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1In April of 2005, TV writer [[Series/ParksAndRecreation David A. King]] founded Fire Joe Morgan as a way for him and some of his friends to keep track of, and entertain each other with, sports journalism they found ridiculous. FJM was never intended for a general audience, but it caught on and developed a following.˛˛Nearly four years later, citing "the realities of our professional and personal lives", King, [[Series/TheOfficeUS Michael]] [[Series/ParksAndRecreation Schur]], and [[Series/ParksAndRecreation Alan Yang]] (the principal contributors) decided to [[OrphanedSeries stop updating the site]]. The archives are still available to view at˛˛----˛!! Fire Joe Morgan provided examples of:˛* OrphanedSeries: Tragically, the blog ended before eponymous Joe Morgan was fired from his job as a baseball analyst with ESPN.˛* PenName: King, Schur, and Yang wrote under the names dak, Ken Tremendous, and Junior respectively. (King, Schur, and Yang revealed their real names in February 2008) Contributors that did not reveal their real names included Coach, Murbles, America's Sweetheart, Spinoza, and Chester Jesterton.˛* SpecialGuest: One post passed along a comment by [[Series/SaturdayNightLive Seth Meyers]].


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