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1[[quoteright:220:]]²''[[ Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi]]'' (''A Match Made By God'') is a 2008 romantic Hindi language film directed by Aditya Chopra and produced by Yash Raj Films. It stars Creator/ShahRukhKhan, Anushka Sharma, and Vinay Pathak.²²Surinder Sahni (Shah Rukh Khan) is a shy and quiet office worker. While visiting his former professor, he meets the professor's daughter, a beautiful, vivacious young woman named Taani. It is Taani's wedding day, but due to unexpected events, Taani ends up alone in the world and married to Surinder instead of the man she had chosen for herself.²²Taani tells Surinder that she will be unable to love him although she will do her best to be a good wife. Surinder soon realizes that he has fallen in love with Taani, but he keeps this fact to himself. He humbly enjoys the added attention he gets from Taani as she cooks his meals, takes care of his home, and packs his lunch in a tiffin bucket for him each day. In return, Suri treats her with great kindness, often taking her out to movies, and when she asks to take dance classes, he consents to that also. Their relationship remains platonic, and the two occupy separate bedrooms. ²²When Taani begins her dance classes, Surinder finds himself becoming discontented with the condition of his marriage. He asks his friend Bobby, a hairdresser, to give him a makeover so that Taani will fall in love with him. Hilarity ensues since Bobby and Surinder's ideas of what will transform Suri into a cool dude are decidedly over the top.²²When Taani fails to recognize her husband in his new persona, Suri is tempted into assuming a double identity with hilarious and unexpected results.²²²----²!! ''Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'' contains examples ²²* AfterActionPatchup: Suri and the Sumu wrestler.²* ArrangedMarriage²* ColorMotif: Yellow is Raj and Suri's favorite color. See how many yellow objects you can find in the movie- there are a lot. Interestingly, in another Shah Rukh Khan movie, ''Bollywood/MyNameIsKhan'' the protagonist is afraid of the color yellow.²* DancingOnABus: But this time it is dancing on top of a little yellow car.²* DavidVersusGoliath: [[ItMakesSenseInContext Suri versus a sumo wrestler.]]²* EatingContest: Gol Goppa eating competition. (Gol Goppa are crunchy little fried thingys with spicy filling in them-they look yummy.)²* FanService: Raj's skimpy t-shirts combined with Raj's low riding jeans.²* GiveGeeksAChance: Taani is seemingly put off by Suri's geeky exterior [[spoiler: until she recognizes him as being the best man for her towards the end of the movie.]]²* GrandRomanticGesture: Raj does this by ''blacking out half of Amritsar'' to spell out "I Love You".²* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Suri attempts this [[spoiler: in his intent to leave Taani so that she can stop being so conflicted.]]²* LoveAtFirstSight: Suri for Taani.²* LoveHurts: Taani confesses that she sees love this way ever since her fiancé died.²* LovesMyAlterEgo: Suri and Raj both think Taani loves Raj. ²* MarryForLove: Taani's father makes a point of saying that her impending wedding is a "love marriage" (as opposed to the arranged marriage to Suri later on).²* SadBollywoodWedding: What could be sadder that having to marry your dad's geeky friend because the boyfriend you picked out for yourself and your dad both just died like on the same day.²* SexySoakedShirt:²** Riding a motorcycle in the pouring rain.²** Suri bathing in his underwear under a spigot in the courtyard. ²* StoutStrength: The sumo wrestler that Suri encounters. ²* TeachersPet: Suri to Taani's father, a teacher. Part of the reason Taani's prejudiced against Suri as a marriage partner is backlash against the way her father used to talk Suri up and hold him up as a role model.²* TwoPersonLoveTriangle: Suri got himself all confused over this one.²* WetSariScene: Features an obligatory girl in a soaking wet sari.²----


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