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1'''[[center: [- [[Characters/AssassinsCreed Main Character Index]] -]]]'''----A list of characters in the historical portion of ''Assassin's Creed Origins''. For the game unspecific cast, see the main index. '''Beware of spoilers!'''----[[index]]* [[Characters/AssassinsCreedOriginsTheHiddenOnes The Hidden Ones]] [[note]]Bayek of Siwa, Senu, Aya, Marcus Junius Brutus, Pasherenptah, Phanos the Younger, Phoxidas, Tahira[[/note]]* [[Characters/AssassinsCreedOriginsTheOrderOfTheAncients The Order of the Ancients]] [[note]]The Heron. The Ibis, The Hippo, The Scarab, The Hyena, The Jackal, The Scorpion, The Lion, The Vulture, The Ram, Melitta, Rufio, Tacito, Ampelius, Ptahmose[[/note]]* [[Characters/AssassinsCreedOriginsOthers Others]] [[note]]Hepzefa, Rabiah, Khemu, Cleopatra, Ptolemy XIII, Apollodorus, The Phylakes, Julius Caesar, Pompey Magnus, Reda, Kensa, The Son of Ra, Anubis, Sobek, Sekhmet, Gamilat[[/note]][[/index]]----


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