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1!!Camille Desmoulins²²!! Tropes:²* BerserkerTears Frequently guilty of this as a schoolboy, according to Robespierre.²* BunnyEarsLawyer He is often described as weak and unreliable by other characters, but they will admit his speeches and articles are key to the revolution.²* GenkiGuy Doesn’t need sleep, according to Danton.²* InTouchWithHisFeminineSide Frequently crying, flipping his hair, flirting with men and doing other [[FemininityTropes stereotypically feminine]] things.²* LongHairedPrettyBoy²* LovableSexManiac²* ProneToTears²* RabbleRouser²* ReallyGetsAround²* SpeechImpededLoveInterest²* StutterStop When adressing large crowds.²* TheCharmer²* TheHeart Functions as the ideological and emotional connection between [[TeethClenchedTeamwork Danton and Robespierre]]. ²* TheMcCoy²* VoiceOfTheResistance²!!Georges-Jaques Danton²²!! Tropes:²* BoisterousBruiser ²* FaceOfAThug²* FatBastard Is frequently accused of being this.²* KavorkaMan ²* NoIndoorVoice²* RuggedScar Was trampled by a bull as a child and is severely scarred in the face. ²* TheBigGuy ²* TheLeader²* TheKirk²²²!!Maximilien Robespierre²²!! Tropes:²* BewareTheNiceOnes²* BlackAndWhiteMorality ²* CelibateHero Averted in contrast to most depictions; this Robespierre is a ChasteHero with some sexual experience.²* CluelessChickMagnet²* ConsummateProfessional²* ForGreatJustice ²* FreudianExcuse Witnessing [[MissingMom his mother dying in childbirth]] is hinted as being the reason for his [[ChasteHero lack of sexual interest]] and LackOfEmpathy (except for some EarlyInstallmentWeirdness with Camille).²* JustTheFirstCitizen²* KnightTemplar²* IncorruptiblePurePureness is Robespierre’s [[MetaphorIsMyMiddleName middle name]] (he was known as ”The Incorruptible” at the height of his power), proving that PureIsNotGood.²* PetTheDog Robespierre’s kindness to animals, and their instant liking of him, is one of his few endearing qualities. He even [[HeroesLoveDogs owns a dog]], Brount.²* RedheadInGreen Seldom seen out of his green waistcoat.²* RightlySelfRighteous²* SharpDressedMan ²* StoicSpectacles Turning into FourEyesZeroSoul.²* SignificantGreenEyedRedhead Described as having pale green eyes and auburn hair.²* TheFriendNobodyLikes Except for Camille.²* TheFundamentalist ²* TheSpock²* TotalitarianUtilitarian²* WaistcoatOfStyle


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