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1[[foldercontrol]] ²²²²[[folder: Zak/[[spoiler:At-Zako]]]]²[[quoteright:202:]] ²-> Race: Human/[[spoiler: Joon]]²The protagonist of Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul. He wakes up on an unknown land, with a metal knife in his hand and no memory. He wishes to find out who he really is. [[spoiler:In fact, he is At-Zako, a young Joon hunted by the Curse]].²----²* AntiHero: Zak has nothing against killing innocent people, such as slaves and miners.²* BackStab: He has to take out lots of enemies this way. Backstab is his initial skill.²* FighterMageThief: He can become either of these or all three combined.²* DistressedDude: Zak gets captured twice by the Khadaganians, and must be rescued (first by the Hermit Lizard, later by the Odalisque).²* IHaveManyNames: Zak, the Chosen, young man, Brother Blondie, [[spoiler:At-Zako]].²* LaserGuidedAmnesia: He remembers only four things about himself: he's not from Gipath, there is someone he loves, his name is Zak or something like that, and he has to do something.²* TomatoInTheMirror: It's eventually revealed that Zak's identity is [[spoiler:that of the mysterious Joon he's been looking for during the Suslanger arc]].²* TheChosenOne: He becomes this to the villagers...²* TheUnchosenOne: ...however, that was a coincidence. But he becomes the village's hero anyway.²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Erfar the Silvertongue]]²[[quoteright:350:]] ²-> Race: Human²The village's Elder, who gives Zak several quests. [[spoiler: In fact, he's a Khadaganian spy looking for the meteorite on Gipath]].²----²* [[spoiler:AnticlimaxBoss]]: [[spoiler: He dies after one hit and has only one coin on his body]].²* [[spoiler:BaldOfEvil]]²* [[spoiler:TheBusCameBack]]: [[spoiler: Disappeared after escaping from the village. Came back at the end of the Suslanger arc]].²* [[spoiler:ChronicBackstabbingDisorder]]: [[spoiler: He betrays Zak twice]].²* [[spoiler:FatBastard]]: Has a large belly.²* [[spoiler:MoleInCharge]]: He's the village's Elder.²* [[spoiler:PaperThinDisguise]]: [[spoiler: It's obvious for the player that Brother Faceless is Erfar after hearing his voice]].²* TalkerAndDoer: He is the Talker, Gort is the Doer.²* WalkingSpoiler: It's difficult to talk about him without revealing his part in the story.²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Babur the Tightfist]]²[[quoteright:241:]] ²-> Race: Human²The village's greedy Craftsman.²----²* BunnyEarsLawyer: Despite his angry and rude attitude, Zak and all villagers still trade with him.²* {{Greed}}: His main weakness. Zak exploits it.²* NoHeroDiscount: At first he doesn't even wish to speak to Zak. Even after Zak helped him, he still doesn't wish to give the Chosen anything for free.²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Gort the Skullcrusher]]²[[quoteright:250:]] ²-> Race: Human²The village's Captain.²----²* AnAxeToGrind: He wields a large axe.²* [[spoiler:{{The Dragon}}]]: [[spoiler: He is one to Erfar]].²* DumbMuscle: He's much dumber than Zak, Erfar and Babur.²* HiddenDepths: [[spoiler: Despite being dumb, he can at least write letters in the Orc language]].²* LukeNounverber²* [[spoiler:TooDumbToLive]]: [[spoiler: Perhaps if Gort had told Zak about Erfar's involvement instead of just running away, Zak would have spared him]].²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Khador the Rowdy]]²[[quoteright:250:]] ²-> Race: Human²The village's warrior. Zak can take him as a companion.²----²* AnAxeToGrind: His initial weapon is an axe.²* DumbMuscle: He doesn't sound smart.²* WeUsedToBeFriends: Khador's friendship with Gort ended after he said something bad to his Captain.²[[/folder]]²[[folder: GoGo]]²[[quoteright:350:]] ²-> Race: Goblin²The Goblin Chief.²----²* ButtMonkey: He was beaten up and humiliated by the Orcs.²* ImAHumanitarian: According to a Goblin tradition, he's eaten his predecessor.²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Estera]]²[[quoteright:207:]] ²-> Race: Human²The witch that lives on Gipath and helps Zak.²----²* CoolOldLady: She's very old, and she's one of the strongest mages on Gipath, second only to Tka-Rik.²* GameplayAndStorySegregation: Wears a white tiger fur armor, while there are no white tigers on Gipath.²* ParentalSubstitute: To her granddaughter. Airy's parents were never mentioned.²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Airy the Stubborn]]²[[quoteright:265:]] ²-> Race: Human²Estera's granddaughter²----²* DamselInDistress: She got kidnapped by the Orcs.²* PrecociousCrush: She's interested in Zak. However, everyone, including Zak, treats her like a child.²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Naya the Secretive]]²[[quoteright:104:]] ²-> Race: Human²Estera's apprentice and Zak's possible companion²----²* MsFanservice: Her initial outfit is too revealing.²* PlayingWithFire: She has a few fire spells.²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Rivar the Hulk]]²[[quoteright:217:]] ²-> Race: Human²The strong villager that becomes the village's Captain after [[spoiler: Gort's betrayal]]. [[spoiler: After Zak left Gipath, he became the next Elder]].²----²* DumbMuscle: That's a possible reason why Erfar made him a new Captain.²* ItRunsInTheFamily: All men in Rivar's family were very strong due to some family secret. Rivar gives this gift to Zak as well.²* KlingonPromotion: Sort of. [[spoiler: Rivar became the Elder after his predecessor turned out to be a traitor and escaped]].²* MartialPacifist: He's very strong, but he doesn't like fighting.²* UndyingLoyalty: To Zak.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Rint the Archer]]²[[quoteright:200:]] ²-> Race: Human²The village's best archer and Zak's potential companion.²----²* TheAce: He's the best at archery in the village.²* ArcherArchetype²* EleventhHourRanger: He becomes available too late in the Gipath arc, so players tend not to recruit him.²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Old Dragon]]²[[quoteright:350:]] ²-> Race: Dragon²The owner of the Dead City.²----²* AppealToTradition: The dragon spared Zak only because he follows some traditions.²* DragonsPreferPrincesses: One of his traditional challenges includes saving a girl. However, when Zak arrived, there were no girls in the Dead City.²* LazyDragons: He commands his skeletons and never rushes into action himself.²* Really700YearsOld: He is extremely old.²[[/folder]]


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