpoint by Darjeeling's Churchill and three Mathildas, and all Miho does is to look for a possible escape route.²* NewTransferStudent: Transfers into Ōarai in the first episode.²* NiceGirl: Almost never gets angry or has anything bad to say about others, no matter how mean they are to her.²* NiceToTheWaiter: Gets along well with the Nishizumi maids, who are willing to talk with her about her problems. In the manga, it is indicated that she still maintains correspondence with Kikuyo via mail.²* NoOneGetsLeftBehind: Her philosophy, which put her at odds with her own family's "[[SeriousBusiness win at all costs]]" policy. She doesn't think twice about leaving her tank to save a crew in distress. [[spoiler:Her adherence to this belief ultimately cost Kuromorimine their 10th straight championship and caused her and her crewmates to be ostracized by the other students, which resulted with some of them, including Miho herself, to transfer schools.]] In the finals, she even managed to [[spoiler:save Rabbit Team from sinking by leaping across Ōarai's tanks, tying a rope around it and leaping back, enabling the other tanks to drag it through]].²* NormalFishInATinyPond: She finds herself unfavorably compared to her mother and sister, but she's the foremost expert on Sensha-do in Ōarai, which brings her to the forefront of their Sensha-do class's renaissance. Erika remarks on this once, commenting that the school must be weak if she managed to become its commander. [[spoiler:Downplayed, if not straight-out subverted, in that Maho believes that Miho ''is'' as talented as herself.]]²* TheOjou: Of the sweet type. She had a good relation with the family servants, wanted to make friends, and generally is a NiceGirl.²* OnlySaneMan: For example, see her increasingly confused and worried reactions to the increasingly crazier antics of her teammates as they buy swimsuits during OVA 1.²* OutGambitted²** What Maho does to her during the finals -- Maho has been watching her little sister's matches, so naturally she [[CrazyPrepared has countermeasures]] in case Miho tries to repeat her trick of dragging the enemy into UrbanWarfare. Which she does.²** Maho also does this in the practice battle in ''Little Army''. Miho is understandably less than confident in her plans because she knows how skilled Maho is. After she barely avoids defeat thanks to luck, Miho, after getting a HeroicSecondWind, decides for a final confrontation with Maho, knowing that they're not skilled enough to escape her. [[spoiler:She just barely loses.]]²* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Twice in ''Little Army''. Sakuyo tells her how surprised she is (as are Chihiro and Hitomi) to see her get into a fight with Emi after the latter states she hates Maho, whom she never met before. Later on, Maho notes to Miho how unusual it was for her to openly question her mother about the family style of Sensha-do, a move brought on by Maho's aloof behavior.²** PlayedForLaughs in the movie. The normally down-to-Earth and calm Miho ''[[{{Squee}} gets very excited]]'' once she visits the Boko Museum. Saori even notes that it was the first time she saw Miho get excited over anything before.²* RefusalOfTheCall: She transferred out of Kuromorimine to get out of Sensha-do, but [[TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive her new school desperately needs to succeed at it, and so she's drafted.]]²* ReluctantRuler: Her teammates have to insist that she be the tank commander ''several times'' before she accepts. Anzu has to do the same thing when it comes to being the squadron commander. ²* RousingSpeech:²** Played with in the anime. Miho's natural meekness makes her ''suck'' at the usual techniques that make a good speech, so her results when trying vary. When rallying her teams mid-battle, she resorts to [[AwesomenessByAnalysis tactical analysis]] which her teammates take as rousing (such as the matches against St. Gloriana and Saunders). When she ''does'' try, she fails miserably, like her first two against Pravda (more so with the second, where she speaks fluently and convincingly... to convince Ōarai to ''surrender''); come the third, upon realizing that [[spoiler:defeat or capitulation would cause Ōarai to shut down for good]], she gets it right -- and even that doesn't work because morale dropped quickly afterwards; the fourth (at Momo's request) fails miserably; and come the ''fifth'', she just [[DefiedTrope drops the speeches]] and [[spoiler:gets [[CrowdSong the team]] to join in [[ChekhovsSkill the Anglerfish Dance]]]]. She does give a somewhat decent speech before the finals, saying that [[spoiler:no matter what happens, she will consider Oarai her alma mater]]. Finally, after [[spoiler:Ōarai wins the tournament, and Miho is asked to say something to the team, she stammers for a moment [[LettingTheAirOutOfTheBand (causing the background music to stop dead)]], then yells "Panzer Vor!"]].²** In the film she finally delivers a proper (and heartwarming) DareToBeBadass speech to her teammates just after having been informed that their new opponents are the University Team, a team even more dreaded than Kuromorimine Girls High School. It seems also to work just fine, as the camera pans to the faces of her teammates nodding with new determination. GilliganCut to [[OhCrap her face]] after having been informed that the odds have been set even more against them by making the match an annihilation one, thereby ruling out their usual tactic of finding and eliminating the flag tank and making Oarai's numerical disadvantage count even more.²* SecondYearProtagonist: Her first year involved a traumatic event involving Sensha-do, which lead to her transfer to Ōarai for her second year.²* SecurityBlanket: Uses her plushies as them while experiencing {{Flashback Echo}}es.²* ShellShockedVeteran: She has plenty of experience with Sensha-do and not all of it was positive. She also tends to get {{Flashback Echo}}es.²* {{Squee}}: As a ContinuityNod to ''Little Army'', when she first saw the (then) only Ōarai tank -- a Panzer IV Ausf. D, the same one she commanded as a ten-year-old with her childhood friends -- her expression and voice both soften considerably and she caresses the old tank's armor.²** In the movie, she gets '''very excited''' when she visits the Boko Museum. Saori even notes that she has never seen Miho being excited over anything before.²* StepfordSmiler: At times, such as after Maho coldly walks off with their mother in ''Little Army'', or when she acts as though nothing happened the day after being told that [[spoiler:she will be disinherited if she loses the semifinals]] in the main series manga.²* TheStrategist: Best exemplified in the St. Gloriana match -- though most of her tanks are downed due to crew inexperience and/or inadequate equipment, she still manages to knock out three of four remaining enemy tanks with just Anglerfish Team thanks to clever strategies [[IndyPloy thought up on the fly]], [[spoiler: and it would have been all four [[NoSell had the Panzer IV's gun been able to knock out the Churchill]].]]²* TacticalWithdrawal: In stark contrast with her family's [[AttackAttackAttack straightforward approach]], ''every'' battle she fights is ultimately won (or at least narrowly lost) through retreating from unfavorable situations, rallying, then attacking again.²* TakeAThirdOption: Miho's choices in the finals seem to be winning the match or saving her friends. Operative words being "seem" and "or".²* TalkingThroughTechnique: With Kikuyo's help, she comes up with this as an idea of helping Emi understand Maho. It works, [[spoiler:but ends up getting Emi to reveal her real reason for her resentment toward Maho]].²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Her love of pastries and baked desserts, especially shortcake, is mentioned quite a few times.²* WellDoneSonGuy: Surprisingly, averted. She shows virtually no desire to win her mother's approval.²* WhatTheHellHero: In "Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu", she starts to politely criticize Sodoko's overzealous enforcement of the rules, and is forced to dye her hair black despite it being her natural color.²* WhiteSheep: Left her family due to her disagreement with their combat style, and initially seems to be the only one who can't follow the strict and ruthless Nishizumi style. [[spoiler:In the final episode, Maho openly tells Miho that her own style triumphed and that she's happy that Miho found her own path. Even ''Shiho'' claps for Miho.]]²* WorldOfCardboardSpeech: At the end of ''Little Army'', she gives one on her reasons to go into Sensha-do, which provides her character quote.²* XanatosSpeedChess: In line with her [[CombatPragmatist combat pragmatism]], Miho is able to adjust her plans depending on the situation. The best example would be during the Ōarai-Saunders match, where she takes advantage of [[spoiler: the knowledge of their radio communications being intercepted in order to set up an ambush.]]²* YouAreInCommandNow: Miho is increasingly given more responsibilities due to her experience, despite initial reluctance -- first as tank commander after Saori fails at it, then later appointed by the Student Council as squadron commander before their first match, after she raises concerns about Momo's plan.²----²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Saori Takebe]]²!!Saori Takebe²[[quoteright:200:]] ²->''"Count on me for [[KnowNothingKnowItAll love advice]]!"''²²->'''Position:''' Radio Operator²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AiKayano (Japanese), Creator/JessicaCalvello (English)²²The main character of the light novel adaptaion, Saori is a redhead with a string of failed searches for romance. She's one of Miho's first friends since her transfer to Ōarai. She becomes Anglerfish Team's radio operator due to her love of small talk. [[spoiler:In ''Das Finale'' she succeeds Momo Kawashima to be the Student Council's Public Relations Manager]].²----²* AFriendInNeed: Risked expulsion together with Hana [[spoiler:(or so they thought)]] by defending Miho's decision not to take up Sensha-do before the Student Council.²* BigOlEyebrows: Compared to her teammates, she has a considerably thicker pair which is very visible through her hair bangs.²* CasanovaWannabe: A rare female example. She'd have an UrbanLegendLoveLife if anyone believed her for more than five minutes. So infamous is she for her failed attempts that the girls of Rabbit Team once jested that she has a more successful "romance" with the Panzer.²* ChangeTheUncomfortableSubject: Saori is pretty good at noticing when something is bothering Miho and getting her mind out of it. One example is in the second episode, where after Ami Chouno asks Miho, who is the daughter of Instructor Nishizumi, who was Ami's teacher, "Is your sister doing well?", which was InnocentlyInsensitive, Saori raises her hand and spontaneously asks:²-->"Instructor, are you really popular with the guys?!"²* ChekhovsHobby: Her speedy texting comes in handy in the battle with Saunders.²* TheChick: Of the Anglerfish Team's [[FiveManBand Five-Girl Band]], as an excellent communicator and hopeless boy-chaser.²* ChildhoodFriends: She's known Mako for a long time and uses her inside knowledge to get her to stay in Sensha-do class.²* CoolBigSis: To the girls of Rabbit Team, giving (untried) love advice, explaining things, leading their search team, and comforting the panicking younger girls when they're hopelessly lost.²* DatePeepers: In Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu, she sets up a group outing like this for Saki's boyfriend, who turns out to be [[spoiler:Shinobu Kawanishi, wearing a hoodie that conceals her face]].²* DrunkOnMilk: At the after-battle victory party in OVA 6, she starts getting tipsy after a couple glasses of orange juice. Mako and Miho both express their amazement at this.²* EyelidPullTaunt: Does one as Erika is walking away in Episode 5.²* TheFace: Playing with a trope. She's the radio operator for Anglerfish Team, but in that case she's relaying Miho's orders.²* FieryRedhead: She can be a bit energetic sometimes.²* FriendshipMoment: As Mako is about to leave in the helicopter in Episode 6, she impulsively boards the chopper to keep her company.²* IfYouEverDoAnythingToHurtHer: In Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu, she threatens to bombard Saki's boyfriend if he turns out to be an inappropriate partner for her. [[spoiler:It turns out that "he's" not a boyfriend or even a guy.]]²* InvisibleParents: She obviously has parents, and briefly alludes to her father often saying that he loves her, but they're the only ones unseen throughout the anime, meaning they are likely the most normal parents.²* KidAnova: Claims to have a boyfriend in every port, but her reaction to Yuuki Utsugi of Rabbit Team asking how many boyfriends she has so far? [[CasanovaWannabe Sulking.]]²* KnowNothingKnowItAll: When it comes to romantic relationships, she has plenty of advice but no experience. ²* LetsGetDangerous: Played with in a MundaneMadeAwesome way. Saori drops the glasses when she sets about cooking the first time; otherwise she wears them when dealing with other housework.²* {{Meganekko}}: Typically wears contacts out of vanity, though sometimes she wears a pair of large red glasses, usually at dinnertime, as seen in Episodes 2 and 10.²* MsFanservice: Deliberately invoked on her part with her glarmously permed hair, secretary glasses, a shirt one-size too small and ZettaiRyouiki to emphasize her generous and firm bust and legs, to better cultivate the image of "a hot girl who is popular with the boys"... When in reality, she is just as inexperienced with men as the average Oarai Schoolgirl.²* TheNicknamer: She loves adding "-in" to peoples names: Miho to "Miporin", Yukari to "Yukarin", and so forth.²* PersonalRaincloud: She gets one when one of the girls from Rabbit Team, Yuuki Utsugi, ask her how many boyfriends has she had.²* SupremeChef: A skill she picked up in hopes of getting a guy ThroughHisStomach. Hasn't worked, but it's still a useful skill.²* TeamMom: She handles Mako, worries about Miho's wellbeing, and is the only one of the team who can cook (technically, Yukari can cook field rations, but she's not very good).²** She also considers herself this towards the Rabbit Team, from providing love advice right down to jumping for joy as the freshmen do their routine in OVA 6, and even refers to herself as such in ''Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu''. ²-->''"This is unheard to Mama!!!"''²* TookALevelInBadass: In her first time as tank commander, she is so useless that Miho is forced to step in (and, when in the ''Fierce Fight: Maginot Battle'' spinoff Miho's absence forces her to be in command again for another training battle, she manages to lose against '''every''' tank, ''including the'' ''[[TheAllegedCar Type 89]]''. Come the FinalBattle, ''she'' is able to step in during Miho's absence and (''successfully'') take command of the ''entire Oarai team''.²* UrbanLegendLoveLife: She fancies herself as a love expert, claims to be troubled because boys keep greeting her every morning as she walks to school, and boasts about having boyfriends in almost every port in Japan. In actuality, she's never been in a relationship before, evidenced by the fact that she sulks when the first year members of Ooarai's tankery team asks how many boyfriends she has had before.[[note]]As for her stated claims, she takes cues from cliche romance stories, the "boys" greeting her as she walks to her all-girls school every morning are the local old men in their town, and what she has in almost every port in Japan are a list of popular curry shops.[[/note]]²* WhatTheHellHero: Complains about the Student Council threatening Miho with expulsion over not taking Sensha-do. [[spoiler:It's only what it seemed like at the time]].²-->''"Would you stop being so selfish?!"''²* ZettaiRyouiki: She's not the only character to sport this look, but sticks with it constantly, even when the girls suggest legwarmers for the match against Pravda. [[FridgeBrilliance Maybe she's trying to invoke their appeal with boys?]] She runs a Class A setup.²----²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Hana Isuzu]]²!!Hana Isuzu²[[quoteright:200:]] ²->''"No matter for how long I kept arranging the flowers, I felt like something was missing. But I want to work with stronger flowers!"''²²->'''Position:''' Gunner²->'''Voiced by:''' Mami Ozaki (Japanese), Creator/CaitlynnFrench (English)²²The other first friend of Miho since her transfer to Ōarai, Hana is the daughter of a family of ''ikebana'' (flower arrangement) professionals. She initially sat at the driver's seat, but the thrill of hearing the roar of shells inspired her to man the Panzer's guns. [[spoiler: In ''Das Finale'' she succeeds Anzu Kadotani as the Student Council President]].²----²* AFriendInNeed: Risked expulsion together with Saori [[spoiler:(so they thought)]] for defending Miho's decision not to do Sensha-do.²* BigEater: It's subtle, but she always has bigger portions than her teammates when they have a meal. In ''Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu'', this is made into a joke when Saori, seeing that she's gained weight, worries about inadvertently taking larger servings while around Hana. Not so subtle in ''Ribbon Warrior'' when she is shown going to town on a full pig - complete with apple in its mouth.²* TheBigGirl: She's the gunner for the Anglerfish team. She's proud of her accuracy.²* BlackSheep: Disowned by her mother for doing Sensha-do. She still comes to watch the match against Pravda in Episode 8, [[spoiler: and their next meeting at a flower exhibit brings mom around and Hana is welcomed back into the family.]]²* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: She exhibits a variant regarding her flower arrangement. While she is recognized as being very good at flower arrangement, with her mother even stating that her skills and techniques are in line with their traditional family style, she feels unsatisfied with her works and expressed her desire to "work with stronger flowers". She saw sensha-do as something new and saw being disowned because of it as a new chapter in her life. It is shown that practicing sensha-do ''did'' have a positive effect on her ikebana as her mother notes that in the past, Hana's works were perfect but lifeless. However, the entry she submitted to the flower exhibit was nothing like her previous works for it was full of life.²* FantasyForbiddingMother: Yuri initially opposes her daughter's interests due to finding Sensha-do a vulgar and barbaric practice, and wants her to stay in the family's ikebana business.²* FriendlySniper: Soon after being assigned as gunner, she does some impressive shooting with a low-velocity 75mm [=KwK=] 37 L/24 cannon.²-->''"[[PreAsskickingOneLiner No. One shell is enough.]]"''²* HeirToTheDojo: Hana's family is very prominent in ikebana, and she was supposed to succeed her mother's school.²* IdiotHair: Has a long one sticking out of her head. Averted with her [[NervesOfSteel headstrong]] [[FriendlySniper personality]] and her [[YamatoNadeshiko proper upbringing]].²* IKnowMaddenKombat: Hana uses her ikebana concentration for ''gunnery''.²* KimonoIsTraditional: Wears a yellow kimono to her flower exhibit.²* LadyOfWar: She's tall, elegant and gentle... and fires live ammo. Sensha-do and ikebana are all the same to her.²* MeaningfulName: Hana means "flower", and in case you haven't noticed yet, she's an ikebana specialist. It also means "nose", in conjunction with her sense of smell.²* NervesOfSteel: In addition to standing up to the Student Council to defend Miho's (initial) decision not to do Sensha-do, she's the only member of the search party in Episode 7 who doesn't get scared of the "ghosts" inside the school ship, and is determined to go see Mako's grandmother despite hearing her yelling. Yukari lampshades this.²* NiceGirl: She is very gentle, polite and kind to others, and is very supportive of her friends while constantly having a smile on her face.²* TheNoseKnows: Has a keen sense of smell, honed by years working with flowers. She helps pinpoint an abandoned tank on the school grounds by being able to detect the smell of iron and oil in a forest.²* NotSoAboveItAll: Despite being seemingly one of the more down-to-earth members of the team, she randomly plays with a tent rope in OVA 2, and starts arranging the weeds in the spinoff manga. In the same spinoff manga, she ''laughs uncontrollably'' at Assam's terrible jokes.²* ObliviousToHerOwnDescription: She correctly guesses the people the Duck team impersonates during the 6th [=OVA=] talent show (not that they were hard to guess to begin with), save for one; when they impersonate ''her''.²* OhCrap: Her reaction when Yukari mentions she's doing Sensha-do in front of her mother, not knowing Yuri does not approve.²* TheOjou: Similar to Miho, but to a family of a different specialty.²* PowerIsSexy: She is [[StrangelyArousing slightly aroused]] after witnessing the Panzer IV's 75 mm gun firing for the first time, and volunteers to be the team's gunner. This later becomes her inspiration to create more "powerful" flower arrangements, which turns around her mother's disapproval of her participation in Sensha-do.²* StudentCouncilPresident: Succeeds Anzu in the ''Das Finale'' OVA. ²* VisualPun: Her [[IdiotHair ahoge]] looks rather similar to the sprout of an anglerfish.²* WhatTheHellHero: Complains about the Student Council threatening Miho with expulsion over not taking Sensha-do. [[spoiler:It's only what it seemed like at the time]].²-->''"Please give up on Nishizumi-san."''²* WorthyOpponent: Of sorts to Saunders' second-in-command Naomi, as revealed in the spin-off manga.²* YamatoNadeshiko: Sensha-do is supposed to mold girls into this, but she already fits the bill; polite, elegant, skilled in traditional art forms and possess NervesOfSteel.²----²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Yukari Akiyama]]²!!Yukari Akiyama²[[quoteright:200:]] ²->''"Panzer is life, life is Panzer."''²²->'''Position:''' Loader²->'''Voiced by:''' Ikumi Nakagami (Japanese), Rebekah Stevens (English)²²The main character of the manga adaptation, Yukari is an energetic tank fangirl who hides severe fitting-in issues. Then she met kindred souls in the form of Miho, Saori and Hana, inspiring her to become the gunner, and later the loader and de facto second-in-command of Anglerfish Team. [[spoiler: In ''Das Finale'' she succeeds Yuzu Koyama as the Student Council Vice-President]].²----²* AdaptationalBadass: In ''Ribbon Warrior'' Chapter 5, her skills in pre-match surveillance has gained the attention of a lot of Sensha-do teams, including Tankathlon practicioners, Rin's exaggerated ImagineSpot notwithstanding.²* {{Adorkable}}: Look into her interactions with Miho, particularly when she begins to act flustered.²* AllWomenLoveShoes: Much to her mother's consternation, she enjoys collecting military footwear.²* AmbiguouslyGay: Yukari's [[HeroWorshipper hero-worship]] of Miho sometimes crosses into "girl crush" territory. She's very happy to hear that she ''correctly guessed Miho's measurements'', looks rather jealous when Miho gets hugged by Kei, and proclaims that "Nishizumi-dono confessed to me!" after Miho says she "loves" all her friends in Episode 10.²* ApologizesALot: Usually after some enthusiastic outburst.²* AscendedFangirl: A girl who loves tanks, and gets to be a crew of one of them, more so commanded by her idol, a Nishizumi. In the manga, for the match against Anzio, she gets to command a newly-restored Char B1 bis because there wasn't enough time to recruit three new members to man the tank before the match.²* ColorFailure:²** In the manga, after hearing about [[spoiler:Miho being threatened with disinheritance]].²** Played for laughs in volume 4 of the spin-off manga, when she sees Kay kiss Miho on the cheek.²* CrazyPrepared: She carries a military-issue mess kit around, and is genuinely surprised other people don't do the same. Taken UpToEleven in the fifth OVA, much to Erwin's amazement.²* DressingAsTheEnemy: Has infiltrated Saunders, Anzio (in the seventh OVA) and BC Freedom Academy (in Das Finale) by boarding a supply ship and donning the respective school uniforms. In the fifth OVA, she and Erwin steal some of the Pravda team's overcoats and talk to Nina, a Pravda student who doesn't recognize them.²* {{Fangirl}}: Of tanks. She all but ''cuddles'' the [=Pz38(t)=] when it was found. She's also triggered when others misunderstand or disrespect tanks.²* FemmeFataleSpy: Not actually an example, but Rin imagines her to have elements of this archetype in ''Ribbon Warrior''.²* {{Flanderization}}: Goes from merely having a "girl-crush" with Miho (almost certainly in a purely platonic fashion) into full blown enamoredness in ''Motto Love Love Sakusen.''²* FriendlessBackground: Yukari was so obsessed with tanks, she had virtually no common ground with schoolmates until she met Miho.²* FriendlySniper: During her brief time as gunner, she gets 3 kills with 3 shots despite not having any Sensha-do experience.²* GenkiGirl: Even outside Sensha-do, she acts quite lively.²* HammerSpace: Hana and Saori both say that despite having known her for years, they're still unable to figure out just how she manages to carry all her crazy prepared gear.²** In the first ''das Finale'', she conceal carries a ''Stielhandgranate''.²* HeroWorshipper: Admires Miho and her knowledge and skills in Sensha-do.²** In an official 4-koma gag strip [[ she owns a Miho dakimakura (hug pillow)]].²** In the first OVA, she's shown to ''know'' all ''her three sizes''[[note]]Although the first two measurements were already revealed during the uniform fitting in Episode 5 (with elated gasps from Yukari no less), the third wasn't[[/note]]. Judging by Miho's embarrassed reaction, she got them right.²* InSeriesNickname:²** [[NeverLiveItDown Sergeant Third-Class]] [[Film/KellysHeroes Oddball]] after the Saunders infiltration.²** Erwin later calls her [[ Guderian]], but the instance for the coining thereof varies: in the anime, she gets the nickname after helping Hippo Team find the Char B1 bis; in the manga, she gains the nickname for her superb performance as commander of the said tank during the match against Anzio.²* TheLancer: For the Anglerfish Team's [[FiveManBand Five-Girl Band]] as de facto second-in-command and tank otaku.²* MotorMouth: {{Downplayed}} as it [[{{Flanderization}} only happens]] in the bonus "Yukari's Tank Corner" segments. Her speech is always ''very'' quick and aggitated when she's talking about tanks, but never so much that she's difficult to understand. However, in the bonus segments, Ikumi Nakagami [[PlayedForLaughs plays it]] UpToEleven as she [[ChewingTheScenery unleashes]] descriptions, technical termns, data factoids, opinions and statements about the tanks with the speed of a coaxial machinegun.[[note]]On a more meta level, that's the reason said segments have been [[FanSub subtitled]] so slowly: the translators usually ''[[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments could not keep up wih her]]''[[/note]]. ²* OtakuSurrogate: Yukari fills this role for military geeks in general and tank geeks in particular. She used to be a lonely person in her hobby, too.²* SacrificedBasicSkillForAwesomeTraining: Yukari was too busy thinking of tanks to make friends.²* SecretKeeper: In the manga, is the only one besides Miho who knows that [[spoiler:Miho will be disinherited if she loses to Pravda]].²* ShootTheMessenger: In the manga, after hearing from Kikuyo about [[spoiler:Miho being threatened with disinheritance]], Yukari tears into Kikuyo as though she was the person responsible, when Kikuyo was merely given the unpleasant task of delivering a message.²* [[TheSneakyGuy The Sneaky Gal]]: She infiltrated Saunders, Anzio and BC Freedom prior to their team's match against them (barely escapes in the first). In later episodes, she's Miho's first choice for scouting. Goes UpToEleven in the ''Ribbon Warrior'' spin-off, as she's depicted (At least by Centipede Team's Rin) as a Mata Hari-FemmeFatale-{{Ninja}} CompositeCharacter. See AdaptationalBadass entry above.²** In the aforementioned spin-off manga, she's also tried to infiltrate [[spoiler: Bonple]] as well, but were immediately found out by [[spoiler: Uszka]] who plays an ObfuscatingStupidity on her.²* {{Squee}}: Tanks evoke this reaction on her ("Panzer High", as Miho puts it), and a more heartwarming one when [[spoiler:one of the tank crew Miho saved during her tenure at Kuromorimine thanks her for saving her (and her comrades)]].²* SuperStrength: In OVA 1, she hurls Mako airborne using only her left arm; a result of spending time lifting heavy tank shells and workouts, as she states during OVA 2.²* TalkingInYourSleep: Some talk of food, others of erotic things... [[GunPorn such as]] [[ItMakesSenseInContext Leopard 2 MBT cannons]].²* TheTeamWannabe: When the Sensha-do teams are assembled at the end of the first episode, she is seen standing behind Miho, Saori and Hana. Later in episode 2, she is seen admiring Miho from a distance behind a tree as the girls look for the tanks in a parking lot. At first she seems unimportant, but when Miho look back at the tree, Yukari hides. When they start walking away, Yukari tries to follow them, but then Miho starts talking to her, and she ends up becoming the fourth member of their group.²* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: Her idea of a self-defence weapon for a bar brawl is a '''''hand grenade'''''.²* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: When Hana is introducing her friends to her mother, Yukari mentions that she's in a different class from Hana, Saori and Miho, but they're doing Sensha-do together -- oblivious to the fact that Yuri Isuzu doesn't know of and disapproves of her daughter's hobby, and later [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone apologizes for what happened next]].²* WithDueRespect: Yukari likes to use military terms, addresses Miho and the crew by the very formal "[[UsefulNotes/JapaneseHonorifics -dono]]", and invokes this trope verbatim when defending Miho from Erika's TrashTalk.²* YouAreInCommandNow: In the manga, in order to field the newly-restored Char B1 bis for the match against Anzio, Miho had to form a new three-person team for it by drawing from Ōarai's existing crew pool. Yukari was chosen to take the commander's seat (along with Team Hippo's Erwin as gunner/loader and Team Rabbit's Aya as driver) until three new members could be recruited to man it.²* YouDidTheRightThing: Her opinion of Miho's past decision to [[spoiler:save the crew of sinking tank even at the cost of a championship]].²----²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Mako Reizei]]²!!Mako Reizei²[[quoteright:200:]] ²->''"In the morning? Can humans even wake up... at six o clock?!"''²²->'''Position:''' Driver²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YukaIguchi (Japanese), Creator/MollySearcy (English)²²Saori's childhood friend and a gloomy fellow with a string of tardiness and absences stemming both from her dislike of rising early in the morning and, so she claims, a low blood pressure. She only joins the team because of the incentive of clearing her record. She placed in charge of driving the Panzer.²----²* ACupAngst: She's not proud of her chest size, as shown when doing some SkinshipGrope on Saori in Episode 5. In ''Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu'', the version of herself that has grown up (Mako is also the shortest member of Team Anglerfish) also has a large pair of breasts.²* AloofAlly: She's in Sensha-do strictly for the extra credits and ThePardon. She owes Miho one, too.²* AnimalMotifs: She's got tones of being catlike in her; the aloofness, the naps in sunshine, etc.²* AnOfferYouCantRefuse: Saori reminds Mako that she can either join Sensha-do class and earn ThePardon (which will cancel out her tardiness demerits), or refuse and repeat a grade due to being constantly LateForSchool.²* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: With [[SitcomArchnemesis Sodoko]] in der Film, saying she feels lonely without her around.²* BadassDriver: She drives a Panzer IV the way [[Manga/InitialD Takumi Fujiwara]] drives a Trueno.²* BlueWithShock: In OVA 3, when her agoraphobia kicked in after climbing the pinnacle of the ship. The girls sans Saori wonder if she's ill.²* BrilliantButLazy: Mako is one of the smartest girls in Ōarai who can learn tank driving just by reading the manual. However, she hates getting up early and is generally unmotivated due to "low blood pressure". ²* BunnyEarsLawyer: Mako is always at the top of her grade and can learn to drive a tank ''just by reading the manual'', but anyone who wants her to work for them must deal with lethargy. Luckily for them, her fear of her grandmother outweighs her distaste for waking up early.²* ChildhoodFriends: With Saori; they've known each for a long time, indeed, long enough for Saori to know about her grandmother.²* DeadpanSnarker:²** Towards Midoriko Sono, aka [[InSeriesNickname "Sodoko"]]. During episode 8, after being asked to train Sodoko's team on how to drive the Char B1, Sodoko gets a little snooty, upset at the prospect of having to ask Mako for help, and tells Reizei to train them thoroughly. Reizei responds by saying "hai hai" (Japanese for "yes"). Sodoko tells her not to say it twice, so Reizei says it once, but then stretches it out...²** While the rest of Anglerfish Team is protesting Erika's mockery of Miho, and Miho sits there passively, Mako chimes in to remark about how humiliating it would be for those in the "ivory tower" to be beaten by a team they thought were unworthy of participating in a tournament.²* TheDragAlong: Mako would rather not be doing this tank thing; Saori does the dragging by reminding her of the pardon.²* DramaticDrop: Drops her cell phone after hearing about [[spoiler:her grandmother being hospitalized]].²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Miho first saw her running LateForSchool and heard her record. Her kinder side is foreshadowed when she apologizes to Miho for imposing on her and promises to make it up to her someday.²* FallingIntoTheCockpit: In Episode 3. Mako takes over driving the tank after Hana gets knocked out briefly after they take a hit.²* FlatWhat: More like a flat "heh", this was her response when being told about upcoming morning practices.²-->"Heh?"²* GeniusSweetTooth: Smartest girl in school and eats more sweets than even Hana. Probably also owing to her low blood pressure.²* TheGlomp: [[ Gives one to Midoriko "Sodoko" Sono after]] [[spoiler:she erases her record once they win the tournament]].²* HiddenDepths: She's shown to be helpful despite her aloof disposition, and also shows a lot of concern for her grandmother, and, according to Saori, about Miho's family situation.²* KirkSummation: Her retort to Erika's TrashTalk:²-->'''Erika''': ''"There's an unspoken rule that everyone knows: schools that will just embarrass Sensha-do stay out of the tournament."''²-->'''Mako:''' ''"[[ShameIfSomethingHappened It'd sure be pretty embarrassing if]] [[SpannerInTheWorks one of those teams beat the veterans that all sat around in their ivory towers coming up with that rule]]."''²* IllGirl: If she really has low blood pressure, it is possibly pathological.²* ImplausibleDeniability: Immediately after her DramaticDrop of her cell phone, tries to say the phone call was nothing important.²* InSeriesNickname: Sodoko counterattacks at being called so by Mako, by calling her "Remako", except nobody followed suit, so she switches back to calling her [[LastNameBasis by her last name]].²* InstantExpert: Episode 3. Mako, without previous tank driving experience, manages to do it after briefly glancing at the manual. This is lampshaded by some members of Duck Team (anime) and Sodoko (manga) when she tries to teach it to them, without taking into account how long it would take ordinary people to learn.²-->'''Midoriko "Sodoko" Sono''': ''"Don't screw with me! You think it's normal to know how to do it just after looking at the manual?"''²* KindheartedCatLover: Her cellphone has cat purrs as ringtone. One can argue that a cat is also her character motif, since she's just like a cat, and is shown sleepily poking her head out of the tank in front of a cat in the opening. In the manga, Saori even calls Mako and Sodoko "like cat and dog".²* LateForSchool: 245 times and counting when she was introduced, which increases to 251 late arrivals, 12 unexcused absences and 5 excused absences as of the finals. It's easier to count the number of days Mako ''isn't'' late for school.²-->'''Midoriko "Sodoko" Sono''': "Ms. Reizei, this is the 245th day in a row that you're late."²* MaliciousMisnaming: Often calls Sodoko by her nickname against her wishes, although she's not the only one to do so.²* NeverGotToSayGoodbye: Saori says Mako had a fight with her mother the last time she saw her.²* NotAMorningPerson: The very idea of getting up around 5:00-6:00 AM is anathema to her, as the quotation above shows.²* NotSoStoic: She drops her phone in shock and tries to swim an impossible distance to [[spoiler:visit her injured grandmother]], and after the finals [[spoiler:she [[TheGlomp glomps]] Sodoko and bursts into tears after the latter [[ThePardon forgives her truancy record]].]]²* OhCrap: Anytime Saori says that she will tell her grandmother about her slacking off.²* OOCIsSeriousBusiness:²** She's typically cool-headed at best and lethargic at worst. When she hears about [[spoiler:her grandmother collapsing]], she becomes determined to get there, even considering ''swimming an impossible distance'' if necessary. [[spoiler:It also comes to the point that the perpetually sleepy Mako has been losing sleep over her grandmother.]]²** After the finals, in response to [[spoiler:Sodoko clearing her truancy record, she lets out a whoop and [[TheGlomp glomps]] her]].²* PunnyName: "Reizei" sounds a lot in Japanese like "lazy".²* TheQuietOne: Compared to the rest of Anglerfish Team, since she rarely speaks in a given scene that doesn't specifically involve her. This is lampshaded by her {{Tsundere}} grandmother.²-->'''Hisako:''' ''"You're always too quiet, like some anti-social!"''²* RaisedByGrandparents: Mako's parents died when she was in elementary school.²* ResignedToTheCall: She really doesn't want to take up Sensha-do, only joining because of ThePardon, and even then [[{{Sleepyhead}} she has a problem waking up early to attend tank practice.]] Eventually, she attends tank practice on her own will, and is willing to put extra time on practicing with everyone after school. ²* SitcomArchnemesis: Sodoko sees her chronically tardiness as a grievous offense to their class, and hence became "Sodoko". ²* SkinshipGrope: Mako is [[FunnyBackgroundEvent shown testing Saori's assets]] while Miho is getting measured for the new uniforms.²* SuperSpeedReading: She can perfectly drive a tank across an uneven wooden suspension bridge after reading the manual for a few seconds.²* TheSmartGirl: She's got the best grades, and can learn to drive ''anything'' by just ''reading the manual''.²* TheStoic: Most of the time, due to her [[NotAMorningPerson lethargic behavior]], she is non-expressive and monotone about most subjects and occasions. ²* SugarAndIcePersonality: As Miho points out, despite seeming more aloof than the other girls, her interactions with her grandmother and willingness to help Sodoko show a warmer side. Her reaction to [[spoiler:Miho saving Rabbit Team]] is more understated than most, but her smile is proof that she's impressed.²* TemptingFate: In the movie, she wishes that the school just be gone because she has to wake up early again. Not even a day passes when everyone finds out that the school is actually closed down.²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Loves sweets in general, but is partial to milkshake.²* VitriolicBestBuds: She has some indications of this with Saori, since she doesn't hesitate to snark at Saori, often over her lower intelligence, but they care a great deal for each other.²* WellDoneSonGuy: It's implied that in spite of her bickering with her grandmother, she isn't just scared of her temper, but wants her to be proud of her. Her image song also shows her fear of disappointing her.²* WhenSheSmiles: Surprisngly warm and kind looking in the rare times she does.²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Fears ghosts, heights and, above all, her grandmother Hisako more than she fears being held back.²----²[[/folder]]


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