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1-->''[[OhCrap Oh crap]], Slender Man's after us! D:''²²Fully titled [[LongTitle If The Four Seasons Continue To Change: U.N. Owen Mysteries]], Four Seasons as it's often shortened to is a mix between a CharacterBlog and part of Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos, or an AffectionateParody of it, or something about Honey, her "kinda-sorta-not-really-adoptive dad" Mr. Scarlet who happens to specialize in [[OccultDetective paranomal investigation]], and her friend Lunette. One day, Honey decides to set up a blog for them after reading blogs and [[AlternateRealityGame ARGs]], mostly for no purpose other than just to talk about things. Shortly after, Mr. Scarlet gets a call from a woman who believes someone - or something - not quite normal has been in her home. Then things start happening.²²!!Four Seasons provides examples of:²* AllThereInTheManual: Most of the characters were created by Website/DeviantArt user [[ AyakoMeeow]] and her friends for a planned WebComic series. Most of them aren't even human for that matter, such as Mr. Scarlet who is an immortal.²* AlternateRealityGame²* BigEater: Mr. Scarlet mentions food a lot, and the other characters mention things involving him an food on several occasions as well.²* BigGuy: Honey mentions that while he's fairly lean, Mr. Scarlet is nearly seven feet tall.²* CharacterBlog²* CloudCuckooLander: Hikari's first post alone is enough to label her as one. Honey and Lunette have their moments as well, with Lunette baking a cake in the shape of a shadowy figure for someone being stalked, and Honey deciding to leave her typos as is for the sake testing her sanity when the Slender Man is around.²* NoFourthWall: Ironic considering that while the characters do live on Earth, WordOfGod has mentioned them living in an alternate/future Victorian Era Earth.²* ShoutOut: To many shows, websites and video games, as well as Honey apparently suggesting they research other existing Slender Blogs.


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