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1A list of the version of the characters from ''Anime/EurekaSeven'' in ''Anime/EurekaSevenGoodNightSleepTightYoungLovers''.²²!!Renton Thurston²²A boy who became a soldier and serves with the Gekkostate along with his Larva Nirvash in order to find his childhood friend Eureka.²²-> Voiced by: Creator/YukoSanpei (JP), Creator/JohnnyYongBosch (EN), Creator/JulieAnnTaylor (EN, child)²----²* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Eureka.²* ChildSoldier: Though he joins willingly.²* DeclarationOfProtection: To Eureka.²* {{Determinator}}: Even more so than in the series, [[spoiler: causing the Nirvash to evolve into its final form, rescuing Eureka from an EIZO attack, and then defeating Holland (piloting the Devilfish, no less,) all while ''bleeding to death'' from a gunshot wound to the stomach. Note that he was barely conscious (at best) for the latter part of the fight.]]²** Said Determinator Movie moment gets [[ reenacted]] in ''VideoGame/{{Super Robot Wars Z}}2: Hakai-Hen''.²* IWillFindYou: He sets out to find Eureka for 8 years after she gets kidnapped.²* {{Robosexual}}: Since Eureka is a RobotGirl.²* SpeaksFluentAnimal: He's able to understand Larva Nirvash.²²!!Eureka²²Renton's long lost childhood friend who was taken away by the military.²²->Voiced by: Creator/KaoriNazuka (JP), Creator/StephanieSheh (EN)²----²* AmnesiacLover: [[spoiler:Eureka [[TearJerker completely loses her memories in order to save Renton]], but she seems to have kept her love for Renton despite her amnesia.]]²* CantLiveWithoutYou: At the end of the movie, she states that she could only exist as long as Renton lives and dreams after [[spoiler:being reborn as a human being]].²* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Renton.²* CuteMute: [[spoiler:At the end of the movie, as a result of her amnesia.]]²* GirlOfMyDreams: Eureka was able to enter Renton's dream during their childhood, and demonstrated this ability again as the naked long hair girl in Renton's dream, adding the fact that [[spoiler:the world might have turned into or connected to Renton's dream world]].²* HeroicBSOD: When she sees Renton get shot by Hap while pummeling him for assaulting her. She then spends a brief period sulking in the dark outside Renton's hospital room blaming herself for being so inconsiderate, and later ultimately realizes how far she herself will go to save his life.²* InnocentFanserviceGirl: At the end of the movie, Eureka doesn't appear see any problem with being naked [[spoiler:as a result of her amnesia]].²* IWillWaitForYou: Eureka waited patiently and hoped for the moment she could be reunited with Renton, considering she thought of suicide throughout the 8 years of imprisonment. ²* LastOfHerKind: [[spoiler:Eureka is the 7th and last Human Image ever created before Image disappears from Earth in the ending.]]²* ProperTightsWithASkirt²* RapunzelHair: At the end of the movie.²* RidiculouslyHumanRobot: She's a robot spy for the Image.²* RobotGirl²* SheIsAllGrownUp: Renton comments to Eureka that she has grown pretty since he last saw her 8 years ago.²* {{Tsundere}}²* WeakenedByTheLight²²!!Holland Novak²²The leader of Gekkostate.²²->Voiced by: Creator/KeijiFujiwara (JP), Creator/CrispinFreeman (EN)²----²* AdaptationalVillainy²* AntiVillain: Along with the rest of movie!Gekkostate. [[spoiler:They're trying to find a way to save themselves from their rapid aging, and they're willing to use anyone to achieve that goal and stomp on anyone who gets in their way.]]²* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Talho.²* VillainTeamUp: Holland does this with [[spoiler:Aim Liard]] in ''VideoGame/{{Super Robot Wars Z}}2: Hakai-Hen''.²* YoungerThanHeLooks: [[spoiler:Like the rest of Movie!Gekkostate, Movie!Holland is only 17, due to experiments causing him to age rapidly.]]²²!!Talho Yuki²²Holland's girlfriend.²²->Voiced by: Creator/MichikoNeya (JP), Creator/KateHiggins (EN)²----²* AdaptationalVillainy²* AntiVillain²* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Holland. ²* ShoutOut: Talho as a child was a brunette Sakuya.²* YoungerThanSheLooks: [[spoiler:Like the rest of Movie!Gekkostate, Movie!Talho is only 17, due to experiments causing her to age rapidly.]]²²!!Dominic²²A professor who taught Renton and Eureka when they were kids. He told them he had to go on a mission and they found out he died shortly after.²²->Voiced by: Creator/ShigenoriYamazaki (JP), Peter Doyle (EN)²----²* DeadPersonConversation: With Renton.²* DeathByAdaptation²* TheProfessor²* SternTeacher: According to Renton. ²* TogetherInDeath: [[spoiler:With Anemone.]]²²!!Anemone²²Dominic's girlfriend who is accompanied by a Larva named [=TheEND=].²²->Voiced by: Creator/AmiKoshimizu (JP, young), Creator/YoshikoSakakibara (JP, old), Creator/KariWahlgren (EN)²----²* AdaptationalHeroism²* DeathByAdaptation: [[spoiler:She disappears at the end of the movie to be with Dominic.]]²* TimeStandsStill²* NoBodyLeftBehind: [[spoiler:Her body disappears, leaving only her clothes behind before her spirit is seen reuniting with Dominic.]]²* RoseHairedSweetie: Unlike in the series, this Anemone is sweet, mature and helpful.²* TogetherInDeath: [[spoiler:With Dominic.]]²* YoungerThanSheLooks: [[spoiler:She looks like an old lady due to experiments causing her to age rapidly, but returns to her original self later.]]²²!!Dewey²²* PosthumousCharacter


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