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1[[folder: Player Classes]]²!!Player Characters In General:²* AmnesiacHero: The player made a bargain with the Black Spirit before the game began. Whatever it was, it left them in a small town in Balenos without their memories.²* DealWithTheDevil: As mentioned above, progressing on the main story reveals that the player made a deal with the Black Spirit at some point in the past, apparently exchanging their memories for power from the Black Spirit.²* BloodKnight: Killing their way through hundreds and thousands of monsters is standard for any MMO character, but between [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman humanizing the monsters]] and having many of the TwentyBearAsses quests whispered into your ear by the ObviouslyEvil Black Spirit, it's clear that the player character is supposed to come off this way.²** RefusalOfTheCall: Though the game's "life skills" system is more than robust enough for a character to ignore the Black Spirit's urging and settle down to be a quiet life on a farm somewhere.²²* CharacterCustomization: Taken to CastOfSnowflakes level by the character creator. In addition to customization options, each class also has a different base appearance.²** {{Animesque}}: What they tend to look like, in contrast to the relatively subdued style of most {{Non Player Character}}s.²** TechnicolorEyes²** YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Thanks to the palette, it's actually easier to give a character brightly colored hair than it is to manage a realistic brown.²* LimitedWardrobe: In contrast with the in-depth character customization, each class only has a handful of armor styles... plus a pool of premium costumes and some difficult-to-obtain craftable outfits.²** CombatStilettos: Standard for every female class except the Tamer.²** {{Stripperiffic}}: Most of the premium outfits for female characters, though a couple are equal-opportunity skimpy.²²!!Berserker²-> '''Gender:''' Male²-> '''Weapon:''' [[AnAxeToGrind Axe]] / Ornamental Knot²-> '''Awakening Weapon:''' [[ArmCannon Iron Buster]]²²* TheBigGuy: Via OurGiantsAreBigger.²²!! Dark Knight²-> '''Gender:''' Female²-> '''Weapon:''' [[MagicKnight Kriegsmessser / Ornamental Knot]]²-> '''Awakening Weapon:''' [[BigFreakingSword Vediant]]²²* BlackKnight²* CastingAShadow²* HellBentForLeather²* OurElvesAreDifferent²* ProperTightsWithASkirt: Or rather proper tights without a skirt.²²!!Kunoichi/Ninja²-> '''Gender:''' Female/Male²-> '''Weapon:''' Shortsword / [[KnifeThrowingAct Shuriken]]²²* {{Ninja}}: Of the [[GratuitousNinja gratuitous]] and [[HighlyVisibleNinja highly visible]] variety.²²!!Maewha/Musa²-> '''Gender:''' Female/Male²-> '''Weapon:''' [[BowAndSwordInAccord Shortsword / Horn Bow]]²-> '''Awakening Weapon:''' [[BladeOnAStick Kerispear (Maewha) / Crescent Blade (Musa)]]²²* CulturalChopSuey: They're mostly inspired by Chinese youxia (folk heroes/knights errant), but take bits and pieces from lots of other Far Eastern warrior cultures, including Japanese samurai, Korean hwarang and wonhwa, and Malay pendekar.²* HorseArcher: When mounted, their bow becomes their primary attack. They appear to use a Mongolian style of archery, adding to their general CulturalChopSuey.²* LifeDrain: Their "Divider" skill does this.²* LightningBruiser: Capable of large amounts of damage while being very fast with their "Pursuit" skill.²* {{Wuxia}}: Their main inspiration - they're wuxia heroes in a MedievalEuropeanFantasy setting, with a touch of extra flavour from other Far Eastern martial cultures. The Musa in particular wears classical Chinese armour and has a dao (sabre) as his initial weapon and a guandao (heavy glaive) as his Awakening Weapon.²²!!Ranger²-> Gender: Female²-> Weapon: [[ArcherArchetype Longbow]] / Dagger²-> Awakening Weapon: [[SinisterScimitar Kamasylvan Sword]]²²* BlowYouAway²* BowAndSwordInAccord: Eventually, when they get the sword as their Awakening Weapon.²* OurElvesAreDifferent²²!!Sorceress²-> '''Gender:''' Female²-> '''Weapon:''' [[BlackMagicianGirl Amulet / Talisman]]²-> '''Awakening Weapon:''' [[SinisterScythe Scythe]]²²* BlackMagic: They use the same dark energy as the Black Spirit in their magic, creating hexes, curses, and devastating energy blasts.²* DarkIsNotEvil: They're a protagonist class using BlackMagic and a SinisterScythe. BDO has significant VideoGameCrueltyPotential, but a Sorceress is no more evil than anyone else you can play as.²* FullContactMagic: Unlike Witches and Wizards, who are conventional spellcasters, Sorceresses are basically magical martial artists who use dark energy to extend and empower their blows with their hands, feet, and (later on) scythes.²* SquishyWizard: They may be close/mid-ranged brawlers who use FullContactMagic, but they're still very lightly-armoured.²²!!Striker²-> '''Gender:''' Male²-> '''Weapon:''' [[PowerFist Gauntlets / Vambrace]]²²* BareFistedMonk: Though with less emphasis on the "bare-fisted" part, as they use gauntlets to improve their attack power.²* DoesNotLikeShoes: Goes barefoot to fit with the martial arts master stereotype. They can equip shoes, but they only show up as shin guards.²²!!Tamer²-> '''Gender:''' Female²-> '''Weapon:''' [[MagicKnight Shortsword / Trinket]]²-> '''Awakening Weapon:''' [[SimpleStaff Celestial Bo]]²²* TheBeastmaster: With a single BondCreature, rather than being the mob-taming MinionMaster common to other games.²* CastingAShadow: Their "Heilang" skills call shadows out of the ground to smack enemies around, and are integrated with the beast itself if they're riding it.²* HorseOfADifferentColor: They can eventually unlock the ability to ride their Divine Beast around.²* MagicKnight: They alternate between hitting people with a sword and hitting them with the dark power of their Divine Beast. Or just [[SummonMagic calling Heilang up]] to munch on people itself.²²!!Valkyrie²-> '''Gender:''' Female²-> '''Weapon:''' [[HeroesPreferSwords Longsword]] / [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe Shield]]²-> '''Awakening Weapon:''' [[JoustingLance Lancia]]²²* AmazonBrigade: BDO classes are all gender-locked, but the Valkyries stand out for specifically being an all-female military unit who serve as one of the most elite forces of the Republic of Calpheon.²* DistaffCounterpart: To the Warrior, though Valkyries focus more on defense and WhiteMagic than mobility.²* FieryRedhead: Deliberately invoked. Red hair is a symbol of the Valkyries' ferocity, and if recruits don't have it naturally, they dye it.²* {{Hammerspace}}: Unlike most classes who wear their weapons on their person, the Valkyrie draws their sword in a flash of light.²* ThePaladin: They're classic fantasy paladins, holy knights who fight with swords, shields, and divine magic in service of their strict warrior code and their god, Elion.²** LightEmUp ²** MightyGlacier: Though only by comparison with other classes, who get the ability to somersault and teleport around the battlefield.²* {{Swashbuckler}}: Though between the buckler and the MinidressOfPower, their aesthetic tends more towards this than KnightInShiningArmor.²²!!Warrior²-> '''Gender:''' Male²-> '''Weapon:''' [[HeroesPreferSwords Longsword]] / [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe Shield]]²-> '''Awakening Weapon:''' [[BigFreakingSword Greatsword]]²²* BadassNormal: They're just tough, well-armoured mercenaries without the fancy magic most other classes use.²* CharlesAtlasSuperpower: They're ordinary humans, but the main thing they bring to the table is their raw, brutal strength.²* {{Expy}}: Post-Awakening, a Warrior is a monstrously strong EmpoweredBadassNormal with a {{BFS}} who is constantly accompanied by a malevolent-but-useful being of darkness. In other words, they're very much like Guts from ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'', and their moveset is littered with references to his fighting style.²* SpearCounterpart: Of the Valkyrie, though Warriors focus more on mobility than defense and WhiteMagic.²²!!Witch/Wizard²-> '''Gender:''' Female/Male²-> '''Weapon:''' [[MagicWand Staff]] / Dagger²-> '''Awakening Weapon:''' [[PowerCrystal Orb]]²²* ElementalPowers²²!!Lahn²-> '''Gender:''' Female²-> '''Weapon:''' [[EpicFlail Crescent Pendulum]]/[[WhipSword Noble Sword]]²-> '''Awakening Weapon:''' [[WhipSword Crimson Glaives]]²²* DanceBattler: Their fighting style is directly based on Chinese ribbon dancing, with the key difference being that the ribbon has a large blade on the end.²* EpicFlail: Probably the best way to describe the Crescent Pendulum, their main weapon. It's a long cloth ribbon with an axe-like blade on one end, with the other end attached to the hilt of a jian (Chinese straight-sword). In a Lahn's hands, it's a storm of whirling doom.²* ImprobableWeaponUser: See EpicFlail above. The Crescent Pendulum is halfway between a weapon and a dance prop.²* {{Qipao}}: All Lahn wear skimpy qipaos of one variety or another, to go along with their elegant, graceful LadyOfWar aesthetic.²[[/folder]]²²²!Non-Player Characters²²[[folder: Recurring Characters]]²!!The Black Spirit²* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Its morality lines are....skewed to say the least.²* TheCorrupter: Is constantly tempting the player with greater power, [[GameplayAndStoryIntegration in the form of quest rewards]], [[EquipmentUpgrade enchanting your equipment]], and... [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking handing you inventory expansions]].²* DefeatEqualsFriendship: The dialogue after fighting the Awakened Black Spirit boss heavily implies that you just fought the Black Spirit itself. Despite losing it says that now you and it are "friends." With quotation marks. And giggles. Not exactly very assuring.²* EvilMentor: Most of its quests involve urging you to exterminate monsters with increasing brutality and thoroughness in exchange for rewards. Many of the rest involve having you lead it to sources of ancient power that it can consume.²* ExpositionFairy²** StopHelpingMe: It's usually fairly quiet when you're not following the main quest, but try and take on enemies above your level and it'll yell at you to run away no matter how well you're doing.²* ObviouslyEvil: Nah, what? Shh.²** DarkIsEvil²** GigglingVillain²** RedEyesTakeWarning²* StupidityIsTheOnlyOption: Technically there's nothing ``preventing`` the player from just ignoring its quests and doing their own thing, but traveling around helping the Black Spirit awaken long-hidden sources of dark power is the only way to advance the main plot.²** On the part of {{Non Player Character}}s, everyone with some mystical awareness seems to notice that there's something sinisterly wrong with the player character, but no one seems interested in doing anything about it.²²!!Edan²* ActualPacifist: As a ShadowArchetype to the player, he can frequently be seen trying to talk enemies down instead of killing them... often immediately after the player has [[BloodKnight cut through dozens and dozens of them]] on the way there at the Black Spirit's urging.²* HeroOfAnotherStory: He's clearly going on a lot of adventures in parallel to the player, who tends to keep arriving LateToTheParty.²²!!Orwen²* OurElvesAreDifferent²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Balenos Territory]]²²!! Captain Cliff²* {{Foreshadowing}}: He's in the second settlement new players will encounter, and anyone standing in his tent will hear "Grand Chamberlain Jordine is not to be trusted" [[ArtificialAtmosphericActions every few seconds]] long before they have any idea who Jordine even is.²* TheMentor: Cliff saw Jordine's talent for leadership when the latter joined the Serendian military, and took him under his wing.²* ReassignedToAntarctica: Cliff was Serendia's greatest commander, having won several victories against Calpheon, so why is he stationed fighting imps in the middle of Balenos? [[spoiler:Jordine sent him far away from Heidel so he could scatter Cliff's officers and replace them with ones loyal to himself.]]²²!! Princess Jarette Domongatt ²* FieryRedhead²* SoleSurvivor: When Calpheon set fire to Hidel Castel, Cliff got her out, but the rest of her siblings died, leaving her the sole heir of Serendia.²* SpoiledBrat: She'd really prefer to be back home, rather than out in the mud wrangling imps.²* ArrangedMarriage: To Jordine Ducas.²²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Serendia Territory]]²!! Grand Chamberlain Jordine Ducas²* {{Bishonen}}: On par with the player characters.²* DarkMessiah²* PureIsNotGood: It's mentioned that only one of pure spirit is a suitable host for the Dark Lord Belmorn. Jordine is... really mad.²* ConvenientlyAnOrphan: After his parents were killed due to the war with Calpheon, Jordine vowed to exact revenge on the nation, no matter the cost.²* ArrangedMarriage: To Jarrette Domongatt²²!! Lord Crucio Domongatt²* ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything: Despite having the title of "Lord of Serendia", he's pretty much delegated all responsibility to Jordine as he's more concerned about the welfare of his last living heir Jarette than anything else.²* DefeatAsBackstory: Crucio was the King of Heidel before losing the war with Calpheon²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Calpheon]]²²!! Margaret²* RedOniBlueOni: The blue to Elgriffin's red²* WideEyedIdealist: Despite the hostility of the Khurutos and the Harpies, Margaret still believes that peace treaties can be made with both groups. Regardless, [[GoodIsNotDumb she is still an excellent soldier]] and has risen to Vice Commander of the Delphe Knights.²* LadyOfWar: Margaret is a fierce warrior while also maintaining elegance and grace.²²!! Brego Williar²* WorthyOpponent: Even though Captain Cliff fought for Serendia, Brego respects his combat prowess.²* MyGreatestFailure: After the Third Valencian Expansion failed miserably, Brego transformed the Ceric Order into the Delphe Knights. He tries to maintain the traditions and values of the former organization.²²!! Elgriffin²* CuteBruiser: At first glance, Elgriffin may appear delicate, but Elgriffin is a force on the battlefield.²* RedOniBlueOni: The red to Margaret's blue²* UnscrupulousHero: Elgriffin is willing to to whatever is necessary to succeed. Even if that means wiping out the population of the Khurutos.²* PayEvilUntoEvil: Her response to the hostage situation is to kidnap the children of the Khurutos and exterminate them all.²* HollywoodAtheist: Elgriffin is quite vocal about her distaste in her fellow Knights for their belief in Elion.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Mediah]]²²!! Ahonia Kirus²* DarkIsNotEvil: Although she wears all black and has dark hair, she is thoughtful, considerate, and cares for the well being of her Village²²!! Allan Serbin²* OlderThanTheyLook: Allan still maintains a youthful appearance despite him being over 300 years old²²[[/folder]]


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