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1Throughout the show’s 14 season run, the Rehab Centre has had multiple contestants ranging from good, to bad. ²²'''Warning!''' Spoilers ahead unmarked! Note also that cast are listed in order in each season from the worst driver named for that season going backwards to the first graduate. You have been warned.²²[[foldercontrol]]²²!!The Host and Panel of Experts²[[folder: Andrew Younghusband]]²²!!Andrew Younghusband²-> "Now, let's see how Canada's Worst Drivers do"²* BaitAndSwitch: ²** Has done this multiple times. He could say something like "We don't have to graduate people" in front of the person who was a strong candidate, but then gives their licenses back.²** In Season 9, it looked like he cut up Dale's license in front of her... only to then reveal that he destroyed a copy as he has no legal authority to destroy people's license. He did the same thing to Chanie in Season 10, but it turned out that he cut up an older license. And then he did it to Alexis in Season 14, but like with Dale, it was a fake and used to drive the point that despite not being the Worst that season, she was still a dangerous driver.²* BerserkButton: ²** Don't ever drive like an idiot in front of him. ²** He also does not like it when people are casual about drunk driving, as he lost a friend to drunk driving long ago.²** Isn't too happy around people who don't take the rehab centre seriously.²* DeadpanSnarker: All the time.²* HypocriticalHumor: In Season 8...²-->'''Andrew''': As the host of ''Canada's Worst Driver'', I'm not allowed to curse, but holy (''bleep'') (''bleep'') balls, Flora scared the living (''bleep'') (''bleep'') out of me.²* NiceGuy: He is generally nice to the nominees, and encourages them to become better drivers.²** BewareTheNiceOnes: That being said, he will talk firm to anyone that does something dumb, or isn't following orders.²* NonActorVehicle: He was a writer before hosting the show.²* OneJudgeToRuleThemAll: As Host, he has the right to vote alongside the panel of experts, and will occasionally try and persuade a few to come to his side.²* ScrewThisImOutOfHere: ²** He ended Kevin's final drive in ''Ever'' after Kevin made a ton of careless and outright dangerous mistakes, eventually culminating in him nearly colliding head-on with another car.²** He left Krystal's final drive in Season 12 after her constant ignorance, and verbal abuse was too much for him. Even his tone of voice sounded like he had enough.²* SitcomArchNemesis: Krystal saw him as this, even though he was just trying to help her.²* TemptingFate: After warning Kevin in his final drive in ''Ever'' that any more ticketable offences would see the drive stopped there and then, he was clearly worried about the prospect of having to stop the drive for some comparatively minor infraction. So, Kevin ended up providing one ''hell'' of an infraction by driving straight into oncoming traffic and only narrowly avoiding a collision.²* ThereCanBeOnlyOne: Andrew is adamant that each season has only one Canada's Worst Driver, and refuses the notion of having a tie. It gets subverted in Season 8 when Flora and Kevin were so bad in their performances, and the fact they refused to give up driving, that Andrew had no choice but to give them both the title (which judging from his tone of voice, it was a decision he did not want to go for).²* TookALevelInBadass: Admits in a Q and A special that he didn't have a license until he was in his late twenties, but doing all these challenges has risen his skill set from a regular driver to almost Philippe's level.²* TookALevelInJerkass: While overall still nice, Andrew's exasperation with the bad drivers have led to increased snarkiness in the later seasons, even telling one driver "you can't steer for shit"²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Panel Members]]²!!Scott Marshall²-> '''Head Driving Instructor/Director of Young Drivers Of Canada'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 1-3'''²* TheLeader: Before Cam broke his record, Scott was the longest person since Season 1 to be on the panel.²* PutOnABus: Left the show after Season 3. Though it could also be because the show didn't renew its sponsorship with Young Drivers.²²!!Kelly Williams²-> '''Canadian Cascar Driver'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 1'''²* BadassDriver: She's not only a CASCAR Super Series (now NASCAR Pinty's Series) driver, but she's the ''only'' female to win a race in the series' history.²* WeHardlyKnewYe: Only appeared in one season.²²!!Jim Kenzie²-> '''Automobile Journalist'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 1'''²* BadassBookworm: His writing has been used by the Ontario Police Force.²* TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers: The show has had driving instructors, a law enforcer, and psychologists, but Jim is an automobile journalist.²* WeHardlyKnewYe: Only appeared in one season.²²!!Uzma Rehman²-> '''Behavior Psychologist'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 1'''²* TheMedic: The show's first resident psychologist.²* WeHardlyKnewYe: Only appeared in one season.²²!!Cam Woolley²-> '''Legal Expert (Former Highway Police Officer)'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 2-Present'''²* BerserkButton: Never call police officers dumb, as Colin and Scott soon found out the hard way.²* TheBigGuy: Or as Andrew calls him, the "Big man on Campus".²* DeathGlare: Gives these out whenever something stupid happens.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: The bluntest and strictest of all the experts, but will give out compliments when deserved, and has good reasons to be stern.²* TheLeader [=/=] TheLancer: The former as he has been the longest expert on the show, and the latter as he usual discusses matters with Andrew the most.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: He is a former highway police officer, so will tell the driver's road laws to let them know what's at risk.²* RetiredBadass: He's a former Police Officer by Season 5.²²!!Marcus Agyeman²-> '''Insurance Broker'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 2'''²* TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers: The show has had driving instructors, a law enforcer, and psychologists, but Marcus is an insurance broker.²* WeHardlyKnewYe: Only appeared in one season.²²!!Juliana Chiovitti²-> '''Performance Driving Instructor'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 2'''²* BadassDriver: She came in first place in the Formula 2000 series.²* {{Expy}}: To Kelly Williams.²* WeHardlyKnewYe: Only appeared in one season.²²!!Philippe Letourneau ²-> '''High Speed Performance Instructor'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 3-Present'''²* BadassDriver: Before becoming an expert, he was a former race car driver with over ''40'' podium wins in his career. He also teaches advanced driving techniques on the off seasons.²* HiddenDepths: He continues to be an expert because his cousin died in a car accident, as revealed in Season 12.²* TheLancer: To Cam. It's very rare that they are on the same side of a tie. Also fitting that Philippe was a race car driver and Cam was a police officer before they came onto the show.²--> Phillipe: "You know, I don't usually agree with you, Cam, but in this case I think you're right"²* OutOfFocus: At first he tended to be the expert who got the most screen time after Cam. Since then, Shyamala's largely taken over that position, and in some seasons he's even gotten the ''least'' screen time of the experts, due to public driving (which is generally handled by Tim) becoming a more regular fixture on the show.²* SpearCounterpart: To both Kelly and Juliana, although he's been in more seasons than the two put together.²²!!Louisa Gembora²-> '''Behavior Psychologist'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 3-5'''²* GeniusBruiser: Not only is she the show's psychologist, but she drives a race car in her spare time.²* TheMedic: The show's resident psychologist, and the first one to stay for more than one season.²* PutOnABus: Left the show after Season 5.²²!!Dan Bagyan²-> '''Head Driving Instructor'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 4'''²* BaldOfAwesome²* WeHardlyKnewYe: Only appeared in one season.²²!!Peter Mellor²-> '''Head Driving Instructor'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 5-7'''²* PutOnABus: Left the show after Season 7.²* UnPerson: Whereas both Scott and Dan were referred to by their full names in a FreezeFrameBonus in the penultimate episode of Season 13, Peter was just referred to as "That South African guy from Seasons 5-7."²²!!Lauren Kennedy-Smith²-> '''Resident Psychologist'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 6'''²* {{Expy}}: To Louis Gembora. Both are psychologists, and drive race cars.²* WeHardlyKnewYe: Only appeared in one season.²!!Shyamala Kiru²-> '''Resident Psychologist'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 7-Present'''²* AscendedExtra: At first she didn't get much more focus than any of the show's previous psychologists. Over time, however, she's risen to being probably the most prominently featured expert on the show aside from Cam, and in some seasons (particularly ''Ever'' and 11) has even exceeded his screen time.²* BollywoodNerd: She is the smart one of the group, and has an Indian background.²* {{Expy}}: The fourth psychologist the show has had but feels more in common with Uzma Rehman from Season 1 as she was the first psychiatrist to not drive race cars.²* TheMedic: The show's resident psychologist since Season 7.²²!!Tim Danter²-> '''Head Driving Instructor'''²-> '''Tenure: Season 8-Present''' ²* AscendedExtra: Like Shyamala, he has been getting more screen time in recent seasons as more of the off-course lessons that he gives to the nominees are shown.²* BerserkButton: Underestimating how hard his job is seeming to be one, as he let out a BigNo when Adam admitted he wanted to be a driving instructor, and he gave Cam a DeathGlare for believing one of the bad drivers could be one²* ButtMonkey: Out of all the experts, Tim gets the most teasing from Andrew for his shirt choices, being used for Armimder's Water Tank run in Season 12, and his stoic attitude. However, Tim takes it all in stride.²* GreekChorus: For his first couple of seasons he was straight-faced and focused on driving instructions, but since Season 11 he's come to being this.²* HeroicBSOD: Throughout his 6 seasons on the show, he's had plenty of these.²* IconicOutfit: Golf shirts. Which Andrew [[ButtMonkey ribs him a lot about.]]²* SignatureMove: He has always pushed the drivers to start doing a running commentary while driving as he believes it helps them focus.²* TheStoic: He rarely emotes, although he does get happy when he sees someone do a good job.²[[/folder]]²²!!The Contestants²²[[folder: Season 1]]²!!Chris Ferguson²-> '''Nominator: Michelle Ferguson (Wife)'''²-> "Son of a Motherless Goat!"²* BaldOfAwesome: {{Subverted}} as he "won" the title.²* GoshDarnItToHeck: See quote above.²* GracefulLoser: Unlike a lot of other "Worst Driver's", he took the title with no hard feelings and even chuckled a bit when it was announced he "won".²* HenpeckedHusband: His wife Michelle did laugh at his struggles early on, but managed to be more supportive by Episode 3.²* NervousWreck: A lot of it can be contributed to the fact he only driven ''five times'' in the thirteen years he has owned a license.²²!!Madalena Phillips²-> '''Nominator: Jennifer (Friend)'''²-> "Sorry Frankie!"²* CheatersNeverProsper: Instead of looking for the items in the Scavenger Hunt Challenge, she asked people where to find those items. The experts later told her that the point of the challenge was for her to find them herself.²* KarmaHoudini: Got out of being named the worst because her final drive and Chris's were about as bad as each other, but Madalena showed up for her drive with a hangover, which the panel decided was proof that she'd have done better than Chris if she were sober. In the later seasons she would likely have been named Canada's Worst Driver ''because'' she showed up with a hangover. To top it all off, her father bought her a new car because she was "only" second worst.²* SpoiledBrat: Part of the reason she was such a bad driver was that she never really had to face the consequences of accidents; her rich parents paid her obscene insurance premium and replaced her cars whenever she totaled them.²²!!Heather Reynolds²-> '''Nominator: Ernie (Husband)'''²* BlindWithoutThem: {{Subverted}}, it was revealed that the prescription she was wearing was not strong enough. However, it was revealed at the end of the season that 6 months later, she got a stronger prescription.²* HappilyMarried: To her husband.²²!!Manuel Tejeda²-> '''Nominator: Alex (Co-Worker)'''²* FriendToAllLivingThings: During the drive to rehab in the first episode he spent quite some time petting the alpacas at the farm where the drivers had to stop to get directions.²* HairTriggerTemper: He isn't ''too'' explosive compared to later contestants, but he does get frustrated when placed into tight situations. The show decided to exploit this by tightening up a course deliberately for Manuel to see how he would react to such a situation. Manuel ended up turning in a decent performance that convinced the panel to graduate him in the penultimate episode.²²!!David Chau²-> '''Nominator: George (Friend)'''²* [[AsianDrivers Asian Driver]]: The first of this series.²* BackseatDriver: George usually makes all the decisions for David, which led to some hits and mistakes. However, by Episode 6, David began being more assertive and giving George orders.²* BeliefMakesYouStupid: Not that he used it much as an excuse for his terrible driving, but he did state that 24 in Chinese culture is considered unlucky (he was 24 at the time of filming).²* {{Catchphrase}}: {{Invoked}}. Andrew made him say "If I hear metal scraping on metal, I will stop" throughout the season as his mantra. In fact, it was saying that mantra that allowed him to graduate.²* EpicFail: He somehow managed to wreck the car he was using (which was specifically chosen because it was hardy) driving through a wall made up of ''cardboard boxes''. Fortunately, he was the last person taking the challenge.²²!!Faith Ann Stone²-> '''Nominator: Joanne (Co-Worker)'''²* DistaffCounterpart: To Bob. ²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: While it doesn't look like she cares about rehab, the fact that she did come shows the need of improvement.²* IgnoredEpiphany: She had multiple accidents that required metal plates inside her now, and she still drives recklessly. Later averted, as she eventually came to realize the stakes if she kept on driving dangerously.²* ItRunsInTheFamily: If her intro video said anything, her family has had some bad drivers that passed on their bad habits to the next driver.²* RealityEnsues: Due to having plates in her knees, Faith-Ann could not do the tire changing challenge as it required crouching. So, Joanne did the challenge for her.²²!!Tatiana Rheaume²-> '''Nominator: Beth (Mother-In-Law)'''²* NervousWreck: She was afraid of ''left turns''.²* ObnoxiousInLaws: Subverted as Beth was supportive to Tatiana.²* PainfullySlowProjectile: Her slow runs can be a bit painful to watch, like her run on the "Water Tank Challenge".²²!!Bob Coad²-> '''Nominator: Rob (Friend)'''²-> "You wanna play bumper tag?"²* TheBully: As his quote above states, he loves doing bumper tag, which is him speeding in front of a car that cut him off on the highway, then ''slamming'' the brakes in front of them.²* HiddenDepths: Got a 5/5 on the road sign test.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Might have been arrogant, but he did eventually take the lessons seriously, becoming the first graduate of that season.²* JerkassRealization: After a few challenges, he realizes his behavior on the road was unacceptable and decided to do a 180 on his life.²* SpearCounterpart: To Faith-Ann.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 2]]²!!Henrietta Gallant²-> '''Nominator: Andy Gallant (Husband)'''²* BlindWithoutThem: She had some trouble seeing while driving, but stubbornly refused to get glasses.²* CryingWolf: She had a habit of quitting challenges whenever she felt stressed. When she suffered from panic attacks in the road test, she asked to stop, but Andrew demanded they continue until it got worse. Andrew did admit however years later that he should have believed her and ended the test earlier.²* GracefulLoser: Took her title with some pride, and even jokingly said that getting named the worst was worth it when she got to ride in a limousine back home.²* HeroicBSOD: Suffered such a severe one that Andrew had to stop her final road test, setting a precedent that any driver who fails to complete their road test will be named Canada's Worst Driver.²²!!Michael Telford²-> '''Nominator: Eric Kozak (Friend)'''²-> "Size does matter. The principles are the same, but the execution is different"²* {{Adorkable}}: A ''major'' geek, and able to drop sci-fi and comic references into any conversation, but also manages to stay very charming and likable while doing so.²* CriticalResearchFailure (InUniverse): When he saw that he had to parallel park an RV, he immediately said that driving that requires an M class licenses. Andrew immediately clarifies to the audience that anyone with a G license can drive an RV.²* GeniusDitz: He is a knowledgeable person, and understands the lessons. But for some reason, he can't apply it to the driving.²²!!Shannon Willemsen²-> '''Nominator: Sara (Friend)'''²-> "Maybe I do need help, because, I mean, I'm going to have a child..."²* BabiesMakeEverythingBetter: She was four months pregnant when she was in rehab, which helped why she would come to improve as a driver.²* CaptainCrash: To the point where she lost count of how many cars she totaled.²* DrunkDriver: It was revealed she was one of these in the past but had given up by the time she appeared on the show, as she was pregnant.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Shannon is hot headed, but she did take the lessons to heart. Also, there is a good reason as to why she chose to come to rehab, for her unborn child.²* WhamLine (InUniverse): Her quote above as before then, the show thought she was just a reckless driver.²²!!Sean [=McConnell=]²-> '''Nominator: Melena (Niece)'''²-> "Speeding is ''safer''"²* DrivesLikeCrazy: He loves speeding, to the point that he sped on a ''school zone''. Michael would get a lot of mileage out of his SPEEEED license plate.²* {{Foil}}: To Colin. They're both in rehab for their arrogance and speeding habits. However, Sean took rehab more seriously than Colin and the result shows; Sean graduated, while Colin got expelled.²* HiddenDepths: ²** Knows a lot about car maintenance as the "Camping Challenge" (where he reconnected the car battery after Colin's clowning around knocked a cable loose) and the "Scavenger Hunt" (he was the fastest to change his flat tire) show.²** Also revealed to have a stepson that is learning how to drive. So, in the "Blindfold Challenge", he was the safest teacher to his niece who stopped 123 times per his instructions but was still able to make the time limit.²* InsaneTrollLogic: See quote above. He later came to realize just how wrong this was, to the point where in the off-roading challenge he was one of the slowest and most cautious of the drivers.²* IDontKnowMortalKombat: A ranked player in online racing simulators who has serious driving issues, although it's mostly the speed limit he has a problem with.²²!!Jodi Slobodesky²-> '''Nominator: Sam (Husband)'''²* BackseatDriver: Sam gave her a lot of unneeded advice that were mostly terrible. But unlike a lot of examples, she was willing to listen to them.²* HundredPercentAdorationRating: Not only was she well-liked by the other contestants, with even Colin's only PetTheDog moment on the show being toward her, she was the first person in the show's history to get a unanimous graduation decision from the panel.²* NervousWreck: She didn't know what a ''green light'' meant!²* NoDamageRun: She was the best driver in her graduation episode.²* TookALevelInBadass: One she got her nerves worked out; she was the best driver this season. ²²!!Colin Sheppard²-> '''Nominator: Jeremy [=McCraig=] (Friend)'''²-> "I don't think cops are the smartest people out there"²* CasanovaWannabe: Frequently hit on Shannon and her nominator Sara, to the point in the camping challenge he sat on his side window to impress Sara.²* DidNotThinkThisThrough: In what was his final challenge, Colin delibertly crashed into the wall of boxes and claimed he "blacked out". However, Cam called his bluff by threatening him with a medical review.²* EpicFail: He is the first person ever to get kicked off on a ''Worst Driver'' series (this counts international versions).²* TheFriendNobodyLikes: Put it this way, everybody was happy he got ''kicked off'' the show.²* {{Irony}}: He calls cops idiots, and yet he's studying to be one himself.²* JerkAss: Basically, he came to rehab just wanting to show off without learning anything.²* KarmaHoudini:²** {{Invoked}}. He stated in his intro video that he would frequently abuse his status as a Police Foundations student to get out of tickets.²** After the show, he never got nailed for his multiple incidents prior, except for being forced to sell his car due to the multiple attention from the cops.²* NonGameplayElimination: After four episodes of seeing Colin drive like a jackass, and being obvious that he doesn't care about rehab, Andrew expelled him and destroyed his car keys.²* PetTheDog: The ''only'' shred of goodness he did was help Jodi with the Gas Station Challenge. But then he {{subverted}} it minutes later when he tried to block Michael off on the last spot.²* RealityEnsues: Not towards Colin specifically, but after Andrew destroyed his keys, the show got into trouble as it counted as destruction of property. As such, future seasons afterwards would have Andrew confiscate the nominee's licenses at the start of the season.²* TemptingFate:²** After Cam heard his opinions about police officers, he forwarded information on Colin and photographs of his car to the local police force. Colin ended up having to sell said car because it got so much attention from the cops.²** During a ConfessionCam segment in his final episode, he arrogantly claimed that Andrew would be handing over his keys shortly. Later that episode, Andrew did hand over said keys... or rather, what was left after he destroyed them.²²!!Karen Carson²-> '''Nominator: Allan (Husband)'''²* BackseatDriver: Her husband and nominator kept giving her unneeded advice. It gets to be a plot point in the 3rd episode when she failed the "Wall Challenge" because she was pathologically used to listening to Andy's advice and Scott didn't say anything.²* TheInformant: In a sense, she revealed during the driving distracted challenge that she calls the police if she saw distracted driving.²²!!Matt Elkind ²-> '''Nominator: Suzanne (Friend)'''²* AscendedFanon (InUniverse): When it became clear that driving without being distracted made him better, the show had him drive on a closed course while performing tasks such as eating, putting in a CD, doing makeup, reading a book, making a phone call and so on. It proved so effective on him that this challenge became a staple of the show in the later seasons.²* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: He was the first driver on the show whose main problem was distracted driving. Fortunately, he quickly learned that it's dangerous to continue driving like that.²* CaptainCrash: Once drove through a department store display.²* ConsolationPrize: Got a Bluetooth headset when he graduated, in order to keep him from using his cellphone at the wheel. Ironically, such headsets are themselves now considered to be just as dangerous as cellphones and have largely been supplanted by speakers and microphones built into the dashboard.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 3]]²!!Jason Zhang²-> '''Nominator: Adrian Fehr (Husband)'''²* [[AsianDrivers Asian Driver]]: And he "won".²* CampGay: A mild example, with his husband, probably being nearer an outright example of this trope.²* HenpeckedHusband: Showing that this trope can apply just as much to same-sex couples, his nominator was probably the worst BackseatDriver the show had seen up until that point. However, Jason didn't do any better in the final episode, when his husband had left for a family wedding, leaving Andrew to accompany him in the final challenges.²* KnowWhenToFoldThem: After being named Canada's Worst Driver, he immediately gave up driving.²²!!Shelby D'Souza²-> '''Nominator: Elerick D'Souza (Younger Brother)'''²-> "I drive like a grandpa."²* {{Adorkable}}: One of the most earnest and likable candidates from the show's history; Andrew's favorite as of ''Ever'', in fact.²* HardWorkHardlyWorks: Played with. He did learn a lot in his time in rehab and did improve, but he was still too timid to drive full speed during the road test. Of course, it was nowhere near as bad as Jason's road test.²* NervousWreck: There's a reason for his quote above. Shelby just can't drive the speed limit.²²!!Jennifer Kritzer²-> '''Nominator: Jon Park (Boyfriend)'''²* {{Expy}}: Much like Shannon from the previous season, she was a young, reckless driver with something of a temper, who ended up becoming the final graduate of the season (albeit without a pregnancy being involved).² ²!!Ed Porter ²-> '''Nominator: Elizabeth Cecchi (Ex-Girlfriend)'''²* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: His bad driving and bad attitude had wrecked his relationship with his nominator prior to going on the show, but they reconciled over the course of the season.²* AscendedFanon (InUniverse): Possibly an unexpected example of this, but fishtailing his vehicle when doing the reverse drag race challenge resulted in the Reverse Flick Challenge for later seasons.²* HairTriggerTemper: UpToEleven. He can make his kids feel ill when he's driving, and even stated he wanted ''machine guns'' on his hood!²* WorkingWithTheEx: His nominator is his ex-girlfriend.²²!!Billie-Jean Leslie²-> '''Nominator: Nicola Coulter (Cousin)''' ²* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: She was passed over three times in a row because the three below each had a breakthrough that allowed them to graduate. It nearly ended up being four, as Shelby was considered to have done better in the episode where she eventually did graduate, but he made a severe blunder on the last challenge that caused her to get the nod instead.²* TheDitz: She spends more time working on her makeup in the car than on the actual road.²* KillerOutfit: Her initial driving footwear is less than effective, but she managed to fix it by the time she graduated. ²* ScrewTheRulesImBeautiful: Fully admitted that she flirted with her driving instructor to get her license. Andrew says that he hopes the instructor was watching this.²²!!Marnie Maddison²-> '''Nominator: Bruce Toye (Boyfriend)'''²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: She was allowed to come onto the show despite having a learners permit. Since this was in the show's early seasons, an ObviousRulePatch happened when Season 13's Travis came on.²* NervousWreck: She had such a lack of confidence at the wheel that she went through ''eight'' learning permits, and only got an actual license a couple of months before coming on the show.²* NoDamageRun: Managed to pass almost all the challenges in her graduation episode (the only challenge she didn't pass was the Balance Beam Pair challenge).²²!!Thomas Hobbs ²-> '''Nominator: Lenora Hobbs (Older Sister)'''²* BadassDriver: He nearly passed every challenge he took (he failed one out of a refusal to take the lessons), and later won his first official race as soon as he graduated.²* DrivesLikeCrazy: He loves street racing, which is why he was nominated in the first place.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold²²!!Denice Koke²-> '''Nominator: Henry Koke (Husband)'''²* NervousWreck: Her fear of driving got to the point that her son had to be pulled from hockey.²* SelfDeprecation: She made 85 negative comments about her driving on the way to rehab.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 4]]²!!Ashley van Ham²-> '''Nominator: Bryan van Ham (Husband)'''²* BabiesMakeEverythingBetter: She's in rehab so she can be a safer driver for her son, and wanted to graduate early in time for his first birthday. Sadly, she didn't make it in time.²* CripplingOverspecialization: She was the best technical driver of this season, but her inability to control her temper, especially towards her husband, hindered her performances. It was also the reason she "won" the title as the experts were concerned that her temper could cause her to make lethal moves without properly focusing.²* DestructiveRomance: She and her husband tended to argue over the slightest thing, to the point where she would likely have avoided being named the worst if she'd simply gone onto the show with a different nominator.²* HairTriggerTemper: Mostly it was aimed towards her husband, but she did tend to blow up at Andrew on occasion, which likely did her no favors when he got the tie-breaking vote over who was the worst for this season.²* HumiliationConga: Got this more than any other "winner". In addition to being crowned the worst driver, and getting the ugly trophy, she wasn't allowed to drive home herself as the show disconnected her car's battery, forcing her to go home with her car on the back of a tow truck.²* SoreLoser: She reacted terribly to being named the worst this year, to the point she wanted to move to another continent.²²!!Emily Wang ²-> '''Nominator: Scott Nicholson (Husband)'''²* [[AsianDrivers Asian Driver]]: Another example, and she was the Runner Up this season.²* BlindWithoutThem: Became clear early on that she needed glasses, but didn't get them until the second-last episode.²* HardWorkHardlyWorks: Averted; despite being consistently the worst performer (not counting Donna) throughout the season, she avoided being named the worst because she at least tried to improve, unlike Ashley.²* SoreLoser: For some bizarre reason she decided that she deserved to graduate in the penultimate episode despite being the only one of the drivers to outright fail two challenges that week. When Teagan graduated, she took the decision particularly badly, even compared to Ashley and Amy.²²!!Amy-Lee Wisniewski²-> '''Nominator: Bob Wisniewski (Husband)'''²* HappilyMarried: Zig-zagged with her husband Bob. They do of course bicker, but not to the extreme like Ashley and her husband do. They even celebrated their wedding anniversary while on the show. ²* NervousWreck: In some ways, she was the Yin to Ashley's Yang, as it was obvious quite early on that she was somewhat technically capable (to the point where she nearly became the first graduate), but in her case, it was nerves and confidence that were the problem.²* TearsOfFear -> TearsOfJoy: In the beginning, she cried due to her fear of driving, but by the end of the season, she was crying because she was improving a lot.²²!!Teagan Cramer ²-> '''Nominator: Mat Smith (Friend)'''²-> "I'm not f*cking Canada's Worst Driver. I'm getting the f*ck out of here man. I can do it."²* ButtMonkey: Wasn't looked too highly by the other nominees due to his age, and none of the women were happy when he graduated over them in the seventh episode.²* CheatersNeverProsper: Got caught trying to remove the head rest during the "Shoulder Check Challenge".²* TheFriendNobodyLikes: None of the other nominees seemed to particularly like him, probably from an assumption he was just a stereotypical boy racer. While he could be a little cocky at times, he wasn't nearly as bad in this regard as Thomas from the previous season (to say nothing of Colin from Season 2).²* NoDamageRun: He passed all three of the challenges in his graduation episode, and was even the best driver in two of the three.²* RealityEnsues: Since Teagan was 18 at the time of filming, he wasn't legally allowed to have a rental car, so Andrew reluctantly let him drive his own truck to rehab. Also, despite graduating, Teagan had to leave in a taxi.²²!!Lindsay Kloss ²-> '''Nominator: TJ Papp (Fiance)'''²* TheDitz: She could drive quite well when she stayed focused; it was her short attention span and habit of going blank in stressful situations that landed her in rehab. When she had addressed both, however, she proved quite a capable driver.²* [[TheGenericGuy The Generic Girl]]: Despite being around till Episode 6, she never really got much screen time outside of challenges.²²!!Donna Hicks ²-> '''Nominator: Claude Vinneau (Son)'''²-> "You can't drive 60mp/h and look backwards!"²* DefiantToTheEnd: Even when she was shown footage of her terrible performances, and was placed on medical review, Donna continued to insist on driving.²* DrunkDriver: Openly admitted that she would have several drinks while playing bingo, after which she'd drive home drunk. And her son pointed out that if anything, she was drastically ''under''stating how much she usually drinks and drives.²* EpicFail: ²** Episode 2 had two moments of failure:²*** She managed to break ''five'' traffic laws at once during the street parallel parking challenge, when she got out of the car to yell at a driver who was honking at her. Had she been caught; she'd have gotten almost $600 in fines.²*** She skidded out of control on the icy corner challenge by hitting the gas (thinking it was the brake), and left skid marks on the grass.²** Before Angelina or Sholom came around, Donna had the worst track record of challenges with only 1 pass out of the 8 she did.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: In the assessment challenge, it's revealed that her nominator and son has a heart condition. Considering a condition like that is sometimes hereditary...²* MedalOfDishonor: When she was sent home, Andrew branded her the absolute worst driver they had ever seen on the show until that point. Luckily for Donna, she would only hold that dishonor for a year... though unfortunately for her, she was evidently no longer a driver anyway by that point, making it moot.²* NonGameplayElimination: Because of her angina attack, along with her lying on her medical form by not mentioning the condition (which would likely have invalidated the show's insurance policy), they had to medically expel her from rehab.²* RealityEnsues: Since she had angina attack in a challenge, the show couldn't keep her around out of fear she would have another one (the courses are already stressful enough). Also, Cam and Dan, as part of their professions, called their respective districts to let them know about her condition and placed her on medical review (which judging from her angry email to the show, she lost).²* WhamShot: Her angina attack in the water tank challenge.²²!!Ken Westwood ²-> '''Nominator: John Levitt (Friend)'''²* DrivesLikeCrazy: He actually ''street raced'' on the way to rehab, which almost got the show to be shut down! Andrew was not happy when he saw Ken pull up to rehab after finding out the incident.²--> Andrew: "I don't want to see you drive. You drive like an ass. Get out."²* HiddenDepths: The reason he came to rehab is that he could be a better driver for his quadriplegic wife.²* ItsAllAboutMe: Psychologist Gembora believed the behavior he exhibited is like Narcissistic Personality Disorder.²* ManChild: The oldest male in the season (and behind only Donna as the oldest overall), but acts like a teenager. It was exemplified when he challenged Ashley, who was barely a ''third'' his age, to a street race on the way to rehab.²* ScrewThisImOutOfHere: Wanted to leave in the second episode when he felt he wasn't improving, but stuck around. Not that it mattered since he would graduate in the next episode.²* VitriolicBestBuds: He and his nominator John trade insults, but they do care about each other.²²!!Curt Higham ²-> '''Nominator: Vance [=McFadyen=] (Husband)'''²-> "Anybody need a lift home? ''laughs''"²* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: The reason why he's in rehab.²* HappilyMarried: To his husband, who was also his nominator. He and Ashley were practically the perfect contrast when it came to showing the effects of having a supportive spouse as opposed to one who you're constantly at odds with.²* NoDamageRun: Passed all three challenges in his graduation episode.²* StraightGay: Had they not mentioned that his nominator also happened to be his husband, there'd have been no clue one way or the other to his preferences.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 5]]²!!Angelina Marcantognini²-> '''Nominator: Christine Latondress Andrews (Friend)'''²-> "I'm not ''not'' driving!"²* CaptainOblivious: In the lane change rally, both she and her nominator were completely unaware that they were the only people still left on the track (all the other drivers had left the track, and so had Andrew, as the last person left automatically fails), and even when they did realize, Angelina just carried on driving in circles.²* ConfusingMultipleNegatives: She said the quote above after her final drive. The panel, naturally, would have much preferred her statement if there had only been one "not" in it.²* DefiantToTheEnd: Even after her challenge failures and terrible road test, she still refused to give up driving. While she would almost certainly have been named the worst regardless, as Mike did agree to give up driving and there was no way on Earth they could have named Arun the worst, her refusal to even contemplate doing it ensured that she'd "win" this season.²* DumbBlonde: By the time she was called on to do a challenge, she had usually forgotten the lesson that had been taught beforehand. Or more specifically, she didn't really pay attention to the lessons in the first place, not really grasping why they were important.²* EpicFail: She only passed one challenge out of ''twenty-three'', which is the worst success rate the show ever had. Sholom from Season 11 would later equal this record, though only ended up as third worst in his season.²* MedalOfDishonor: In addition to her record-breaking number of challenge failures, as of the start of filming of Canada's Worst Driver Ever, Andrew believed she was the absolute worst driver to be on the show until that point.²* NervousWreck: She might be the most anxiety ridden driver the show ever had, resulting in her having to take anti-anxiety pills. Unfortunately, viewers who watched Canada's Worst Driver Ever know that this trope goes FromBadToWorse.²²!!Mike Butt²-> '''Nominator: Jodie Burkholder (Brother-In-Law)'''²* AscendedFanon: Another InUniverse example. He talked about a game he and some friends used to play called 'shopping cart hockey', where one uses a car to attempt to push a shopping cart into a goal. It was used as a challenge.²* DrivesLikeCrazy: Par for the course on this show, but Mike was a particularly bad example, to the point where Cam openly described him as "nuts" after he was shown driving ''double'' the speed limit on the night driving challenge.²* FailedASpotCheck: The grandmother during the final drive. Fortunately, Andrew saw her and warned Mike in time.²* HeroicBSOD: Not that he hadn't already been doing horribly on his road test, but after he nearly ran over an old woman he completely fell apart, to the point where it was a small miracle that Andrew didn't force him to stop.²* KnowWhenToFoldThem: After a terrible road test where he almost ran over bicyclists and an old woman, he cut up his license when given the option in front of the panel.²* RealLifeRelative: He's the nephew of Canadian comedian Brent Butt, who you know from Series/CornerGas.²²!!Arun Suryanarayanan ²-> '''Nominator: Sanah Shaheen (Wife)'''²* [[AsianDrivers Asian Driver]]: Well from India, but the trope still counts.²* BollywoodNerd: An engineering graduate, and apparently quite knowledgeable in general. Just not on how to drive, or how to speak to your passenger, although he did improve drastically in both regards.²* FlawlessVictory: He's the first person ever to drive the final road test without causing any ticketable offenses, and came very close to finishing the Mega Challenge with no errors.²* HappilyMarried: Zig-zagged at first, as he treated his wife quite well most of the time, but could occasionally display behavior that was flat-out sexist, particularly in the lane change rally. As the season went on, he started behaving much more reasonably toward her, and by the end of the season, he was thankful for her nominating him.²* InsaneTrollLogic: Whether it was because he started driving in India, or because of other unexplained reasons, he thought driving in two lanes at once was a good idea. It gets to be a plot point in the lane changing challenge where he reverts to it, and gets removed out of the challenge out of concern for the other drivers,²* NoDamageRun: In the last episode; He was the only one of the final three to pass the Reverse Slalom Challenge, had the best run on the Mega Challenge, and his perfect final road test. Andrew wasted no time in handing back Arun's license after that.²* TookALevelInBadass: In the beginning, Arun was one of the weakest drivers next to Angelina, but by Episode 6, he was passing more challenges, culminating in his perfect road test. Andrew even called him the poster boy of the rehab center.²²!!Jakob Poirier²-> '''Nominator: Stacey Fitzsimmons (Girlfriend)'''²-> "Get the f*ck out of my way!"²* CensorBox: Parodied with him as his censor box is the anarchy symbol.²* HairTriggerTemper: More pronounced in the early episodes, but most of his challenge failures tended to come from his getting frustrated and losing his temper, and thereby his focus.²* HiddenDepths: Despite his anti-aircraft attitude, he managed to score the highest on the road signs and rules tests. ²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Rough around the edges, but does care about learning to drive safer, and has a strong relationship with his nominator.²* SpoiledBrat: Not to JoJo's extent, but his car and accident repairs were paid by his father, not him.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Sports red dyed hair.²²!!Father Giles Joly²-> '''Nominator: Guy Joly (Brother)'''²* {{Adorkable}}: He has his moments.²* BeliefMakesYouStupid: More like "Belief Makes You Slow". He wasn't dumb by any means, he just had problems with the speed limit.²* BusmansHoliday: Presumably he thought his time on the show would be a break from his usual priestly duties, let alone something like having to console a person who suffers a death in the family, as Crystal did in the week when she left.²* CoolOldGuy: The oldest contestant this season, and everybody liked him.²* GoodShepherd: A much better priest than he was a driver. ²* ManlyTears: At the end of the montage of condolence messages to Crystal from the other drivers and nominators, Father Giles just sat there weeping silently.²* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Was always referred to as Father Giles on the show.²* PreacherMan: A Catholic priest.²* SignatureMove: His "thumbs up" reactions. Andrew and the remaining contestant’s lampshade this when he graduates.²²!!Crystal Hubley Farao²-> '''Nominator: Theresa Farao (Ex-Sister-In-Law)'''²* BlindWithoutThem: She had terrible eyesight in the right eye, but managed to get a contact lens for it.²* DownerEnding: She left rehab because her brother-in-law died in a car accident. The ending of that episode was very sullen, with no one graduating, and the credits removing its music out of respect.²* DudeNotFunny: Her joking attitude over her poor driving is this. However, after her brother-in-law died from an accident, she realized that her driving was not funny anymore.²* NonGameplayElimination: She could go home at the end of the fifth episode, after discovering that her brother-in-law had been killed in a traffic accident.²* {{Workaholic}}: One of the problems she has is that she treats her car as a second office.²²!!Melissa Cook²-> '''Nominator: Wil Fawcett (Husband)'''²* BackseatDriver: Between his yelling and insults to Melissa, Wil might by the worst nominator the show ever had.²* DomesticAbuse: Regardless of whether she suffered this elsewhere in her personal life, she suffered more than her fair share of this from her husband while at the wheel, to the point where Andrew forced her husband to listen to recordings of his abuse. Once he saw the error of his ways and stopped doing this, she quickly proved to be one of the most competent drivers ever seen on the show and quickly graduated.²* {{Jerkass}}: Wil.²* JerkassRealization: Wil was stunned and horrified at the comments he spoke to Melissa when forced to listen to them.²²!![=JoJo=] Kopty²-> '''Nominator: Nima (Friend)'''²-> "Just because I get a lot of tickets, doesn't make me Canada's Worst Driver."²* CaptainCrash: In the two years she had a license, she committed 13 accidents. One incident had her and her nominator in the hospital.²* ConsolationPrize: She got a ''Mercedes-Benz'' when she graduated!²* InsaneTrollLogic: See quote above.²* NoDamageRun: Like Kurt from the previous season, she passed every challenge in the episode where she graduated.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 6]]²!!Lance Morin²-> '''Nominator: Gilles Proulx (Friend)'''²* TheDandy: He looked very fashionable. At least early on.²** ClothingDamage: By the end of the season, he was wearing a ripped wife beater shirt.²* TheDitz: Thought that there were 36'''5''' degrees in a circle because there are 365 days in a year. It's not exactly clear whether he also thought every circle gains an extra degree every four years.²* EpicFail: His inability to complete the final drive and then mouthing off at the experts afterward when they suggested that he get psychological help for his nerves resulted in the first-ever instance of the experts deciding that one driver was so clearly the worst that there was no need for a discussion over the decision (despite Dale being bad in general). Note that even with Angelina the previous year, Cam had disagreed (at least initially) and thought that Mike was worse, and while the entire panel in Season 3 had agreed that Jason was the actual worst, there was still some discussion as to whether Shelby should have gotten the title, seeing how Jason had already made it clear he was considering quitting driving.²* NervousWreck: A strong contender for show's biggest example of this trope, to the point where he suffered a massive panic attack just minutes into his final drive, which had to be abandoned then and there, with Lance subsequently being taken to the hospital.²²!!Dale Pitton²-> '''Nominator: John Pitton (Nephew)'''²-> "I am not a bad driver Andrew."²* DumbBlonde: Much like Angelina, she would often forget a lesson when the time came to apply it, though in her case it seemed to be a case of her memory being legitimately poor, rather than just not bothering to pay attention.²* DudeNotFunny (InUniverse): She thought it would be funny if she tried to ''run over Andrew'' during the Donut's Challenge. Neither Andrew nor her nephew thought it was funny.²* ScrewThisImOutOfHere: She claimed in Episode 6 that she had dental problems (bleeding gums to be specific), and wanted to leave rehab. However, if she was medically evacuated, it would mean that Dean (who was the best that episode) would stay longer. However, after much convincing, she reluctantly decided to stay and let Dean go. It's unknown if her condition was just an excuse to leave the show.²* YourOtherLeft: In both the lane change rally and her final drive, she indicated left before turning right on at least one occasion.²²!!Brad Hengerer²-> '''Nominator: Donna Hengerer (Wife)'''²-> ''Donna'': "He may be a bad driver, but apparently I'm a bad passenger."²* BackseatDriver: Donna, but mostly because she is still trying to get used to not driving a lot anymore (she had a very serious shoulder injury that resulted in the loss of use of her right arm).²* BerserkButton: Brad hated that Lance drove like an idiot during the lane change rally since he lost his mom to something like this.²* CharacterDevelopment: As always, the show does help develop drivers to become better, and Brad did get more confident behind the wheel. But Donna got the most development this season as she learned to let Brad make his own decisions as a driver, and became more supportive of him. By the end of the season, she was cheering that Brad earned his graduation.²* HenpeckedHusband: His wife was very overbearing, and insisted on directing him throughout the challenges, even though this was counter-productive, as the experts prefer to graduate people who can think for themselves.²* MandatoryUnretirement: He was banned from driving by Donna and his father-in-law due to his multiple accidents in the past. But because of Donna's accident, and his father-in-law's heart attack, he's forced back behind the wheel. ²* RealityEnsues: Because of Donna's shoulder problems, she wasn't allowed to accompany Brad on certain challenges that had the car rocking around a lot.²* TinyGuyHugeGirl.²²!!Jamie Giberson²-> '''Nominator: Eric Giberson (Husband)'''²-> "What am I supposed to do?!?"²* ApologizesALot: Especially when she did something wrong in a challenge.²* EpicFail: She managed to break the ''front window'' of the car during the Eye of the Needle Challenge (which by that time, the show never considered this a possibility).²* NervousWreck: Not to nearly the same extent as Lance, but she was very easily stressed out, and tended to constantly apologize whenever she did something wrong in the challenges.²²!!Dean Sibanda²-> '''Nominator: Brian Glenzitoe (Friend)'''²* DrivesLikeCrazy: Like Scott, his drive to rehab was stopped because of his speeding and generally dangerous behavior. Unlike Scott, he soon shaped up and started acting more reasonably.²* EpicFail: He managed to flood the car's ''engine'' with a hard stop after the first straightaway during the Water Tank Challenge. He didn't even get to the precision driving parts.²* NoDamageRun: Passed all the challenges in his graduation episode.²²!!Diane Akers²-> '''Nominator: Raeanne Akers (Daughter)'''²-> ''Raeanne'': "Canada. This is the woman who made you late to work."²* InSeriesNickname: "Slow Diane," owing to her extremely nervous and over-cautious nature. She soon managed to shake it off and graduate.²* NervousWreck: She had a fear of driving up the speed limit. However, She was able to get past it in her graduation episode.²* NoDamageRun: Of a sort. She did pass two of the challenges with no problems, but she barely passed the Swerve and Avoid Challenge even though she brushed the barrier.²²!!Paul Thurston²-> '''Nominator: Tommy Bettles (Friend)'''²-> "I don't like f*cking cars! I don't like f*cking vans! I want to drive my motorbike!"²* BadassBiker: Oh, most definitely! In fact, as recently as a few years before being on the show he had been a professional stunt biker. Though the reason he was on the show was to become a better ''car'' driver.²* TheBigGuy: He and his nominator were large.²* ChekhovsSkill: As a motorcyclist, Paul knows how a clutch works, so he was able to pass the teeter totter challenge with ease.²* ClusterFBomb: His quote above.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Yes, he's loud and a bit blunt, but is very pleasant with the other nominees (minus Scott), and Andrew called him a model student for this season.²²!!Scott Schurink²-> '''Nominator: Danny Bridgman (Roommate)'''²-> "Wow, I'm about to cry. Shed a tear."²* BabiesMakeEverythingBetter: Subverted. While his 15-month-old son is partly the reason why he's here (and it's even mentioned he does drive safely with his son in the car), his attitude never got better.²* TheDogBitesBack: After seeing Scott drive stupidly, and laughing off his failures, his nominator Danny had enough and canceled his insurance (that they both share) immediately.²* DramaticIrony: He mocked Andrew's warning about his attitude with the quote above. But after his insurance was pulled, and his actions reported, he teared up.²* EpicFail: ²** He's the first person to ''not'' complete the rehab drive because of making 37 moving violations and driving 50km/h past the speed limit.²** Getting kicked out of rehab by your nominator and on the ''second'' episode must count for something.²* {{Expy}}: He's basically an older Colin.²* HoistByHisOwnPetard: It's unclear exactly what he thought he was going to achieve by bragging at length about the various criminal offenses he'd committed over the years, but the actual result was that Cam contacted the Calgary city police -- who had been unaware of Scott's past, as his offences were committed where he had previously lived -- and advised them to be on the lookout for him.²* {{Jerkass}}: Like Colin before him, he had no intention of learning anything. He also spoke of his numerous criminal offenses with ''pride''.²* ListOfTransgressions: For some reason, he listed off all the driving infractures he caused. These include: [[DrunkDriver Drunk Driving]], [[DrivesLikeCrazy Driving over the speed limit]], Driving under suspension, a hit and run, and driving using a friends license ''while'' under house arrest (and getting pulled over drunk causing the [[KickTheDog poor friend to pay the fines]]). Danny admits that out of all of them, he wasn't going to mention the last one because it's ''really'' illegal [[note]] For people who don't know, that's the equivalent of identity theft. [[/note]].²* LoopholeAbuse: Managed to get on the show despite the high prices he'd have been facing to insure himself by doing so on his nominator, Danny's insurance. When Danny eventually pulled the plug on said insurance, the panel slammed the loophole shut and told Scott to either pay for his own insurance or be expelled. Not surprisingly, Scott was soon on his way home in a taxi.²* NeverMyFault: To this day, he insists that he was portrayed unfairly on the show, and is nothing like that. The [[ speeding convictions]] he's picked up since then would seem to disagree with him on that count.²* NonGameplayElimination: When Danny canceled his insurance, it effectively meant Scott could not drive on the show's courses. As a result, he was expelled from the show.²* PetTheDog: The one nice thing that he did do on the show was helping the other drivers navigate the mobile home reversing challenge, and even trying to comfort Lance when he broke down in tears.²* SuddenlySignificantRule: To be a contestant, you must be a legal driver, i.e. having insurance and a valid driver's license. Scott was the first person to lose his insurance ''while on the show'' (it was his roommate Danny's insurance, and Danny was fed up with Scott's completely unrepentant attitude about his bad driving). Since Scott was no longer a legal driver, he promptly got the boot.²* WeUsedToBeFriends: As of 2015, he and Danny are no longer on speaking terms.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 7]]²²!!Shirley Sampson²-> '''Nominator: Janis Wall (Daughter)'''²* BackSeatDriver: Her daughter Janis has these moments, and unfortunately was the downfall of Shirley in the parking challenge when she grabbed the steering wheel (which is very illegal). Other times, Janis tries not to say anything and gets annoyed when Shirley asks for help.²* BittersweetEnding: Was named Canada's Worst Driver this season based on a terrible road test, but Andrew told her to keep driving since he saw a lot of improvement from her.²* CoolOldLady: The oldest out of the nominees, and was very nice to everyone.²* EpicFail: Got a 1/10 on the road sign test, but admittedly, it was mostly that she knew only outdated info.²* HardWorkHardlyWorks: Sadly, despite being the best in the challenges, she couldn't properly apply it to public roads.²* RunningGag: Always expect her to hug Andrew whenever she passes a challenge.²²!!Sly Grosjean²-> '''Nominator: Fred Hillyer (Brother-In-Law)'''²* BigEater: He really loves eating behind the wheel.²* CripplingOverspecialization: An unusual inversion; in most of the challenges he bordered on being GiftedlyBad. The ''one'' thing that he could do well was normal everyday driving, which saved him from being named the worst.²* EpicFail: Even among his catastrophically awful challenge performances, his trough run stood out, as it ended with him managing to tear out the car's tailpipe and puncture the gas tank.²* FatIdiot: Put it this way, there's a reason more than one fan of the show has likened him to [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Peter Griffin]], and it's not just the physical resemblance between the two.²* ForegoneConclusion: Defied. After a predictably awful Mega Challenge performance, Andrew suggested that he should just accept that he was going to be named Canada's Worst Driver and forego the public drive for safety reasons, but Sly refused to do this as he didn't want to look like a quitter. As it turned out, his performance on the drive was good enough to prevent him from being named the worst.²* GeniusDitz: As mentioned above, Sly proved utterly incompetent at nearly every single challenge...but can drive well on public roads, provided he isn't distracted.²* LiteralMinded: He takes things very literally, to the point of having too narrow a focus. Andrew comments that he's so literal, "it could literally kill him."²* WhatWereYouThinking: Oh, Sly really got an earful from Cam regarding his poor decision in the Trough Challenge.²²!!Aaron Cheshire²-> '''Nominator: Lee Cheshire (Father)'''²* {{Adorkable}}²* BackseatDriver: Aaron tried to seek out his father’s advice, but Lee was giving out not too helpful advice. By the second half of the season, Aaron decides to tune out his father and make his own decisions.²* EarnYourHappyEnding: More so with Aaron than with Shirley, since he was able to complete the road test, proving to himself and the panel that he can drive with confidence again and become the final graduate.²* HiddenDepths: Surprised even himself during the reaction test when he was the fastest in the third test.²* HundredPercentAdorationRating: Was loved by everyone on the show, and had a lot of fans while on the show, making him a very big favorite of the show to this day.²* InspirationallyDisadvantaged: 6 years ago, Aaron was in a car accident that left him in a coma for 2 months. His presence on the show helped show that people in such a serious accident can rebuild what they lost in terms of skill.²* IChooseToStay: He could have graduated anytime he wanted to (especially on Episode 5), but he wanted to stay to prove to himself he can improve more and more. ²²!!Afiya Lassy²-> '''Nominator: Cindy (Friend)'''²* BeliefMakesYouStupid: Maybe not outright ''stupid'' per se, but it certainly made her a worse driver, as she seemed to believe that divine forces would prevent her from getting into any accident.²* BreakTheHaughty: Afiya came to rehab to prove to her concerned friends and family she wasn't a bad driver. But she changed her tone when the season continued after the Distracted Driving Challenge.²* DrivesLikeCrazy: Does have a habit of speeding, and like Scott and Dean from last season, she got pulled from the drive to rehab because of it.²* NeverMyFault: Claimed she had done nothing wrong when pulled over for going 50kms over the speed limit. ²* SassyBlackWoman: On her worst days. She had quite the HairTriggerTemper, and wasn't afraid to aim it at Andrew whenever she thought he was being too harsh toward her.²* StepfordSmiler: Afiya constantly smiled even when talking about her abysmal record, but revealed it was to cover up her fear of responsibility.²²!!Tab Parks²-> '''Nominator: Matt (Boyfriend)'''²* InsaneTrollLogic: Actually believed that smoking, eating, and ''texting'' while driving can be done with enough training. Fortunately, she learned the hard way that it's dangerous in the distracted driving challenge.²* NervousWreck: Her fear of driving is so severe she can actually ''shake'' in fear behind the wheel. After a session with Shyamala however, she managed to calm her anxiety down.²* NoDamageRun: Passed all the challenges in her graduation episode.²²!!Ben Reiman²-> '''Nominator: Jen (Wife)'''²* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: He not only gets distracted while driving, he dozes off while driving.²* ClassClown: Admits he was one when he did driving school years ago, and regrets not paying attention before.²* HappilyMarried: To his wife (and nominator).²* NiceHat: Was almost never seen without his flat cap. Even when high-speed tennis balls were being launched toward him in the reflexes test, it stayed perched on his head throughout.²²!!Lauri Bencharski²-> '''Nominator: Shaun (Fiancé)'''²* FriendToAllLivingThings: And it's the reason why's she's here. She loves bringing her pets on drives, and has one of her dogs on ''her neck''! Case in point, she was doing good on the assessment test, but when Andrew introduced her to stuffed animals that represented her pets, her performance degraded.²* IChooseToStay: Wanted to stay another week after Episode 2 despite being the better of the eight in the challenges. The panel honored her wishes and graduated Jon over her.²* NoDamageRun: Passed all the challenges in her graduation episode.²²!!Jon Parsons²-> '''Nominator: Elise (Girlfriend)'''²* DrivesLikeCrazy: His drive to rehab would have been stopped for speeding, if not for the fact that he had attended rehab in a two-seater sports car, meaning that there was no cameraman to stop the drive. He quickly stopped doing this after meeting Aaron and seeing first-hand what the results could be.²* JerkassRealization: After meeting with Aaron.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 8]]²²!!Kevin Simmons ²-> '''Nominator: Lenny Stone (Boyfriend)'''²* CheatersNeverProsper: He tried to cheat a pass out of the "Shoulder Check Challenge" by turning his left shoulder to see what color the column is (the nominees are looking for green) and then turning to the right lane. He failed that challenge because of it.²* CripplingOverspecialization: Only passed two challenges in rehab, and both had to do with stunt driving maneuvers, which have the [[AwesomeButImpractical least applicability outside of the show]]²* DefiantToTheEnd: Even after his terrible road test, Kevin stated he would continue to drive. This resulted in him being the joint winner with Flora.²* HandicappedBadAss: Oh very {{subverted}} as he only passed two challenges.²* HiddenDepths: A classic car lover who managed to identify each of the cars' make and model for the gas station challenge by sight, and was able to identify car issues better than other contestants. He also did the tire change quicker than any contestant.²* InsaneTrollLogic: When told by Andrew that a few people who were on the show gave up driving, he called them idiots and declared he would continue to drive even if he was named Canada's Worst Driver.²* NeverMyFault: He would blame his shortcomings as a driver by his glass eye. Though as Andrew pointed out, he should have turned his head to the right more to compensate for it.²* StraightGay: Accompanied by his boyfriend, yet displayed no camp qualities otherwise.²²!!Flora Wang ²-> '''Nominator: Frank (Husband)'''²* [[AsianDrivers Asian Driver]]: And she was the Co-Winner alongside Kevin.²* BackseatDriver: Her nominator Frank gave her bad advice and tried to interfere with her performance several times. While it was hinted that Flora tried to shut him up about it, she never fully got him to, and she relied more and more on him as the season continued.²* CaptainOblivious: Her Public Road Test had her clueless on anything she was doing wrong.²* DefiantToTheEnd: Like Kevin, she refused to even consider giving up driving. Had either one of them done so, they would have avoided the title.²* DistaffCounterpart: To Jason from Season 3. Like him, she picked up more than her share of badgering and bad advice from her husband. And just like him, she was an equally terrible driver even when her husband wasn't in the car, leading to her being named the (joint-)worst.²* EpicFail: Her Eye of the Needle performance stands out as perhaps the worst in the show's entire history, as she spun off the track at '''140km/h'''[[note]] for Metric uses, that’s about 87 [=MPH=] [[/note]]. It was pure luck that neither she nor her husband were seriously hurt, or even killed. Afterwards, that part of the rehab center track was named after her.²* OneHitWonder (InUniverse): She did well enough in the second episode that she would have been a serious contender for the first graduate of the season, had she not asked to stay in rehab. After that, she never did well enough to be even remotely considered for graduation.²²!!Diane Zbierski²-> '''Nominator: Stephane (Husband)'''²* ClusterFBomb: In the beginning, she does it a lot, but it died down as the season continued.²* FlawlessVictory: Apart from Arun from Season 5, she had by far and away the best final road test in the show's entire history, not making a single error. It was good enough to ensure that neither Flora nor Kevin would graduate irrespective of how well their own final drives went, as Diane had done so much better than them throughout rehab (not that it mattered, given how terrible their final drives were).²* GratuitousFrench: Given she's from Quebec, she will sometimes slip into her native tongue when flustered. ²* HappilyMarried: To her husband (and nominator). In fact, their relationship improved a lot during rehab making them even more happily married.²* TookALevelInBadass: In the beginning, she was struggling with challenges and looked like she didn't care if she got the title. But by the end, she not only was the best out of them, she became one of the best drivers the show ever had.² ²!!Margherita Donato²-> '''Nominator: Cheryl Schultz (Friend)'''²* BackseatDriver: Her nominator, Cheryl was an unusual example of this, in that she kept telling Margherita to disregard the experts' advice and just drive the way she was used to doing. This saw her come within an inch of becoming the first nominator to be kicked out of rehab.²* BribingYourWayToVictory: Fully admitted that she bribed her driving instructor in order to get her license.²* KillerOutfit: She wore high heel shoes and pumps in the first half, with the show routinely telling her that it's dangerous with those types of shoes (you can't feel the pedal properly). By the time she graduated, she was wearing flat-heeled shoes.²* NervousWreck: Not so much as a lot of drivers, but her performance does fluctuate depending on what mood she's in (Episode 7 is a prime example).² ²!!Azim Kanji²-> '''Nominator: Ray (Friend)'''²* TheNapoleon: The shortest male on this season, but also gets frustrated when driving because he tends to overthink things. Once he stopped, he became calmer.²* NervousWreck: He developed a bald spot due to his stress of driving. ²* NoDamageRun: Managed to pass all three of the challenges in his graduation episode.²* TheSmartGuy: Showcased it during the "Golf Ball Challenge".²²!!Klyne Postnikoff²-> '''Nominator: Maureen (Mother)'''²* DrivesLikeCrazy: Klyne constantly speeds, texts while driving, and as a result, [[CaptainCrash has had ten accidents in just two years as a licensed driver]]. His drive to the rehab center would have been stopped for doing over 130 km/h in the oncoming lane, if not for the fact that he was only a few miles from the rehab center anyway.²* HeelFaceTurn: Both Klyne and his mother both changed their behavior on the show; Klyne's reckless driving and Maureen becoming less of an enabler.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He initially looked to be an {{Expy}} to both Colin and Scott given his poor performance in the assessment challenge, and his poor attitude. But, he did better his attitude in the next episode, landing him into this trope.²* SpoiledBrat: Thanks to his mom (and nominator) enabling him to drive like an idiot.²* WhatTheHellHero: ²** He was called out by the panel in the first episode based on his poor driving history. ²** Maureen was called out by Andrew during the "Figure Eight Challenge" when she gave Klyne an "A" for effort even though he was doing poorly.² ²!!Dallas Sam²-> '''Nominator: Gene (Sister)'''²* DudeWheresMyRespect: Almost failed to graduate, as the experts preferred the idea of graduating Diane, whose attitude they felt was safer than Dallas's. Andrew pointed out that Dallas had done much better in the challenges, and eventually persuaded the panel to graduate her.²* NervousWreck: Not as bad as a lot of the other drivers, and Andrew believed that her major problem was a lack of confidence in herself.²* PerkyGoth: Had a fair few piercings and tattoos, along with a pretty Gothic wardrobe, but was otherwise upbeat. If anything, her initial problem was her nerves.²²!!Robert Cardenas²-> '''Nominator: Socrates (Friend)''' ²-> "Slower is Safer!"²* InsaneTrollLogic: He claims he doesn't go the speed limit because whoever made speed limits made a mistake.²* PainfullySlowProjectile: Robert hates driving fast. He drives 45 no matter where he drives and that includes the ''interstate''. As mentioned in InsaneTrollLogic, he just thinks that speed limits are a mistake. He ends up overcoming this when Andrew gets him to drive faster down a straightaway and get him to realize that driving fast isn't so bad after all.²* SpearCounterpart: To Season 6's Diane. Though he manages to graduate earlier than her.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Season 9 (''Ever'')]]²* TheBusCameBack: Nine people who never graduated (5 "Winners" and 4 Runner Ups) came back this season for a second chance of redemption and avoid the title of Canada's Worst Driver ''Ever''.²!!Kevin Simmons²-> '''Nominator: Lenny Stone (Boyfriend)'''²-> '''Previous Season: 8 (Co-Worst)'''²->"I've lost my license, my car... (bleep) EVERYTHING!!"²* ArcWords: Throughout the season, Kevin has repeated that if he was named the Worst Ever, he would give up his keys and licenses. He almost tried to subvert it in the final episode, but Andrew and Lenny made him go through with it.²* CaptainCrash: In between seasons, Kevin has gotten into a serious car accident that left him with whiplash. It was used as Cam’s argument as why he was named the Worst Ever.²* CaptainOblivious: Taken to ridiculous levels in the final drive, where he not only tried to turn across two lanes at once at least a half-dozen times but failed to notice that he had driven into oncoming traffic. The latter was the last straw for Andrew, who immediately stopped the drive.²* EpicFail: While several previous drivers had failed to complete the final road test (Henrietta, Angelina, and Lance became too stressed to continue their drives, and Ashley's was stopped by mechanical failure), Kevin was the first instance of a driver doing so badly that Andrew forced them to stop despite their being willing to continue.²** He failed the straight-line reverse challenge, going forward. ²* FailedASpotCheck: His intro video for this season has him not seeing a large truck making a left turn that he was about to hit, if it weren't for Lenny.²* ForWantOfANail: Kevin came shockingly close to graduating in Episode four, after passing the first two challenges. The only things that prevented it were a) an abysmal run at the eye of the needle, and b) Angelina's NonGameplayElimination.²* KnowWhenToFoldEm: [[spoiler: Averted. Despite being name the worst and cutting his license up, Kevin still drives]]²* InsaneTrollLogic: Demolished half the course when he could take the reversing challenge forwards, along with bursting one of the car's tires and breaking a wing mirror. He still proudly proclaimed that he had passed, leaving the experts totally speechless, and getting a ''major'' tongue-lashing from Andrew and Lenny.²* MedalOfDishonor: He is officially Canada's Worst Driver. ''Ever''.²* OnlySaneMan: Lenny. He has gotten more assertive during the off season, and is more likely to call out Lenny on his bullshit more than last time.²* ReformedButRejected: He wrote a letter to the judges saying he was ready to take accountability, but failed each challenge that episode and his second letter to the judges was called out as deflecting.²* {{Retcon}}: The show seems to ignore Flora as Co-Winner with Kevin last year, as Kevin is called the worst driver of Season 8.²* SoreLoser: After being named the worst, he initially refused to even accept the trophy, much less burn his license.²* SpearCounterpart: Strangely enough, this season he seemed to turn into this for Shirley of all people. Unfortunately for him, it was Shirley as she had been in Season 7, not this year; he passed the second-most challenges after Michael, but was spectacularly dreadful on his final drive.²* TemptingFate: It's obvious that when he promised to destroy his driving license and sell his car if he failed to graduate, he never thought he would end up having to go through with it.²* TookALevelInBadass: Subverted; he did a lot better on the challenges this time around, but ended up doing far ''worse'' when it really mattered in the road test, which caused him to be named the worst.²* TookALevelInJerkass: Was considerably more petulant and ruder this season than in Season 8²²!!Dale Pitton²-> '''Nominator: Danny Pitton (Nephew)'''²-> '''Previous Season: 6 (Runner-Up)'''²* CheatersNeverProsper: It's kind of speculated that Dale intentionally left rehab and injured her hand just to get out of the final three. It didn't really matter however as her poor track record got her pulled back in the finale's ending.²* DumbBlonde: To a far worse extent than when she previously appeared on the show. She had gotten so bad that Cam concluded she was no longer mentally competent enough to drive and contacted the licensing authorities to request that her license is put up for medical review (in much the same way that he did with Donna in Season 4).²* IRejectYourReality: She made a weird and nonsensical speech to the panel in Episode 7 about "Personal Realities". However, all she did was prove to the experts that she isn't mentally fit to drive anymore.²* NonGameplayElimination: Subverted. She was expelled in the second-last episode after trying to quit rehab and injuring her hand badly enough to keep her out of the final drive, but she was brought back to be potentially named the worst anyway.²* PutOnABus: Her original nominator Jon Pitton had a falling out with her after Season 6, so her other nephew Danny Pitton became her new nominator.²* PyrrhicVictory: In as much as not being named as Canada's Worst Driver Ever counts as a "victory," she managed to avoid last place... at the cost of badly injuring her hand, and the looming possibility of a driving license review and the permanent loss of her license.²* ScrewThisImOutOfHere: She left rehab after the slalom challenge and went home briefly, only to return to rehab after cutting her hand due to a "poor personal choice" (she injured her hand trying to get back into her house as she was locked out).²²!!Sly Grosjean²-> '''Nominator: Fred Hillyer (Brother-In-Law)'''²-> '''Previous Season: 7 (Runner-Up)'''²* AesopAmnesia: In the finale of last season, Sly made a promise to Andrew that he would never drive distracted ever again. Unfortunately, he seems to have relapsed into it.²* EpicFail: ²** In the Reversing-Forward Challenge in Episode 8, his final attempt ended with him backing into a nearby car with such force that its rear windscreen practically ''exploded''! ²** He did so poorly throughout rehab that despite a perfect final drive, he became the first-ever person to fail to graduate from rehab despite not ending up as either the worst driver or runner-up (not counting the drivers who suffered a NonGameplayElimination).²* FlawlessVictory: He didn't make a single mistake during his final drive, which even Andrew was amazed by. It still didn't get him graduated, however.²* GracefulLoser: He was willing to name himself the Worst Driver Ever, even after a perfect final drive.²* HistoryRepeats: Did spectacularly poorly on the challenges, but avoided being named the worst because he did well on the road test. Again.²* KnowWhenToFoldThem: He thought that he'd still be named the Worst Ever despite a great road test due to his poor challenge record. He only got lucky because Kevin's own road test was horrific, and they brought Dale back as a possible Worst Ever.²²!!Michael Telford²-> '''Nominator: Yolanda Kozak (Friend: Episodes 1-4); Eric Kozak (Friend: Episodes 5-8)'''²-> '''Previous Season: 2 (Runner-Up)'''²-> "Perhaps... but I'm still in a Corvette!"²* ButtMonkey: Virtually nothing seemed to go right for him this season. Despite generally respectable performances throughout, Shirley did better than him in the second episode, Cam blocked his graduation in the third episode for failing the swerve-and-avoid, Angelina's enforced departure in the fourth episode stopped him from graduating, his performance in the fifth episode was the best of the group but still not graduation-worthy, Shelby did better in the sixth episode, and then Dale's taking herself out of the process in the seventh episode stopped his graduation again. And that's ''before'' you consider the abuse he had to put up from with his initial nominator. Fortunately, it all came together in the end, and he became the final graduate.²** If you include Season 2, Michael as shortlisted for graduation an astounding seven times before finally graduating rehab. ²* EarnYourHappyEnding: On top of being the runner-up last time, he endured a lot of bad luck this season to become the final graduate. ²* GentlemanSnarker: The quote above was from his final drive when a pedestrian heckled him.²* PutOnABus: Michael's original nominator, Eric, had health problems that kept him from going with him again, so Eric's wife Yolanda came with Michael.²** TheBusCameBack: But when it became clear that Yolanda was being more of a detriment to his progress, they sent her home, and brought back a recovered Eric.²* VitriolicBestBuds: Pointed out that he and his initial nominator, Yolanda were this, despite the barbs she constantly aimed at him. However, it eventually got so bad that Michael and the panel realized she wasn't helping him, and so she was sent home and replaced by Michael's original nominator, Eric.²²!!Shelby D'Souza²-> '''Nominator: Elerick D'Souza (Younger Brother)'''²-> '''Previous Season: 3 (Runner-Up)'''²* {{Adorkable}}: Every bit as much as he was in Season 3.²* EarnYourHappyEnding: Became the third graduate after being the runner-up in his season.²* EpicFail: He ran over a foam figure in the water tank challenge, causing the tank to break and spill ''the entire 100 liters'' on top of him.²* TookALevelInBadass: From the start, it was clear that he was a generally better driver than in his original appearance on the show. His main problem was that he was mediocre at high-speed driving and awful at reversing, meaning that he didn't graduate until quite late in the season.²²!!Angelina Marcantognini²-> '''Nominator: Christine Latondress Andrews (Friend)'''²-> '''Previous Season: 5 (Winner)'''²* TheAlcoholic: She tried to use alcohol as a substitute for the medication she really needed, to the point where she'd often show up for challenges with a hangover.²* ButtMonkey: The show had her portrayed in a not-so-positive light with Andrew's declarations that Angelina would be declared the worst, and the other contestants joking around about her presence on the show. This was then averted with her removal due her nervous breakdown.²* DownerEnding: Her leaving rehab to a psychiatric center was really filled with sorrow, and the show graduated no one out of respect for her. Later news reports suggest she hasn't improved, with her pleading guilty to drunk driving in April 2015.²* MedalOfDishonor: Averted. While Andrew predicted at the start of the season that she would take the title, following her departure he retracted his statement about her being the worst, saying that it was impossible to fairly judge how capable a driver she was when she had so many other problems in her life, and that Kevin (and arguably also Sly) was worse because it was clear that he simply had zero talent for driving.²* NervousWreck: In her original season she had access to prescription anti-depressants. By this season she no longer had them, and the difference was just brutal to watch, eventually culminating in her suffering a full-on nervous breakdown after the Eye of the Needle challenge, resulting in her having to be removed from the show.²* NonGameplayElimination: When it became clear that being in rehab is only making Angelina worse, the show removed her from the show and sent her to a psychiatric rehab center.²²!!Shirley Sampson²-> '''Nominator: Janis Wall (Daughter)'''²-> '''Previous Season: 7 (Winner)'''²* EarnYourHappyEnding: Became the second graduate and fully redeemed herself from the poor road test in Season 7.²* HardWorkHardlyWorks: Fully Averted! In the time between seasons, she took more private driving lessons in Halifax, and studied up on the Nova Scotia Drivers Handbook. And if her appearance on this season says anything, it paid off!²* InsultToRocks: When Janis slipped back to her worrying tone back from Season 7, Shirley called her as bad as Angelina. Janis did not take that well.²* NoDamageRun: Not only did she pass every challenge in the episode when she graduated, she only narrowly missed out on passing every part of the assessment test.²* RunningGag: Subverted this time around, as she graduated in the second episode. Even Andrew lampshades this by saying that she is going to miss her hugs.²* TookALevelInBadass: During her previous appearance she did well in the challenges, but was unable to apply it on the roads. This time around she had clearly improved massively all-around and graduated in the second episode.²²!!Chris Ferguson²-> '''Nominator: Michelle Ferguson (Wife: Didn't appear)'''²-> '''Previous Season: 1 (Winner)'''²* BaldOfAwesome: Played straight this time around. Not only did he have a flawless drive to rehab even with the burden of a severely hung-over Angelina as his passenger, he did flawlessly in the initial test and graduated in the first episode.²* EarnYourHappyEnding: Went from being the very first "Worst Driver" of the series to the first graduate of this season.²* FlawlessVictory: He's the first person ever to pass every aspect of the assessment test with no scrapes or crashes, other than a very low-speed collision during the turnaround section, and even then it wasn't enough to visibly damage the car.²* TookALevelInBadass: Big Time!²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: While most of the original nominators were with the nominees (minus Michael and Dale above), Chris's nominator and wife Michelle didn't come with him.²²!!Henrietta Gallant²-> '''Nominator: Andy Gallant (Husband)'''²-> '''Previous Season: 2 (Winner)'''²* KnowWhenToFoldEm: After realizing just how bad of a driver she was following her previous appearance on the show (and due to her husband having retired around that time), she largely gave up driving outside of the occasional run to the supermarket once a month or so. When the panel was told about this, she was disqualified and sent home.²* NonGameplayElimination: She was disqualified because the panel felt teaching her would be a waste of time as she wasn't driving that much anymore.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 10]]²!!Chanie Richard²-> '''Nominator: Jeremy King (Boyfriend)'''²-> "Selfie!"²* BookEnds: She came to rehab with two drivers’ licenses (one was an older one she lost and found before the show), and left rehab with one (In a PetTheDog moment from Andrew as having two drivers’ licenses is illegal).²* ChekhovsGun: The two licenses.²* TheDitz: It's strongly implied that she suffers from ADHD, hence why she has such poor focus and rarely seems to properly remember the lessons. In the final drive, she admitted that she'd never actually bothered reading any of the driving-related literature that was provided for the candidates.²* DudeNotFunny (InUniverse): When she was struggling in the Reverse Slalom Challenge, she jokingly asked if she could get a hug for a pass. Andrew called her out on it.²* OneHitWonder (InUniverse): She passed all three challenges in the fifth episode, and might have graduated if not for that being the season's traditional "no graduation" episode, and Chanie herself admitting that she got lucky passing said challenges. Following that, she never again came close to graduating.²* RunningGag: "Selfie!"²* SelfieFiend: She nearly rolled the car during the Distracted Driving challenge, when she hit an obstacle while taking a selfie (something she commonly did before the show).²* WhamLine: Her admission in the final meeting with the experts that she'd showed up to rehab without the medication she needs to focus. She'd likely have been named the worst regardless due to Siham being a generally better driver and Jason improving more, but this all but ensured it.²²!!Siham Martell²-> '''Nominator: Wayne Martell (Husband)'''²* BackseatDriver: Wayne kept trying to help Siham, but was only making things worse. Siham did try to tell him to shut up, but the fact she had to do so repeatedly meant he wasn't getting the hint. ²* BitchInSheepsClothing: Throughout her time on the show she generally seemed quite meek and nervous. The day after the finale aired she went completely ballistic on social media, complaining that the show had made her look ''too nice'', aiming lengthy expletive-laden tirades at Andrew and the show's producers, and even telling former contestants and nominators (including Jodi from Season 2, and Kevin's nominator Lenny) to go fuck themselves when they tried to calm her down.²* CrackDefeat: Jason getting the final graduation over her was a pretty contentious decision, as he made more errors on his final drive and generally did worse than her throughout rehab. However, Jason did improve more than Siham, and Siham's own errors were more serious than Jason's (and arguably even Chanie's) despite her committing fewer of them, so there were valid reasons to graduate them both.²* DistaffCounterpart: She at least ''seemed'' to be this for Season 7's Aaron for much of the season, as they had similarly lost confidence after being involved in a major accident. Unfortunately, her reaction after the season ended quickly wrecked that impression.²* FailedASpotCheck: If Andrew hadn't warned Siham in time, she would have gotten into a serious accident during her final drive.²* NervousWreck: She was a confident driver long ago, but after getting into an accident, her confidence dropped and must take anti-anxiety medication.²* YouTalkTooMuch: As previously mentioned, her husband is very bad when it comes to backseat driving. Finally, in episode 7 she tells him point-blank "You talk too much. Instructions or nothing." In this case, though, her husband can't really be blamed because she had specifically been asking him to guide her instead of doing the course herself like the should have.²²!!Jason Marcoux ²-> '''Nominator: Bart Marcoux (Brother)'''²* BlindWithoutEm: He was an early favorite to be named the season's worst, due to his spectacularly terrible early performances. After he got glasses a few episodes in, however, he started doing far better.²* {{Expy}}: At first he seemed to be this for Sly, due to his similar level of incompetence in the challenges. However, it eventually turned out that his problem was his bad eyesight more than a lack of ability, meaning that he eventually became the season's final graduate.²* PottyEmergency: He had one during the Road Test, so he had to go outside on a tree. After parking in two stalls designated for nurses.²* RunningGag: His Happy and Sad dances.²* TruthInTelevision: There is a reason why Jason didn't wear glasses before rehab. He didn't need them back then, and Canadian laws state that all licensed drivers must be retested at age 80.²** RealityEnsues: That being said, the show sent him to an optometrist office for an eye exam, and the optometrist said he would have to contact the Ministry of Transportation about it which might put Jason's license up for review (albeit likely not with any consequences worse than simply being barred from driving without glasses).²²!!Tyler Fitzsimmons²-> '''Nominator: John "Q" Quart (Friend)'''²* ClosestThingWeGot: Everybody did poorly in the season's penultimate episode, with the only outright challenge pass belonging to Jason. Tyler ended up graduating because even though he didn't do too well, he still did the best in the two challenges most applicable to real-life (reversing and the icy corner).²* GracefulInTheirElement: When it comes to piloting light aircraft, he's very capable. When it comes to cars, however, he has a ''lot'' more trouble.²²!!Mariah Carriere²-> '''Nominator: Jessica (Friend)'''²* DarkAndTroubledPast: Her father abandoned her family when she was very young, and she subsequently didn't have the best relationship with her mother, which was a major contributor to the reckless attitude she had at the start of the season.²* DrunkDriver: She was at the beginning, with Andrew lambasting her passive attitude over the course of the show.²* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: Her initial personality when she came on the show. Thankfully, CharacterDevelopment would kick in.²* MirthlessLaughter: She did this ''a lot'' during the show, likely due to her DarkAndTroubledPast.²* NoDamageRun: Passed all the challenges in her graduation episode, but ''barely'' edged over Siham as Tim described Mariah having more confidence.²* OlderAndWiser: In a scene cut from the Season 12 finale (though posted online), she came back to the show to share her own story with Krystal, to get through to her. Sadly, it failed, though at least confirmed that Mariah had learned from the experience, even if Krystal didn't.²* StepfordSmiler: Her constant laughing and smiling was to cover her own DarkAndTroubledPast.²* TattooAsCharacterType: When she graduated, the show brought her tattoo artist to give her a tattoo that signifies her promise to never drink and drive ever again (something she promised to do if she graduated).²²!!George Firth²-> '''Nominator: Patrik (Friend)'''²* TheBully: Not so much to people's faces, but he did often try to intimidate other drivers while at the wheel.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Despite his occasionally jerkish behavior, he genuinely wanted to reform for the sake of ensuring that his son didn't inherit any of his bad driving habits.²* ManChild: If anything, a lot of the time he seemed ''less'' mature than his 17-year-old son was.²* RunningGag: Patrik would punch George every time he would fail a challenge, something even Andrew got into. This is ultimately subverted as George would graduate in the fourth episode.²²!!Santana Pike²-> '''Nominator: Jim-Bob Kane (Friend)'''²* AuthorAppeal: As a fellow Newfoundlander, Andrew was naturally quite fond of her, especially since she proved one of the better drivers right from the start, helping her uphold (what Andrew claimed to be, at least) the province's reputation for producing good drivers.²* DeadpanSnarker: Jim-Bob.²* NoDamageRun: Had the best challenge run of the nominees in her graduation episode.²²!!Ian Brannan²-> '''Nominator: Adam (Friend)'''²* TheCobblersChildrenHaveNoShoes: He's a taxi driver, and is pretty much a bad driver.²* HiddenDepths: He isn't a taxi driver by choice. He's only doing it to pay for journalism school.²* NoDamageRun: An unusual inversion; he never actually passed a single challenge on the show -- although a couple in his graduation episode were near-misses -- but was graduated because the experts refused to graduate George under any circumstances until they could be sure he wouldn't turn his son into a bad driver, and Ian was considered the safest of the remaining drivers (Santana was probably the most skilled driver aside from George, but wrecked her chances with a terrible Eye of the Needle run).²* RunningGag: Subverted. Andrew had intended to have Ian drive the Cadillac challenges with a Taxi sign on top. Unfortunately, he graduated in the second episode.²* ShockingElimination (InUniverse): He and his nominator were surprised that he was even on the ''short list''.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 11]]²!!Jillian Matthews²-> '''Nominator: Mitchell Kiely (Fiancé)'''²-> "I am really ''really'' frustrated, and Shyamala said I'm not allowed to take it out on you anymore. So I'm trying ''really'' f*cking hard to be nice!"²* CripplingOverspecialization: She's the best technical driver this season as her multiple challenge wins show, but her nerves and fear of driving really hindered her on public roads.²* DownerEnding: Everything seemed to be setting up for her to finally shake off her demons in her final drive. Sadly, it wasn't to be, and her inability to even attempt the drive caused her to be named the worst.²* {{Expy}}: Kind of one to Season 4's Ashley. Both were the best technical drivers of their season, but both had emotional problems that hindered their performance (Ashley had road rage issues while Jillian had severe anxiety issues). ²* HairTriggerTemper: When she gets stressed, she yells at the first person next to her, mainly her fiancé.²* [[HenpeckedHusband Henpecked Fiance]]: Mitchell got yelled a lot by Jillian due to her stress level, though the show made sure she stops doing it. It did get better, and while she was named Canada's Worst Driver, she did leave with a newly strengthened relationship with Mitchell.²* NervousWreck: This is a bit of an interesting case. Unlike a lot of drivers in this show that have fears of driving with barely any skills, Jillian does have the skills to drive, but her fear of driving is so bad, she can breakdown in the driver seat and be an emotional wreck. ²* ScrewThisImOutOfHere: She angrily left the "Reverse Figure Eight" challenge during Sholom's run when he was doing poorly. Though Andrew said that her yelling at him when he ''is'' trying was uncalled for.²* SoreLoser: Reacted very angrily when she was named the worst... at least initially. In an interview the day after the season finale aired, she revealed that she didn't see Polly's or Sholom's final drives until the episode aired, and that having seen their drives convinced her it was the right decision in retrospect.²²!!Polly Sergeant²-> '''Nominator: Jeff (Son-In-Law)'''²* EpicFail: Just when one might have thought that Shmuel's train wreck of a run would be the worst on the Swerve and Avoid, Polly came along and floored the gas after swerving away from the obstacle, causing her to travel at least a couple of hundred yards off the track before getting stuck in the mud.²* HistoryRepeats: Much like Dale from Season 6, she did badly throughout the season and had a poor final drive, but avoided being named the worst because one of the other contestants couldn't even finish (or, in this case, ''attempt'') their own final drive.²* InsistentTerminology: In her own words, she isn't a "bad" driver or even the "worst". Calling herself a "terrible" driver, on the other hand, is something she agrees with.²²!!Sholom Hoffman²-> '''Nominator: Shmuel Hoffman (Brother/Fellow Contestant)'''²* ButtMonkey: He was immediately deemed by everyone on the show to be Canada's Worst Driver by the second half of the season. A prominent example is during the finale when even though Polly's run on the "Forward and Reverse Slalom" was worse than his, everyone still pointed to him as the worst of them all. It was also clear that the experts were expecting it to be a ForegoneConclusion that he would be the worst, and were thrown for a loop when he actually had the ''best'' road test of the final three and did better than Polly in the slalom and Mega-Challenge, meaning he couldn't feasibly be named the worst.²* DitzyGenius: An honours graduate from McGill University, and yet he cannot grasp any aspect of driving whatsoever²* EpicFail: ²** He shares Angelina's terrible challenge record with only one challenge win out of twenty-three. ²** He also failed to graduate like Sly did in Season 9.²* HiddenDepths: Graduated with honours from McGill University²* InsaneTrollLogic: Thought that using a toy car to map out his plan for the challenges would help. While a toy car ''is'' a useful way of demonstrating how front-end swing works, it's not as useful for other challenges.²* IronicName: Sholom is a Hebrew name that roughly translates to "peaceful." Between the damage he did to the cars, his usually demolishing most of the test courses, and how much yelling and screaming he got out of the other drivers (Jillian in particular), his time on the show was anything ''but'' peaceful.²* SelfDeprecation:²** Despite his awful track record in the season, his being the only one of the final three who was willing to admit being potentially the worst played a big part in ensuring that he wasn't even ''considered'' for (much less awarded) the title.²** Throughout the season, he fully admitted he should never have had a license and believes the testing system is flawed.²* SiblingRivalry: He nominated his brother Shmuel as Canada's Worst Driver (who in turn nominated him) out of spite, though it became painfully clear by Episode 4 that Sholom was the worse of the two.²²!!Renee Boily²-> '''Nominator: Jacque Ehm (Cousin)'''²* ClosestThingWeGot: Her run on the 180-degree spinout was the cleanest out of the final four, but she wasn't at 180 degrees (closest would have been 175 degrees). However, Renee and Jacque believe that she deserved the pass.²* NervousWreck: Initially she was just as bad as Jillian in this regard, easily breaking down in tears at the thought of doing the high-speed challenges, to say nothing of driving in public. She was able to shake it off better than Jillian, however, and graduated in the penultimate episode.²* WhamLine (InUniverse): She could have graduated in Episode 6, but when she admitted that she wouldn't drive with her son on the highway just yet, the show graduated Jordan instead. Renee lampshades this in the next episode, though admits the panel made the right decision.²²!!Jordan Paddon ²-> '''Nominator: Lorraine Paddon (Mother)'''²* BlindWithoutThem: He had bad eyesight, but got glasses early in the show. What's interesting is that he stated he did wear glasses as a kid, but stopped wearing them out fear they weren't cool.²* CampGay: Probably the most visible example of this on the show so far, which Jordan himself lampshaded on a few occasions.²* TheDandy: He primps himself (while driving of course) that normally would have been done by the female drivers.²* ItsAllAboutMe: At least initially.²* TookALevelInKindness: In the beginning of the season, he was one of the most selfish drivers out there who looked like he wouldn't change no matter the situation. But by the end of his run, he became nicer and less selfish while driving. In addition, he started taking the challenges more seriously. Cam even lampshades this in his graduation episode.²²!!Shmuel Hoffman²-> '''Nominator: Sholom Hoffman (Brother/Fellow Contestant)'''²-> "And that's how you do it ladies and gentleman."²* BigBrotherInstinct: Despite the SiblingRivalry between him and Sholom, he did demonstrate this on occasion, most notably after the Swerve and Avoid fiasco, where the first thing he did after coming to his senses was to check that Sholom was okay (which, fortunately, he was).²* DemotedToExtra: Once he graduated, he fully became Sholom's nominator and didn't appear much afterwards aside from challenges.²* EpicFail: You expect people to hit things in the Driving Distracted Challenge, but Shmuel ends up destroying half the course in his run. Though the good thing about that was that he promised to quit texting and driving forever.²* NoDamageRun: He passed all the challenges in his graduation episode.²* OnlySaneMan: He is this when you compare him to his younger brother.²* SiblingRivalry: He nominated his brother Sholom as Canada's Worst Driver (who in turn nominated him) out of spite. Though by Episode 4, Shmuel was clearly the better of the two.²* WhatWereYouThinking: Got this reaction from Andrew after his calamitous Swerve and Avoid run, where he ended up completely obliterating the course's central wall as a result of speeding and pumping the brakes. Had he passed the challenge; he'd have seriously challenged Cameron for that episode's graduation.²²!!Cameron Donavin²-> '''Nominator: Kristopher Jay (Friend)'''²* {{Adorkable}}²* BigYes: Did a whole bunch of these after passing the Swerve and Avoid, which would prove to be the final challenge he passed before graduating.²* InsaneTrollLogic: Cameron thought he could go around the Reverse Figure Eight without stopping, which resulted in him hitting three objects (though it was considered the best of the seven next to Shmuel's perfect run).²* MandatoryUnretirement: He quit driving before rehab because his multiple accidents were racking up the bills. He's forced to come back to driving because his place of work is moving locations.²* NoDamageRun: Passed all the challenges in his graduation episode.²²!!Tina Cook²-> '''Nominator: Ashley Cook (Daughter)'''²* BadassBiker: Revealed to be one in her graduation episode, and it was stated that she drove carefully next to bikers out of respect.²* DrunkDriver: In the middle of her audition ride, she took in shots of alcohol with friends, and continued to drive. Andrew was not happy when he found out. ²* NeverMyFault: Under most circumstances, she'd likely have talked herself out of graduating in the second episode, as she reacted quite angrily to the suggestion that she had an attitude problem (Alex, by comparison, more readily admitted his faults in that regard). However, having an extra contestant this season and her doing the best in that episode's challenges saw her earn a double graduation with Alex.²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Tina had another one of her daughters accompany her on the audition ride, but her oldest daughter Ashley was the one to come with her to rehab.²²!!Alex Morrison²-> '''Nominator: Elysha (Friend)'''²* DrivesLikeCrazy: He's lucky to be alive if you see his audition run.²* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: Or grandmamas, in his case. It was revealed that he ''did'' drive considerately when his grandmother was in the car, and after promising to always drive like she was in the car (and getting a cardboard cut-out of her to make sure he did just that), he became the joint-first graduate.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: While arrogant, he is willing to admit his mistakes. And plus, he does drive more safely when his Grandma is in the car with him, so he isn't a total JerkAss.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 12]]²!!Krystal [=McCann=]²-> '''Nominator: Steven [=McCann=] (Brother)'''²-> "F*ck you, Andrew!"²* BandWagonTechnique: She refuses to stop Texting and Driving because in her mind, "Everybody Texts and Drives".²* BerserkButton: Andrew's presence is a big one for her. This is based on the fact Andrew called her a "Selfish idiot" after hearing about her NightmareFuel of a drive up to rehab (which had a total of ''107'' moving violations). Though Andrew had every right to call her that because of her attitude.²* ButchLesbian: She was nominated originally by her former girlfriend, as seen in her first nomination video. They'd split up by the time the season began filming, however, leaving her brother to act as her nominator.²* DefiantToTheEnd: No matter what the experts tried to teach her, or any failures she had on the courses, Krystal simply refused to change her ways.²* DrivesLikeCrazy: UpToEleven. It's so bad the camera crew refused to go with her in the car for the drive to rehab after her audition drive.²* DudeNotFunny (InUniverse): A lot of Krystal's behavior is this, but the one that takes the cake is her laughing at Daniella when she's struggling in the Reverse Slalom. It was so offensive that Tyler forced Krystal to switch seats with him, and Jana and Chantal angrily told off Krystal.²* EpicFail:²** Daniella's final drive was bad enough that in most seasons she'd at least have been given serious consideration as the worst, if not awarded the title. Krystal was so bad in her own final drive, especially with her attitude toward Andrew, that the panel agreed that they didn't even ''need'' to discuss whether she was the worst or not.²** On top of that, she's so far the only "winner" to not receive the trophy. As Andrew stated, they give the trophies to the Worst Drivers since they are the people that have learned the most out of rehab (for better or for worse). But since Krystal refused to learn how to be a safer driver, they instead turned the trophy into a "Final Graduate Trophy" and gave it to Tyler.²* TheFriendNobodyLikes: She very quickly turned into this thanks to her attitude. Everyone on the show tried their hardest to be nice to her, but by the latter stages of the competition everyone's patience had clearly run out, eventually resulting in several people calling her out on her behavior towards Daniella in the final episode.²* HairTriggerTemper: Would repeatedly drop [[ClusterFBomb Cluster F-Bombs]] at everyone and anyone at the slightest provocation, and she wasn't afraid to do so to Andrew and the experts as well.²* HiddenDepths: For all her problematic attitude could be a half-decent driver if she could focus or is feeling competitive. Unfortunately, getting her to do so is the problem.²* HoistByTheirOwnPetard: Most of her challenge failures can be attributed to her overconfidence. A few examples include:²** Driving a 100km/h in the "Swerve and Avoid Challenge" that resulted in her crashing into the front barrier, and ''almost killing'' the Mustang Car halfway into the season.²** Deciding to go off-road in the "Trailer Challenge", resulting in her getting stuck in a mud pit.²** Asking to shorten the gap in the "Know Your Limit Slalom" challenge to 25 meters (or 82 ft) on a course that has them driving at 80km/h, resulting in her spinning out of control.²* {{Jerkass}}: Possibly the biggest one of the series, probably even more than Colin or Scott. Colin and Scott were arrogant, but they were expelled for various reasons (Colin because he wasn't taking rehab seriously, and Scott because his nominator pulled his insurance from him). Krystal, however, was on the show for the full episodes, so viewers had to watch nasty attitude towards Andrew and the Judges every episode.²* JerkassRealization: A day after the season ended, Krystal stated in a [[ interviewed Calgary AM radio show]] that after leaving rehab, she realized she was a danger on the road. She stated that she hasn't touched her phone while driving since October, and even went to see medical help on her behavior (it turns out she is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder).²* MedalOfDishonor: Andrew said that she might seriously challenge Kevin for the title of the show's worst-ever driver, albeit she has a completely different set of issues to him, with her problem being more her attitude than any outright lack of driving ability.²* NeverMyFault: By far and away the show's worst-ever contestant in this regard, as she repeatedly claimed that as a millennial she has to be treated with kid gloves at all times, and that anytime someone upsets her it's always their own fault. Note that Cody, Daniella, and Diana are also in roughly the same age range (and Amrinder, though he grew up in India), yet never displayed anything remotely like this attitude.²* OnlySaneMan: Steven.²* ScrewThisImOutOfHere:²** She does this whenever she's pissed off. But two infamous moments on the show include; angrily leaving the panel (and cursing and flipping off them) when they try to tell her that driving while texting on her cell phone is dangerous in Episode 4, and leaving pissed off when Andrew and Steven confront her about her behavior in Episode 6.²** Steven ended up doing this in the finale after reaching his limit with Krystal's behavior after the "Reverse Slalom Challenge" in the finale. He wasn't even there during the trophy ceremony, although he did film a final interview expressing his concern for his sister’s wellbeing.²* SoreLoser: Surprisingly enough, downplayed. She didn't get as angry as several past candidates have on being told they're the worst, but also clearly didn't give a crap about getting the title.²* WatchThePaintJob: Par for the course she badly mangled a bunch of vehicles in the season, but she went a step further by managing to damage the car hired out for the final drive, even if it was only the tires and hubcaps.²²!!Daniella Florica²-> '''Nominator: Chantal Scapinello (Sister)'''²-> "Now what?"²* BittersweetEnding: She wasn't named the worst driver this season, but she never fully learned how to drive on the highway without being stressed out. Becomes {{inverted}} soon afterwards when Daniella posted on social media after the finale that she got her full G license months after filmed, meaning her fear on highway driving is all but gone.²* FatalFlaw: Her complete inability to drive on the highway, which eventually culminated in her suffering a HeroicBSOD on her final drive and having to have Andrew make every single decision for her. If not for that, she would likely have gotten the final graduation over Tyler, as her final drive until that point had been better. As it was, it was probably only Krystal's terrible final drive and even worse attitude that kept Daniella from being named the worst.²* HardWorkHardlyWorks: Averted; While she did struggle in the training for the trailer challenge, she took to Google and found tutorial videos to help her. It worked, and Tim praised her for taking the extra step.²* NervousWreck: Got very easily stressed out. She was able to reduce it somewhat throughout the season, but was never able to deal with it while on the highway.²²!!Tyler Dupont²-> '''Nominator: Jana Dupont (Wife)'''²* CaptainOblivious: To painful levels when being prompted to speak about his drunk driving habits. Most of the time he thinks it's about something else driving related.²* CharacterDevelopment: The show did this for him during his stay at rehab. When the season first started, he was shown to be an unrepentant drunk driver who could have easily been awarded Canada's Worst Driver if it wasn't for Krystal. But by the second half of the season, he did try to take the challenges more seriously. And by episode six, he was seen in a more sympathetic light when it was revealed that a brain injury that happened during a car accident lead him to drink in order to calm himself down. Toss in a decent performance during the Mega Challenge and an adequate road test and Tyler became a deserving graduate of the show to the point that not only Steven was impressed with his development, but the show repurposed the Worst Driver trophy as a Final Graduate Trophy instead.²* DrowningMySorrows: Before leaving for rehab, Tyler mentions that he drinks in order to calm himself down. It wasn't until Episode 6 when Jana revealed to Andrew that a brain injury from an accident caused his anxiety to spike up, so he drinks to slow his brain down. ²* DrunkDriver: He admits to being one early on, causing everyone around him to chew him out for his total (apparent) obliviousness to this problem. Fortunately, he manages to promise to stop drinking and driving by the second half of the season. Not only that, we find out the true reason why he chose to drive impaired.²* EpicFail: His Eye Of The Needle run is considered as bad as Flora's. Ironically, he admitted he laughed at Flora's performance when he watched the incident years ago.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: Before leaving on his drive to rehab, he mentions he drinks and drives to calm himself down, something Andrew states he never heard of in his run on the show. In Episode 6, we see the reason why.²* MedalOfDishonor: {{Subverted}}. He got the trophy (repurposed into the "Final Graduate Trophy") because he learned the most out of the final three (that, and the show didn't think Krystal deserved it).²* NiceHat: Is rarely seen without his baseball cap.²* NoDamageRun: Well he made ''one'' hit on a rim, but he posted what the show declared the best Mega Challenge run ever.²* NotSoDifferent: Despite getting an earful from Mike over his drink-driving, it turned out that Tyler himself had received a brain injury in a traffic accident, which was the cause of the anxiety that caused him to drink and drive in the first place.²* ThrowItIn (InUniverse): The show wasn't going to do a "Trailer Challenge", or even a lesson, as Tim believed anyone can do it with simple steps. But Tyler asked for one, and they did it with everyone. Tyler managed to pass the challenge flawlessly.²* TookALevelInBadass: Did horribly throughout much of the season, and would have been the clear favorite to be named the worst had Krystal not also been there. He improved massively in the last three episodes, however, and ended up becoming the final graduate.²²!!Lou Valcourt²-> '''Nominator: Derek Lambert (Husband)'''²* DarkAndTroubledPast: She lost her friend to a drunk driver, which could explain why it took her till her 40's to get her full license.²* HappilyMarried: To her husband Derek.²* MulticoloredHair: Her hair is colorful.²* NervousWreck: She only got her full license just last year, but her biggest fear is highway driving.²* NoDamageRun: The only person to pass all the challenges in her graduation episode.²* PerkyGoth: Most of the time she fell into this category; driving was the one situation where she turned into more of a nervous Goth.²* TheQuietOne: Derek rarely talks, and the show's editors decided to poke fun in one episode by adding ''cricket'' sounds for him.²²!!Mike Adrain²-> '''Nominator: Christian Adrain (Wife)'''²-> "People have hit me, and I'm the result of what happens when people hit people. And I'm not going to be the guy that hit me."²* CaptainCrash: He tends to hit things back at home. Part of the problem is that he drives a big truck at home, and even agrees with Andrew in Episode 5 that it's probably better to trade it in for a smaller car.²* {{Expy}}: To Aaron, but UpToEleven. While Aaron's accident led to obvious physical disabilities, Mike's accident made him forget ''everything''. He had to relearn everything from walking to driving.²* HappilyMarried: To his wife (and nominator) Christian. She was also in the same vehicle when Mike had his accident, and she had injuries from it as well.²* HiddenDepths: For someone with a brain injury, he managed to pass more high-speed challenges than Andrew thought he would.²* IChooseToStay: He constantly asked to stay in rehab in the hopes he could improve more. It gets {{subverted}} in Episode 6 however, when the panel decided to graduate him despite his request to stay since he was easily the best out of the nominees so far, and the only other realistic nominee, Daniella, still had severe issues with nervousness.²²!!Diana Hutchings²-> '''Nominator: Joedy (Brother-In-Law)'''²* BeliefMakesYouStupid: UpToEleven. Her constant use of spiritual items while driving is hazardous. Andrew did emphasize that there was nothing wrong with her beliefs in themselves, but doing them while at the wheel was ''very'' foolish.²* BreakTheHaughty: She was initially dismissive about the "Distracted Driving Challenge", but soon realized what her distractions could cause in the worst-case scenario.²* HiddenDepths: After the "Distracted Driving Challenge", she admits to Andrew that her need for the spiritual items is to help with her confidence.²* InnocentlyInsensitive: Lit an incense stick for her figure-eight reversing run without bothering to ask any of the other drivers if it was okay. Most of them were clearly bothered by the smoke and smell but were polite enough not to say anything. Krystal, on the other hand...²* NoDamageRun: Was the only person to pass all three challenges in her graduation episode.²²!!Amrinder Dua²-> '''Nominator: Akash (Friend)'''²* [[AsianDrivers Asian Driver]]: Again, like Arun, he's from India but it still counts.²* CaptainCrash: Totaling his friend's (and nominator's) car resulted in him being nominated.²* DopeSlap: On the receiving end from Andrew after failing the "Eye Of The Needle Challenge" due to speeding.²* DrivesLikeCrazy: Mostly due to being unfamiliar with Canadian Road Rules.²* SpearCounterpart: {{Subverted}}. He initially looked to be this with Krystal as they're both the youngest this season, both drive like crazy, and both are addicted to their cell phones. Amrinder, however, took the lessons more seriously than her and graduated second.²²!!Cody Jensen²-> '''Nominator: Sarah (Girlfriend)'''²* AllOrNothing: The stakes for Cody are high. He's one demerit point away from losing his license again (possibly permanently). and his girlfriend has threatened to leave him if it happens.²* ConsolationPrize: Got a Mike car freshener just as a reminder after he graduated.²* DrivesLikeCrazy: He likes to drift around while turning corners.²* {{Expy}}: Of Season 7's John. Down to the point that both were convinced to change their ways after talking to someone who was in a serious car accident.²* JerkassRealization: He promised to stop driving recklessly after talking with Mike.²* NoDamageRun: One of the few people (next to Chris from ''Ever'') to do the assessment challenge flawlessly. This proves to Andrew though that Cody's problems aren't technical, but more on attitude.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 13]]²!!Melanie Lautard²-> '''Nominator: Christina (Best Friend)'''²* ClusterFBomb: She did this during her final drive when Andrew asked her to do the driver's commentary. Andrew lampshades this by trying to get her to do a Cluster ''Fun'' Bomb instead.²* DudeNotFunny (InUniverse): Sending goofy pics to the contestants while in the hospital after fainting doesn't make the other nominees happy at the very least.²* {{Foil}}:²** To Ashley. While both are nervous drivers that do not have a lot of skills, Ashely was willing to learn more from the experts while Melanie was not.²** To Shayne. Both had abit of a negative outlook on driving but as with Ashely above, Shayne shook that outlook around the second half while Melanie kept hold of it to the very end.²* [[GoodParents Good Parent]]: Her main reason for coming to rehab is to gain more confidence on the highway as a lot of her kid's doctors’ appointments are in Halifax. Subverted in the end, however, as she never made a serious effort to improve, got named the worst of the season, and then never bothered taking the extra lessons that the show paid for her to have.²* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: Episode 6 reveals that during the evenings, she would party and get drunk. RealityEnsues soon enough as she starts having dizzy spells and had to be sent to a hospital for a few days, missing two challenges along with Travis's graduation as a result.²* NervousWreck: Only started driving due to a recent divorce, and she's even afraid of parking in handicap spots.²* OddFriendship: Not that it was ever shown on-screen, but she apparently struck one of these up with Joe's nominator Tony during or after filming of the season. After the finale aired, Tony claimed on the show's Facebook page that the reason she never took up the driving lessons the show paid for was because he'd helped her improve her driving skills, and that she was now a competent driver.²* SoreLoser: While it's more downplayed than most of the other recipients, she was clearly upset by that decision and swore at Andrew. She even flipped him off when she was leaving.²* UngratefulBastard: She showed a bit of it when she was driving on the highway, and even lashed out at Tim a couple of times. Episode 7 revealed that she was getting more public driving lessons that the rest of the nominees, but still refused to follow Tim's suggestion (even the famous "drivers’ commentary") to help her out, which led Andrew to wonder if their efforts were working. Then in the end of Episode 8, Andrew revealed to her that when she got home they would offer her driving lessons, but she had not taken them at the time the finale aired (which was five months after it was filmed) although there is a good reason as the trope above explained.²²!!Ashley Dunne²-> '''Nominator: Jillian Kieley (Friend/Canada's Worst Driver Season 11 "Winner")'''²* BittersweetEnding: Ashley clearly had improved a lot during rehab, but it wasn't enough for her to graduate. Still, Andrew was amazed at how far Ashley had progressed when it came time for the final road test.²* TheBusCameBack: Jillian from Season 11 returns as Ashley's nominator, making her the first person in the franchise to be both a nominee and nominator in different seasons (Sholom and Shmuel from the same season were the first pairs of nominees and nominators overall).²* DistaffCounterpart: Oddly, she ended up being this for Sly from Season 7 and ''Ever'', in that she did poorly throughout the challenges, but avoided being named the worst thanks to a near-perfect road test. Averted in one sense however, in that the experts did believe she could become a competent driver if she shakes off her nerves, as opposed to Sly, who they very firmly believed shouldn't be driving.²* EpicFail: Presented what Andrew calls the "Worst Slalom Run" in the show's history as she ran through ''all'' five of the foam figures in the assessment challenge. Her overall performance on that challenge is also deemed by Andrew as the "Worst Assessment Challenge" performance ever.²* {{Expy}}: She shares a lot of Jillian's traits from Season 11; bad anxiety, doesn't drive unless it's work-related, and cries under pressure.²* FailedASpotCheck: The pedestrian on her final drive. To be fair, it also appeared that the pedestrian wasn't paying attention to his surroundings while crossing the street as well.²* {{Foil}}: ²** Between her and Jillian, both exhibit bad anxiety problems in rehab and on the road. It's just the difference is that Jillian showed in her season the basic skills of a good driver, while Ashley has yet to show it. In the end, she ended up being somewhat the opposite of Jillian; she stayed nervous throughout the season in challenges, but unlike Jillian, not only felt confident enough to attempt the road test, but even turned in the best test of the final three (well, aside from the slight matter of nearly running someone over).²** She is also one to Melanie as they are both drivers with problems on the highway, but Ashley is willing to learn more than Melanie.²* ForWantOfANail: Admittedly, it was a pretty ''big'' nail; her final drive was completely flawless, apart from an incident where she nearly ran over a pedestrian and had to be stopped by Andrew. If not for that, it would have been a complete no-brainer to name Melanie the worst, and Ashley might even have challenged Adam for the final graduation (though it would have been a long shot, considering Adam's own final drive was quite good, and he had a much better track record in the challenges). Instead, it nearly got her named the worst.²* HardWorkHardlyWorks: {{Averted}}. While she was not the best in the challenges and ended up failing to graduate, she was a better student than Melanie in rehab, which probably helped the expert's decision in deciding who was the worst.²* HistoryRepeats: ²** Played with. Like Jillian, she failed to graduate, but she wasn't named Canada's Worst Driver either.²** In a more straightforward example, she ended up following a similar path to Emily from Season 4, in that she was consistently at the bottom of the pile when it came to the challenges, but ended up avoiding being the worst simply because she put in an effort to improve, unlike the one who ended up being named the worst (Ashley in Season 4, Melanie this season).²* NervousWreck: She's possibly as bad in this regard as Jillian was in Season 11. Andrew mentions that she cried 14 times during the drive to rehab, and during the audition tape she repeatedly takes her hands off the wheel while panicking and attempts to make a U-turn in a ''roundabout'', driving against traffic.²* OlderAndWiser: Jillian. She's more patient, less likely to lash out at anyone, and she even revealed in the season premiere that her driving has been a lot better since leaving rehab.²* PinkIsFeminine: She got a pink Cadillac for the parking lot challenge, much to her excitement.²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Played with regarding Jillian. Although Andrew and Jillian had a brief discussion on the latter's driving during the beginning of the season, not much more about Jillian's improvement was shown on screen.²²!!Adam Bourre²-> '''Nominator: Pat Bourre (Father)'''²* {{Adorkable}}: He is this in spades.²* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: He always did well throughout rehab, but ended up in the final episode purely because someone else did just that little bit better -- Julie in the third week, Breanna in the fourth, Travis in the sixth, and Shayne in the seventh -- and the one week that he ''was'' inarguably the best driver was the week where no-one is ever allowed to graduate. Fortunately, all his hard work paid off and he became the final graduate.²* EarnYourHappyEnding: He learned a lot in rehab in terms of driving and confidence and became the final graduate after a near-perfect road test.²* HeroicBSOD: Suffered one during the Icy Corner Challenge when he constantly hit the wall, but he did manage to pull himself together and pass.²* HiddenDepths: His confidence can be sparked up when given motivation, as Andrew did in the assessment challenge for the slalom portion.²* ManChild: Labelled as one by the show (although mostly for humor), and part of his goal is to gain more confidence and be a man.²* NervousWreck: He had a "big" accident (which was driving into a ditch slowly) that crushed his confidence. He often needs to pull over to calm down while driving.²* NoDamageRun: His performance on the public road test was easily the best of the final three, and if it were not for running a red light, he would have been the fourth person in the show's history to perform a perfect drive.²* SpearCounterpart: To Billie-Jean from Season 3, in that he always did well, but kept missing out on graduation due to someone else having a breakthrough performance.²* TookALevelInBadass: In terms of confidence, he got better in every episode and the final road test showed how much more comfortable he was with driving.²²!!Shayne Greer²-> '''Nominator: Shanna Boudreau (Sister)'''²* CharacterDevelopment: He started this season as a cynic that only looked at the dark side of the world (mostly because of his accident), but starting in Episode 4 he is starting to smile and laugh which the experts have noticed. He even mentions that being in rehab has better him a lot.²* ChekhovsSkill: Being a gravel worker, Shayne was able to complete the trailer challenge with ease in almost 4 minutes.²* TheCynic: His accident caused him to have a bit more of a darker view of the world and only see the negative outcomes. Fortunately, it was starting to go away by the second half.²* DarkAndTroubledPast: When Shayne was 13, he was hit by a speeding car and almost lost his legs. The effect on him caused him to be reluctant to drive.²* EarnYourHappyEnding: Not only did he become a better driver, but his outlook on life was changed very positively and he learned that he was not brain damaged as he thought before.²* FlawlessVictory: Performed what Philippe called the best run on the Icy Corner Challenge in the 11 years he has been an expert.²* IChooseToStay: Despite passing all the challenges in Episode 4, he decided to stay in rehab to better himself more.²* NoDamageRun: Passed all three of the challenges in his graduation episode.²* RealityEnsues: Subverted. The accident as stated above was thought to have caused brain damage to Shayne, and he was unable to remember some of the lessons. Andrew even told him that the show might give him medical treatment for it. In episode 7, it's revealed that he did take a [=MRI=] scan during his time in rehab, but fortunately, there was no brain damage found.²* PainfullySlowProjectile: He tends to drive slowly, and even stated that he got t-boned by a car doing 60 km/h while he did around 30 km/h in an intersection.²* [[WhenSheSmiles When He Smiles]]: He had a bit of a grouch look in the first three episode, but the challenges he has been passing gave him a big smile much to the praise of the experts.²²!!Travis Murray ²-> '''Nominator: April Murray (Wife)'''²* BlindWithoutThem: Played With. While he does wear glasses, he had to get a stronger prescription by Episode 6 to fix his sight.²* EpicFail: His run on the "Eye Of The Needle Challenge" is stated by Andrew to be the worse in [=CWD's=] history as he ran through 4 of the arches and deliberately missed the fifth one while speeding at 90km/h.²* {{Expy}}: To Chris from Season 1. Both had little to no skills coming into rehab, and both were nominated by their wives. The only difference between the two is that Travis graduated (Chris did eventually graduate in ''Ever'' but he was named Canada's Worst Driver in Season 1).²* HappilyMarried: To his wife and nominator April.²* NaiveNewcomer: He only had his driver’s license for 2 ''weeks'' before coming on the show since he wouldn't be admitted without a valid one (learners permits (G1) would not count). Because of this, he came into this with little to no skills.²* NeverMyFault: In the beginning at least. Travis blamed a lot of his shortcomings from his bad eye to the car itself instead of his own limitations as a driver. He stopped by the second half of his run, however.²* NervousWreck: He doesn't have a lot of experience behind the wheel, making him anxious and overwhelmed when driving.²* TookALevelInBadass: When he started, it looked like he would be named Canada's Worst Driver this year for his inexperience. But by the second half, he started to improve both as a driver and in his confidence. While he wasn't doing highway drives like the rest of the nominees, his improvements were enough to warrant a graduation.²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse (InUniverse): He did not appear with the other nominees for the drive to rehab because he was at a wedding on the same day. Humorously the show made a life-size cardboard in his place until he finally arrived for his assessment challenge.²²!!Breanna Pratley²-> '''Nominator: Georgina "Baba G" (Grandmother)'''²* [[AscendedFanboy Ascended Fangirl]]: Ironically, she's a fan of the show, but has learned some tips from previous seasons to help her out.²* DarkAndTroubledPast: Part of the reason for her fear of driving and the highway is because she got t-boned three years ago. It took Tim getting her do a highway drive that rids her of those fears.²* DistaffCounterpart: To Season 2/9's Michael as she's a knowledgeable person, but has difficulty applying the lessons to real life.²* GeniusDitz: As Cam himself said, "Book smart, car dumb".²* NervousWreck: Her fear of driving on the highway got so bad, the cameraman had to complete the drive up to rehab for her.²* ThePerfectionist: She's an A-Class type. Unfortunately for her, the only thing she doesn't have control of is the other drivers. She also hates to fail at the challenges but eventually, she decides to focus on being a ''good'' driver, and not a ''perfect'' driver.²²!!Julie Wrzesien²-> '''Nominator: Lara Petersen (Best Friend)'''²* CaptainCrash: She literally has the nickname "Crash" as she's been in 16 accidents and written off 3 cars since she was ''17''.²* FatalFlaw: Subverted. Impatience was this for her, but she quickly realized that it affected her performances in the challenges. Once she got it managed, she became the second graduate.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: While a little conceited, she proved to be one of the best students of that season, and took the advice from the experts and Andrew with no argument. ²* NoDamageRun: Played With. She passed 2 out of 3 challenges (the only failure being the Eye Of The Needle, and even then the only driver who did better than her was Adam), but she was the only one putting herself up for graduation, so the experts agreed to graduate her.²* SpoiledBrat: Her husband has been paying off her damages since the beginning, so she never faced any repercussions for her actions.²²!!Joe Palozzi²-> '''Nominator: Tony Mancini (Best Friend)'''²* ConsolationPrize: He got a rear-view mirror ornament of his daughter with a sign reminding him to never go past 120km/h.²* DrivesLikeCrazy: Treats the roads as his own universe.²* [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes Even Jerks Have Loved Ones]]: He cares a lot about his 22-year-old daughter a lot, so the show brought her to rehab so he can honestly promise to the panel and Andrew that he will never speed again. It's the reason why he became the first graduate. ²* {{Expy}}: He seems to be an older version of both Season 7's John and Season 12's Cody as he has the most skills of the nominees, but his speeding habits are the reason why he's in rehab. He also has some things in common with Season 10's George, in that he's a father who really ought to be a safer driver given his age and skill level, though he was able to graduate a little quicker than George was (George was twice barred from graduating because his teenage son was learning to drive during filming, and the experts didn't want him passing on any bad habits; Joe's daughter, on the other hand, was in her early 20's, and presumably already has a license).²* NoDamageRun: He did pass all the challenges in his graduation episode, but the main concern for Andrew and the experts was him not agreeing right away to slow down. It's only when his daughter shows up that he does promise to slow down, convincing the experts (minus a skeptical Tim) to graduate him.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season 14]]²!!Brandon Wilkins²-> '''Nominator: Sarah (Best Friend)'''²-> "I hate f*cking '''REVERSING!'''"²* AllOrNothing: He's the only driver in his family, so if he loses his license, his father will not make it to his doctor appointments.²* CaptainCrash: He has been in 20 accidents and wrote off 5 cars in the 10 months he has had a license.²* EpicFail: Produced what Andrew and Cam agree to be the worst final drive in the show's history, which totaled up to $2100 of fines, and being oblivious to basic road signs (such as the no U-Turn sign). When you somehow pass even S9 Kevin and S12 Krystal's final drive (both of whom had their tests ended prematurely for various reasons), that's amazing.²* HairTriggerTemper: His anxiety for driving builds rapidly in the car, which led Andrew to believe that it might be a form of mental illness. ²* IgnoredEpiphany: Even after seeing Sarah perform the Distracted Driving Challenge, Brandon refused to stop texting and driving, greatly disappointing Andrew.²* KnowWhenToFoldThem: By Episode 7, Brandon made a promise that should he be named the Worst Driver that year, he would give up driving for good. Indeed, when he was named the Worst, he cut up his licence willingly, and as Andrew stated at the end of the season, Brandon has not driven in the last 5 months after filming.²* MoodSwinger: He's prone to wild mood swings, from fury to despair. He was sent to see a doctor while on the show, who suggested he might have bipolar disorder. He even told Shyamala during Episode 6 that when he leaves rehab, he'll seek professional help.²* RageBreakingPoint: Had one after failing the Reverse 180 Challenge, where he had a complete meltdown in the car, and kicked a couple of foam barriers.²* RealityEnsues: ²** He came to rehab with a broken arm from a skateboard accident, and was almost barred from driving as he did not receive a signed form from a doctor clearing him. Brandon had to use a spinner attachment (designed for one-handed drivers) for the first few episodes, though after his cast was trimmed back he could start driving without it.²** Since driving distracted requires two hands, Sarah had to do the Distracted Driving Challenge in Brandon's place.²* SoreLoser: Zig-zagged; at first he refused to even consider the possibility that he might be the worst, and dropped a ClusterFBomb when Andrew announced he was. After it had sunk in, however, he cut up his license with minimal fuss and honored his promise to give up driving.²²!!Alexis Pratola²-> '''Nominator: Gerry (Driving Instructor)'''²* EpicFail: Her Swerve and Avoid Challenge run was honestly the worst of the six as she ran through the ''middle'' barrier when the object appeared, and impaled the front of the Mustang with a wooden plank. The scary thing though; she didn't think it was ''that'' bad until she saw the carnage she caused!²* {{Foil}}: To both Season 2's Shannon and Descyara from the same season. All three of them are young mothers who need to be better for their kids (even though Shannon was pregnant at the time of filming), but at the very least, both Shannon and Descyara made an ''effort'' to show some attentiveness and interest in learning to drive safer while Alexis has not.²* HistoryRepeats: Much like Daniella from Season 12, she put in a performance that would have seen her named the worst in a lot of seasons, but avoided the title just because of how catastrophically awful the "winner" of the season did in their own final drive.²* InsaneTrollLogic: When told by Andrew that Brittany was seriously considering quitting driving if named the worst, she called her stupid in response, even arguing that she'll keep driving no matter what.²* LackOfEmpathy: This borders on being a FatalFlaw, but Alexis does not care enough about the lessons, even calling them stupid when she fails them. Later episodes show more of that uncaring attitude with the show starting to comment that despite her saying that she ''does'' care, she doesn't show it in her driving, along with not taking the lessons serious enough.²* TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers: It's not that often when we have a driving instructor as a nominator. The two keep in contact only because Alexis calls him whenever she gets into trouble.²* SoreLoser: If anything, she reacted worse to being named the runner-up than Brandon did to being named the worst, as she felt she deserved to graduate and was ''not'' amused by Andrew cutting up a copy of her license to make a point.²* StealingTheHandicappedSpot: Downplayed. In the parking lot challenge, Alexis was seen parking in a spot designated for pregnant women, and admits that she does it often enough. Andrew does clarify thought that while it's not illegal to do that, it ''is'' immoral. ²²!!Brittany Dube²-> '''Nominator: Mia (Sister)'''²->"I never thought I had to pay attention while driving. It was like, boom, when I found that out."²* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Like with Ryan, Brittany drives distracted, which leads to some accidents (although in her case, the amount of distractions is more than Ryan ever used). Overall, her distracted nature was the flaw that the show tried to iron out, and eventually, she became more focused come challenges and the final road test (doing Tim's running commentary also helped in that regard).²* DrivesLikeCrazy: Holy shit! Between drunk driving, driving distracted, speeding, running red lights, being involved in numerous accidents[[note]]The initially stated total was 20-30, but it was later revealed that this didn't include minor sideswipes, which she didn't think counted. By the sixth episode, the stated total had increased to at least 50.[[/note]], she has accumulated over ''$80,000'' in both fines and repairs '''combined'''! She failed her driving test eleven times before passing.²* FlawlessVictory: She is one of the four people now that did a perfect road test (after S5 Arun, S8 Diana, and S9 Sly).²* HardWorkHardlyWorks: Averted. In the final road test, Brittany revealed that she had study sessions every night to study road signs, and come the test, she had full knowledge of those road signs (compared to Alexis and Brandon, neither of whom bothered to study before hand).²* IgnoredEpiphany: Despite causing multiple crashes in the Distracted Driving Challenge, Brittany could not promise she could drive without her cellphone. Fortunately, she did eventually learn how to focus properly while driving undistracted.²* InsaneTrollLogic: ²** Before taking the trough challenge, Brittany had no idea that her wheel placement was awful, as she thought it was something wrong with her car to the point that she took it to her dealership to fix the realignment.²** Prior to coming onto the show, she believed that it was normal for a person to have had dozens of collisions and accidents while driving, and that most drivers were just too proud to admit it. To demonstrate just how crazy this was, Andrew went around all the panel and crew during Episode 5, and aside from the ones you'd have expected the experts to be involved in during their line of work (i.e. police chases for Cam, races for Philippe, and accompanying accident-prone learners in Tim's case), they hadn't even been involved in a dozen accidents ''between them''.²* NoDamageRun: After spending the first seven episodes inconsistent, Brittany in the final episode had the best performance in the three remaining challenges, earning her spot as the final graduate.²* StealingTheHandicappedSpot: She did try to park in the handicap spot during the parking lot challenge... while hitting the ''sign'' in the process!²* {{Workaholic}}: In Episode 5, she revealed she would usually pick up any overtime shifts (three per week) she could grab in order to pay for her damages out of her own pockets instead of just calling insurance for it. This is deconstructed as she works as a care aid towards people that were dealing with psychiatric problems, and she has no healthy outlet to deal with it.²²!!Descyara [=McMurray=]²-> '''Nominator: Drew (Friend)'''²-> "F*ck yeah!"²* BreakTheHaughty: She broke down into tears after the Driving Distracted Challenge, leading her to make an honest promise to give up texting and driving.²* DrivesLikeCrazy: When you hear about all the accidents she has been in, it's unsurprising that she had a metal rod inside her arm, or scratches from broken glass.²* {{Expy}}: To Season 1's Faith-Ann. Both are reckless drivers that have been in accidents that required metal being placed inside them (in Descy's case, a metal rod in her arm), and both ''still'' continue to drive recklessly.²* GoodParents: While she does drive recklessly, she does not do so in the presence of her two daughters.²* NoDamageRun: Only person to have passed all the challenges in her graduation episode.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Yes, she's rough around the edges, and swears like a teenager, but Descyara was clearly one of the better students this season, and showed an honest desire to learn from rehab.²* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Went by Descy as of Episode 3.²* OnlySaneWoman: Has quickly taken up this mantle following Ryan's graduation, as the only one of the drivers not to have any major issues with nerves, anger, or apathy.²* TattooAsCharacterType: During her final episode, she went and got herself a tattoo of the word "Focus" written on as a reminder to keep focusing while driving.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Has dyed pink hair.²²!!Karlene Bowen²-> '''Nominator: Darrell (Husband)'''²* AllForNothing: Despite improving the most out of the five-remaining driver, it's revealed in the ending of her graduation episode that she went back to who she was before rehab.²* BackseatDriver: Subverted. Darrell has respectably let Karlene make her own decisions as she asked him not to give her advice.²* DownerEnding: Despite graduating in Episode 6 and proving that she could drive by herself, Karlene could not do the bonus lesson she requested, and after returning home, she sent a message to rehab saying that she had to go to therapy in what she called the "worst experience of her life", while also reverting back to her fear of driving outside her own town. Ultimately, this is one graduation that the show did not have a happy ending.²* NervousWreck: After an accident 12 years ago where she almost lost her legs, Karlene is too afraid of driving anywhere that's not her hometown.²* RealityEnsues: Because of Karlene's frail state, she could not do the Trough Challenge as it was, and had to take a simpler course to get the full lesson. It was also the same frail state that prohibited her from taking the Teeter-Totter challenge.²* StealingTheHandicappedSpot: [[AvertedTrope Averted]] -- she ''has'' a handicapped-parking permit, and could use it for a parking lot challenge.²* TookALevelInJerkAss: In the first five episodes, Karlene showed to be a kindhearted women, who had severe anxiety issues, and was willing to learn more to gain more confidence. Then came the Water Tank Challenge, where her attitude took a sharp turn when she yelled profanity at Andrew when he kept telling her to go 60 km/h in the straight away, and kept doing it in the confessional area[[note]]For curiosity sake, Brandon, who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, had the same problem as well, but at the very least, he knew why Andrew kept shouting at him to go the speed limit[[/note]].²* YourOtherLeft: She accidentally got lost during the drive to rehab, and took the longest to get there. Although to be fair, it was because Darrell accidentally programmed the GPS to go to Pearson Airport instead of Dunville.²²!!Darris Wilderman²-> '''Nominator: Jen (Mother)'''²* BaitAndSwitch: Darris' main reason in agreeing to rehab was because Jen would not pay for his insurance if he did not. However, come the Shoulder Check Challenge, Jen admitted that it was an excuse to get him to rehab, and is no longer going to pay even if he graduates or not.²* BrutalHonesty: Flat-out told Tim during the public practice sessions that he didn't like him and found him annoying, though Darris later apologized for this in his final episode, admitting that he had been out of line.²* CharacterDevelopment: The show made sure he got a sledgehammer load of this in the first four episodes. Slowly, he began to unravel some dark secrets from his family such as a father who was as angry as he was, an older brother that was in jail for killing somebody with his car, and a cousin that died in a car accident when he was twelve. In addition, his mother Jen refused to pay for his insurance any longer, forcing him to come to terms of becoming financially stable by himself. It took ''a lot'' from the experts, but eventually, Darris proved that he could drive without road raging anymore, and effectively became the second graduate.²* CripplingOverspecialization: He is the best driver of the nominees (besides Ryan), but his explosive attitude kept him from graduating in Episodes 2 and 3.²* DarkAndTroubledPast: He was involved in an accident in a stolen car, which resulted in his cousin’s death. Although, this has not affected his driving in a positive way. Episode 2 adds more to that as it was his father's poor attitude that gave Darris' aggressive attitude towards driving, and his brother is in prison for vehicular manslaughter.²* DeathSeeker: Andrew believes in the premiere episode that Darris' reckless driving is based on guilt that he should have died in the accident that killed his cousin. Darris himself is starting to believe that.²* {{Foil}}: Jen (Darris') mother is the complete opposite to Maureen (Season 8's Klyne's mother/nominator). They're both the mothers to reckless sons, but while Maureen acted as an enabler to Klyne's accidents, Jen has reached her limit with Darris', even refusing to pay for his insurance any longer.²** He's also this to Season 13's Breanna, as both are young drivers who graduated relatively early and survived accidents that changed their driving outlooks, but while Breanna became terrified of dying behind the wheel, Darris became a DeathSeeker out of Survivor's Guilt. ²* FlawlessVictory: Darris passed every challenge he was on (minus the Reversing Challenge as he proved he could reverse during the Assessment Challenge), which has never been done so before in the show's history.²* HairTriggerTemper: Might be the worst example the show has ever had in recent years. His road rage and anger issues has caused multiple accidents, and during the filming of the season, he had a pending charge of assault against him!²* IgnoredEpiphany: You'd think that being in an accident that killed your cousin would impact you in such a way. Unfortunately, this did not for Darris.²* SurvivorsGuilt: As stated above, Darris clearly feels guilty that he survived while his cousin died in the accident, hence why he drives recklessly.²²!!Ryan Whitter²-> '''Nominator: Dave (Best Friend)'''²* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Part of the reason why he was nominated was due to using his phone while driving. However, sometime in between his audition tape and his bio tape, he stopped using it.²* {{Expy}}: One to both Season 10 George and Season 13 Joe as he's a father that needs to be a better driver for his children. He's also one to Season 2's Matt as they're both good drivers once you take their cell phones away.²* FlawlessVictory: He is one of the few people to complete all three parts of the assessment challenge perfectly.²* HistoryRepeats: In a similar vein to Season 9's Chris, Ryan did both the drive to rehab and the assessment challenge perfectly that he could graduate in the premiere episode.²* OnlySaneMan: In a season that contains some of the most dysfunctional drivers yet (which includes a person with severe anxiety, a person who does not care about safety, a person who is extremely aggressive on the roads, a person who has terrible anger management issues, and a very clueless person), having just a cellphone addiction while driving is pretty tamed. And plus, Ryan got that managed even before coming to rehab.²* WeHardlyKnewYe: Only appears in the first episode of this season, so we do not get a full understanding of Ryan afterwards.²²[[/folder]]


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