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See Administrivia/HandlingSpoilers for further details.²%%²%%²[[WMG:[[center: [- [[AC:[[Characters/FairyTail Main Character Index]]]]\²[[AC:Fairy Tail]]: [[Characters/FairyTailFairyTail Fairy Tail]] | [[Characters/FairyTailNatsuDragneel Natsu Dragneel]] | [[Characters/FairyTailStrongestTeam Strongest Team]] | [[Characters/FairyTailSiriusTeam Sirius Team]] | [[Characters/FairyTailFounders Founders]] | [[Characters/FairyTailOtherFairyTailMembers Other Members]]\²[[AC:Other Guilds]]: [[Characters/FairyTailOfficialGuilds Official Guilds]] ([[Characters/FairyTailBluePegasus Blue Pegasus]] | [[Characters/FairyTailLamiaScale Lamia Scale]] | [[Characters/FairyTailSaberTooth Saber Tooth]]) | [[Characters/FairyTailDarkGuilds Dark Guilds]] ([[Characters/FairyTailOracionSeis Oración Seis]] | [[Characters/FairyTailGrimoireHeart Grimoire Heart]] | [[Characters/FairyTailTartaros Tartaros]]) | [[Characters/FairyTailCrimeSorciere Crime Sorcière]]\²[[AC:Kingdoms and Regions]]: '''Kingdom of Fiore''' | [[Characters/FairyTailEdolas Edolas]] | [[Characters/FairyTailAlvarezEmpire Alvarez Empire]]\²[[AC:Other Characters]]: [[Characters/FairyTailMainVillains Main Villains]] | [[Characters/FairyTailCelestialSpirits Celestial Spirits]] | [[Characters/FairyTailDragons Dragons]] | [[Characters/FairyTailMagicCouncil Magic Council]] | [[Characters/FairyTailCriminals Criminals]] | [[Characters/FairyTailOthers Others]]\²[[AC:Prequels, Sequels, and Spin-Offs]]\²[[AC:Main]]: ''[[Characters/FairyTailZero Zero]]'' | ''[[Characters/FairyTail100YearsQuest 100 Years Quest]]''\²[[AC:Other]]: ''[[Characters/FairyTailIceTrail Ice Trail]]'' | ''[[Characters/FairyTailBlueMistral Blue Mistral]]'' | ''Characters/FairyGirls'' | ''[[Characters/FairyTailGaiden Gaiden]]'' | ''[[Characters/FairyTailHappysHeroicAdventure Happy's Heroic Adventure]]'' | ''[[Characters/FairyTailCityHero City Hero]]''\²[[AC:Other Media]]\²[[AC:Anime]]: [[Characters/FairyTailAnimeSeries1 Series 1]] | [[Characters/FairyTailAnimeSeries2 Series 2]] | [[Characters/FairyTailAnimeSeries3 Series 3]]\²[[AC:Films]]: ''[[Characters/FairyTailTheMoviePhoenixPriestess Phoenix Priestess]]'' | ''[[Characters/FairyTailDragonCry Dragon Cry]]'']]-]]]²----²²!!All spoilers regarding ''Fairy Tail'' and ''Fairy Tail Zero'' are unmarked. Examples pertaining to ''100 Years Quest'' can be spoiler tagged if deemed necessary.²²----²The government that runs Fiore.²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²!!Royal Family²²[[folder:Toma E. Fiore]]²!!Toma E. Fiore²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KeijiFujiwara (Japanese), Creator/WataruTakagi (Japanese – ''[[Anime/FairyTailDragonCry Dragon Cry]]''), Jim Foronda (English)²[[quoteright:300:]]²[[quoteright:300:]]²²The King of Fiore. He also serves as Mato, the mascot and referee of the Grand Magic Games.²----²* AdultFear: He ''pleads'' with Irene not to harm Hisui after she utterly annihilates his royal guard and delivered a CurbStompBattle to Arcadios. Unfortunately for him, she [[BalefulPolymorph turns her into a mouse]] and asks him if [[KickTheDog he still loves her in that form]]. The utter despair in his face says it all.²* ArtEvolution: As Mato, his mask's face goes through several changes very quickly over the Grand Magic Games arc. Compare his costume on the [[ elimination round]], [[ first day]], and [[ third day]] of the games; his eyes and hat get progressively larger and closer together, and he loses his dark-colored lips. His appearance in the first anime series is a blend between his Day 1 and Day 3 looks, while the second series only uses his final look.²* AintTooProudToBeg: He humbly asks for the mages with their help against the dragon invasion, and begs Irene not to harm his daughter.²* CombatCommentator: He becomes a commentator the last day of the Grand Magic Games.²* CombatReferee: As Mato, this is his general role for the Grand Magic Games.²* DramaticUnmask: Averted. He gives away his true identity in front of all the wizards in Crocus when out of costume.²* TheFaceless: He was only shown with the lower half of his face until chapter 325.²* TheGoodKing: Judging by his concern for the common citizens.²* KingIncognito: Considering his disguise was Mato.²* LargeHam: As Mato, he is a singing, dancing man in a giant pumpkin mask. Plus he makes his debut via a ''gigantic'' magic hologram. This is {{justified|Trope}} since he's putting on a show for the kingdom.²* {{Mascot}}: As Mato, he serves as the Grand Magic Games' mascot.²* MeaningfulName: "Mato" comes from the Japanese name of the Grand Magic Games (''Dai '''Matou''' Enbu'').²* MiniatureSeniorCitizens: Barely tall enough to reach past his own guards' waists.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: He immediately orders the evacuation of all citizens in the capital after being told of the coming dragons and begs the magic guilds for help in case some of the dragons survive.²* SignificantAnagram: Rearrange Mato's name and you get you get "Toma".²* VerbalTic: Him using the Grand Magic Games mascot Mato's VerbalTic "Kapo"[[note]]Derived from "''kapocha''", meaning "pumpkin"[[/note]] is what reveals him to be Mato during the Grand Magic Games.²* YouMonster: He calls Irene Belserion a monster after she callously turned Hisui into a mouse right in front of him.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Hisui E. Fiore]]²!!Hisui E. Fiore²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SuzukoMimori (Japanese), Morgan Mabry (English)²[[quoteright:238:]] ²²Hisui is the daughter of King Toma's, and the crown princess of Fiore. She is also the true mastermind of the Eclipse Plan, a project meant to end Zeref's menace. Following the advice of a certain individual from the future, however, she has prepared another plan, Eclipse 2, to save Fiore from a more imminent threat.²----²* AdaptationalBadass: The anime-only Eclipse Celestial Spirit arc reveals that she is actually a celestial wizard. While she doesn't summon spirits like Lucy and Yukino, she does join the two in casting the ultra-powerful StarPower spell Gottfried to thwart [[ArcVillain Eclipse Ophiuchus]]' ritual.²* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: She is a princess who's willing to kick major ass if needed.²* BalefulPolymorph: Irene transforms her into a mouse in the Alvarez Empire arc [[KickTheDog just to spite her father]].²* BatmanGambit: She deliberately throws Natsu and his friends into the Palace of Hades under the pretense of them being "thieves" to rescue Arcadios, who otherwise would have been killed by the Hungry Wolf Knights.²* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: The anime adds a scene during the Grand Magic Ball where Hisui gets punished by her father for nearly destroying the kingdom... by having to wear a pumpkin mask for a week. He promises to acquit her once she carries out her "sentence".²* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: She has matching green hair and green eyes.²* DidntThinkThisThrough: While well-intended, Hisui's plan to open Eclipse was horribly reckless as it resulted in several dragons coming through. Judging from later comments on Eclipse, this could have been corrected if there was someone in the past to manage whatever troubles would arise on the other side.²* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: She's the crown princess of Fiore, and devises a history-altering GodzillaThreshold plan to eliminate Zeref. In the GrandFinale, she becomes queen after her father abdicates the position.²* ForcedToWatch: She opens the Eclipse Gate to let the dragons out to start the catastrophe in Fiore. Sure enough, she is horrified by the subsequent destruction of Crocus.²* HairDecorations: Her tiara being a rather obvious example, given her status as a princess.²* HeroicBSOD: She falls into a brief one when the dragons begin pouring out of the Eclipse gate, given how she opened the gate in every single timeline imaginable. Lucy has no choice but to [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan grab her by the shoulders and shout]] just to get her to speak clearly.²* LadyAndKnight: The Bright Lady to Arcadios' White Knight, though they don't appear to be romantically linked. She does, however, show concern when he holds a sword to his own neck for doubting her, and orders him to point his sword in the right direction.²* MeaningfulName: "Hisui" is Japanese for "jade". She uses this to her advantage to distract Zirconis, the Jade Dragon, by giving him his [[TheRedBaron nickname]] while he is forced to return to the past.²* MissingMom: There's absolutely no mention of her mother or acknowledgement of her existence. Not even in flashbacks.²* MustMakeAmends: She actively assists Fairy Tail in an anime {{Filler}} arc where the celestial spirits become corrupted by the power of Eclipse, mainly because she is the one responsible for using the gate in the first place. Unfortunately, she just becomes another UnwittingPawn in another villain's scheme.²* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Hisui becomes stricken with guilt upon she realizes she's opened the Eclipse gate to allow the dragons bring their wrath down on Crocus.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Despite being behind the Eclipse Plan and its [[ButterflyOfDoom possible ramifications]], she is by no means a tyrant and genuinely loves the people of Fiore. After the war with the Alvarez Empire, she becomes queen and immediately begins fostering better relations with the empire to prevent another conflict. She even acquits Jellal and his guild for extra measure.²* RequisiteRoyalRegalia: Dresses exactly like you'd expect the princess of Fiore to dress.²* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: She organized a seven-year plan in secret to rid the world of its greatest threat, and puts together another plan to counter a more imminent yet no less significant catastrophe.²* StarPower: The anime reveals that she is a celestial wizard who constructed keys with which to seal the Eclipse spirits away. She is also given the ultra-powerful spell Gottfried, which utilizes the energy of the stars to cast and is not unlike Lucy's ultimate attack, Urano Metoria.²* TearsOfFear: She cries in shock when she realizes that she caused the apocalypse that will plague Fiore.²* TearsOfRemorse: When Hisui realizes that she caused the catastrophe in the first place, she's [[HeroicBSOD so devastated]] that she bursts into tears.²* ThousandYardStare: She can only stare off into empty space when the dragons enter the Eclipse Gate. At least until Lucy snaps her out of it.²* TheUglyGuysHotDaughter: She definitely didn't get her looks from her father.²* UnwittingPawn:²** She never realizes that she's merely being used by Rogue's alternative counterpart to launch the complete destruction of her kingdom until it's too late.²** Later in the anime-only Eclipse Celestial Spirit arc, she winds up playing right into Eclipse Ophiuchus' hands when she crafts keys designed to return the corrupted celestial spirits to their world, not realizing that doing so would put them in danger via the insane Celestial Spirit King.²* WatchingTroyBurn: A {{downplayed|Trope}} example occurs in the Grand Magic Games arc. She helplessly watches the dragons attack Crocus and bursts into tears, although much of the city is left intact in the aftermath.²* WellIntentionedExtremist: The Eclipse Plan entails killing Zeref before he became immortal. Seeing how several of the series' most significant events revolve around Zeref still being alive in the present, this would radically alter history in ways that are [[ButterflyOfDoom impossible to predict]].²* TheWomanBehindTheMan: A benevolent example when it is revealed she is the true leader of the Eclipse Plan--which was concocted to save the world from Zeref--rather than Arcadios, who had been pulling a ZeroApprovalGambit to cover for her until then. Unfortunately for her, to make matters go FromBadToWorse, Future Rogue views Eclipse as a weapon of mass destruction and used Hisui as an UnwittingPawn in his plans to TakeOverTheWorld.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: She has green hair.²[[/folder]]²²!!Ministries²²[[folder:Darton]]²!!Darton²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YoshihisaKawahara (Japanese), J.B. Edwards (English)²[[quoteright:225:]]²²Fiore's Minister of Defense. He is a reluctant participant in Arcadios' Eclipse Plan.²----²* EasilyForgiven: Arcadios seems to forgive or at least overlook the fact that Darton had him arrested and tossed into the Palace of Hades to be executed without trial.²* GoodIsNotNice: He locks up Lucy and Yukino for their involvement in the Eclipse Plan, though he makes it abundantly clear that the project poses a serious risk to the timeline.²* GoodScarsEvilScars: Has a scar halfway across his nose.²* InkSuitActor: Inverted. His English dub actor, J.B. Edwards, looks identical to him.²* MiniatureSeniorCitizens: He stands up to Arcadios's waist.²* OnlySaneMan: Played with. He is Arcadios's only accomplice in the Eclipse Plan who actively speaks out against it, knowing the risks of [[ButterflyOFDoom messing with the timeline]]. However, not only does it turn out that Arcadios is a [[GoodAllAlong perfectly moral]] and [[SilentScapegoat willing scapegoat]], but Darton's concerns are displaced by a more reasonable-sounding use of Eclipse.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Even after arresting Lucy, he assures the rest of Fairy Tail that they can negotiate her release with the king if they win the Grand Magic Games. Fairy Tail isn't willing to take that risk, however.²* UnusualEyebrows: His are T-shaped.²* WellIntentionedExtremist: He eventually opposes the Eclipse Plan before it can start, but arrests Arcadios, Lucy, and Yukino just for being involved on Hisui's orders.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Zash Caine]]²!!Zash Caine²²->See his entry on the [[Characters/FairyTailMovies Movies]] page.²[[/folder]]²²!!Royal Army²²!!!Holy Knights²²[[folder:Arcadios]]²!!Arcadios²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TakayaKuroda (Japanese), Major Attaway (English – ep. 159-277), Gabe Kunda (English - ep. 304+)²[[quoteright:200:]] ²²Commander of the Fiore Kingdom's Holy Knights' Sakura Squadron. Very enigmatic and ambitious, he appears to be obsessed with Zeref and a project known as the Eclipse Plan that could potentially change the world.²----²* BadassBeard: He has a pointy beard that covers his jaw.²* BadassBaritone: He has a powerful and low voice befitting for a high-ranking captain.²* BadassCape: Always wears a long flowing cape to go with his armor.²* BadassNormal: He has no magic of his own apart from the protection of a magic jade charm, but his mad dash across the lava to save Lucy and Yukino cements him as this. The anime also shows him fighting off corrupted celestial spirits such as Pisces and Ophiuchus, and he handles himself pretty well.²* BlingOfWar: His White Lily Armor is much more pimped out than his ordinary suit, and he only wears it during states of national security.²* TheCaptain: He serves as commander of the Holy Knights' Sakura Squadron.²* ColonelBadass: He commands a unit of the Holy Knights, and is quite a decent fighter despite having no magic.²* TheComicallySerious: Usually very serious and shady, but even he falls into this when the king asks to see a match between Bacchus and Erza. Arcadios mishears him and instead pits Bacchus against [[OhCrap Elfman]], which leads to the hilarious sight of seeing Arcadios sweat-dropping when the king angrily berates him for getting the match-up wrong.²* CoolHelmet: His White Lily Armor includes a magnificently plumed helmet that covers most of his head except for his mouth and chin.²* {{Determinator}}: Proves to be one when he wades through lava to save Lucy and Yukino.²* EvilLaugh: Lets out one when he finds out Yukino is also a celestial wizard. Of course, it's all part of the act.²* GagNose: It's long and has a sort of rectangular, wooden shape.²* GoodAllAlong: When Fairy Tail stumbles upon the Eclipse Plan, his shady mannerisms and actions are all revealed to be an act to draw attention away from Hisui, the project's true mastermind.²* HeroicBuild: Has quite the muscular body under all that armor, to the point that Horologium could barely hold him inside when he saved him from the lava.²* HeroicSacrifice: Tries to make one to save Lucy and Yukino, but is saved by Horologium at the last second.²* HonorBeforeReason: Honestly believes that, as a knight, questioning the words of his princess and confronting her about the true identity of her mysterious adviser is a serious enough crime to warrant her killing him with his own sword. Hisui doesn't share his thoughts.²* KnightInShiningArmor: Once he discards his villainous act, he proves to be both selfless and honorable. This is even marked by him donning the White Lily Armor, which is pure white in color. His previous actions to ensure the success of the Eclipse Plan tarnishes the shine a bit, but it's quickly forgiven and forgotten.²* LadyAndKnight: The White Knight to Princess Hisui's Bright Lady, though they don't appear to be romantically linked.²* MessyHair: It's even mimicked by the plume on his helm.²* NoOneCouldSurviveThat: His lava plunge, which he manages to survive thanks to an enchanted jade necklace he received from Princess Hisui, which provides magical protection for him, though he still gets some terrible burns for his trouble.²* OhCrap: He and Hisui share an expression of dread when they realize there were ''two'' time travelers from the future.²* PsychoticSmirk: During his villainous act, he's prone to smirking unnervingly at the prospect of the Eclipse Plan's success.²* RedHerring: He's thought to be a villainous Zeref zealot, and the one behind the Eclipse Plan. It turns out Princess Hisui's the one behind it, and his rants about preparing something for "Lord Zeref" are just part of his attempts to cover for Hisui.²* ShouldersOfDoom: In the anime, where his pauldrons are much bigger than in the manga.²* SilentScapegoat: He paints himself as the mastermind of the morally ambiguous Eclipse Plan to cover for Hisui, the true mastermind.²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: The official anime website spells his name as "Archadious".²* TheStoic: While prone to {{Psychotic Smirk}}s and {{Evil Laugh}}s during his villainous act, he assumes a serious and reserved attitude when revealed to be GoodAllAlong.²* WellIntentionedExtremist: The Eclipse Plan involves siphoning magic from unwitting wizards to power a TimeTravel door for the sake of killing Zeref before he became immortal, which could potentially lead to even more [[ButterflyOfDoom devastating changes in the future]]. On top of that, he actually tries to kidnap Lucy to achieve this plan, though he fesses up to Fairy Tail and apologizes the first chance he gets.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Yukino Agria]]²!!Yukino Agria²²->See her entry on the [[Characters/FairyTailSaberTooth Saber Tooth]] page.²[[/folder]]²²!!!Hungry Wolf Knights²²A unit of wizards who support Fiore in secrecy by executing prisoners sent to the Palace of Hades, the kingdom's most foreboding dungeon.²²[[folder:Hungry Wolf Knights in General]]²* AdaptationExpansion: In one of the anime's most extreme cases of this trope, the length of the executioners' fight with Fairy Tail is expanded to the point where a meager ''half'' of a chapter is stretched into a single episode.[[note]]For comparison, a typical ''Fairy Tail'' episode adapts two chapters, meaning one episode based on this fight has ''a quarter'' of the material to expand upon.[[/note]] As such, they are given a plethora of new moves, and their interactions with their opponents become more personal.²* BadassCrew: Their fighting skills pose a moderate challenge for Fairy Tail.²* CarnivalOfKillers: They're on the kingdom's side, but they seem to take a bit too much pleasure in their job.²* DefeatMeansFriendship: The anime shows them happily drinking with Fairy Tail long after their fight is over and done with. It's also revealed that they're the ones who booked Natsu and co.'s carriage ride home.²* {{Determinator}}: Even after getting their asses utterly trashed by Natsu and his friends, they keep going after them because they're just that determined to bring them to justice.²* TheDreaded: Because of their reputation, many fear them throughout the kingdom.²* KnightTemplar: Any "sinners" who are dumped before them in the Palace of Hades are sentenced to instant death, even if it's for something as insignificant as stealing.²* MassOhCrap: Even though they fight separately from each other, they each realize they're in over their heads fighting Fairy Tail at the same time once their opponents decide to get serious.²* ProfessionalKiller: Faithful to their reputation for execution, all the members of the group are murderers who have been killing all sorts of criminals sent to the Palace of Hades for years. Arcadios himself mentions that each of their forms of magic is specifically designed to kill.²* PunchClockVillain: Executing criminals is merely their job. Their only reason for fighting Fairy Tail is because Princess Hisui dropped them into the Palace of Hades, where the worst criminals are sent; they had no idea that Hisui did it just so Fairy Tail could save Arcadios after he was wrongfully imprisoned there.²* PunnyName: All their names contain a hidden pun or are meaningful if you know what they mean.²* WorthyOpponent: They're implied to view Natsu as such in the anime, and look downright excited to chase him down after he returns from a year of self-imposed exile.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Scythe]]²!!Scythe²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Yuya Uchida (Japanese), Wyn Delano (English)²[[quoteright:300:]] ²²The scythe-wielding leader of the Hungry Wolf Knights.²----²* AdaptationalBadass: In the manga, he gets only a handful of few swings at Natsu before being beaten in a jiff. Thanks to a bit of AdaptationExpansion, the anime gives him a number of new moves to make him more of a challenge.²* BadassArmfold: He usually takes this stance whenever he's not holding his scythes.²* BadassCape: Complete with [[InTheHood a hood]].²* BadassNormal: While his colleagues use flashy magics of various kinds, his only weapons are two oversized scythes. This is not the case in the anime, where his scythes have magic properties, making him a Holder-type wizard.²* CoolMask: He's the most intimidating of the group thanks to his mask, which gets broken as Natsu defeats him.²* CreepyShadowedUndereyes: Adds to his fierce appearance.²* DualWielding: His main fighting style, with two scythes.²* DubNameChange: His Japanese name is "Kama", which literally means "scythe". Thus, the official English translations straight-up call him "Scythe".²* FuumaShuriken: In an anime-only scene, he combines the blades of both scythes to form a giant, glowing shuriken-like weapon, which can follow its target like a PrecisionGuidedBoomerang. ²* InTheHood: He is hardly ever seen without it.²* NeverGetsDrunk: In the anime, he, Cana, and Bacchus are the only ones left standing after a night of drinking.²* OffWithHisHead: His preferred method of execution; he aims straight for Natsu's neck at the start of their fight.²* OneHandedZweihander: Has no problem at all using his gargantuan polearms with one hand each.²* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: His name was given to him by Mirajane in the Q&A trivia section of Volume 37, since Hiro Mashima neglected to give him a name in the manga. In the anime, Mira names him in the aftermath of their encounter.²* PowerNullifier: The anime gives his left scythe the power to cut through Natsu's fire attacks.²* SinisterScythe: Two of them, and they're huge and vaguely shaped like wings.²* TheStoic: The only time he ever shows some emotion is when Natsu's about to defeat him.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: He has purple hair in a buzz cut. ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Uosuke]]²!!Uosuke²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AyumuMurase (Japanese), Sean Michael Teague (English)²[[quoteright:300:]]²²An executioner dressed like a Japanese fisherman. His magic, Earth Effect, allows him to turn the terrain around him into hazardous environments at will.²----²* AccentAdaptation: He has a Southern accent in the English dub.²* BewareTheSillyOnes: His ridiculous appearance and childlike demeanor fail to prepare Lucy and Yukino for his deadly magic.²* DissonantSerenity: He executes his opponents with the same, blank smile frozen on his face.²* DubNameChange: His magic, called ''Chikei Kouka'' in Japanese, is called "Earth Effect" by Kodansha and, more accurately, "Terrain Effect" by Funimation. Kodansha also describes his attacks as "Bands", while Funimation calls them "Zones".²* ElementalPowers: Due to his Earth Effect magic, he can cast spells based on what is around him.²* GravityMaster: His Gravity Zone alters the gravity of an area to either send others into the air or crashing down.²* HoistByHisOwnPetard: He turns the arena into a pool of water to hinder Yukino's Pisces. Too bad this also lets Lucy summon her strongest spirit, Aquarius.²* AnIcePerson: His anime-only Cold Zone freezes his surroundings.²* LavaPit: His Lava Zone turns the floor around him into lava.²* LightEmUp: His anime-only White Night Zone allows him to NoSell Loke's light attacks with his own light.²* MakingASplash: His Whirlpool Zone floods his surroundings and creates a whirlpool.²* MeaningfulName: The "Uo" from his name means "fish", while "-suke" is a very common suffix for male nouns in Japan.²* NotSoHarmlessVillain: Lucy and Yukino think he's a small-fry until Arcadios points out that he doesn't leave any trace of his victims' bones. Then he turns the floor into lava.²* PsychopathicManchild: He speaks with a childish voice and tone.²* PungeonMaster: He's prone to making several fishing-related puns in the English dub.²* ThatMakesMeFeelAngry: It's really hard to tell what emotion he's giving until he says so.²* VerbalTic: "Tai", which means both "fish" (referencing his fisherman costume) and "zone" (referring to his magic). ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Neppa]]²!!Neppa²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Kenta Matsumoto (Japanese), Jason Kane (English)²[[quoteright:300:]]²²An executioner who prefers to melt his victims with magic acid.²----²* {{Acrofatic}}: Despite his huge girth, he's able to jump around and dodge Panther Lily's attacks with ease.²* AllThereInTheScript: As he was submitted by fans as part of a character design contest, Neppa's name is mainly known from there. His name is first used openly in the anime.²* ArrogantKungFuGuy: He's a good deal more talkative in the anime, prattling on and on about how strong his magic is. Lily takes this as a sign that he's just trying to cover his own insecurities. [[ShutUpKirk Neppa doesn't take kindly to that.]]²* CombatPragmatist: One of the few people to not name his spells, and the first thing he does is to pull a sneak attack on Natsu's team from behind.²* FatBastard: He's the biggest and fattest of the team, and a remorseless executioner to boot.²* FullContactMagic: He can create a deluge of acid with his punches.²* {{Gonk}}: He's a massive and not very attractive guy.²* HollywoodAcid: He uses magic to create acid, and it's strong enough to instantly corrode stone.²* ManaPotion: The anime reveals that his bottle contains a bottomless supply of purple liquid that charges his magic when he drinks from it.²* NoSell: He's completely immune to being injured by his own acid.²* OralFixation: Keeps a bottle in his mouth. According to the anime, it's a ManaPotion.²%%* SleevesAreForWimps²%%* TopHeavyGuy²* VerbalTic: He has two: "Paaan" and "Juwaaa" ("Sploosh" in English). They're similar to the sounds of opening a fizzy drink bottle.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Cosmos]]²!!Cosmos²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Nao Tamura (Japanese), [[Creator/RoosterTeeth Barbara Dunkelman]] (English)²[[quoteright:300:]]²²An executioner who can summon all sorts of deadly plants.²----²* AdaptationDyeJob: Her hair is violet in the manga, but pink in the anime.²* AmbiguouslyGay: She seems far too fond of [[TokenMiniMoe Wendy]] in the anime, going as far as blushing when fighting her, caressing her face as she succumbs to her spores, and repeatedly calling her "beautiful". She also stated after Wendy started to get the upper hand against her in their solo fight that she "didn't love her anymore".²* CatchPhrase: Says the word "beautiful" a lot.²* DoesNotLikeMen: In the anime, she is shown to hold flirtatious men like Loke in disdain, and pointedly says that Natsu isn't "beautiful".²* FlowerMotif: She uses flower-based magic, has a floral attire, and appears in a rose when she teleports.²* GreenThumb: She can summon deadly plants with various powers, including vines, explosive spores, and sleeping gas.²* ManEatingPlant: Can summon some, though they're not her best summons.²* MeaningfulName: She's named after a flower.²* NiceHat: One that resembles a flower bulb.²* PeekABangs: Only in a handful of scenes are both of her eyes seen at once.²* ShowgirlSkirt: To specify, she wears a frilly green miniskirt and bright pink skirt to boot.²* SummonMagic: She specializes in giant floral summoning.²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: In an anime-only scene, she says that she likes sour fruits, [[DoesNotLikeSpam exactly the opposite of Wendy]], so she ends up [[CombatPragmatist burying Wendy under a pile of the stuff]].²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Violet in the manga, pink in the anime adaptation.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Kamika]]²!!Kamika²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ErikoMatsui (Japanese), Creator/MorganGarrett (English)²[[quoteright:300:]]²²A executioner whose magic, Paper Storm, can conjure flurries of paper that produce different effects based on their color.²----²* AdaptationDyeJob: Her hair is brown in the manga and black in the anime.²* AdaptationalBadass: She lasts a bit longer against Mirajane in the anime once her opponent goes into Satan Soul mode, though her extra spells only serve to delay her inevitable beatdown.²* BraidsOfAction: She has two hair rings in addition to her massive ponytails.²* ColorCodedElements: Each paper has a different color that produces a different effect, such as [[PlayingWithFire fire]] (red), [[TheParalyzer paralysis]] (purple), and [[TechnicolorToxin poison]] (green). The anime [[AdaptationExpansion cranks up the color]] by adding [[AnIcePerson frost]] and [[ShockAndAwe lightning]] to the mix, among several others.²* DemonSlaying: In the anime, she tries purging Mirajane's Satan Soul with black paper. [[NoSell It doesn't work]].²* DubNameChange: Her Paper Storm has been called "Confetti" by Crunchyroll, and "Paper Blizzard" by Funimation.²%%* GiantWaistRibbon²* GirlishPigtails: They stretch down far beyond her knees.²* AnIcePerson: Her anime-only White Dance slowly freezes her opponents.²* IdiotHair: Part of her hair hooks upward.²* LadyOfWar: She is graceful and wears an elegant Japanese dress.²* LotusEaterMachine: Her Indigo Dance in the anime forces her victims to relive any trauma related to a loved one, Lisanna's supposed death in Mirajane's case. Good thing Mirajane has already gotten past her grief.²* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: She forms a paper shield with her Gray Dance in the anime.²* MeaningfulName: "Kami" can mean paper. Also mixed with PunnyName as she introduces her attacks as the "Gods of X" (Kami can mean both "god" and "paper", depending on the pronounce and kanji).²* PaperMaster: Throws out slips of paper that have different effects depending on their color, ²* TheParalyzer: Her Purple Dance covers her opponents in purple paper that restricts their movements.²* PlayingWithFire: Her Red Dance produces burning paper that Natsu can neither burn nor eat.²* PoisonousPerson: Her Green Dance creates clouds of poison. She tries this on Mirajane, but she simply [[FingerLickingPoison sucks it all up]] in her Satan Soul form.²* RapunzelHair: Her twin ponytails reach down past her knees.²* ShockAndAwe: Her anime-only Yellow Dance is a lightning attack.²* SleevesAreForWimps: Her dress has no sleeves, and she uses magic designed to kill.²* SkySurfing: In the anime, her blue paper forms into a boat that lets her ride the wind.²* SoftSpokenSadist: She voices her delight in executing criminals with a calm and collected voice.²* UnderestimatingBadassery: In the anime, she's under the impression that Mirajane is still a has-been S-Class wizard. She gets [[OhCrap a very rude awakening]] when she actually goes in for the kill.²[[/folder]]²²!!!Others²²[[folder:Aegis and Bandou]]²!!Aegis and Bandou²²->See their entry on the [[Characters/FairyTailAnimeSeries2 Anime Series 2]] page.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Riana]]²!!Riana²²->See her entry on the [[Characters/FairyTailMovies Movies]] page.²[[/folder]]²----


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