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1----* Many PhysicalPinballTables have options to tone down racy or possibly offensive voice clips for certain markets, as a form of AdjustableCensorship. A notable example would be ''Pinball/ElviraAndThePartyMonsters'', which not only allowed suppressing the saucier quotes, but also came with a "modesty decal" to cover Elvira's GagBoobs on the backglass. Other examples include ''Pinball/{{ACDC}}'' muting swearing in the song lyrics and covering up bare breasts on the dot-matrix display animations, as well as alternate photographs of the models in Stern's ''Pinball/{{Playboy|Stern}}''. In both cases, there are three levels: completely uncensored, a DigitalBikini variant with mild swearing left intact, and characters fully clothed and no swearing at all.* ''Pinball/{{NASCAR}}'' allowed operators to replace the default backglass art with one that changed the "Miller Lite" logo on Rusty Wallace's car with a "Rusty" logo instead, in case their location was sensitive to alcohol-related advertising.* ''Pinball/SouthPark'' got this twice over.** The "G"-rated AdjustableCensorship option changes the software in various ways - all mentions of farting are altered (Terrence and Phillip's "Super Fart Bumpers" become "Super Pop Bumpers", while the MatchSequence changes from them farting numbers to burping them instead), while the famous "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" "You bastards!" exchange is cut down to "They killed Kenny!" "Rats!" Furthermore, the game also came with decals to cover up potentially offensive playfield art, such as Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo.** The original version of the game software included completely uncensored dialogue (the game's highest setting otherwise is "PG-13", which still bleeps out harsher cursing), as well as a removed VideoMode that involved Cartman and Stan trying to be lesbians by engaging in a literal carpet-eating contest. Creator/ComedyCentral demanded these changes soon after the game's release.* In ''VideoGame/DevilsCrush'' for the UsefulNotes/TurboGrafx16, the pentagrams were geometrically altered for the U.S. version, becoming eight-pointed. In the UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis version, ''Dragon's Fury'', anything star-shaped was changed into a simple five-pointed star.* The home version[[note]]a home {{Physical Pinball Table|s}}, not a video game port[[/note]] of Bally's ''[[Pinball/CaptainFantastic Capt. Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy]]'' replaces the racy artwork of the original with a family-friendly quasi-psychedelic depiction of Music/EltonJohn and the Cowboy.* Creator/{{Gottlieb}}'s ''Pinball/SuperMarioBrosMushroomWorld'' reuses the VideoMode from their earlier ''Pinball/SuperMarioBros'', but replaces the Bullet Bills with Boos instead.* The UsefulNotes/SuperNintendo version of ''VideoGame/PinballDreams'' removed the crosses in the "Nightmare" table.* ''Pinball/Terminator3RiseOfTheMachines'' ships with a gun grip and trigger to launch balls and fire at in-game targets. Operators have the option to replace the grip with a fire/launch button "for sensitive locations".* Several of the changes required by Creator/{{Universal}} for ''Pinball/TheBigLebowski'' include removing Walter's Colt .45 and a marijuana leaf from the playfield art.* Universal also nixed the caged female dancers from the backglass art on ''Pinball/MonsterBash''.* ''VideoGame/ZenPinball'' and all its offshoots aim for a blanket E10+ rating, which often means that tables based on more adult subject matter end up censored accordingly. This extends to their recreations of older pinball tables, which alter the artwork to remove cigars, add heavier clothing to scantily-clad women, and relabel beer cans "soda".----


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