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1* The story "Becka the Beast" (NSFW) is about Gia Cameron, a karate black-belt who falls in love with gay school bully Becka Jackson. It's quickly revealed that Becka is the victim of ParentalIncest, coupled with a relationship with a DepravedBisexual that has left her an empty shell. Gia's father adopts Becka in the end.* This has cropped up in ''Roleplay/{{Survival of the Fittest}}'' a couple of times (although in one case this was {{Twincest}}). Matthias Kovalenko of V2 was ''scarily'' obsessed with his sister Jodeen. (fortunately, she never made it onto the island). Nothing explicit ever occurs, but from Matthias' thoughts, most get the impression it isn't just brotherly concern.* Fortunately averted in ''WebAnimation/BrokenSaints'': [[spoiler:Shandala and Gabriel look like they might be bonding romantically prior to Tui Jr's death, but it is cut mercifully short. This is especially creepy when you realize Gabriel ''knows'' Shandala is his sister.]]* In the ''Literature/ChakonaSpace'' setting, there are a number of examples of this (as well as some ParentalIncest) between members of various genetically-engineered species such as chakats and foxtaurs. Hermaphrodite chakat sisters Forestwalker and Goldfur enjoy recreational sex, and foxtaur brother and sister Garrek and Malena are also mated (this is {{hand wave}}d with the explanation that they have been genetically engineered to eliminate the sorts of diseases and conditions that inbreeding can produce in humans, and as created species do not share the exact same moral {{squick}} factors as their creators).** Granted, Chakats and most other species still have taboos against ''inbreeding'' so Goldfur and Forestwalker are careful not to have sex when either one is in heat. Foxtaurs allow one generation of inbreeding because most of them can't leave their isolated Amish-style villages thanks to Territorial Attachment Syndrome, and a shortage of males.* Simon Bar Sinister and Penny Dreadful were a brother-sister team of supervillains in the Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse. In addition to being murderous psychopaths, they were utterly and completely in love with one another, to the point of getting physical while they were in the middle of a crime.* In ''Tea, Biscuits and Incest'' Mikayla eventually learns that her boyfriend Jayden is also her half-brother.* In supernatural web soap California Heaven [[]], an episode features brother and sister, Dominic and KC, in a very seductive dance nearly kissing. Thought, it looks like KC was possessed. However, in a most recent episode, Dominic stares at KC as she is sleeping and she seems to have no problem with it.* Implied in ''Spooning With Spoony III'', when Spoony fucks both WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic and The Other Guy (along with plenty of other people) and tells the latter he makes noises just like his brother.** This was to have been a plot point in WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick's video "Thanks For The Feedback" detailing a date between Chick and the Critic. In the original draft, they would have slept together and then been informed that they were actually brother and sister. This idea was scrapped prior to filming.* In ''Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance'', Desdemona and Mordecai are siblings and very much in love although they have to hide their relationship from everyone else. Desdemona eventually gets pregnant with Mordecai's child and intends to give birth to the child, using it as a means to install herself on the Remonian throne by claiming that the child belongs to King Marcus.* Present in a benign form in regards to Ben in ''An Ordinary Sex Life''. Adrienne on the other hand...* In ''WebVideo/ComixFromTheUnderground'', the Comix Scrutinizer suggests that the furry webcomic characters Kit n Kay Boodle are participating in this since they're not married and have the same last name.* In the second episode of ''WebVideo/SupernaturalTheAnimationAbridged'' Sam and Dean "hug" each other. Due to RuleOfFunny it's never mentioned again when homosexuality is discussed.* Appears in the [[ Haskhian Inscriptions]], a book in ''Wiki/TheWanderersLibrary'', as it's based on ancient mythologies.* Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor in ''WebVideo/FriendshipIsWitchcraft,'' Episode 8 "Foaly Matripony." Shining is getting married, but Twilight ruins the wedding, drags Cadence off to a cave, and leaves her to die. [[BlackComedy And it's hilarious.]] Also, as for Shining and Twilight, [[NotBloodSiblings they're not biologically related,]] [[RunningGag so it's not creepy!]]* In an online Q-and-A session, {{Invoked|Trope}} in the ''Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace'' creator's [[ non-denial denial]] response to "a Jalex question":--> Oh my gosh, we got a Jalex question. \ (Reading) "Are Justin and Alex going to end up together?" \ (Laugh) They are ''brother and sister'', people.* In [[ SCP-404]] of the ''Wiki/SCPFoundation'', a small experiment log tells the story of a [[RedShirt Class-D]] having a questionable relationship with his sister when they were pre-teens and killing her boyfriend out of jealousy. * Discussed in ''Podcast/FatFrenchAndFabulous'': This may have been the case between the Papin sisters, who suffered from shared psychosis.* ''Machinima/LiliumSims2'' is a ''Sims 2'' {{machinima}} that revolves around a rich, isolated family circa 1900. Isis is attracted to her (possibly {{twin|cest}}) brother Horitio. Their father doesn't like this so he has them meet the [[DoubleInLawMarriage set of siblings]] he had [[ArrangedMarriage paired them up]] with as children. Horitio is both in love with Isis and Estella, while Isis has no feelings for Baltazar and only wants Horitio. The siblings end up marrying their arranged spouses, but only one of the couples is happy.* Played for laughs in the second episode of InfiniteMENT where Lingying calls Chifuyu "sterile", where she angrily denies it. When Ichika loudly asks why his sister never got pregnant after "all the times they did it", she yells back that she was on the pill... then remembers she just shouted that out in front of the whole class. [[JediMindTrick She tries to wave her hand and say nobody heard that]], however the class is still shocked and confused. Then she yells the same thing and everybody agrees they heard nothing. [[TooDumbToLive Ichika proudly claims he heard it]], and Chifuyu slams his head into his desk.----


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