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1Ah, video games. No other media allows RefugeInAudacity so often. [[SugarWiki/BetterThanItSounds And most of the time it works]].˛˛''Please sort new titles alphabetically to avoid duplicate entries.''˛----˛* [[spoiler:VideoGame/{{SOS}}]]: ''VideoGame/PrinceOfPersia'' [-[[RecycledInSpace ON A SINKING SHIP!]] [[XtremeKoolLetterz WITH MODE 7 GRAFIX!]]-]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SabotenBombers'']]: Potted plants throw bombs in a BigFancyHouse.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Sacrifice}}'']]: Gods have a petty argument. Some guy appears and leads one of them to dominate using an army of monsters.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SakuraWars'']]: Japanese performers with mecha fight demons.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SakuraWars 3'']]: As above, but with French performers [-IN PARIS-]!˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SakuraWarsSoLongMyLove'']]: As above, but with American performers [-IN NEW YORK-]!˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SaintsRow'']]: DamnItFeelsGoodToBeAGangster: The game.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SaintsRow1'']]: An average joe gets caught up in gang warfare and proves to be alarmingly good at it. He proceeds to dick around his hometown when he's not picking fights with street racers, pimps, trigger-happy Latinos, and the cops.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SaintsRow2'']]: A gangster wakes up from a coma (and possibly plastic surgery), gets together with an old friend, and dicks around his hometown when he's not picking fights with {{Yakuza}}, faux-voodoo stoners, a heavily-tattooed guy who loves trucks, and a MegaCorp.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SaintsRowTheThird'']]: A gangster becomes [[SellOut a house-hold name]], but is forced to leave it all behind, move to a new town, and [[NeverFoundTheBody leave his best friend for dead]]. There, he dicks around his new home when he's not picking fights with hackers, masked wrestlers, Belgian mobsters, and a paramilitary group.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SaintsRowIV'']]: Your dudes have been kidnapped by aliens. Are you a bad enough president to rescue your dudes?˛*** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SaintsRowGatOutOfHell'']]: The president has been kidnapped by {{Satan}}. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president... from ''Satan''?˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Sam And Max|Freelance Police}} Hit the Road'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes rescue a sasquatch and his girlfriend from a midget country singer, then help a bunch of eco-terrorists re-forest the Pacific Northwest.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- Culture Shock'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes beat up a bunch of {{former child star}}s.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- Situation: Comedy'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes trick a chicken into eating cow poop, cheat at game shows, and electrocute a talk-show hostess.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes insult a professional gambler's mother and fake a murder in order to join a team of [[KillerRabbit adorable]], [[MostDefinitelyNotAVillain thinly-disguised]] mobsters.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- Abe Lincoln Must Die!'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes decapitate the President of the United States, start a civil war, and blow up the Lincoln Memorial. One of them becomes the new president.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- Reality 2.0'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes destroy the Internet.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- Bright Side of the Moon'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes kill a cult leader who wants to make everyone in the world happy.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- Ice Station Santa'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes alternately [[SavingChristmas save]] and [[NiceJobBreakingItHero ruin]] Christmas.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- Moai Better Blues'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes [[GodGuise defraud an underwater civilization]] in order to discover the secret of Easter Island.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- Night of the Raving Dead'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes pick on a [[{{Goth}} club kid]] vampire.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- Chariots of the Dogs'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes thwart the machinations of time-traveling Mexican stereotypes.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- What's New, Beelzebub?'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes nearly cause the apocalypse after saving their friends and neighbors from eternal damnation.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- The Penal Zone'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes use toys to help them trap a gorilla in a pocket dimension.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- The Tomb of Sammun-Mak'']]: Two sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eyes watch their great-grandfathers' home movies.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- They Stole Max's Brain!'']]: A sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eye threatens a rat, a gorilla, a tourist, and an outdated fax machine because his partner lost a vital organ. Said partner then has to thwart a spoiled pre-teen's plans for world domination.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- Beyond the Alley of the Dolls'']]: A sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eye tries to find clones of himself, but finds a [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 dispenser]] instead.˛** [[spoiler: ''Sam and Max- The City That Dares Not Sleep'']]: The other sociopathic FunnyAnimal private eye spontaneously gains psychic powers. And becomes a giant beast.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SambaDeAmigo'']]: Mexican and sister compete in dance contests.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Samorost}}'']]: A gnome tries to save his home planet. This usually involves him standing motionlessly and waiting for his problems to solve themselves.˛** [[spoiler:''Samorost 2'']]: A gnome tries to rescue his dog from fruit poachers. Again, this usually involves him standing around waiting for his problems to solve themselves.˛* [[spoiler: ''Anime/SamuraiChamploo: Sidetracked'']]: A prototype for ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'', based on an anime, doesn't affect the anime's canon [[GaidenGame in any way]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown'']]: An alcoholic guy with an outrageous hair style and an [[ Ainu]] maiden thwart a Jesuit's evil plan. They encounter 10 other weirdos along the way.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown II'']]: The guy and the girl from the previous game fix an evil god's evil doings.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown III'']]: The guy and the girl from the first game beat the crap out of an huge evil guy. We see an emo kid with a parasol instead.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown IV'']]: The boss of the first game is back doing evil stuff. Ninja siblings are involved.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown V'']]: A piece of armor wants everyone dead. {{Exp|y}}ies and/or alternate personalities of everyone are involved.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown V Special'']]: Almost identical to the previous game except with fatalities. [[TooSoon Nevada-tan screws it all up]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown Tenka'']]: Everyone is back, [[UsefulNotes/AndrewJackson the (future) 7th president of the United States]] wants to fight you for some reason.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown 64'']]: Some ''very'' evil dude wants everything dead. The guy and the (newly ascended) girl from the first game wants him down.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown [=64-2=]'']]: The evil dude from the previous game is still alive, the guy and the girl from the first game + a (less) evil demon and some woman with heterochromia wants him down.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown Warriors Rage'']]: 20 years later, A tiny old man, a possessed half-demon girl with a large blade thing and some other dude screw around. The guy (Now an old man) from the first game go save the younger sister of the girl of you-know-what (Now a fairy) from these three guys. We see the other dude's brother instead.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown: Edge of Destiny'']]: A fictional kingdom is pissed up. A girl with a huge sword and a guy with a wooden sword tries to fix this. Weirdos of [[Anime/AfroSamurai implausible]] [[HornyVikings origins]] are involved.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SandsOfDestruction'']]: Public enemy #1 wants to use an innocent FarmBoy to turn her planet into [[Franchise/StarWars Tatooine]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SaturdayNightSlamMasters'']]: Wrestling game not from a wrestling company with a roster that includes a mayor, a guy managed by a monkey, and a man who shares a name with a pancake. ˛* [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/SayaNoUta'']]: A young man with a crippling disorder meets a lovely girl who makes him feel better. TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt ensues.˛** Or: The touching love story of a normal young man with a crippling disorder and a Lovecraftian EldritchAbomination sent from beyond the stars to [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt destroy humanity]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Scaler}}'']]: Young male [[AnimalWrongsGroup animal activist]] is turned into a {{lizard|Folk}} by other exothermic creatures. In doing so, the boy reunites with his father (also a lizard).˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ScarabOfRa'']]: An archaeology geek, who moonlights as a sideshow geek, gets himself sealed inside a pyramid and must find nonviolent ways of dealing with kleptomaniac monkeys.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ScarfaceTheWorldIsYours'']]: A mobster [[ForWantOfANail turned around]] and killed his would-be assassin. Leads into a rehash of [[Film/{{Scarface1983}} the source material]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SCPContainmentBreach'']]: Your goal is to exit a building. The main enemy is a statue.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Scratches}}'']]: A pedantic writer defiles an ancestral family home in order to insult a deformed orphan. His biggest allies are a con man and an alcoholic ex-police chief.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Scribblenauts}}'']]: A boy in a NiceHat conjures [[CombinatorialExplosion a staggering number of items]] in order to gather stars. There is no plot.˛** [[spoiler:''Super Scribblenauts'']]: Same boy learns what adjectives are. More stars are gathered.˛** [[spoiler:''Scribblenauts Unlimited'']]: Same boy's sister is turning to stone thanks to the boy acting like a jerk prior, so he gets stars to reverse the condition. He also learns how to create and alter objects entirely, and in one version [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]] and [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Zelda]] characters and items appear only to not have any impact on the plot or gameplay at all.˛** [[spoiler:''Scribblenauts Unmasked'']]: Same boy and sister invoke Franchise/{{Superman}} vs. Franchise/{{Batman}}, causes mayhem in the DC Universe.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SDGundamCapsuleFighter'']]: Buy capsules to play as famous mecha.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SDGundamGGeneration'']]: CrisisCrossover game series starring giant robots usually with the same name.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SecondLife'']]: Massively multiplayer online CAD (or so the joke goes).˛* [[spoiler:''The Secret Island of Doctor Quandary'']]: You win a doll and a free trip to an island at a carnival shooting gallery. Unfortunately, if you want to go home you'll have to solve {{Stock Puzzle}}s and make some really nasty soup.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SecretOfEvermore'']]: A boy and his dog try out virtual reality dating from the 1960s.˛** Or: ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'': The RPG.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WorldOfMana'']]:˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SecretOfMana'']]: Boy is [[YouCantGoHomeAgain banished from his homeland]] and persecuted by the government for being the legendary hero.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TrialsOfMana'']]: Faerie picks the first person she sees to save the world. The game can't decide who the heroes and villains are.˛* [[spoiler:''SekiroShadowsDieTwice'']]: A ninja bodyguard tries to find his lord from a samurai clan who wants to use his powers for their nefarious plans. Everytime he dies, a plague starts to hinder his actions.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SenranKagura'']]: ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' meets ''Manga/{{Ikkitousen}}'' meets ''VideoGame/SengokuBasara''.˛** Or: a bunch of sexy schoolgirls play ninja when nobody's looking. Expect clothes ripping and lesbians.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SegaSuperstars'']]: [[VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog Blue mammal and his friends (and foes)]] [[VideoGame/SuperMonkeyBall alongside]] [[VideoGame/SambaDeAmigo other]] [[VideoGame/BillyHatcherAndTheGiantEgg characters]] [[VideoGame/SpaceChannel5 from]] [[VideoGame/HouseOfTheDead different]] [[VideoGame/JetSetRadio series]] play tennis and go kart for fun.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Seiklus}}'']]: It is your average {{Metroidvania}} platformer with a sole exception that you can't die.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SengokuBasara'' series]]: Historical samurai do almost nothing they did in real history and fight [[ObviouslyEvil obvious evil]] and each other with the power of {{Engrish}}, {{large ham}}s and the RuleOfCool.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SeriousSam'']]: Guy romps through ancient Egypt in search of spaceship, leaves no survivors.˛** [[spoiler:''Serious Sam: The Second Encounter'']]: Guy crashes his spaceship into another one within about five minutes, and must search South America, Babylon and Europe for a replacement.˛** [[spoiler:''Serious Sam II'']]: Guy goes planet-hopping in search of a faceless antagonist.˛** [[spoiler:''Serious Sam 3: BFE'']]: Guy romps through [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture future-modern]] Egypt. [[RedshirtArmy Everyone he meets dies quickly and horribly]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShadowHearts'']]: A guy saves a girl in a short skirt from a man in a suit, then gets his friends to gang up on him. The [[BittersweetEnding bad ending]] is canon.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShadowHearts: Covenant'']]: The same guy gets stabbed with a plant. He gets picked up by an old puppeteer and a German soldier in a quest to stop a minor character from the last game from doing what the guy in the suit wanted to do.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/ShadowHearts: From the New World'']]: A [[FirstPersonSnapshooter guy with a camera]] finds out what he can do. People suffer. This time it's [[TransAtlanticEquivalent on the other side of the Atlantic]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShadowOfDestiny'']]: The main character dies during the first cutscene and is resurrected by an androgynous time traveller who may or may not be Satan. He tries to prevent his own death while avoiding accidentally causing it. This is repeated several times.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/ShadowOfTheColossus'']]: An oddly named boy and his horse set upon destroying sixteen statues in order to revive his dead girlfriend.˛** Alternatively: BossRush: [[TheMovie The Game]].˛** Also, in order to beat the final boss you have to get in his pants.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShadowWarrior'']]: An old ninja who is named after a penis says dirty jokes in {{Engrish}}.˛* [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/ShallWeDate'']]: A whole ton of reverse harems.˛** [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/ShallWeDateDestinyNinja2'']]: A {{Bishounen}} tries not to kill his girlfriend.˛** [[spoiler: ''Shall We Date? Lost Alice'']]: A girl must break rules in order to get her memory back.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Shantae}}'']]: Cute [[HalfHumanHybrid genie girl]] saves the world from the onset of {{Steampunk}} with [[PrehensileHair magical hair]] and belly dancing.˛** [[spoiler: ''Shantae: Risky's Revenge'']]: Cute [[HalfHumanHybrid genie girl]] learns what a magic lamp is [[BroughtDownToNormal the hard way]].˛** [[spoiler: ''Shantae and the Pirate's Curse'']]: Cute [[BroughtDownToNormal formerly-genie]] [[HalfHumanHybrid girl]] becomes a genie girl again. The final boss is the bra of the previous two games' antagonist.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Shardlight}}'']]: A woman does random jobs in an attempt to win the lottery. ˛* [[spoiler: ''Shatter'']]: A dysfunctional power plant part goes on a rampage to destroy the evil orwellian space robot empire led by an equally evil robot pong paddle.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Shenmue}}'']]: A guy's father is killed. He collects toys, plays arcade games, and adopts a kitten. [[CutShort He never avenges his father.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiI'']]: A young male teen gains the ability to summon demons and uses it to fight demons. And possibly the [[RageAgainstTheHeavens forces of heaven]]. No wonder it got stuck in Japan.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiII'']]: X Years Later, the world of balance that the hero of the previous game created has gotten worse. The powers that be create a Test Tube Messiah, who may or may not [[RageAgainstTheHeavens kill God]], that is, if he decides not to run away from the planet first.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne'']]: A different young male teen-turned-demon survives [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt the world being turned into a giant space womb]] and gets to decide which one of his friends impregnates the baby universe. [[ScrewDestiny Or he can kill the fetus]] and [[RageAgainstTheHeavens join Lucifer]] ([[DarkIsNotEvil who's apparently a good guy]]) in fighting to kill God and stop the cycle. The UpdatedRerelease features [[VideoGame/DevilMayCry a certain]] White Haired Pretty BadassLongcoat.˛*** Alternatively, a cultist makes the world go round. ˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiStrangeJourney'']]: Soldier runs around the South Pole picking up random stuff to give to a hick. Meanwhile, demons try their hand at ecoterrorism.˛*** [[spoiler:''Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux'']]: Soldier neglects his duty to save humankind in order to harvest fruit from a prison. Future Trunks takes offense to his efforts and tries to kill him.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIV'']]: The reincarnation of the previous heroes goes dumpster diving in hell with his friends, only to learn that [[TokyoIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse it's actually Tokyo.]] Unable to peacefully reconcile a zoning disagreement with the inhabitants, millions die in the process.˛*** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIVApocalypse'']]: Some other dumbass inadvertently screws up the above reincarnation's attempt to reconcile said zoning disagreement. Millions more die in the process of trying to fix it.˛*** Alternatively: A zombie starts the apocalypse. Not about the zombie apocalypse.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/DevilSurvivor'']]: Pokemon-like creatures appear in real life, most likely leading to one of several versions of the Apocalypse over the course of a week while you are stuck inside a part of Tokyo. Your main source of information as to what the hell is going on is an increasingly glitchy mail daemon.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/DevilSurvivor2'']]: A group of friends attempt to recreate [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Evangelion]] with demons instead of mecha. Alternatively, Jesus and Alien Lucifer join forces to delay a scheduled hard drive format.˛*** [[spoiler:''[[UpdatedRerelease Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker]]'']]: After beating up the Big Dipper, a group of friends are co-opted into catching the Spring Triangle. Meanwhile, your BigBadFriend is too busy fixing your compiler errors to scheme anymore.˛** [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIf Shin Megami Tensei: if...]]'']]: A down-on-his-luck teenager angrily sends his high school literally into Hell, spawning an entire AlternateContinuity.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Persona}}'']]: A group of kids get struck by lightning and then go off on a [[spoiler:JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind]].˛*** Alternatively: A video game in which you can be killed by an evil, hula-dancing toilet.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Persona2'': Innocent Sin]]: The most... colorful interpretation of Adolf Hitler ever imagined...''anywhere''.˛*** Alternatively: Ever see the movie Film/TradingPlaces?˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Persona2'': Eternal Punishment]]: A female journalist, her jealous best friend, a cop, a wire tapper, and a shell-shocked senior fight a serial killer. What happens next, well, your guess is as good as any.˛*** Alternatively: The Rumor Mill is very, ''very'' brutal.˛*** Alternatively: The greatest test of a person's WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief towards any given form of media.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Persona3'']]: Eight high school students (including one robot), a kid, and a dog try to prevent the end of the world by shooting themselves in the head over and over inside a school at midnight.˛*** Or as summarized in the sequel: Blue-haired boy gets stuck in wall.˛*** Alternatively: The greatest stair-climbing simulator in history.˛*** [[spoiler:''Persona 3: FES'']]: The same bunch (minus two students) are trapped in their dorm and try to break out by shooting themselves in the head in the basement. They are assisted by another robot who tries to actually kill them.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Persona4'']]: Seven different high school students (and a bear) solve local murders by watching TV all night long.˛*** Alternative: A boy moves to a small town where he and his friends become obsessed with late-night TV. TheyFightCrime.˛*** Alternatively: A boy who shows next to no emotion somehow becomes a MartyStu.˛*** Alternatively: The happiest game about murder ever made.˛*** Alternatively for the above: Help people solve their personal problems while you only get spiritual satisfaction out of it as a reward.˛*** Alternatively: manage your time carefully so you can summon something that looks suspiciously like male genitalia.˛*** Alternatively: Forge close, unbreakable bonds with various people and then never talk to them again.˛*** Alternatively: a VisualNovel about ThePowerOfFriendship and a bunch of {{Public Domain Character}}s from various mythologies combined with a NintendoHard DungeonCrawler published years after both those tropes fell out of favor.˛*** Alternatively: Basic psychoanalysis gives you literal superpowers because your species is suicidal.˛*** Alternatively: [[Franchise/ScoobyDoo Scooby Doo's]] [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Bizarre Adventure]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Persona5'']]: Not content with simply being [[KidDetective kid detectives]], several teenagers and their talking cat [[TheyFightCrime fight crime]]... [[JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind inside criminal's minds!]] The cat [[Anime/MyNeighborTotoro may also be a bus]].˛*** Alternatively: A PhantomThief summons {{Satan}} to shoot [[GodIsEvil God]] [[PrettyLittleHeadshots in the head]] to [[SavingChristmas save Christmas]].˛*** Alternatively: [[Franchise/LupinIII Lupin the 3rd's]] [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Bizarre Adventure]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/PersonaQShadowOfTheLabyrinth'']]: The head-shooters visit the kid detectives' school.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/PersonaQ2NewCinemaLabyrinth'']]: The head-shooters, the kid detectives, and the phantom thieves go to the movies.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/DigitalDevilSaga'']]: A CannibalClan discovers the true meaning of friendship.˛*** [[spoiler:''Digital Devil Saga 2'']]: A seven year old girl tries to stop the world's biggest download by killing and eating people. ˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShootManyRobots'']]: [[VideoGame/DukeNukem3D Those robot bastards are gonna pay for shooting up your ride!]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShovelKnight'']]: Use a farming implement to beat up a witch and her eight henchmen of [[OrcusOnHisThrone questionable villainy]]. The game is made to look like it's [[{{Retraux}} much older than it is]].˛** [[spoiler:''Plague of Shadows'']]: Do the same again, but now with a psychopathic bomber who is either hopelessly slow or uncontrollably fast.˛** [[spoiler:''Specter of Torment'']]: TheGrimReaper comes for everyone. But [[ForegoneConclusion since it's a prequel]], EverybodyLives.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShufflepuckCafe'']]: In the farthest reaches of the galaxy, surrounded by exotic alien beings, you play air hockey.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SidMeiersAlphaCentauri'']]: A sleeping alien god gets a skin disease. It takes decades for it to start scratching and centuries to actually wake up. Meanwhile, [[WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers tree-hugging hippies discover that the local fungus is the path to apotheosis, man]]; [[EvilOverlord Chairman Mao's reincarnation]] is worse than ever; [[TheSpartanWay ancient Greeks]] are apparently led by a hot Latina; a [[MadScientist scientist goes mad]]; [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Gordon Gekko is alive and well in the late 21st century]]; and [[{{Eagleland}} American]] [[ChurchMilitant Bible-thumpers annoy everybody]] ([[AcceptableTargets just like today]], har har har).˛** [[spoiler:''Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire'']]: As above, but with [[VideoGame/SidMeiersPirates pirates]]!; {{cyborg}}s!; a [[CreepyChild child messiah]]!; [[PlayfulHacker hackers]]!; a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything neo-socialist working-class revolution]]!; and even more aliens!˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SidMeiersPirates'']]: [[WideOpenSandbox Do what you want]] 'cause a pirate lives free, [[Series/LazyTown you are a pirate]]!˛* [[spoiler: ''Franchise/SilentHill'']]: Your daughter gets lost in a foggy resort town, and an antiques dealer tries to convince you that she's actually her daughter. The cop and the doctor don't clarify things.˛** Alternatively: A man keeps finding ways into parallel versions of buildings in which floors are a luxury, everything's rusty, and important things are marked by blood.˛** Alternatively: You get to witness an abuse victim act out a revenge fantasy.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SilentHill2'']]: You receive a letter from your dead wife. It all goes downhill from there.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SilentHill3'']]: A creepy blond woman wants to talk to you about birth. You end up killing God.˛*** Alternatively: A young teenage girl avenges her father's murder by aborting her child.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SilentHill4'']]: You're trapped in the BigBad's mother.˛*** Alternatively: A man looks for a way to unlock the front door of his apartment. To accomplish this, he peeks on his female neighbor, and crawls through holes to watch people get killed by an [[spoiler:immortal]] serial killer.˛*** Alternatively: A man cannot find a way to get out of his room because his front door is locked from the inside. To get out, he must crawl through a plot hole.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SilentHillHomecoming'']]: You come home from a war to find your town overrun with more crazy cultists and, also, vaginal imagery. You shoot your mother to get the good ending.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SilentHillShatteredMemories'']]: You go on a hunt for your daughter in freak weather conditions. The town locals make every effort to MindScrew you into submission.˛*** Alternatively: [[spoiler: You play through a metaphor for a therapy session.]]˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TheSilverCase'']]: Almost everyone dies trying to figure out why there are killers in town.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/FlowerSunAndRain'']]: A man never gets his breakfast, therefore airplanes explode.˛** [[spoiler: ''The Silver Case: Ward 25'']]: Correctness, Match Maker, Placebo, Transmitter. These words have ''something'' in common, but [[NoExportForYou darned if I know]] what they are.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SimCity'']]: Put yourself in power; receive many complaints about traffic.˛** Alternatively, thousands of helpless citizens are subject to the whims of a fickle god. Said god may help to create a shining civilization, but is far more likely to summon disasters out of boredom instead.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SimCity 2000'']]: Put yourself in power; cut back on funding. [[MemeticMutation YOU WILL REGRET THIS!]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SimCity 3000'']]: Put yourself in power; rule over the big-headed mutants of the UncannyValley.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SimCity 4'']]: Put yourself in power; receive many complaints about traffic, sanitation, and striking employees. But nicer graphics. In the expansion pack you get stuck in rush hour traffic.˛*** Or: You're the immortal mayor of a town who has immortal advisors who you will wish weren't immortal.˛** [[spoiler:[=SimCity=] (2013)]]: Red tape and server problems keep you from being put in power.˛*** Or: The joys of urban zoning.˛* [[spoiler:''Sim Copter'']]: [[MostAnnoyingSound This is an alert from central dispatch:]] Give helicopter rides to people who forgot where they put their car keys. Transport heavily-injured people to the hospital and drop water over fires when ambulances and firetrucks are unable or just too lazy to do it themselves. End traffic jams by calling the drivers involved stupid idiots.˛* [[spoiler:''SimEarth'']]: You have to maintain nearly every aspect of a planet's geology, weather, and ecosystem, in the hopes that some creatures will evolve to sentience and leave.˛* [[spoiler:''SimTower'']]: Design and build a structure so large and so tall that God allows you to build a church on top of it.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheSims'']]: A group of people are at the complete, utter mercy of a whimsical and cruel god who alternates between deleting their toilets and trapping them inside the very walls of their own homes.˛** Or: You are god and are given complete control over people who are unable to exit a pool if the ladder should mysteriously vanish.˛** Or: Humanoids who speak gibberish and can't feed themselves without your help or exit the pool without a ladder constantly die, complain, neglect their children, catch things on fire and stick potato chip bags in the microwave.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheSims2'']]: The same group of people's descendants are placed into the hands of the same god, who now can bring fates worse than the plagues of Egypt upon them. Death itself occasionally ignores their corpses and watches their telly.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheSims3'']]: An indescribable force of darkness has forced itself onto the world, making the little people capable of exiting the pool without a ladder. This same force makes killing them slightly less desirable for the god. However, the god can now poison them with the power of GreenRocks.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheSims4'']]: The little people move to a pair of smaller (and presumably safer) neighborhoods, and can now go through mood swings.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheSimpsons'']]: The YesMan of the richest man in the city unintentionally kidnaps a baby during a botched robbery. Her family comes to her rescue.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheSimpsonsGame'']]: Ordinary family finds out they are part of a video game, and eventually convince {{God}} to kill aliens.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheSimpsonsHitAndRun'']]: After a father and son spend the first two out of seven segments of the game screwing around, said son gets kidnapped by aliens who are terrorizing the town with cola.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SiN'']]: An angry police officer battles a beautician with [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney a lot of money]], a lot of chest, and no ethics.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SinAndPunishment'']]: Genetically-enhanced humans kill an onslaught of monsters, followed by killing the army responsible for defending against them. Then they betray the one who helped them do so, [[AttackOfThe50FootWhatever turn into a giant monster]] and destroy the Earth by reflecting its attacks. Delivered entirely in SurprisinglyGoodEnglish.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Sinistar}}'']]: A guy in a spaceship gathers shiny rocks to keep a giant roaring head from eating him.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Siren}}'']]: Ritual goes wrong and nearly everyone turns into zombies, complete with hair-ripping difficulty.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Skate}}'']]: Break all the bones in your body multiple times. Occasionally skateboard, on the side.˛* [[spoiler: ''Skate or Die'']]: Race, joust, and do high jumps against a local skate punk who is much better than you.˛** [[spoiler: ''Skate or Die 2'']]: Do odd jobs for the skate punk's dad, who looks a lot like Creator/RodneyDangerfield.˛* [[spoiler: ''Skater Cat'']]: A cat with a {{Punny Name}} skateboards around, goes faster when cats follow him, and voraciously collects cat treats.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SkiesOfArcadia'']]: A ragtag band of heroes races to stop the bad guys from collecting rocks. Everyone is thrown into despair when it rains.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Skullgirls}}'']]: Eight ladies fight each other to gain an artifact who will grant them a wish but also turn them into an EldritchAbomination.˛** Characters include a schoolgirl whose most notable feature is her unruly hair, a circus performer, a cartoon geek, a woman whose weapon of choice is her umbrella, a catgirl (so all you furries have a great time, now), another schoolgirl who never stops screaming during gameplay, a opera starlet, a retired pro wrestler, and a man who depends on an iron lung in a fighting game. The main villain is a FrenchMaid, the CoDragons are a nurse and a nun, and other villains include a man who is never shot in focus and a lounge singer.˛** Mysterious organizations have a habit of stealing random people from the street, mostly teenage girls, and augmenting them with biomechanical weaponry. Said organization members never seem to consider asking first!˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Skyblazer}}'']]: A grumpy old man yells at a gay cousin of VideoGame/MegaMan to go beat up an Indian deity. He concedes.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Skylanders}}'']]: A game with LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters aimed at kids, initially starring a platform game hero from before the kids' time. Unsurprisingly, the kids have no interest in this hero and latch onto all of the other ones, making it SpotlightStealingSquad: The Game.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SleepingDogs'']]: A CowboyCop goes undercover to investigate the Triads while dicking around in the city praying on shrines, finding jade animals and cheating on his girlfriends.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Slender}}'']]: You must go on an epic quest to find a bunch of poorly drawn pictures. There's a guy who keeps staring at you whom you must ignore. Only one enemy appears in the whole game, and there is no combat. It's considered by some to be one of the scariest games of all time.˛** [[spoiler:''Slender: The Arrival'']]: A girl goes to visit her best friend and ends up on another epic quest to find useless pieces of paper. There's a guy who's taken an interest in her, but she so abhors him that simply looking at him will kill her. Only two enemies appear in the whole game, and there is no combat. To win the game, you must find a recording of people screaming.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SlyCooperAndTheThieviusRaccoonus'']]: A career criminal beats up other career criminals to recover a family heirloom.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Sly2BandOfThieves'']]: The career criminal steals the parts to a robot from other career criminals.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Sly3HonorAmongThieves'']]: While about to be eaten by a monster, the career criminal remembers how he talked other career criminals into helping him break into his own vault.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SlyCooperThievesInTime'']]: Career criminal's heirloom turns out to be incomplete. The career criminal and his friends go on a roadtrip to find out why.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SmashTV'']]: Two musclebound shirtless guys commit mass murder to win millions of dollars in cash and prizes -- provided they don't die in front of the cameras first.˛* [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/{{SPISPOPD}} Smashing Pumpkins into Small Piles of Putrid Debris]]'']]: You hate seasonal fruits and can hold way too many sledgehammers.˛** [[spoiler:''Amazin' SPISPOPD'']]: You hate seasonal fruits and can hold one sledgehammer at a time.˛** [[spoiler:''SPISPOPD II: Dr. Lunatic'']]: You hate everyone in some guy's poker group and can hold way too many sledgehammers.˛*** [[spoiler:''Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese'']]: You got SidetrackedByTheGoldSaucer and can hold way too many sledgehammers.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/AdventuresOfBouapha: Spooky Castle'']]: You do not yet hate seasonal fruits. But you do hate organ theft.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/AdventuresOfBouapha: Sleepless Hollow'']]: You hate a seasonal fruit, [[ClosedCircle partially because your car broke down and there's nothing else to do.]] You can hold way too many different types of sledgehammers.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SnowboardKids'']]: Conduct impulse shopping as you careen down a mountain. You can earn money by tumbling in stylish ways. The second game introduces the son of Satan, who happily joins the others in this bizarre activity.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SnowBros'']]: Nick and Tom {{Save The Princess}}es by covering the bad guys with snow.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Solatorobo}}'']]: A dog on a robot does odd jobs while trying to SaveTheWorld.˛* [[spoiler:''TabletopGame/{{Solitaire}}'']]: Winning just means you beat the odds against being screwed over from the beginning.˛** Alternatively, a card game for bored and stubborn loners.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{SOMA}}'']]: A Canadian wakes up a hundred years into the future, where a freaking comet has killed the planet.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicBlastMan'']]: A superhero saves the day by [[MegatonPunch punching people and things really, really hard]]. Which is apparently [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer his only super-power.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicDreamsCollection'']]: Cancelled games starring a blue mammal, made to see the light of day again. [[NightmareFuel There's a good reason they were cancelled.]]˛** [[spoiler:''Make My Sonic'']]: Create deformed mammals with all kinds of hair colors and overly long names.˛** [[spoiler:''Sonic Movie Maker'']]: Film mammals (blue and otherwise) in increasingly disturbing situations.˛** [[spoiler:''Eggman Origin'']]: An MMORPG with a convoluted log-in method. [[MindScrew What happens after you log in is your best guess.]]˛** [[spoiler:''My Roommate Sonic'']]: Seduce a blue mammal whilst being guided by text messages sent from a fat man hiding in the curtains.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog1 Sonic the Hedgehog'']]: A small blue mammal steals batteries from a fat man.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2'']]: That blue mammal is now stalked by a two-tailed canid.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehogCD'']]: That blue mammal must save an obsessive fan girl of his.˛*** Alternatively: Blue mammal travels to another planet and discovers a [[RobotMe robot clone]] of himself that's been there long before he was born. This robot clone likes to [[KickTheDog step on squirrels]] and [[BatterUp swing baseball bats at fish]]--he would become a fan-favorite character. The fat man has traveled to this planet too, and beating him up causes flowers to grow. ˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles'']]: Red mammal punches blue mammal. Then changes his mind.˛*** Alternatively: Red mammal throws blue mammal into traps and other conveniences to protect his jewels.˛*** For [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2'']] through [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles'']]: Furry ''Franchise/StarWars''.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicTheFighters'']]: Various mammals (and one bird and one reptile) fight over who gets to go into space and beat up a robot.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicAdventure'']]: Water elemental tries to KillAllHumans to avenge the actions of red mammals. The blue mammal's friends learn that they don't need him. A cat goes fishing for frogs. A soldier heroically kills himself and his entire family (though not in that order).˛** Alternatively: Mayan Middle-American anteaters summon water god. Chaos ensues.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicShuffle'']]: Blue mammal and friends play a really tedious game of cards.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2'']]: Black mammal is unleashed and decides to destroy the world. Then changes his mind, after the fat man's ''dead'' grandfather gets close to achieving this.˛** Alternatively: Colorblind humans can't distinguish blue and black mammals.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicHeroes'']]: The entire cast succumbs to ThePowerOfFriendship. Characters from the company's least successful consoles drive the plot.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicBattle'']]: Mammals befriend a robot. After a while, [[spoiler:one of them beats it to death]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ShadowTheHedgehog'']]: DarkerAndEdgier black mammal saves the world by courageously shooting everyone. He swears every 30 seconds, and sometimes other characters do it too.˛*** Or: A black mammal uses a gun to fight The Man. But The Man is an alien. [[MultipleEndings Sometimes.]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006'']]: Four suspiciously similar mammals repeatedly change history. The game [[CanonDisContinuity erases itself from the timeline]] as a result.˛*** Or, a hammy demon executes a complicated gambit that defies common sense to make a girl cry.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicRivals'' and ''Sonic Rivals 2'']]: A mad scientist is threatening to destroy the world! So the heroes do the only logical thing: race each other and try to beat the crap out of each other in the process.˛*** Alternatively, various animals and a robot beat each other up when they really should be working together. The same thing happens in its sequel, only this time there are more animals.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicRiders'']]: The fat man amasses a large amount of power to get a new rug that he doesn't actually want. Meanwhile, a bunch of birds find out they're [[SpaceX space]] genies without any magic or wish-granting.˛** [[spoiler:''Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity'']]: The birds return, and they, alongside most of the major characters, gain the power to toss large objects into the air and make them explode. [[MundaneUtility They use it for racing each other]] and nothing else.˛** [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/SonicStorybookSeries Sonic and the Secret Rings]]'']]: Blue mammal [-[[RecycledInSpace IN THE ARABIAN NIGHTS!]]-] Also, he has a really bad case of heartburn.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicChronicles'']]: Blue mammal and pals fight antagonistic space wizards by [[spoiler: amassing an army of hideous monsters]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicUnleashed'']]: Blue mammal cursed to become a [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Blue Mammal That's Different.]]˛** [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/SonicStorybookSeries Sonic and the Black Knight]]'']]: Blue mammal [-[[RecycledInSpace IN CAMELOT!]]-]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Sonic Rush|Series}} Adventure'']]: Blue mammal and his canid pal are transported to a dimension where they play at sailors with a purple feline princess and a WrongGenreSavvy orange raccoon from the LandDownUnder.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog4'']]: Blue mammal stops the fat man again, this time all by himself.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicColors'']]: Blue mammal and two-tailed canid team up with one-eyed aliens to stop the fat man from making an {{amusement park|OfDoom}} in space.˛*** Or, blue mammal decides to destroy exotic resort before opening day.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicGenerations'']]: Blue mammal is thrown back in time and meets his younger self. Both mammals must fix the timeline and save their mammal buddies (plus two reptiles, and an insect).˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicLostWorld'']]: Blue mammal releases six whatsits that wrack havoc on the world. [[spoiler: Every mammal but the blue one dies but then doesn't. The story ends when the fat man falls for thousands of feet.]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SonicBoom'']]: Blue mammal and his cohort stop evil green reptile from destroying the world 1,000 years ago. Back in the present day, blue mammal and his cohort completely forget about what they did in the past, releasing evil green reptile from jail and taking it upon themselves to stop him once again. This all happens separate from the above. Also, the fat man and two blue mammal-knockoffs are here for some reason.˛*** Alternatively, blue mammal and different cohort go on a quest to find rocks, which they later glue together into one larger rock.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SonicMania'']]: Blue mammal, red mammal and yellow canid are going on a nostalgia trip to stop the fat man from using his new toy.˛*** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SonicMania Plus'']]: [[UpdatedRerelease New version]] also adds yellow rodent and another red mammal, [[TheBusCameBack coming back from a twenty-five year long bus trip]].˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SonicForces'']]: Blue mammal meets younger self again. They work together with a [[CharacterCustomization [insert color here] [insert species here].]] The fat man finally achieves a small victory with his new toy. Also, two blue mammal-knockoffs, a water elemental, and one of the six whatsits join the fat man.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SoulBlazer'']]: God sends you to save the world so he can take all the credit.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/IllusionOfGaia[=/=]Time'']]: Due to the presence of an evil force, modern day Earth turned out much more interesting. The powers that be order you to correct this.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Terranigma}}'']]: The powers that be are total jackasses. That seems to be the theme in this series.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SoulNomadAndTheWorldEaters'']]: A red-haired mute with voices in their head must save the world. they are joined by their [[TheDitz brain-damaged]] childhood friend.˛** Alternate storyline: A red-haired mute with voices in their head must save the world. They say screw the world, kills and/or [[TheCorrupter drives insane]] everyone they meet, and becomes an EvilOverlord. The voices in their head names TheEmpire the BFF Empire without their permission. Everyone thinks it's lame, but he doesn't care.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SoulSeries'']]: A [[{{BFS}} big (and powerful) sword]] enslaves and maddens its users [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity (naturally)]]. Fight against an opponent over BottomlessPits to obtain, destroy, or help it. Maybe you'll get its [[InvertedTrope good]] [[EvilTwin twin]] to help. [[BloodlessCarnage It's hard to tell if anyone dies.]]˛** [[spoiler: ''[=SoulEdge=]'']]: Everyone fights each other looking for the evil sword. A Greek baker girl and a female {{Ninja}} find the {{Pirate}} holding it and kill him. ˛** [[spoiler: ''[=SoulCalibur=]'']]: A German boy finds the sword and causes mayhem in Renaissance Europe. A trio of ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'' expies break the sword with the help of its good twin.˛** [[spoiler: ''[=SoulCalibur=] II'']]: The German boy fixes the sword and continues causing mayhem. With the help of a French dude, he recovers and pierces both swords together. Also joining in the fight are [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda a boy in a green skirt]], [[VideoGame/{{Tekken}} the father of a Shotoclone]], and [[ComicBook/{{Spawn}} a demon man who fights other demons]].˛** [[spoiler: ''[=SoulCalibur=] III'']]: The German boy goes around carrying the two swords, followed by the now-corporeal spirit of the evil sword. An immortal ScaryBlackMan manipulates stuff to kill himself. ˛** [[spoiler: ''[=SoulCalibur=] IV'']]: Everyone gathers to kick each other's ass, including the long-deceased creator of the good sword. Now you can [[ClothingDamage break your opponent's clothing.]] [[{{Fanservice}} What do you mean that sounds gratuitous?]] Also, [[RuleOfCool Darth Vader fights ninjas]].˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SoulcaliburV'']]: The children of the Greek baker girl go around to kill an infection caused by the evil sword in Renaissance Europe. This time the guest character is [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII the Italian ancestor of a confused bartender]].˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SoulcaliburVI'']]: Everyone returns to the early days of Renaissance Europe because [[TheScrappy no one liked the Greek baker girl's son]]. This time the guest characters are [[Franchise/TheWitcher a monster hunter who frequently sleeps with women]] and [[VideoGame/NierAutomata an out-of-place futuristic robot girl with a massive posterior]].˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SouthParkTheStickOfTruth'']]: In this quiet and peaceful town in the mountain, Larp has become SeriousBusiness.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SouthParkTheFracturedButWhole'']]: As above [-[[RecycledInSpace WITH SUPERHEROES]]-].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpaceChannel5'']]: A newscaster enlists the aid of Music/MichaelJackson in out-dancing rubber aliens.˛** [[spoiler:''Space Channel 5 Part 2'']]: The President has been kidnapped by robots. Are you a good enough dancer to rescue the President?˛*** Or: Robots and an albino mad scientist with a purple disco suit. Who loves to airhump.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpaceInvaders'']]: Aliens attack Earth with poor but well-regimented strategy.˛** Or: Aliens [[AC:[[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} Increase speed. Drop down. Reverse direction.]]]]˛** [[spoiler:''Space Invaders Extreme'']]: Aliens attack Earth with slightly improved but still well-regimented strategy while [[VideoGame/{{Rez}} getting shot to techno music]].˛** [[spoiler:''Space Invaders Get Even'']]: Aliens return to Earth after 30 years... as {{Villain Protagonist}}s.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpaceQuest'']]: A janitor tries to fight bad guys... [[RecycledINSPACE IN SPACE!]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpaceQuestITheSarienEncounter'']]: A janitor gets lost in the desert on his quest to destroy a device that makes stars... [[RecycledInSPACE IN SPACE!]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpaceQuestIIVohaulsRevenge'']]: A janitor gets kidnapped, ends up in an exotic jungle and has to stop an evil plot involving flooding the world with insurance salesmen... [[RecycledINSPACE IN SPACE!]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpaceQuestIIIThePiratesOfPestulon'']]: A janitor has to save two video game developers by beating up an overweight bespectacled nerd in a giant robot duel... [[RecycledINSPACE IN SPACE!]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpaceQuestIVRogerWilcoAndTheTimeRippers'']]: A janitor travels through time to stop a MasterComputer virus, while armed with only his severely limited wits and a hint book... [[RecycledInSPACE IN SPACE!]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpaceQuestVTheNextMutation'']]: A janitor becomes captain of a garbage scow and saves civilization as we know it from projectile-vomiting mutants... [[RecycledInSPACE IN SPACE!]] Oh, and if the love interest dies, our hero ceases to exist.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpaceQuestVIRogerWilcoInTheSpinalFrontier'']]: A spaceship captain goes back to being a janitor and thwarts the machinations of a bed-ridden old lady by going on a FantasticVoyagePlot... [[RecycledInSPACE IN SPACE!]]˛* [[spoiler:''A Space Shooter for Two Bucks!'']]: [[TheBully School bully]] grows up to become a galactic conqueror. [[GoodIsNotNice He's the hero.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpaceStationSiliconValley'']]: Man and his robot crash land on a long lost zoo/space station the man had created. He soon learns that the animals onboard have become cyborgs.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpecOpsTheLine'']]: Three idiot government employees travel abroad to recover assets after some lousy weather, but screw things up even worse after clashing with some colleagues.˛** Alternately: A military man enters a post-apocalyptic city with the sole purpose of evacuating the survivors and meeting up with an old hero of his. By the time he's done, everyone's dead and it's all his fault.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Spellforce}} The Order of Dawn'']]: Famous and great warrior wakes up after a really long nap, has forgotten almost everything and spends half of the game trying to bring a box to their friend.˛** [[spoiler:''Breath Of Winter'']]: Another warrior wakes up after a long nap to help a girl reunite with her old friend.˛** [[spoiler: ''Shadow Of The Phoenix'']]: The two aforementioned warriors try to meet each other to break a stone.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Spelunker}}'']]: Little man with [[OneHitPointWonder poor constitution]] has to find treasures in a cave.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Spelunker}} HD'']]: Little man with poor constitution now can team up with more little men with the same poor constitution to find more treasure.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Spelunky}}'']]: A tiny man dressed like Indiana Jones travels through a ridiculously dangerous cavern in search of treasure, populated by GoddamnedBats, spiders, snakes, yetis, and lots of spikes. The [[{{Roguelike}} game is different every time]], but 99% of your sessions will end in the tiny man's untimely death.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpheresOfChaos'']]: An ''VideoGame/{{Asteroids}}'' clone where [[EpilepticFlashingLights there's a high chance of getting epilepsy when playing it]].˛* [[spoiler: ''Spider Solitaire'']]: Either the easiest or the hardest variant game in the history of ever.˛* [[spoiler: ''WesternAnimation/SpiritStallionOfTheCimarron'' (GBA)]]: An American hunts down natives of his country to relocate them in a harsh wilderness empty of humans.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SpiritualWarfare'']]: A thinly-disguised [[TheMoralSubstitute copycat]] of a beloved adventure game classic where you teach your fellow townsfolk of the majesty of Jesus Christ... [[EasyEvangelism by blasting them in the face]] [[EdibleAmmunition with bananas and pears]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Splatoon}}'']]: A scientist seals his fatass cat in cryogenic stasis for 10,000 years. The cat starts presiding over territorial disputes between squids and octopuses after waking up. You don't play as the cat, by the way. Meanwhile, one of the squids warps through teapots to kill sentient severed appendages and rescue catfish.˛** Or: A bunch of teenagers emit large amounts of bodily fluids onto everything around them, including and especially each other. This is the country's national sport.˛** Or: A game whose modes consist of shooting at the ground, shooting at the ground in specific locations, riding an ice cream truck, and [[EscortMission escorting a fish]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Splatterhouse}}'']]: Wear an evil mask to become a muscled hulking beast hellbent on ripping demons apart and saving your girlfriend who may or may not turn into a monster. The remake has said evil mask voice by [[Creator/JimCummings your childhood]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SplinterCell'']]: A highly skilled former Navy SEAL fights terrorists in [[NoOSHACompliance unsafe workplaces]] by hiding from them.˛** [[spoiler:''Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow'']]: A veteran must pick up some notes, retrieve stolen refrigerators, and find out where five spray cans are so he can interrupt a UsefulNotes/{{Che|Guevara}}-wannabe's daily phone call.˛** [[spoiler:''Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory'']]: A veteran must kill his old friends and save the bad guys to save the world.˛** [[spoiler: ''Splinter Cell: Double Agent'']]: A veteran questions his morality as he infiltrates a terrorist organization named after a southerner who was hanged.˛*** Or: A man is sent on a secret mission better suited for someone 30 years younger than him.˛** [[spoiler:''Splinter Cell: Conviction'']]: A retired veteran shoots up his former workplace because he disagrees with the direction the new boss has taken it in.˛*** Or: A counter-terrorism unit is disbanded because the first person to take command after the founder dies completely misses the point of ''counter''-terrorism.˛** [[spoiler:''Splinter Cell: Blacklist'']]: The retired veteran is brought back from retirement to lead a new unit to stop a terrorist organization's evil plan to achieve world peace.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SplitSecond'']]: ''VideoGame/{{Burnout}}'' gets remade by Creator/MichaelBay enthusiasts.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpookysJumpScareMansion'']]: A DeconstructionGame of the horror genre that is not really a deconstruction starring a CuteGhostGirl.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Spore}}'']]: Everything. Including, but not limited to: evolving by dancing in public, getting more advanced by burning buildings, capturing cities by playing music, and [[VideogameCrueltyPotential lots and lots of genocide]].˛** [[spoiler:Cell Stage]]: Become the biggest, baddest piece of zooplankton in the tide pool, so that you can leave. Your diet determines your destiny.˛** [[spoiler:Creature Stage]]: Either fight wild animals to the death or give 'em the old song and dance.˛** [[spoiler:Tribal Stage]]: Entertain enemy tribes or demolish their seats of government.˛** [[spoiler:Civilization Stage]]: EasyEvangelism, CorruptCorporateExecutive syndrome, or genocide? Which will it be?˛** [[spoiler:Space Stage]]: Build an empire with one measly ship.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Spore}} Creature Creator'']]: As a preview of a game about everything, you stretch and squish various blobby shapes and add parts to them to make them look vaguely like some sort of animal. Or a penis.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Spore}} Creature Creator Parts: Creepy and Cute'']]: The first of several efforts to make a game about everything about more everything.˛* [[spoiler:''ComicStrip/SpyVsSpy'']]: Monochromatic Deformed Anthropomorphic Birds set traps for one another while searching a building for a variety of worthless junk.˛** [[spoiler:''ComicStrip/SpyVsSpy II'']]: Monochromatic Deformed Anthropomorphic Birds set traps for one another using trees and coconuts while searching a tropical island for a buried missile.˛*** [[spoiler:''ComicStrip/SpyVsSpy III'']]: Monochromatic Deformed Anthropomorphic Birds set traps for one another using ice and snow while searching an arctic wasteland for a buried missile.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpyroTheDragon1998'']]: A greedy young punk who has really bad halitosis frees his elders from being frozen and battles the [[AccidentalInnuendo unfortunately-titled]] "gnorc" who encased them because they called him simple and ugly. The punk's health bar is a dragonfly.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Spyro2RiptosRage'']]: Said punk is kidnapped while on a vacation due to a faun, a mole, and a two legged cat messing around with a PortalNetwork. The punk gets extorted by a greedy bear in order to progress. ˛*** Or: The mole accidentally opens the gates of hell to release... a short angry man and his two dinosaurs.˛*** The punk has lots of [[MemeticMutation trouble with the trolley, eh]], and has to escort a TooDumbToLive goat alchemist past some rock people. He also has to collect more [[FanNickname crystal popcorn]] than a cheetah for no reason at all. ˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpyroYearOfTheDragon'']]: A rhino-like sorcerer and her furry second-in-command steals lots of eggs to draw power from them. The punk's health bar is controllable for part of the game.˛** Space cows and sheep [=UFOs=] attack and must be killed by a cheetah with a jet pack.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpyroEnterTheDragonfly'']]: The rhino-like sorcerer comes back, so the punk has to go find a bunch of health bars.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpyroAHerosTail'']]: The punk's voice goes up an octave, and the health bar starts speaking properly. He's now tasked with fighting the gnorc, an overweight mermaid, and a dragon who plays with robots.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheLegendOfSpyro'']]: An alternate universe version of said punk (who is more noble and has a few other new health issues) beats up his future love interest, an ape with a laser eye, and the only other of his kind. Big demon destroys the world by walking around in a circle. The dragonfly is now a cowardly DeadpanSnarker.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SpyroReignitedTrilogy'']]: The punk relives his first three adventures, and his memories [[VideoGameRemake look far prettier]] than what really happened back then.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{SSX}}'']]: Snowboarding, UpToEleven.˛** [[spoiler:''SSX On Tour'']]: You're snowboarding. And you get really good at it.˛** [[spoiler:''SSX (2012)'']]: Same as the first entry, now with legitimate destinations.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Stacking}}'']]: A Russian nesting doll uses mind control to pull pranks and get child labor outlawed.˛* [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/{{STALKER}} S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl]]'']]: Man wakes up on table, with a note telling him to kill himself.˛** [[spoiler:''Clear Sky'']]: Man wakes up, is sent on a quest to stop the place from exploding every hour. Figures out the way to stop it is to kill the previously mentioned man. [[spoiler:He fails at the killing part.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheStanleyParable'']]: A non-violent FirstPersonPerspective game that tells you exactly what to do.˛** Or: A game where the [[LemonyNarrator Narrator is lemony]] and there are [[FollowThePlottedLine literal plotted lines to follow.]]˛* ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarControl II]]'': A young man solves his caterpillar problem through genocide. Sort of like Centipede... [[RecycledInSPACE IN SPACE!]]˛** Alternately: The galaxy has worms. A young man builds a brand-new ancient starship to take care of the problem with the help of a gigantic bomb and a [[TheHypnotoad Hypnotoad]]. Also, [[EldritchAbomination Cthulhu]] is a bunch of blue parrotfish.˛* ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarFox1]]'': Woodland animals fighting an evil brain in spaceships.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarFox2]]'': More woodland animals - and a dog - fighting an evil brain in spaceships, except [[VaporWare it didn't happen for something like two decades]].˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarFox64]]'': Another way the plot of the first game might have happened. You face the difficult moral decision of abandoning your target to save your teammates. Frequently.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarFoxAdventures]]'': Our hero saves a bunch of British lizards from a bunch of smaller lizards using a stick. For the money. ˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarFoxAssault]]'': Furries set aside their differences to battle the real menace: parasitic insects.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarFoxCommand]]'': Anthropomorphic animals follow [[MultipleEndings various plotlines]] to fight evil fish. They almost always end up hating each other, so a [[Creator/ShigeruMiyamoto a Japanese man]] decided it [[WordOfGod never happened]].˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarFoxZero]]'': ANOTHER way the plot of the first game might have happened. Except now there's [[ChickenWalker funny looking ships]] and questionable controls.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarFoxGuard]]'': One of the protagonists of the main series and his uncle are [[TowerDefense security guards]].˛* ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarGladiator]]'': An evil cyborg EmperorScientist seeks galactic domination of the entire universe and the only ones who can stop him and his empire is a badass BountyHunter swordsman, a [[SheFu rhythmic gymnast]] who definitely knows how to [[ShesGotLegs use her legs]], a [[Film/ConeHeads green-skinned conehead]] who serves as PluckyComicRelief, and a [[Franchise/StarWars Chewbacca]] {{Expy}}.˛** Alternatively: Creator/{{Capcom}}'s own fighting game version of ''Franchise/StarWars''.˛* ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarOcean1]]'': ''Franchise/StarTrek'' copycats recreate [[VideoGame/TalesOfPhantasia the creators' previous attempt at a JRPG]]... [-IN SPACE-].˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarOceanTheSecondStory]]'': Teenager gets marooned on a fantasy planet. His girlfriend is whoever he sucks up to the most.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarOceanTillTheEndOfTime]]'': Teenager gets marooned on a fantasy planet...AGAIN. He and his friends discover [[spoiler: they're [=NPCs=] in a MMORPG.]]˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarOceanTheLastHope]]'': Teenager gets marooned on a fantasy planet. Only this one happened like a hundred years before all those other ones.˛*** Alternatively: Teenager and his friends decide to promote isolationism by breaking crystals. Meanwhile space elf turns evil because someone told him his cape is ugly.˛* ''[[spoiler:Star Soldier R]]'': A [[ItsShortSoItSucks five-minute]] ShootEmUp that costs $8.˛* ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarshipTitanic]]'': Board a luxury cruise ship with a brainless captain, a bomb that doesn't know how to count, sarcastic crewmen, and a psychotic parrot to find out why your house got destroyed.˛* ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarTrekOnline]]'': The entire universe is in so much trouble because of aliens who take "thinking with Portals" to new levels.˛* ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarWarsBattlefront]]'': Fight wars of attrition with large numbers of infantry in a setting that clearly makes the concept obsolete.˛** Alternately: ''RedShirt: The Game''.˛** ''[[spoiler:As above, in Hunt mode]]'': Fight off the most advanced armies in the galaxy using obsolete weapons, and sometimes claws.˛* ''[[spoiler:Franchise/StarWars: Literature/ShadowsOfTheEmpire]]'': Play through never-before-seen areas because the game isn't about [[Film/ANewHope the]] [[Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack original]] [[Film/ReturnOfTheJedi trilogy]].˛** Alternatively: [[{{Expy}} Han Solo-ish]] blowhard [[UnreliableNarrator exaggerates his adventures]] and inspires [[FollowTheLeader a legion of snowspeeder pilots]].˛* ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarCraftI]]'': A giant evil brain turns a bitch into an even bigger bitch, convincing two warring empires to unite and try to kill her. They fail miserably. Korea loves it.˛*** Alternatively, Stalin, a cowboy with LaResistance, some space cultists, and even some of the bugs themselves disagree on the proper methods of bug extermination. Billions die in the process.˛** ''[[spoiler:[=StarCraft=]: Brood War]]'': The French and Russians get in on the action. [[EvilIsSexy The bitch]] [[DownerEnding wins again]]. Korea? Still loves it.˛*** Lenin and Trotsky disagree with everyone else on the methods of bug extermination, and are murdered for their troubles. Billions more die in the process.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarCraftIIWingsOfLiberty]]'': The bitch comes back for round three. A dead WarriorPoet foresees [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt destruction of the galaxy]] and tells his redneck friend about it. The bitch turns back to normal, but is still a bitch. Korea loving it as we speak.˛*** The cowboy ponders killing Stalin, but decides to return to his bug extermination hobby instead. Billions die in the process.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarCraftIIHeartOfTheSwarm]]'': The bitch gets her groove back and goes on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge. [[RunningGag Imagine that, Korea still loves it.]] ˛*** The leader of the bugs insists that the cowboy really ought to get on with killing Stalin, then teams up with Zombie Lenin to do it herself. Billions die in the process.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StarCraftIILegacyOfTheVoid]]'': The WarriorPoet's apprentice rallies his people to [[Main/ScheduleSlip finally]] stop the [[ApocalypseHow destruction of the galaxy]] we mentioned two games ago. The bitch gets a small cameo, then becomes [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence Space Jesus]] with her redneck boyfriend. Korea waited 17 years to [[RunningGagged lov--]][[KilledMidSentence *gunshot*]]˛*** The leader of the space cultists decides it's time to go home. Billions die in the process.˛* ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/StardewValley]]'': Move to the country, work on a farm, delve in a dungeon, and [[SavingTheOrphanage save the community center]] with the help of little fez-shaped guys. Or you can [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential be a jerk]] and side with the PredatoryBusiness that's recently moved into town.˛* ''[[spoiler:[[VideoGame/StarTrekStarfleetCommand Starfleet Command]]]]'': SpaceIsAnOcean -- lucky for you, you can buy yourself a pretty [[CoolShip kickass galleon]]. ''Un''luckily, it's also NintendoHard, with a [[ViewerFriendlyInterface viewer-friendly]], yet [[ObfuscatedInterface user-unfriendly]] interface. ''And'' it's [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames based on a]] [[Franchise/StarTrek TV show]] [[SarcasmMode that you've probably never heard of]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Startopia}}'']]: Build a mall in space. Then declare a shooting war against every other mall in the vicinity.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StarTropics'']]: A boy goes on a tropical vacation. Halfway through the game he must solve a [[CopyProtection mysterious riddle]].˛* [[spoiler: ''VisualNovel/SteinsGate'']]: A ConspiracyTheorist who fancies himself as a MadScientist learns that his theory that the creator of the internet wanted to rule over the world isn't as farfetched as he thought [[KillTheCutie the hard way.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SteambotChronicles'']]: Amnesiac kid walks around during the Industrial Revolution. Sometimes he plays harmonica. Pirates and terrorists show up.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SteamworldDig'']]: A {{Cattlepunk}} Wild West robot explores his late uncle's mine, only to end up beating up a giant machine.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Stellaris}}'']]: Become the immortal commander of a newly spacefaring race and eventually become strong enough to fight off a HordeOfAlienLocusts, [[EnergyBeings invaders from another dimension]], [[AIIsACrapshoot Skynet]], or [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt the living embodiment of The Apocalypse]]. Then modify the laws of the universe and do it again.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StephensSausageRoll'']]: You are left on an island with nothing to do but grill meat. Cue Metacritic users whining that the developer must have slept with some game journalists for the game to be as well-received as it is.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StoriesUntold'']]: An amnesiac watches old episodes of a Series/StrangerThings expy to forget his intoxicated manslaughter charge.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StoryOfTheBlanks'']]: A girl wanders off when specifically told not to, and stumbles across a peaceful-looking village that is really full of evil zombies.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Street Fighter|I}}'']]: Kickboxing champ hosts secret fighting tournament in order to [[SNKBoss humiliate]] players around the world.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StreetFighterII'']]: Stereotypes from around the world explore their grudges in a secret worldwide tournament hosted by a dictator.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StreetFighterAlpha'']]: Stereotypes from around the world trek the globe to explore their grudges and randomly fight other stereotypes, while the dictator plays with dolls.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StreetFighterIII'']]: Stereotypes from around the world explore their grudges in a secret worldwide tournament hosted by a [[DarkMessiah messianic]] corporate executive [[{{Stripperiffic}} in a banana hammock]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StreetFighterIV'']]: Stereotypes from around the world continue their grudges while dealing with [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Doctor Manhattan]]. The losers [[YouWillBeAssimilated get assimilated]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StreetFighterEX'']]: Stereotypes from around the world explore their grudges in a secret worldwide tournament hosted by a dictator...IN 3D!˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StreetFighterXTekken'']]: A bunch of colorful stereotypes, including a psycho, a couple vagrants and a dysfunctional family fight over a box in the middle of a snowstorm. Most of whom [[ExposedToTheElements are dressed as skimpily as possible]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StreetPassMiiPlaza'']]: In a clever attempt to get you outside more, you harness ThePowerOfFriendship to collect hats.˛** [[spoiler:''Find Mii'']]: Order friends to save you.˛** [[spoiler:''Mii Force'']]: Use friends as weapons against SpacePirates.˛** [[spoiler:''Flower Town'']]: Tell friends to water your plants for you.˛** [[spoiler:''Warrior's Way'']]: Summon friends to help you TakeOverTheWorld.˛** [[spoiler:''Monster Manor'']]: Invite friends to be trapped in a haunted mansion.˛** [[spoiler:''Ultimate Angler'']]: Take friends on a fishing trip.˛** [[spoiler:''Battleground Z'']]: Help your friends survive a ZombieApocalypse with the [[ImprobableWeaponUser unorthodox use of everyday household objects]].˛** [[spoiler:''Slot Car Rivals'']]: Race against your friends, then force them to upgrade your car.˛** [[spoiler:''Market Crashers'']]: Hire your friends as stock analysts.˛** [[spoiler:''Ninja Launcher'']]: Collect equipment from your friends as they [[HumanCannonball fire you out of a cannon]].˛** [[spoiler:''Feed Mii'']]: Cook food for your friends so they can save the world.˛** [[spoiler:''Jungle Trek'']]: Search for treasure with your friends and shoot tranquilizer darts at animals.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StreetsOfRage'']]: Criminal organization takes control of a city. You beat the living crap out of them.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StretchPanic'']]: A girl uses her scarf to beat up women with [[GagBoobs grotesquely huge breasts]] and save her sisters from their own vanity.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Strider}}'']]: In the future, a ninja fights the Soviet Union with his lavender outfit and technicolor sword. He finds out their ruler is a GalacticConqueror. ˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/StrongBadsCoolGameForAttractivePeople'']]: A sarcastic shirtless luchador runs around his hometown, looks under boxes, talks to people, and messes with his neighbors. His favorite victim happens to be a pantsless whitey.˛** [[spoiler:''Homestar Ruiner'']]: A sarcastic shirtless luchador regrets dressing up as a pantsless whitey and running through an obstacle course in front of people.˛** [[spoiler:''Strong Badia the Free'']]: A sarcastic shirtless luchador inspires his neighbors (a pantsless whitey included) to start their own countries, then proceeds to conquer them, only to play some Risk against himself later on.˛*** Or: After an email tax is retroactively set into law, the kingdom separates into tiny city states, only to form a rebellion.˛** [[spoiler:''Baddest of the Bands'']]: A sarcastic shirtless luchador enters his own contest (which a pantsless whitey also entered) to fix his game console.˛** [[spoiler:''Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective'']]: A sarcastic shirtless luchador makes a [[SoBadItsGood crappy]] action movie, co-starring with a pantsless whitey.˛*** Or: A cliché-spouting cop with 80s sunglasses, a luchador mask, no shirt, and a penchant for jumping off of rooftops searches the world to look for his kidnapped partner. He finds the partner on the Sun.˛** [[spoiler:''8-Bit Is Enough'']]: A sarcastic shirtless luchador must defeat his dragon that came out of his arcade machine with the help of a pantsless whitey.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheSuffering'']]: A guy who either did or didn't kill his wife and kids breaks out of a prison being attacked by {{anthropomorphic personification}}s of ways to die. Along the way, he frequently hallucinates that he turns into a hideous monster with a sword for an arm.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheSuffering: Ties That Bind'']]: The guy from the last game returns to his old neighborhood, and finds the monsters from the last game have followed him home. Also, both his old partner in crime and TheGovernment want a word with him.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuikodenI'']]: Relatively unremarkable teenage [[LaResistance rebel]] acquires a [[OneHundredAndEight numerically significant]] number of allies to help take down a corrupt, centrist [[TheGovernment government]] in a protracted and bloody war fought over one or more magically significant {{MacGuffin}}s. Just like it went down the ''previous four times.''˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuikodenII'']]: The most murderous, AxCrazy psychopath imaginable gets put in charge of an invasion force, with predictable results.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuikodenIII'']]: Longstanding territorial dispute is seen from multiple viewpoints as outside forces take advantage of the conflict to further their own goals.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuikodenIV'']]: Seafaring hero gets CursedWithAwesome[=/=]BlessedWithSuck powers while a merchant with a rather dead look in his eyes manipulates an empire for expansion gain the aforementioned powers that the hero possesses.˛*** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuikodenTactics'']]: Follow up to the previous entry, elaborates on many plot and character points that were left vague, and if you play your cards right, you can recruit the old main character who has achieved Blessed With Awesome control over his power.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuikodenV'']]: The prince of the Queendom must unite his people against a usurping noble family whose name gives a good indication of the kind of politics they play.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuikodenTierkreis'']]: [[{{Determinator}} Plucky boy]] tries to prove [[ScrewDestiny You]] ''[[ScrewDestiny CAN]]'' [[YouCantFightFate Fight Fate]] by recruiting a diverse bunch of rebels BecauseDestinySaysSo.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SummonNight: Swordcraft Story'']]: Interns [[HappinessInSlavery enslave other races]], [[ItemCrafting forge weapons]], and [[AsskickingEqualsAuthority battle for supremacy]]!˛* [[spoiler:''Supaplex'']]: A NintendoHard VideoGame/BoulderDash [[FollowTheLeader clone]] where you are in a computer and [[DemonicSpiders scissors and sparks]] are out to get you.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Super3DNoahsArk'']]: A senile old rescue ship captain pelts his charges with fruit while answering Bible trivia.˛* [[spoiler:''Super Duck Punch'']]: A boxer in an arena beats the crap out of a group of animals (Duck/Horse, Hippo/Hamster, Giraffe/Hydra). The fights between said animals are based on the “Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?” question except for the last fight which swaps the heads.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperColumbineMassacreRPG'']]: ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. Built entirely with a cheap RPG design program and scored to MIDI files of songs by Music/{{Nirvana}}, Music/{{KMFDM}}, Music/MarilynManson, and others.˛** Alternatively, kill dozens of kids, then go to hell for it.˛* [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros1 Super Mario Bros.]]'']]: An evil turtle king has turned all the denizens of the world into bricks. The DamselInDistress can only be saved by two [[TheEveryman blue-collar workers]] who [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs do a lot of mushrooms]].˛*** Or: The hero must eat mushrooms in order to kill other mushrooms in order to save other other mushrooms.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBrosTheLostLevels'']]: Blue collar workers [[NintendoHard get killed often]] fighting the turtle king, [[NoExportForYou leading them to fight the frog instead.]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2'']]: Previously mentioned blue-collar workers fall from the sky into a new land and must defeat an evil frog by feeding him vegetables. [[AllJustADream Or do they?]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros3'']]: The duo must save the damsel again, this time by dressing up in outlandish costumes and systematically murdering the turtle king's children.˛*** Or: A big guy carelessly invokes the anger of a powerful and influential Italian man. This Italian man (and, in some re-tellings of the story, allied by his equally-powerful younger brother) proceeds to kill off the big guy's entire family. The big guy is too dumb to have noticed much, so the big guy gets killed off too.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioLand'']]: One of the duo fights aliens to save a completely unrelated damsel in a kingdom filled with moai.˛*** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioLand2SixGoldenCoins'']]: It turns out the previous game was just a distraction so that a fat guy could rob his house. Afterward, everyone decides the fat guy is more interesting and helps him rob more people.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld'']]: The duo must save the damsel from the turtle king and his children ''again,'' this time aided by a friendly green dinosaur who [[ExtremeOmnivore eats their enemies alive.]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioAllStars'']]: Four {{Video Game Remake}}s starring Everyman crammed in one cartridge.˛*** [[spoiler:''Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World'']]: The same, but with a fifth game that's both out of place and is not a remake.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld2YoshisIsland'']]: Everyone decides the green dinosaur is more interesting and [[BadlyBatteredBabysitter helps him look after]] [[SpinoffBabies younger versions of everyone else]].˛*** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/YoshisIslandDS'']]: Evil turtle travels back to the past and green dinosaur must save the future by pooping eggs.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG'']]: One of the duo teams up with the damsel, the turtle, a living cloud who was raised by frogs, and a possessed action figure to beat up giant talking weapons and fix a wishing star.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMario64'']]: One of the duo fights evil in paintings in said damsel's castle.˛*** [[spoiler:''Super Mario 64 DS'']]: In this UpdatedRerelease of the above title, the duo and the fat guy also need rescuing. The hero ends up being the green dinosaur, though one of the duo takes on the villain.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SuperPrincessPeach'']]: Everyone decides the damsel is more interesting and helps her have adventures with her umbrella.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine'']]:˛*** One of the duo is put to work against his will and sprays everyone with water in the process. The turtle king turns out to be taking a family vacation at the same resort the same blue-collar worker is staying at, but not with his original seven children -- it's [[ReplacementScrappy a new son]] with mommy confusion.˛*** Foreign skilled laborer falsely convicted of local crime wave and punished to community service: cleaning graffiti with spray bottle.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBros'']]: ˛*** Turtle king decides to re-enact the first time he kidnapped the damsel, only to [[KillItWithFire get his skin]] [[FamilyUnfriendlyDeath burned off]]. His [[ReplacementScrappy son]] takes over.˛*** Incredibly unsuccessful king gets himself killed, leaves entire kingdom in hands of just-as-successful spawn.˛*** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosWii'']]: Turtle king decides to re-enact the first time he kidnapped the damsel again, but this time his original seven children return after a long absence and team up with [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap his other son]]. The duo enlists the help of two mushroom folk and the dinosaur, but end up tripping over each other.˛*** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBros2'']]: Turtle king and his seven children try another re-enactment, this time with considerably more funding.˛*** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosU'']]: Turtle king and his children try tossing the heroes out and claiming the damsel's castle as his own.˛*** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/NewSuperLuigiU'']]: In the MissionPackSequel, Everyman is nowhere to be found. Replacing him is his brother, who is joined by a {{Nigh Invulnerab|ility}}le rabbit.˛*** [[spoiler: ''New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe'']]: Now the damsel can be saved by a strange clone of the damsel, who was weird enough to be [[JustForFun/{{Bowsette}} completely upstaged by fan extrapolations of the idea]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/PaperMario'']]˛*** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario'']]: The heroes must stop a {{Yandere}} from his [[OmnicidalManiac grand suicide]].˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy'']]:˛*** The duo from the above examples find themselves [[RecycledInSpace in space]]. [[BatmanCanBreatheInSpace They never acquire space suits.]] [[GainaxEnding Then the universe explodes.]]˛*** Travel through space by spinning until you puke.˛*** Everyman comes across an area that's suffered a power outage. The entire game is about restoring power to the place. For an unexplained reason, the turtle king is foiled in the process. This place is run by someone who looks suspiciously similar to Elsa from ''Disney/{{Frozen}}'' but vehemently claims to be someone else.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy2'']]: There is more exploration of space. This time the green dinosaur can be used to travel places. [[BatmanCanBreatheInSpace They still never acquire space suits.]] The turtle king's original seven children once again fail to show up despite [[VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosWii the previous adventure]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMario3DLand'']]: Turtle king tries to use DepthDeception to fool his enemies.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMario3DWorld'']]: Turtle king goes after a bunch of fairies instead. So the blue collar workers, the damsel and a mushroom man go on another adventure together, dressing up like cats and cloning themselves in the process. A cosmic traveler joins them only after they are already done.˛*** Or: Turtle King decides to build an amusement park, but spends most of his time in the game throwing soccer balls at people.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/SuperMarioMaker'']]: ˛*** A plumber goes through levels created by other people.˛*** Or: The game developers are too lazy to make the next game in the franchise, so they make other people do it instead.˛*** God too lazy to create world, outsources.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioOdyssey'']]: One of the duo travels around the world in an attempt to keep the turtle king maritally single. Everywhere he goes, he forces other beings around him to do reckless and suicidal things for his personal gain. It also becomes evident that the duo's homeland is the only one where hats are NOT SeriousBusiness.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/HotelMario'']]: Overweight hero [[{{Mondegreen}} appears to]] call his brother a homosexual while going out on a picnic. They proceed to shut a lot of doors in order to condemn buildings. [[ReadTheFreakingManual Enclosed within is an instruction book.]]˛*** Or: MemeticMutation: The Game.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMarioBrosCrossover'']]: Everyman, his brother, two robots, a war soldier, a ninja, a vampire slayer, a bounty hunter, and a tank driver team up to rescue their respective friends.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperMonkeyBall'']]: Tiny primates are permanently locked inside plastic globes and careen around collecting bananas.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'']]: An awful lot of different groups are all working on [[HumongousMecha robots]] at the same time. The developers make a bunch of {{Mary Sue}}s to join in the fun. Meanwhile, players play the games rather than actually watch the shows they're based on, despite the fact that just watching the 50 episode shows would probably take less time.˛** Or, Video game makers fix despised anime series to make them kick ass while using {{Mary Sue}}s to drive the plot along.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration'']]: The Mary Sues get their own game series. Now there's only a few groups, but instead, they're making a ''lot'' of robots.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/EndlessFrontier: VideoGame/SuperRobotWars OG Saga'']]: Multiple sets of [[{{Expy}} suspiciously similar partnerships]] team up with robots, [[HumongousMecha giant]] and otherwise, to fight every villain from at least four games. Much [[{{Gainaxing}} fanservice]] ensues.˛* [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros64 Super Smash Bros.]]'']]: Dolls are brought to life in order to fight each other.˛** Imagine a fighting game series where all characters' inputs are the same, most movesets follow a basic single template and you don't have to be any good at things like timing or blocking in order to beat all your friends.˛** A lot of characters, from all kinds of different backgrounds, dispositions, and appearances, share in the time-honored pastime of trying to shove each other off of cliffs.˛** Starring: Two plumbers, a boy in a green tunic, two pink puffballs (which are not from the same series), an electric mouse, an ape, a racecar driver, a kid with PsychicPowers, a woman in a suit, a pilot who is a fox, and a dinosaur.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperSmashBrosMelee'']]: Trophies are brought to life in order to fight each other.˛*** Starring, in addition to the above: Two princesses, a big turtle, a plumber-turned-doctor, the green-tunic-boy from 7 years ago, a ninja, an evil sorcerer, a baby mouse, an angry cat fetus, a pilot who is a bird, two kids in parkas, two princes nobody heard of before, and a flat black man.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperSmashBrosBrawl'']]: The trophies are brought to life again, only this time there's an actual plot. Much of it involves trophies being brought to life to fight each other.˛*** Starring, in addition to the above but without the younger green-tunic-boy, angry cat fetus, baby mouse, one of the princes, or the doctor: A greedy muscleman, a boy in a green tunic with a different art style, a pilot who is also a wolf, a video game peripheral, a blue mammal, a trio of a turtle, a plant dinosaur, and a dragon led by a kid, a mystic jackal, a woman ''without'' a suit, a tiny spaceman, a man named after a penis, an armored puffball, a penguin, an angel, a man with a huge sword, a different kid with PsychicPowers, and a monkey.˛*** As for the plot: A space traveler discovers the world in which these trophies live and becomes long-distance friends with some of them. When he actually wants to come over and visit, however, all of the living trophies take tremendous offense at that and collectively kill him off, even the ones who used to be his friends.˛*** Alternatively for the plot: A country-spanning adventure ([[AnotherDimension and beyond]]) that brings together dozens of characters and creates a variety of mini-teams for them based on their home-series personalities, leading to a climatic final showdown as one big group. The villain is revealed to be The Man Behind The Man Behind The Man. This is, however, conveyed through no dialogue whatsoever.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperSmashBrosForNintendo3DSAndWiiU'']]: The trophies are brought to life again, this time in both 3D and HD, respectively.˛*** Starring, in addition to the above but without the turtle, plant dinosaur, man named after a penis, pilot-wolf, or two kids and parkas: A big-headed boy/girl, two animals and an off-screen marksman fighting together, a white-haired MagicKnight, a time-travelling princess, a trolling goddess, an not-quite-evil angel, the big turtle's kid (and his used-to-be kids), a magic cosmic traveler and her adoptees, a robot kid, a yellow sphere, a ninja frog, a pipsqueak boxer, a personal trainer, and a zombie engineer. The doctor comes back; and so do the angry cat fetus, kid with psychic powers who debuted in the last game, and one of the princes that has now been heard of... [[DownloadableContent eventually.]] A martial artist with a headband shows up eventually, as well. After him, a guy with big hair and a bigger sword joins the crew, followed by a girl with a sword who loves dragons, and a sexy witch whose clothes are also her hair.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SuperSmashBrosUltimate'']]: This time, there are no trophies. All but one character gets zapped by lasers.˛*** It once again stars the two kids in parkas, younger green-tunic boy, baby mouse, man named after a penis, turtle, plant dinosaur, and pilot-wolf. It also stars: A teenage girl/boy that can transform into a squid and back, a princess in an orange dress, a purple space dragon that murdered a girl's parents, two men that kill vampires with maces, a prince, an evil version of a girl in a suit, a crocodile known for stealing bananas from apes, a cheerful secretary, the rival of the aforementioned martial artist and a big red-black cat. Later on, a potted plant, a high school-aged PhantomThief, another boy with a sword, another animal duo and two others come aboard.˛* [[spoiler:''[[ Sushi Cat]]'']]: You drop a cat and it eats a lot of sushi before it hits the ground.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SushiStrikerTheWayOfSushido'']]: Eating fast food, then chucking the empty containers at other people is SeriousBusiness.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheSwapper'']]: The only way to get out of this place filled with thinking rocks is to make and kill clones, according to a person with serious multiple personality disorder. ˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Syndicate}}'']]: Lead four people from on high to gather a large following, or kill everyone, or both.˛** Alternatively: "Persuadatron". Just "Persuadatron".˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SystemShock'']]: Man hacks a computer in exchange for an operation. Six months later, he goes on a rampage, killing every moving thing he sees.˛** [[spoiler:''System Shock 2'']]: The computer the first man hacked finds another man, knocks him out, and gives him the same operation.˛*** Alternatively: Squishy space zombies and insane computer duke it out on FTL ship. Man becomes insane computer's surprise nuke, beats a Russian collectivist, and rebels.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SWAT4'']]: You lead a SWAT team consisting of often bumbling squadmates, who can (and will) blind you with your own flashbangs.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SWAT3'']]: "Unlawful use of deadly force" [[CowboyCop doesn't exist in Los Angeles.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SweetHome'']]: Five uninvited visitors enter a private home and anger the lady of the house at the moment of their arrival. They also take photos of the valuable paintings in the house without permission and kill a notable amount of the inhabitants with kitchen utensils. In the end, they evict the lady using the corpse of her child, who was killed in an incinerator.˛* [[spoiler:''Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment'']]: Unlike the book or the anime it's based upon, defeating the programmer doesn't end the game. Instead, you must do the original objective of reaching the final floor. Also, your marriage is glitched out of existence.˛** [[spoiler:''Sword Art Online: Lost Song'']]: Beat a young girl and her much older bodyguard to as much of the second game's expansion's content as you can.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/SwordOfTheSamurai'']]: Learn an important lesson about the Samurai's code of honor - by betraying your masters repeatedly in order to become Shogun. Or, do it the honorable (and significantly longer) way.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TaikoDrumMaster'']]: Talking drum has two notes.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TakeshisChallenge'']]: Engage in public ultra-violence, drinking, misanthropy and self-destructive behaviour in order to [[AWinnerIsYou win.]]˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesFromTheBorderlands'']]: A spin-off from a violent first-person shooter, without the first-person and with a bit less shooting, in which a put-upon corporate drone and a con-woman take turns telling a story.˛** [[spoiler: ''[=Zer0=] Sum'']]: After getting a "promotion", the corporate drone and his nerdy friend try to buy a fake MacGuffin off the con-woman's friends with embezzled funds. VehicularCombat ensues.˛** [[spoiler: ''Atlas Mugged'']]: The corporate drone wanders the desert for a bit with his nerdy friend while being harassed by a dead guy, then gives a robot a bro-fist. The con-woman scoops out a comatose guy's eyes, then she and her sister get shot at by bounty hunters and a homicidal lesbian. Finally, the two are forced at gunpoint to bring together two halves of a ball.˛** [[spoiler: ''Catch a Ride'']]: After escaping the bad guys (with either a flash-bang or the help of a dead guy), a chipper talking ball guides the con-woman and the corporate drone and their friends to a terrarium in a frozen wasteland, where much chasing ensues in order to get spare parts for the talking ball. A grumpy old woman with a rocket launcher is involved.˛** [[spoiler: ''Escape Plan Bravo'']]: In order to infiltrate a giant letter and get one last component for the talking ball, the corporate drone steals a dead guy's face for his disguise and participates in a finger-gun battle. Meanwhile, the con-woman gets them a ride and vandalizes a museum.˛** [[spoiler: ''The Vault of the Traveller'']]: Everyone escapes from an exploding giant letter, the corporate drone dismembers himself in order to get rid of his boss once and for all, and the con-woman literally shoots the talking ball in the back. With a ''rocket launcher''. Then they [[PuttingTheBandBackTogether get everyone who's not dead back together]] for a giant robot fight.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfPhantasia'']]: A hero chosen by fate receives the blessing of his Gods and sets out on a quest to save his world, the hopes of his people carried on his shoulders. You must stop him at all costs.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfDestiny'']]: A boy with a talking sword must save the world from evil businessmen.˛*** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfDestiny2'']]: KidHero tries to avenge the previous hero. The man who betrayed his father comes back to life to help him. Alternatively: [[LargeHam Big Guy]] with a [[AnAxeToGrind big axe]] makes a big mess.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfEternia'']]: The sky is falling. The world's only hope is a guy in a really fruity hat. Failing that, a guy in a really fruity shirt. You are the guy in the shirt.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'']]: You fight against angels led by a spandex bodysuit-wearing legendary hero and ruin his plans for world peace.˛*** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia Dawn of the New World'']]: A WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds with a severe bipolar disorder sets off on a quest to [[GottaCatchEmAll catch'em all]] while his {{Clingy Jealous Girl}}friend constantly tells him to be a man.˛** [[spoiler: ''Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon'']]: A fanboy and a fangirl alternately break and fix the timeline through cosplay. ''Extreme'' cosplay.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'']]: A young aristocrat suffers a severe emotional crisis, is betrayed by his most trusted ally, abandoned by his family and country, treated with contempt by his friends, and attempts to kill himself repeatedly.˛*** Alternately: A boy and his teacher agree that the best way to solve the world's problems is to ScrewDestiny, but end up having an argument about the best method of doing so.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfLegendia'']] An Ex-marine punches things to death while searching for his sister on a ship bigger than some continents.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfRebirth'']]: A white-haired pretty boy fights racism and [[SayMyName screams his girlfriend's name in a really dramatic fashion]].˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfInnocence'']]: A general becomes a schoolboy, then has an identity crisis. His lover and sword follow suit. Don't ask what happened to his pet dragon.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'']]: A hooligan goes on a quest to fix a fountain, but ends up in everyone else's quests. His friend disapproves.˛** Alternatively: Young vigilante is warned of dangers of vigilantism after killing two monsters.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfHearts'']]: A girl's heart breaks, and her friends take her on a journey to put it back together. Later, they save the world from a giant soul-eating flower from space. All this happens by way of ThePowerOfFriendship.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheTempest'']]: FantasticRacism [[AC:[[RecycledInSpace with werewolves!]]]] Considered [[CanonDisContinuity non-canon]]... for a series with almost zero continuity.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfGraces'']]: A young knight gets in a fight with his best friend. The little girl who follows him around frequently has to save him.˛** Alternatively: jRPG tropes hate you.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TalesOfXillia'']]: A GodInHumanForm learns the limitations and inconveniences of the human body.˛*** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TalesOfXillia2'']]: A [[HeroicMime silent]] SupremeChef helps a little girl find a magical land by destroying worlds. The heroes from the previous game help too.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfZestiria'']]: An AdventurerArchaeologist becomes TheChosenOne and is tasked with cleaning up his predecessor's mess as well as uniting two warring nations. ˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TalesOfBerseria'']]: A man is set on ridding the world of all evil. You are the monster that's out to kill him.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheTalosPrinciple'']]: Satan is a jackass know-it-all, God is playing the long con to keep people from killing him, and the best ending you can get involves flipping off both of them and destroying the world. The ''hardest'' ending you can get, however, ends with you in a coffin - while the easiest rewards you with eternal life.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TaskMaker'']]: An all-powerful leader has you run his errands. If at any point you swear, you instantly die and go to hell.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'']]: Bring a bat to a gunfight, run very slowly with a gun that's too large for you, die trying to [[KillItWithFire set people on fire]], heal the ungrateful masses, stand very still and hope nobody notices you, blow yourself up trying to reach new heights, set bombs in a corner and wait for people to step on them, solve the same puzzle ("[[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation use rifle on man]]") over and over again, or build some buildings.˛** Alternatively, A construction company and a demolition company [[spoiler:which are administered by the same person]] fight over each other's briefcases, land rights, and proper waste disposal procedure, all while the teenager complains about the lack of necessary equipment on his side.˛** Alternative the second: sit around doing nothing while hoping that you are rewarded with a [[NiceHat purely cosmetic reward]] as a sign of your [[SarcasmMode hard work]]. The developers [[GenreSavvy actively troll their fanbase]] over this.˛** Alternative the third: Gameplay so refined the focus is hat collecting.˛** Alternative the fourth: Play as one of nine different people killing their cosmetically different counterparts by either: running very fast, shooting lots of rockets, being the ultimate LeeroyJenkins with a flamethrower, throwing bombs around while drunk, ripping people to shreds [[GatlingGood with a minigun]], building automatic guns that only shoot people not wearing your colour, healing people so you can make them invulnerable and get very frustrated when you die whilst doing this, either sniping people to the point where they foam at the mouth, or [[BackStab stabbing them in the back]] to the point where they foam at the mouth and blowing up buildings by becoming invisible and wearing a literal PaperThinDisguise. All the while surrounded by LudicrousGibs. Both teams are run by the same person and owned by [[spoiler:the same men who have owned them since the 1800's thanks to literal not-dying machines]].˛** Alternative the fifth: A sandbox killing game with no story mode and half the weapons are broken. Requires players to kill anyone who's a different color than they are because they are inferior.˛** Alternative the sixth: A war between a piss-throwing Australian, a smartass who drinks radioactive soda, a cyclops with a grenade gun, a fat sandwich addict who obsesses over his "sasha", a mad German doctor with technology that hasn't even been invented yet, a [[AmbiguousGender gender-ambiguous person]] who doesn't have the balls to take their mask off, a French pervert, a brainwashed American who thinks a shovel is an effective weapon, a redneck who, again, has technology that hasn't been invented yet, and their hordes of clones.˛** Alternative the seventh: Ethnic stereotypes fight to the death in a cartoonish [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs desert and/or industrial]] [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation environment]]. Remember, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how many hats you have.˛** And an [[OverlyLongGag Eighth]], Two [[MegaCorp companies that own the world]] named after colors and are run by twins who hate each other hire [[CosmeticallyDifferentSides identical people whom they tell apart from the enemy by uniform color]] to fight over briefcases, drop large bombs into nuclear waste, and kill each other with weapons supplied by another company run by the personification of TestosteronePoisoning. They get paid in hats. Then a [[OxymoronicBeing third twin]] kills both of them and the mercenaries have to fight grey-colored [[RobotMe robot versions]] of themselves that run on [[ItRunsOnNonsensium money]].˛** But wait, there's ninth: Hats, HoYay, and yelling. Guns optional.˛** And now a tenth: The other side is the enemy. You've been hired to shoot their asses off.˛** [[spoiler:''Meet the Team'']]: Crazed mercenaries discuss their work.˛*** [[spoiler:''Meet the Heavy'']]: Overweight Russian discusses [[MemeticMutation bullet economics]]. Then shoots people.˛*** [[spoiler:''Meet the Soldier'']]: A DrillSergeantNasty retells ''Literature/TheBible'' and ''Literature/{{The Art of War|SunTzu}}''. All while blowing people up.˛*** [[spoiler:''Meet the Engineer'']]: A Texan solves his problems through the use of [[MoreDakka gun]].˛*** [[spoiler:''Meet the Demoman'']]: A black Scottish cyclops details the dangers of his work while blowing stuff up.˛*** [[spoiler:''Meet the Scout'']]: A Bostonian guy fights a fat guy over a sandwich.˛*** [[spoiler:''Meet the Sniper'']]: An Australian discusses the merits of his work and argues with his dad.˛*** [[spoiler:''Meet the Sandvich'']]: BattleDiscretionShot: The Movie.˛*** [[spoiler:''Meet the Spy'']]: A Frenchman warns some crazy mercenaries about another Frenchman.˛*** [[spoiler:''Meet the Medic'']]: A heart transplant goes surprisingly well.˛*** [[spoiler:''Meet the Pyro'']]: The world of the gender-ambiguous person is... ''[[SugarBowl strange]]''.˛** [[spoiler:Mann Versus Machine]]: A six player game mode in a game with nine classes. This times, robots that bleed money are involved.˛** [[spoiler:"Expiration Date" short]]: The Texan, German, and DrillSergeantNasty experiment with baked goods. This ends in disaster. Meanwhile, the Bostonian guy tries to go out on a date with the overworked secretary of the person who runs both teams.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TechRomancer'']]: An evil GalacticConqueror has come to [[EarthIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse Earth]] in order to TakeOverTheWorld while enslaving humanity from within the process. An [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits unlikely group of heroes]] band together and use their own unique [[HumongousMecha mecha robots]] to battle against the GalacticConqueror and his evil forces (with the robots themselves being blatant [[{{Expy}} expies]] of ''Anime/MazingerZ'', ''Series/{{Ultraman}}'', ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'', and ''Anime/{{Macross}}'').˛** Alternatively: Creator/{{Capcom}}'s own fighting game version of ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars''.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}} (series)'']]: Members of a dysfunctional family violently argue over property.˛** [[spoiler: ''Tekken'']]: A {{Shotoclone}} fights in a tournament hosted by his father, a CorruptCorporateExecutive. Shotoclone wins and tosses his dad off a cliff.˛** [[spoiler: ''Tekken 2'']]: {{Shotoclone}}'s father lives. He returns the favor with interest.˛** [[spoiler: ''Tekken 3'']]: {{Shotoclone}}'s son asks his grandfather for help. Things don't end very well.˛** [[spoiler: ''Tekken 4'']]: {{Shotoclone}}'s son distances himself from family and attempts to live in peace. Things don't end very well. Said Shotoclone comes back to life.˛** [[spoiler: ''Tekken 5'']]: {{Shotoclone}}'s son meets his long lost ancestor. Things don't end very well.˛** [[spoiler: ''Tekken 6'']]: World War III is born from a fighting tournament by {{Shotoclone}}'s [[StartOfDarkness son]] who wants to summon a demon. Things don't end very well.˛** [[spoiler: ''Tekken 7'']]: {{Shotoclone}}'s father helps a reporter write his biography and recounts how his marriage didn't end very well.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Terraria}}'']]: Destroy the environment so you can kill an old man and steal valuables from his tomb. Then sacrifice the guy who's been with you since the beginning in order to fight even more dangerous monsters and get even more valuables.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Tetris}}'']]: Building supplies drop from the sky, and you must use them to erase any sign of your hard work to build the Kremlin. FailureIsTheOnlyOption.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TetrisTheGrandMaster'']]: The same thing, but faster. This time, failure is not the only option, as you're now [[PuzzleBoss being graded for your performance]].˛** [[spoiler:''[[ First Person Tetris]]'']]: The same thing with InterfaceScrew.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TetrisWorlds'']]: Blocks that form iconic shapes must play the game that made said shapes famous in order to escape from their doomed home planet.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Tetrisphere}}'']]: Little robots keep getting trapped in formations of said blocks of iconic shapes. Each time you rescue them, they get trapped in even thicker formations. There is no reason to really save them except that [[RuleOfCute they're cute]].˛** [[spoiler:''Tetris 99'']]: Nearly a hundred people try to stack blocks at the same time. There can be only one survivor.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheEndIsNigh'']]: Think ''VideoGame/KnyttUnderground'' minus the open-world exploration and detailed graphics.˛** Horribly disfigured man is dismayed to find that he can no longer play a video game. He sets out to [[AdamAndEvePlot find and have sex with someone]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheFloorIsJelly'']]: You jump around a lot, then the world collapses.˛* [[spoiler:''Theme Hospital'']]: Treat ridiculous, made-up illnesses with equally ridiculous, made-up cures for fun and profit.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ThemePark'']]: You hire fursuiters. Should you run out of biscuits, they'll all go on strike.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheyBleedPixels'']]: Boarding school student fights dream demons to stop herself from [[BodyHorror becoming one of them]]. Lots of blood spilled.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ThiefTheDarkProject'']]: Among the citizens of an uncaring city, a boy spends most of his time cowering in the dark, hoping that passing authority figures don't see him.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ThiefIITheMetalAge'']]: As above, but with robots.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ThiefDeadlyShadows'']]: As above, but [[SuperDrowningSkills now he can't swim]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ThisWarOfMine'']]: WarIsHell (for people not fighting it) the game.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ThomasWasAlone'']]: Rectangles with feelings work together to jump their way out of here.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ThousandArms'']]: Son of a blacksmith [[ImpoverishedPatrician loses his home and reputation]], has to rebuild it by [[DatingSim dating pretty girls]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ThreadsOfFate'']]: A runaway, some dolls, treasure hunters, and a doctor fight over a man's estate.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TimeAndEternity'']]: A girl with {{split personalit|y}}ies goes back in time to prevent some wedding crashers to ruin her day with the help of her pervy fiancé stuck in the form of a dragon. ˛* [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/TimeHollow'']]: The protagonist draws circles to try to fix the past. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero He makes it worse.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TimeSplitters'']]: A guy who looks like [[Franchise/TheChroniclesOfRiddick Riddick]] travels through time and shoots aliens dead. Monkeys are involved. [[EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys Lots and lots of monkeys]].˛* [[spoiler:''The Tiny Bang Story'']]: After a freak meteor destroys a BabyPlanet, you run around collecting jigsaw puzzle pieces [[HiddenObjectGame and other junk]] and solving puzzles in order to facilitate a family reunion.˛* [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/TitanicAdventureOutOfTime Titanic: Adventure Out of Time]]'']]: A disgraced British secret agent gets a second chance to complete a critical mission he'd failed long ago.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/ToTheMoon'']]: Two colleagues must finish a project before the deadline.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TodayIDie'']]: A woman becomes suicidally depressed after a bad break-up. She solves her problems using jellyfish, glowing bubbles, and Mad Libs.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ToejamAndEarl'']]: Rap enthusiasts throw tomatoes at people as they try to fix their ride home.˛* [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/TokimekiMemorial'']]: Wake up, go to school, exercise, study, and {{dat|ingSim}}e [[BishoujoSeries pretty girls]]. Maybe one of them will confess her love to you under a tree.˛** [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/TokimekiMemorial 2'']]: Same as above, but replace the tree with a broken clock tower.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TokyoJungle'']]: A Pomeranian tries to survive in a [[AfterTheEnd post-apocalyptic]] city. [[KillerRabbit He does surprisingly well.]]˛* [[spoiler:''Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero'']]: Explore Tokyo through its highways, with an opportunity to cruise down an extremely-straight twenty-kilometer stretch.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TomatoAdventure'']]: A boy with a huge distaste for a particular vegetable must save his girlfriend from a king who punishes people for not liking that vegetable.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TombRaider I'' through ''III'']]: A gifted archaeologist desecrates the ruins of ancient civilizations and kills local wildlife.˛** ''[[spoiler:Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation]]'': The archaeologist wins by not despoiling the cultural artifact, and is rewarded with [[spoiler:death]].˛** [[spoiler:''Tomb Raider Chronicles'']]: At the start of the game, the archaeologist is still dead. The first part of the game is told in flashback.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/TombRaiderAngelOfDarkness]]'': The archaeologist is on the lam for allegedly murdering her teacher.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/TombRaiderLegend]]'': Reboot. A gifted archaeologist chases after a phallic symbol.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/RiseOfTheTombRaider]]'' Then the gifted archaeologist looks for an old library book and a water fountain.˛** ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/ShadowOfTheTombRaider]]'' Afterwards, the gifted archaeologist nearly commits global catastrophes over a knife and a box.˛* [[spoiler: ''Tomena Sanner'']]: A Japanese salaryman races the clock and evades numerous obstacles to earn the right to breakdance.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TotalOverdose'']]: ''Once Upon A Crime in Mexico''.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TotallyAccurateBattleSimulator'']]: A group of red googly-eyed TooDumbToLive blob men wage war on a group of blue googly-eyed TooDumbToLive men.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TotalWar'']]: ''AMillionIsAStatistic: The Series.''˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TouchDetective'']]: A 12-year-old [[{{Pun}} tactfully]] earns her work permit by chasing a paper bag in her sleep.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'']]: A bunch of girls in a FantasyKitchenSink settle disputes with [[BulletHell Extreme Dodgeball]].˛** [[spoiler: ''Highly Responsive to Prayers'']]: You play ''literal'' Dodgeball against whoever destroyed your shrine.˛** [[spoiler: ''Story of Eastern Wonderland'']]: Ghosts partied at your shrine, and a boss from the previous game comes back with the future co-protagonist of the game.˛** [[spoiler: ''Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream'']]: A hyperdimensional ship near my shrine? More likely than it sounds!˛** [[spoiler: ''Lotus Land Story'']]: Ditching the recurrent boss, you wake up a psychotic flower-obsessed girl. The whole story ends up hijacked by a maid.˛** [[spoiler: ''Mystic Square'']]: You thwart a goddess's plan to transform the FantasyKitchenSink into a demon tourist trap.˛** [[spoiler: ''Embodiment of Scarlet Devil'']]: Vampire decides she wants to take her nightly walks whenever she wants. And then her sister leaves the basement.˛** [[spoiler: ''Perfect Cherry Blossom'']]: Groundhog Day (the holiday, not the trope or film) takes RefugeInAudacity. The protagonists are not amused.˛** [[spoiler: ''Immaterial and Missing Power'']]: A very short, very drunk demon uses her density manipulation powers to make the inhabitants of the FantasyKitchenSink party hard.˛** [[spoiler: ''Imperishable Night'']]: Two fugitives shelter a draft dodger. This pisses off everyone.˛** [[spoiler: ''Phantasmagoria of Flower View'']]: [[DeathTakesAHoliday Death slacks off]]. Many flowers bloom. A certain fairy decides to notify everyone that it's Spring. Repeatedly. [[EverythingTryingToKillYou With bullets.]] A familiar youkai who seemingly disappeared with a recurring boss returns after sleeping in for several years, and a paparazzi girl takes over as 'The Recurring Boss'.˛** [[spoiler: ''Shoot The Bullet'']]: Nearly everyone in the series is defeated by the paparazzi.˛** [[spoiler: ''Mountain of Faith'']]: [[GodsNeedPrayerBadly A goddess needs prayer badly]]. To survive, she must go in the FantasyKitchenSink with her personal priestess to leach the main character's ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve power.˛** [[spoiler: ''Scarlet Weather Rhapsody'']]: The weather goes out of control. The main character's shrine gets wrecked. Twice.˛** [[spoiler: ''Subterranean Animism'']]: The goddess from the tenth game needs electricity badly. She decides to give a bird from Hell nuclear powers to start an Industrial Revolution. The bird decides to incinerate the FantasyKitchenSink instead.˛** [[spoiler: ''Undefined Fantastic Object'']]: The mains and the priestess of the tenth game are off to find a treasure ship. They end up fighting Magical Gandhi instead. Also, [[FunWithAcronyms UFOs]].˛** [[spoiler: ''Hisoutensoku'']]: The recurring priestess and the two main {{Ensemble Darkhorse}}s see a giant... [[RashomonStyle something]]. They then decide to beat the crap out of each other. [[MightyGlacier The]] [[ILoveNuclearPower nuclear]] [[MightyGlacier bird]] and [[ConfusionFu a frog]] also join the fray. [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere Who ordered catfish?]]˛** [[spoiler: ''Double Spoiler'']]: The rest of everyone in the series is defeated by the same paparazzi. Then, a blogger is added.˛** [[spoiler: ''Fairy Wars'']]: One of the [[EnsembleDarkhorse Ensemble Darkhorses]] gets her home destroyed by fairies. She vows revenge. Also, one of the mains shows up with flashlights.˛** [[spoiler: ''Ten Desires'']]: Conspicuously colored divine spirits appear out of nowhere. To fix that, the mains, the priestess and a samurai gardener from the seventh game have to beat the tar out of angry, if dimwitted, taoists who are threatening the newly-built temple as well as heralding the resurrection of a DJ.˛** [[spoiler: ''Hopeless Masquerade'']]: The human population of the FantasyKitchenSink tries to party themselves out of a globalized mood disorder. The mains, Magical Gandhi and the DJ of the previous game take this as an opportunity to start a popularity contest and spread their religion. Masks and Aggravated Battery are involved.˛** [[spoiler: ''Double Dealing Character'']]: Youkai are rioting and the mains and a certain maid's signature weapons are acting out of their own. To solve this problem, they fight against a compulsive contrarian and a midget.˛** [[spoiler: ''Impossible Spell Card'']]: Everyone breaks the rules in order to capture the compulsive contrarian from the previous game. They still lose.˛** [[spoiler:''Urban Legend in Limbo'']]: The residents of the FantasyKitchenSink [[GottaCatchThemAll re-enact]] ''Manga/DragonBall''.˛** [[spoiler:''Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom'']]: The inhabitants of the Moon are getting their butts kicked by a hell fairy clown in an American flag costume, so they hide in DreamLand where they plan to launch an invasion of the FantasyKitchenSink.˛** [[spoiler:''Antinomy of Common Flowers'']]: Sibling con artists start a rumor that gets the residents of the FantasyKitchenSink [[LetsYouAndHimFight fighting each other]] in order to rob a crowd at a concert.˛** [[spoiler:''Hidden Star in Four Seasons'']]: When the seasons start running wild, the mains, the paparazzi, and the recurring EnsembleDarkhorse have to put a stop to it by fighting a hidden celebrity who's looking for new backup dancers.˛** [[spoiler:''Violet Detector'']]: An outsider takes pictures for her Instagram.˛* [[spoiler: ''{{VideoGame/Toukiden}}: The Age of Demons'']]: You must avert an invasion of time warping demons with the help of the souls of dead people and a bunch of warriors specialized in dismembering and killing said demons.˛** [[spoiler: ''Toukiden Kiwami'']]: You must avert yet another invasion of time warping demons, now with the help of the founders of the group of warriors you're in despite the fact that one of them is a time travelling amnesiac, another is working on the demons' side and the most important one is dead.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/Toukiden2'']]: You, a time travelling amnesiac, must stop a crazed time travelling [[{{Precursors}} precursor]] from destroying time and history itself with his OlympusMons while keeping in check the time warping demons and the [[FantasticRacism racial tensions]] you unwittingly exacerbate along the way.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TownOfSalem'']]: A [[SalemIsWitchCountry certain town]] separated by three factions try to kill one another to win, either at night or by lynching.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TowerMadness'']]: Evil [[TheGreys aliens]] are going to steal your sheep and turn them into a scarf for their Emperor! You must defend them!˛* [[spoiler: ''[[VideoGame/AnotherCode Trace Memory]]'']]: White-haired pretty girl moves to a long-abandoned island and attempts to solve a mystery while playing with her UsefulNotes/NintendoDS.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TrackMania'']]: Madman builds hellish racetracks. It may be you.˛* [[spoiler: ''Traffic Department 2192'']]: Well, the title alone belies the nature of this top-down mid 90s shareware sci-fi vehicle shooter, but let's give you the skinny: Bitchy woman uses her car to stop gangs named after scavenger birds.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TransformersWarForCybertron'']]: An unemployed librarian and his friends fight a downsized blue-collar worker and his friends.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Transformice}}'']]: A multiplayer version of ''Lemmings''.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Transistor}}'']]: A former singer turned CuteMute wields a sword possessed by the soul of her deceased boyfriend to stop TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.˛** Alternatively: Four people decide their city is too vapid and mercurial for their liking, resolving to do something about it. [[spoiler:That "something" goes south...[[GoneHorriblyWrong fast]].]]˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TraumaCenter'']]: Play doctor. No, not in a [[HelloNurse sexy]] sort of way.˛** [[spoiler: ''Trauma Team'']]: Play as six different doctors, learn the destructive power of butterflies.˛* [[spoiler: ''Tribes'']]: In an online game where you fly around like a fairy, a major exploit to move really fast is found in the first week. Sequels would build this feature right into the game.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TrillionGodOfDestruction'']]: Six girls and their half-zombie leader fight a boss with a [[MarathonBoss trillion health]] one at a time.˛** Alternatively: It's a game where you train and send cute girls to their doom in order to kill the final boss.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Turok}}'']]: An Indian goes to [[AfterTheEnd Post-Apocalyptic]] alternate earth where ''"Time Has No Meaning"'' to save children from a cyborg viking's armies of robot lizards and the Thuggees from ''Temple Of Doom'' with a crystal-powered Martian death-ray that '''SKULL-FUCKS''' people to death.˛** Or: Native American kills dinosaurs with guns. Aliens are involved.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TuxRacer'']]: An adorable penguin races down customizeable slopes of ice, snow, and rock, often at breakneck speeds.˛* [[spoiler: ''Twinkle Star Sprites'']]: Adorable characters blow each other to smithereens in order to find a redneck star who grants wishes.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TwistedMetal'']]: Sadistic millionaire grants a single wish to the person who can survive an all-out war with people in cars that shoot missiles, ice beams and tactical nukes.˛** [[spoiler: ''Twisted Metal 2'']]: He does it again, around the world.˛** [[spoiler: ''Twisted Metal 3 and 4'']]: [[CanonDiscontinuity He never did it with Rob Zombie.]]˛** [[spoiler: ''Twisted Metal: Black'']]: He does it ''again'', in some clown's nightmares.˛** [[spoiler: ''Twisted Metal: Head-On'']]: He does it ''again'', '''''[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment again]]'''''.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TyTheTasmanianTiger'']]: Anthropomorphic marsupial goes on quest to save parents, find rest of species, and defeat an evil bird by using [[BattleBoomerang a pair of boomerangs]], and collecting [[KleptomaniacHero anything that isn't nailed down]], including jewels, geodes, small furry animals, parts of a machine, and more boomerangs. Also has [[InterspeciesRomance an interesting relationship with a dingo]], and occasionally [[HorseOfADifferentColor rides on a boar]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Tyranny}}'']]: An EvilOverlord is on the verge of world domination. You play as a lawyer trying to solve a land dispute.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Tyrian}}'']]: A space pilot starts a multidimensional war because a lizard got killed. Some of the most threatening enemies are flying fruit.˛* [[spoiler:''Ugh!'']]: A caveman earns money by flying other cavemen in his helicopter.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Ultima}}'']]: The locals have unrealistic expectations about their hero. Said hero [[LordBritishPostulate comes up with increasingly creative ways to assassinate their leader]] in protest.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UltimaIV'']]: If you don't live by a strict code of honor, you lose.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UltimaVII'']]: Hero fights the evil forces of Scientology and Electronic Arts.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UmaMusume'']]: In a world where racehorses can reincarnate as humanoid girls, many such reincarnations train at a prestigious academy for the chance to become famous idol racers.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UmiharaKawase'']]: A girl swings across an absurd dream world with her fishing rod. Said rod is more flexible than ''VideoGame/BionicCommando''.˛* [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'']]: A young man involved in an inheritance dispute uses colorful language in debates with beings he says do not exist. {{Metafiction}} ensues as they try to determine the story's genre.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UnchartedDrakesFortune'']]: Lanky guy with a penchant for guns, hand-to-hand combat and one-liners searches for El Dorado with his {{Heterosexual Life Partner|s}} and [[IntrepidReporter April O'Neill]]. They are beaten to it by [[VideoGame/LegacyOfKain Simon Templeman.]]˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Uncharted2AmongThieves'']]: Your character and [[VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins Morrigan team up to stop Alistair]] and his new boss from discovering immortality.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Uncharted3DrakesDeception'']]: An adventurer and his 60-year-old friend stops Creator/HelenMirren from acquiring a hallucinogenic brass vessel in the middle of the desert.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Uncharted4AThiefsEnd'']]: Adventurer is pulled out of retirement by his brother to search for [[PirateBooty booty]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UnderNightInBirth'']]: A high-school boy with [[AnimeHair the most ridiculous haircut ever]] gets bitten by a monster and gets a sword that can kill anything. Along the way he meets [[{{Moe}} cute, young girls]], [[AxCrazy violent psychos]], and [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs cute, young]] [[FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon psychos]]. ˛** Have you been TouchedByVorlons? Join our support group! We meet literally everywhere.˛** A guy in a purple trenchcoat [[GameBreaker kicks everyone's faces in]] in a game with such complex mechanics you can genuinely lose because you didn't walk forward enough.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'']]: A human falls into a cave full of monsters and tries to get out while being stalked by an evil flower. Later, the flower takes six colorful hearts and turns into either a goat or an abomination.˛** [[spoiler:Undertale>Pacifist]]: The human decides to make friends with everyone, and even dates a skeleton.˛** [[spoiler:Undertale>Genocide]]: The human decides to murder everyone and eventually ends up fighting a skeleton.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Deltarune}} Chapter 1'']]: A different human is told, by a monster, not to kill monsters. He finds he couldn't even if he wanted to. In order to get the best ending, you must deliberately thwart your own ally's attempts at helping you. Features a character creation system that doesn't actually work.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Uninvited}}'']]: Your poor driving skills lead you to stop and ask for help at the first house you find.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Uniracers}}'']]: Sentient one-wheeled vehicles compete in race and stunt competitions.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Unreal|I}}'']]: You are stranded on a planet where the invading reptiles are out to kill you and the natives.˛** [[spoiler:''Unreal: Return To Na Pali'']]: The military immediately sends you back to the planet with a new gun. Then they try to kill you.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UnrealTournament'']]: A bunch of people kill each other over and over again. The reasoning varies, and ultimately doesn't matter.˛** [[spoiler:''Unreal Tournament 2003'']]: Same as above, but shinier.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UnrealTournament2004'']]: Same as above, but with vehicles.˛** [[spoiler:''Unreal Championship'']]: Same as above, but in an AlternateUniverse AfterTheEnd. [[CanonDiscontinuity It never happened]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UnrealTournamentIII'']]: Same as above, but grittier, and they try to give a reason for it.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UnrealChampionship2TheLiandriConflict'']]: They do it again, with melee combat and [[Franchise/MortalKombat Raiden]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UnrealIITheAwakening'']]: Very loyal military man gathers [[PlotCoupon artifacts of]] [[ArtifactOfDoom doom]] instead of dropping them down the nearest black hole, and is rewarded with the ability to make black holes of his own.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/AnUntitledStory'']]: An egg travels throughout the world to hatch and fight ghosts.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UntilDawn'']]: A group of high schoolers spend almost literally the entire game playing spooky practical jokes on each other, only stopping when the first one pranked starts freaking out at the others.˛** Play a progressive roller coaster ride through every horror movie trope from the 1980's until today.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/UrbanDead'']]: Thousands of warriors face off in a never-ending battle and die, only to get up and do it again the next day. They gather at shopping malls to do so. Basically [[WarriorHeaven Valhalla]] with less mead.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/UrbanRivals'']]: Massive gang war among [[GangOfHats diverse groups]], such as pirates, environmentalists, cops, the undead, the mafia, aliens, and the military. Drug use is rampant and aids in the fighting.˛* [[spoiler: ''Uriel's Chasm'']]: A game so bad it will literally drive you insane.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Utawarerumono}}'']]: Masked man is rescued by [[LittleBitBeastly people with animal ears]], and gets caught up in their little war. Said war isn't [[EarthAllAlong the main plot. ]]˛** [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/UtawarerumonoItsuwariNoKamen Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception]], Haku's plot'']]: Maskless amnesiac man uses his wits to good profit in battles against other countries, leading him to uncover a conspiracy against his elder brother and niece.˛** [[spoiler:''Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, Kuon's plot'']]: Daughter of masked man travels to a foreign land, babysits an amnesiac man and befriends a scholar girl with similar interests as well as her homologue from the country she's in.˛** [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/UtawarerumonoMaskOfTruth Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth]], Haku's plot'']]: Maskless man dons a mask which can turn him into not-Godzilla to take a dead man's identity. Necessary to quell a civil war instigated by a yaoi writer, eventually becoming a god to save those he loves from a massive not-Godzilla.˛** [[spoiler:''Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, Kuon's plot'']]: Daughter of masked man weighs in her opinion of the civil war and gets nearly beaten up for her trouble. She then proceeds to help a friend not turn into not-Godzilla while she does the same, eventually failing due to a larger not-Godzilla, which in turn leaves her open to a takeover from an even larger not-Godzilla.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/VacantSky'']]: An [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent ordinary high school girl]] gets murdered and spends a lot of time complaining about it.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/VagrantStory'']]: A royal peacekeeper is sent into a haunted town to rescue the son of the duke of a kingdom. A creepy pale-skinned guy dressed in chain mail taunts him every step of the way.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ValiantHearts'']]: It's a game about one of mankind's most brutal conflicts, but the gameplay's all about running away from gunfire, punching barricades, throwing grenades that never hurt anyone, getting captured by enemies, doing mundane things like cooking and dressing, and excessively pampering the TeamPet.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles'']]: It's UsefulNotes/WorldWarII and you're Poland.˛** Alternatively: It's WWII with women of mass destruction. The FantasticRacism is due to the fact that you have the wrong hair color. And yes, you are Poland.˛*** Alternative to the alternative: Battlefield 1942: JRPG Edition.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/ValkyrieProfile'']]: A lot of people die and join the heroine's party.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/VampireTheMasqueradeBloodlines'']]: The fate of a DarkWorld version of LA depends on not opening a Mesopotamian sarcophagus, while you face off against [[DemonicSpiders incredibly difficult]] and terrifying monsters.˛** Alternatively, a disastrous one-night-stand forces a recent hire to prove himself/herself truly worthy of employment.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/AVampyreStory'']]: An opera singer tries to get away from her clingy boyfriend with the help of a sarcastic bat.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Vectorman}}'']]: A garbage-hauling robot has to stop a sentient nuclear weapon from taking over the world, using only his shooting hands and burning feet. He encounters fat versions of himself, killer light bulbs, and pesky mosquitoes.˛** [[spoiler: ''Vectorman 2'']]: A garbage-hauling robot has to stop a bunch of over-mutated bugs and their big-brained queen from taking over the world.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/VictoriaAnEmpireUnderTheSun'']]: Spend a hundred years providing people with coal and opium.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/ViewtifulJoe'']]: Movie fanboy obsesses over movies, pretends to be his hero.˛** [[spoiler: ''Viewtiful Joe 2'']]: Said fanboy teams up with his girlfriend to punch his father in the face.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/VirtuaFighter'']]: Fighters from around the world challenge each other for the rights to battle a corporation's metallic SuperSoldier.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/VivaPinata'']]: You are put in charge of a breeding ranch for party favors.˛* [[spoiler:''Volley Fire'']]: Two ships fight across mini asteroid fields containing mirrors. This was made by an animation company.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{VVVVVV}}'']]: Captain of a wrecked ship rescues crewmates by [[GravityScrew screwing with gravity]].˛** Alternatively: A blue man who can't jump (and looks a lot like [[VideoGame/LittleBigPlanet Sackboy]]) attempts to save some other colored people with strange names. [[SpikesOfDoom SPIKES. SPIKES EVERYWHERE.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WackyWheels'']]: ''VideoGame/MarioKart'' [-[[RecycledInSpace WITH]] [[FunnyAnimal FUNNY[IER] ANIMALS!]]-]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Wadanohara}}'']]: A CuteWitch goes on an underwater adventure. [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids Things get interesting in the third act]].˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/WanderingHamster'']]: Hamster with mallet, a water mage, and a dancing canine end a war in the first chapter, conquer the invader's castle in the second chapter, and get eaten in the third. Currently in DevelopmentHell.˛* ''[[spoiler: VideoGame/TheWalkingDead]]'': A black man teams up with [[DysfunctionJunction a cast of quirky characters]] to [[ZombieApocalypse wait out the latest disaster to hit the]] DeepSouth and [[SadisticChoice makes some tough choices]].˛** ''[[spoiler: Episode 1: A New Day]]'': Black man escapes police custody, bonds with a little girl and saves an elderly gentleman from a heart attack.˛** ''[[spoiler: Episode 2: Starved For Help]]'': Black man and friends hang out with some [[ImAHumanitarian friendly dairy farmers.]]˛** ''[[spoiler: Episode 3: Long Road Ahead]]'': Black man investigates who broke a flashlight and teaches a young girl the finer points of murder.˛** ''[[spoiler: Episode 4: Around Every Corner]]'': Black man gets calls from a stranger over a radio and visits the local school.˛** ''[[spoiler: Episode 5: No Time Left]]'': The little girl EnsembleDarkhorse has been kidnapped by a mysterious radio man! Are you a bad enough black man to save her?˛*** Or, black man spends his last days on Earth training a little girl to be a [[spoiler: zombie]]-killing machine.˛** ''[[spoiler: Episode 1: All That Remains]]'': Little girl gets bit by dog, has to bandage bite on her own because other people won't try to prevent infection in case it's already infected.˛** ''[[spoiler: Episode 2: A House Divided]]'': Little girl joins people in quest to escape a Sociopath by going to a skiing lodge.˛** ''[[spoiler: Episode 3: In Harms Way]]'': Little girl and friends escape Hardware store by stealing radios, turning on music, and covering themselves with guts. ˛** ''[[spoiler: Episode 4: Amid The Ruins]]'': Little girl and friends help a woman through labor by visiting historical monuments and stealing from a Russian.˛** ''[[spoiler: Episode 5: No Going Back]]'': Who do you side with? The madman who cares about you? Or the woman who proved he could go crazy by making him crazy?˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WallaceAndGromitsGrandAdventures'']]: A clueless British inventor and his dog do stuff.˛** [[spoiler: ''Fright of the Bumblebees'']]: A clueless British inventor and his dog try to improve their latest business venture, which leads to them fighting giant bees.˛** [[spoiler: ''The Last Resort'']]: A clueless British inventor and his dog run a seaside resort out of their basement.˛** [[spoiler: ''Muzzled!'']]: A clueless British inventor and his dog invent fish-flavored ice cream and sabotage a fun fair.˛** [[spoiler: ''The Bogey Man'']]: A clueless British inventor and his dog join a golf club in order to get the inventor out of [[AccidentalMarriage an unwanted engagement]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarOfTheMonsters'']]: A fuel crisis causes immeasurable havoc.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarCraft'']]: Immigration leads to a race war. The immigrants win.˛** [[spoiler:''[=WarCraft=] II: The Tides of Darkness'']]: The race war expands. Farms make better barricades than guard towers. The natives win. Immigration is temporarily suspended.˛*** [[spoiler:''[=WarCraft=] II: Beyond the Dark Portal'']]: Immigration is possible again, but not for long.˛** [[spoiler:''[=WarCraft=] III: Reign of Chaos'']]: War criminals and their descendants rediscover their heritage, and start immigrating again, emigrating from the last place they immigrated to. They are the good guys this time. The racial leaders don't stay dead anymore.˛*** [[spoiler:''[=WarCraft=] III: The Frozen Throne'']]: Win by immigrating northwards and [[DownerEnding creating a new]] BigBad [[DownerEnding for the series]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'']]: Everyone is an immigrant and spends their time forcefully displacing the natives. The local government is powerless to stop it since the immigrants will just come back in greater numbers.˛*** [[spoiler:''World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade'']]: The immigrants realize they'll have better opportunities in another country when they discover a hole in border security. A massive exodus soon follows. Displaced aristocrats and marooned space aliens decide they want in on that action.˛*** [[spoiler:''World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King'']]: The immigrants realize they have yet to colonize the Arctic and surrounding areas. They seek to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, a group of natives become disgusted with anti-foreigner sentiment and decide to help the immigrants.˛*** [[spoiler:''World of Warcraft: Cataclysm'']]: The natives and immigrants resume their war. A senior official, formerly in exile because of his skin color, decides to return home. This causes property values to plummet. Furries and insane corporate executives join the grassroots campaign to kick him out of the country.˛*** [[spoiler: ''World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria'']]: The immigrants discover the FarEast and, ignoring the protests of the natives, proceed to fight over colonization rights. Almost all of the immigrants decide to learn [[BareFistedMonk new things]] from [[PandaingToTheAudience bears]].˛*** [[spoiler: ''World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor'']]: With time travel now possible, past and present fight to see who can immigrate to the other's period. Present wins, and this time you can actually ''build towns'' in your colonies.˛*** [[spoiler: ''World of Warcraft: Legion'']]: It's the biggest immigration crisis yet, though mostly in a few islands no one cared about before. The local governments are unwilling to do anything about it, preferring to fight over a lamp or to ration their citizens' wine, so trade unions and a group of disabled people take arms against the immigrants. The disabled people's leader, after killing some Bible-thumping windchimes, solves the crisis by forcing the natives to emigrate back to the invaders' home.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Warframe}}'']]: A bunch of ninjas wake up from their nap and start gallivanting about the solar system to beat up a bunch of clones, a mega-corp that worships money, and some zombies, all for the sake of building shit and becoming the most fashionable killing machines in the universe, with some random chick as MissionControl who the ninjas have adopted as Space Mom.˛** [[spoiler:''Warframe: Natah'']]: Space Mom's dad wakes up, and he's not happy about her choice of career.˛** [[spoiler:''Warframe: The Second Dream'']]: Turns out the ninjas are [[spoiler:a bunch of teenagers with attitude]]. Space Mom's dad is too lazy to deal with them himself, so he gets some angsty dude to handle it.˛** [[spoiler:''Warframe: Octavia's Anthem'']]: Space Mom's dad hijacks a local AI. The ninjas defeat him through the power of music.˛** [[spoiler:''Warframe: Chains of Harrow'']]: Local goth cult holds seance for autistic child via haunted fidget spinner; ghostbusting ensues.˛** [[spoiler:''Warframe: Plains of Eidolon'']]: Now the ninjas can gallivant around a big field where some big weird creatures wake up every night and walk around aimlessly. Currently the most awesome way to go fishing.˛** [[spoiler:''Warframe: Apostasy Prologue'']]: [[spoiler:Space Mom runs off with her new/old (it's very confusing) boyfriend.]] The space ninjas are bummed out about it.˛** [[spoiler:''Warframe: The Sacrifice'']]: The ninjas try to track down [[spoiler:Space Mom's boyfriend]] and end up making a new friend along the way. Space Mom [[spoiler:runs off to visit her mother]].˛** [[spoiler:''Warframe: Chimera Prologue'']]: [[spoiler:Space Mom's boyfriend]] got dumped and he's angry and depressed about it.˛* [[spoiler:''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}: VideoGame/DawnOfWar'']]: A bunch of red-[[PoweredArmor armoured]] {{Super Soldier}}s land on a planet to help the local RedshirtArmy fight off an invasion of [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Different Orcs]]. A ChurchMilitant shows up, looking for an invasion of TheLegionsOfHell. [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames It's also licensed.]]˛** [[spoiler:''Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War: Winter Assault'']]: A HumongousMecha was wrecked on an [[SingleBiomePlanet icy planet]] some years ago. The RedshirtArmy, reluctantly aided by [[OurElvesAreBetter Better Elves]], fight against [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Different Orcs]] and TheLegionsOfHell to get to the 'mech, only to find Franchise/{{Terminator}}-wannabes with pyramids waiting.˛** [[spoiler:''Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade'']]: A planet belonging to greyskins weak in melee gets invaded by [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Different Orcs]] and TheLegionsOfHell. The RedshirtArmy arrives to conquer the planet but attack their SuperSoldier "allies" in the process. Franchise/{{Terminator}}-wannabes wake up from a long sleep and [[OurElvesAreBetter Better Elves]] arrive to stop them.˛** [[spoiler:''Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm'']]: A system with four planets develops a NegativeSpaceWedgie and TheLegionsOfHell show up. The [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Different Orcs]] get a stronger leader and try fighting against the human {{Super Soldier}}s and greyskins weak in melee. The RedshirtArmy gets another leader to replace the one the greyskins shot dead, but has to face the ChurchMilitant AmazonBrigade. Franchise/{{Terminator}}-wannabes wake up from a long sleep and [[OurElvesAreBetter Better Elves]] arrive to stop them. The Not-So-Much-Better Elves arrive to take slaves and torture people.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarioLand'']]: Fat man does a HeelFaceTurn, travels through lands named after food, blows up {{Pirate}}'s gothic tower, and gives his nemesis a priceless object. And there's a {{Genie|InABottle}} involved, who also does a HeelFaceTurn and gives a castle...if you give him enough money.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarioLand2'']]: After being robbed by a {{Pirate}}, fat man sets out to kick her ass.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarioLand3'']]: Fat man gets sucked inside a music box. There he finds a being who tells him to find a bunch of music boxes, bribing him with the treasure. He then proceeds to desecrate an entire community, kills the locals, only to discover that [[spoiler: he was working for an [[MonsterClown evil clown]]]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarioLand4'']]: Fat man desecrates ancient ruins for money. [[spoiler: A cat turns out to be a princess. An insane "diva" tries to kill them both.]] And there's Mr. Game & Watch involved.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarioWorld'']]: Fat man gets his castle destroyed out of greed. Goes through a lot of crap to get a treasure, only to discover that [[spoiler: it is an evil sentient jewel, and it destroyed his castle]].˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarioMasterOfDisguise'']]: Fat man becomes the star of a show and start the quest for a tablet fragmented into pieces to have his wish for money fulfilled once again. But as usual, he won't be the only one wanting the tablet.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarioLand: Shake It! / The Shake Dimension'']]: Fat man gets sucked into a globe and helps the {{Pirate}} mentioned above shake the crap out of everything so he can beat up a different pirate.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarioWare: Mega [=MicroGame$=]'']]: Fat man goes into game development. Despite zero experience, it proves a huge success.˛*** [[spoiler:''[=WarioWare=]: Mega Party Games'']]: Fat man recommends playing said games with more people. He is fine if you choose to play by yourself.˛*** [[spoiler:''[=WarioWare=] Twisted!'']]: Fat man predicts tilting random objects is the newest craze. He is right.˛*** [[spoiler:''[=WarioWare=] Touched!'']]: Fat man tries drawing things. He turns out to be pretty good at it.˛*** [[spoiler:''[=WarioWare=] Snapped!'']]: Fat man takes private photographs of you.˛*** [[spoiler:''[=WarioWare=]: Smooth Moves'']]: Fat man steals ancient artifact to make more games.˛*** [[spoiler:''[=WarioWare=] D.I.Y.'']]: Fat man calls it quits with game design. He becomes an even better illustrator.˛*** [[spoiler:''Game & Wario'']]: Fat man tries to recommend playing said games with more people a second time. Again, he is fine if you choose to play by yourself.˛*** [[spoiler:''[=WarioWare=] Gold'']]: Fat man hosts a video game tournament.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarriorsAllStars'']]: Furries summon 27 heroes from numerous times and worlds so they can solve a succession crisis and save their world from their c.˛** [[spoiler:Tamaki is Queen ending]]: Little sister's victory means her eventual death and a return to square one.˛** [[spoiler:Shiki is King ending]]: Big brother's victory means no more spring and, eventually, no more world.˛** [[spoiler:Setsuna is King ending]]: The darkhorse's victory means ''his'' eventual death and a return to square one.˛** [[spoiler:"Protecting those that matter" ending]]: Petite but stern woman, young mage and demon slayer joins big brother to protect little sister from herself.˛** [[spoiler:The Amnesiacs ending]]: Time traveller and sentient book simply cannnot avoid amnesia as they attack demon goddess mother earlier than they should.˛** [[spoiler:Team ''Deception'' ending]]: Do not let mass murderers who can produce traps ''ex-nihilo'' run amok in a fragile world.˛** [[spoiler:Nobunyaga's ending]]: "Conquering the other world is booooring, can we go home now?"˛** [[spoiler:Idols ending]]: Casino employee, schoolgirl and girl in provocative outfit all become idols of the other world.˛** [[spoiler:Naotora & Ayane ending]]: Well-endowed daimyo decides to become a ninja.˛** [[spoiler:Mitsunari & Team ''Haruka'']]: Guy with handfan teams up with visual novel pretty boys to give the furries a lesson in unity.˛** [[spoiler:Eternal Parting ending]]: Samurai, Ninja and Irishman finds out that the mother is the demon goddess much earlier than anticipated.˛** [[spoiler:Monsters & Heroes ending]]: Stalwart hero, speedster and robot discovers that you shouldn't defeat demon goddess mother by themselves.˛** [[spoiler:Lu Bu's ending]]: Strongest man in China overachieves in the other world.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarriorsOrochi'']]: Giant snake man is revived by fox-girl and merges [[VideoGame/DynastyWarriors Ancient China]] with [[VideoGame/SamuraiWarriors Warring States period Japan]] to kick their collective butts. Of course, the ones to stop him are what remains of the armies of both periods.˛** [[spoiler:''Warriors Orochi 2'']]: Same giant snake man has to be revived by his old and new lackeys. No one is able to stop them but they do get to beat the tar out of his powered up form.˛*** [[spoiler:''Warriors Orochi 2, Orochi's story mode'']]: We actually get to see the giant snake man's rampage. He also kicks a few gods' asses as well.˛** [[spoiler:''Warriors Orochi 3'']]: Giant snake man is replaced by an actual giant snake. Everybody dies besides the [[LoveFreak Justice Freak]] Horseman, the [[BrilliantButLazy lazy]] Ruler and an also lazy Strategist, who are then sent back by the Moon Princess to save everyone.˛** [[spoiler:''Warriors Orochi 4'']]: A middle-aged Zeus decides to bring everyone back to the giant snake man's world so they can duke it out with a bunch of god trinkets, beat the tar out of his kids to straighten them up and eventually stop Odin from killing everything. Meanwhile, Loki stirs the pot further in the guise of a certain hero so he can summon his boss. Obviously, the giant snake man has to come in somehow.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WarZone2100'']]: A crazy AI nukes the world, and you take on other factions to steal their stuff and stop said Crazy AI from nuking the world again. [[DesignItYourselfEquipment And you design your own units, too.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WatchDogs]]'': A socially-unskilled man uses HollywoodHacking to discover the masterminds of the death of his niece.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WaxWorks'']]: Go inside sculptures to get killed horribly.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WayOfTheSamurai'']]: A wandering swordsman arrives in a town in the middle of a huge conflict. His choices will affect whether or not he and others will die.˛* [[spoiler:''Weapon Shop de Omasse'']]: An NPC crafts weapons for other [=NPCs=] before a live(?) studio audience.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WeHappyFew'']]: Plot an escape from a town full of happy British people.˛* [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/WelcomeToPonyville'']]: In a universe full of horses, a NaiveNewcomer moves in while dealing with {{Jump Scare}}s, people interrupting him, and nightmares almost every night.˛* [[spoiler:''Videogame/WelcomeToTheGame'']]: Browse on the Deep Web. And also avoid Russian kidnappers!˛** Alternatively, an asshole tries to find new ways to get off and never locks the door or windows when they're gonna die.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Wet}}'']]: Game-ified exploitation movie.˛* [[spoiler:''Wetrix'']]: You create pools of water.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WhackYour'']]: Find all the different ways to horribly murder your boss, your teacher, thieves, perverts, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking or your computer]].˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WheresMyWater'']]: An alligator takes a bath.˛*** [[spoiler: Cranky's Story]]: An alligator hates eating vegetables.˛** [[spoiler:''Where's My Mickey'']]: A black mouse attempts to make lemonade while dealing with a clusterfuck water system.˛** [[spoiler: ''Where's My Perry'']]: The same, except is a LicensedGame.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheWhiteChamber'']]: Regretting your actions gives you a better ending.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WhiteKnightChronicles'']]: [[IdiotHero Mildly Retarded]] FarmBoy protagonist [[FailureHero repeatedly fails to do anything actually heroic]] despite gaining the power to transform into an indestructible 20-foot tall walking tank whenever he feels like it. Dozens of innocent people are killed along the way by accident.˛** [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/WhiteKnightChronicles White Knight Chronicles II]]'']]: [[IdiotHero Mildly Retarded]] FarmBoy protagonist falls into coma for half the game, allowing the rest of the party to do actual heroism for a change. He comes back just in time to [[GrandTheftMe turn into the final boss by accident]].˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/WiiFit'']]: You find yourself in a world where working out is SeriousBusiness. Your ArchEnemy is metabolic syndrome. Your sidekicks are a piggy bank, a talking scale, and a fitness trainer who may or may not be [[UncannyValley an android]]. During the course of your adventure, you will avoid panda heads, be turned into a pool ball, and attempt to meditate while an insane sensei screams at you if you don't sit still. It's not a WidgetSeries.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/WiiFit Plus'']]: Pursue further physical fitness by leading a marching band, flying in a chicken costume, and/or chasing robot moles on a Segway.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WiiSports'']]: Play simplified versions of baseball, golf, bowling, boxing, and tennis by swinging the controller around.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WiiSportsResort'']]: Play simplified versions of swordplay, wakeboarding, Frisbee, archery, basketball, table tennis, power cruising, canoeing, cycling, and air sports by swinging the controller around more precisely. The world is more developed and cohesive, and golf and bowling make a return, too.˛** [[spoiler:''Wii Sports Club'']]: The same, except there's more emphasis on online play. There's even ''more'' emphasis on DownloadableContent.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WildArms3'']]: Amnesiac environmentalists fight against the users of a demonically-possessed science wiki.˛* [[spoiler:''Will: A Wonderful World'']]: Amnesiac goddess fixes problems by giving the middle finger to context and making events that happened to one person happen to an entirely different person. Surprisingly dark.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WindomXP'']]: HumongousMecha that are the "[[ThemeNaming incarnations]]" of Windows [=OSes=] blow each other up. Can be a ridiculous MassiveMultiplayerCrossover with the plethora of sound-only user add-ons.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WingCommander'']]: Creator/MarkHamill flies a fighter in the Pacific theater of UsefulNotes/WorldWarII [[RecycledInSpace IN SPACE]] with 7-foot-tall alien furries standing in for the Japanese. There are a lot of cutscenes.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/WipeOut'']]: You pull the finger to gravity in rocket ships with missiles.˛* [[spoiler: ''Witch and Hero'']]: A squishy knight throws himself at enemies to protect an [[SquishyWizard even squishier wizard]].˛** [[spoiler: ''Witch and Hero II'']]: The squishy knight and wizard from before are dead, so a younger squishy knight and wizard team go on the same adventures. The young-but-squishy-wizard can now move, but not as fast as the young-but-squishy knight.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheWitchAndTheHundredKnight'']]: A witch who wants to spread her love of slime tries to summon a monster that can shoot fire out of its crotch. Instead, she gets a midget in a helmet. ˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TheWitcher'']]: A monster hunter [[OptionalSexualEncounter sleeps with women]] while engaging in custody battles and looking for stolen goods.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TheWitcher2AssassinsOfKings'']]: You're an outcast who was falsely accused of killing a sovereign. You prove your innocence by killing those responsible while being given the chance to [[OptionalSexualEncounter bang girls.]]˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TheWitcher3WildHunt'']]: The monster hunter looks for his adopted MacGuffin daughter to save her from a bunch of elven ghosts who ''really'' hate the cold. Many women were slept with along the way.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WithinADeepForest'']]: A ball rebels against its creator.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheWitness'']]: Click circles and solve mazes. Repeat several hundred times.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Wizard101'']]: An MMORPG where you attend WizardingSchool.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Pirate101'']]: A sister game taking place at approximately the same time, where you play as [[AndNowForSomeoneCompletelyDifferent someone else]] learning to be a pirate.˛* [[spoiler:''Wizball'']]: A cat and a bouncing ball work together to bring color to the world.˛* [[spoiler:''Wiz 'n' Liz'']]: You must collect "wabbits" before they explode so you can spell nonsense words.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WizOrb'']]: An old man uses his magical staff to break blocks in order to defeat monsters and save a DyingTown.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheWolfAmongUs'']]: TheBigBadWolf's quest to be a nice police officer and solve a murder-mystery consist of beating the tar out of several fairy-tale and folklore characters.˛** [[spoiler: ''Episode 1: Faith'']]: TheBigBadWolf found a decapitated head in the front of his apartment lot. He and Literature/SnowWhite tries to find whodunnit.˛** [[spoiler: ''Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors'']]: TheBigBadWolf found another decapitated head in the front of his apartment lot. He goes to a strip club and finds out that the culprit [[spoiler:has a Snow White fetish.]]˛** [[spoiler: ''Episode 3: A Crooked Mile'']]: TheBigBadWolf finally found the [[spoiler: fake]] culprit, only to find himself into something bigger than just killing prostitutes.˛** [[spoiler: ''Episode 4: In Sheep's Clothing'']]: TheBigBadWolf discovers that the town was actually in the middle of a war and he tries to prevent it.˛** [[spoiler: ''Episode 5: Cry Wolf'']] TheBigBadWolf finally found the [[spoiler: true]] culprit and reenact the Landsmeet scene in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' in order to see what they should do to him.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/Wolfenstein3D'']]: You have a knife. They are wearing [[GatlingGood chaingun-equipped]] PoweredArmor. Good luck!˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/ReturnToCastleWolfenstein'']]: The Nazis invent hand-held miniguns, a lightning gun, cybernetic {{Super Soldier}}s who are ImmuneToBullets, and raise an army of zombies commanded by a 20-foot-tall guy with a sword, and [[StatusQuoIsGod lose the war anyway.]]˛** [[spoiler:''Wolfenstein RPG'']]: Like the previous games, but with turn-based combat and [[CluckingFunny chickens]]. Oh, and it's for cell phones.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou'']]: For dead people, fashion is incredibly SeriousBusiness. They overcome difficulties and [[ThePowerOfFriendship learn to love]]. And kill people with Myspace Flare.˛** Alternatively: Dead people kill things and eat food in order to dress the most macho of them in the girliest clothing ever.˛** Alternatively: Emo dead kid plays {{LARP}}ing game show in order to come back to life.˛** Alternatively: CharacterDevelopment saves the world.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/WorldHeroes'']]: Historical figures duke it out against each other, and then a shapeshifting alien.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/WorldInConflict'']]: Uh oh, the Cold War didn't end and the Soviets invade. [[AmericaSavesTheDay Already sounds propagandic...]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/WorldOfGoo'']]: Make bridges and towers with gooey balls.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/WorldOfTanks'']]: Slow-moving steel monsters duke it out, without a single human being in sight.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarships'']]: More slow-moving steel monsters duke it out, without a single human being in sight but this time it's on water.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Worms}}'']]: Lacking opposable thumbs, invertebrates use heavy artillery to kill each other instead.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/XCom'']]: Aliens invade Earth. The only way to defeat them is to send [[WeHaveReserves waves of disposable troops]] at them, capture their equipment, and execute a large, helpless brain on another planet.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/XCom: Terror From the Deep'']]: Aliens invade from twenty thousand leagues under the sea. The only way to defeat them is to throw waves of disposable troops in diving suits at them, steal their equipment, and execute another helpless brain.˛*** Alternatively: If you thought the aliens were unfair in the first game, wait until you get a load of this.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/XCom: Apocalypse'']]: Aliens invade a very large city and try to take over its leaders. The only way to defeat them is to throw waves of disposable troops in absurd-looking suits of armor at them, steal their equipment, and blow up helpless buildings in an alternate dimension.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/XCOMEnemyUnknown'']]: Aliens invade an Earth that's built entirely in 90-degree angles (and to strict height specifications). The only way to defeat them is to throw a single group of about 4-6 highly-trained and non-expendable troops in absurd-looking suits of armor at them, steal their equipment, and destroy their cloaked mothership.˛** [[spoiler: ''X-COM Enemy Within DLC'']]: In addition to aliens you must stop a paramilitary group from taking over the world by turning your soldiers into amputees or genetic abominations.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{XCOM 2}}'']]: The game automatically assumes you lost the first game horribly and is giving you a second chance to save the 90-degree angled and height specified Earth by leading LaResistance against the alien occupiers.˛* [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/{{Xenogears}}'']]: You are simultaneously the two-most powerful beings on the planet and the biggest [[CursedWithAwesome whiner]] in the galaxy.˛** Alternatively, Adam's metaphysical soul reincarnates into a schizophrenic teenager. He fights God with kung-fu.˛** Or if you prefer, Kung-fu Jesus attempts to live peacefully with his girlfriend, only to discover too late that his universe is inspired by [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Evangelion]]. Billions die in the name of world peace.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Xenosaga}}'']]: You watch the prequel movie. Occasionally, there are interactive parts.˛*** [[spoiler: ''Xenosaga Episode I'']]: A hot scientist builds a hot robot, Jesus rides a spaceship, and a PsychopathicManchild severs his body parts to frighten a little girl.˛*** [[spoiler: ''Xenosaga Episode II'']]: A little girl's mind becomes an interactive playground, UsefulNotes/ThePope tries out his new HumongousMecha, and a psychotic mass murderer is killed by his brother and ascends to Heaven.˛*** [[spoiler: ''Xenosaga Episode III'']]: The heroes decide to destroy the universe. This is a good thing.˛** ''[[spoiler:[[VideoGame/{{Xenoblade}} Xenoblade Chronicles]]]]'': A zombie engineer goes on a quest to save the world from giant robots using a red plastic lightsaber while a computer tells him cryptic stuff.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/XenobladeChroniclesX'']]: A group of RidiculouslyHumanRobots try to remember where they left their real bodies while fighting aliens on a strange planet.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/XenobladeChronicles2'']]: A scuba diver finds a hot sword ([[PlayingWithFire literally]] and [[MsFanservice figuratively]]) and tries to climb a tree.˛*** [[spoiler:''Torna: The Golden Country'' DLC]]: The Pope visits the world's most disappointing amusement park. His souvenirs kill thousands.˛* ''[[spoiler:VideoGame/{{Xevious}}]]'': You are the commander of a spaceship on a search-and-destroy mission.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/XMenLegends 2: Rise of Apocalypse'']]: Non-humans battle Egyptian man.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/XMenVsStreetFighter'']]: Non-humans battle martial artists in a tag team match.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/MarvelSuperHeroesVsStreetFighter'']]: Non-humans, [[BadassNormal humans with skill]], humans with super powers, a cyborg, a demon and an [[MarthDebutedInSmashBros obscure octopus creature]] battle martial artists and a creepy fanboy in a tag team match.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcomClashOfTheSuperheroes'']]: Non-humans, [[BadassNormal humans with skill]], humans with super powers and a human with power armor battle martial artists, a monster, robots, a mech pilot, an assassin, and another human with power armor in a tag team match. There is occasional outside interference.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom2'']]: The same characters from one side of all the previous games plus more non-humans, another human with power armor, a non-human-hunting robot, and a space alien battle the same characters from the other side of all the previous games plus more martial artists, more monsters, a monster-hunting bounty hunter, more robots, a pirate, a fat walking cactus, a transforming monkey girl, a human with skills and guns and zombies, and a futuristic swordsman in a 3-on-3 tag team match.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3'']]: Super powered humans, human mercenaries, a tentacle alien, demons, a Norse god, a wolf goddess, a giant head, and a couple of robots team up to stop a platinum blonde Neo and a man in lightning-shooting armor that plan to rule the world and accidentally wake up a giant PlanetEater. They still fight in 3-on-3 tag team matches.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcomInfinite'']]: Non-living beings seek to destroy living beings by hijacking an already-existing CrisisCrossover. They are thwarted via a return to 2-on-2 tag team matches. The non-humans who began the whole franchise are nowhere to be seen.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/XWing'']]: Slaughter thousands upon thousands of relatively unarmored people just doin' their jobs in your quest to overthrow a perfectly legal government. YouBastard.˛** [[spoiler: ''VideoGame/TIEFighter'']]: You fly [[WeHaveReserves a foil can armed with laser pointers]] [[VillainProtagonist against the good guys]].˛** [[spoiler:''X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter'']]: You and your friends can pick which side to fight on, all to prolong an ongoing war.˛** [[spoiler:''X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power'']]: Continue to pick which side to fight on and prolong an ongoing war--with a storyline this time! Both endings are somehow the canon ending.˛** [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/XWing X-Wing Alliance]]'']]: Join the guy from the first game because of daddy issues. Continue to be a terrorist.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Yakuza}}'']]: A Japanese gangster travels around Tokyo's red light district to protect a young girl while dicking around in hostess clubs and pachinko parlors, and beating the ever living crap out of other Japanese gangsters. One of his friends/rivals is a CrazyAwesome KnifeNut who is the most popular character in the series.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/YandereSimulator'']]: Dating sim where you can't actually date anyone.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/YokaiWatch'']]: In a world where invisible monsters play tricks on people, a young boy (or girl) tries to feed as many as they can to try to get them to work for them.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/YokusIslandExpress'']]: A platformer in which a dung beetle who can't jump makes personal deliveries.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/YomawariNightAlone'']]: In a world of deadly spirits, the most evil thing in the game is the tutorial.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/YomawariMidnightShadows'']]: The tutorial somehow became even ''more'' evil.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/YoshisWoollyWorld'']]: A wizard butchers a bunch of dinosaurs. Two dinosaurs who survived the genocide of their kind take revenge on the wizard, retrieving the scattered flesh of their comrades to restore them along the way. It's a cute, light-hearted game.˛* [[spoiler:''Yosumin!'']]: You force smiling shapes to kill themselves in order to repair a stained-glass window.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/YouDontKnowJack'']]: A video game version of a GameShow, except the questions are reworded to be more hilarious (and harder).˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/YouHaveToBurnTheRope'']]: An egg creature is given direct instructions by the game to progress. The game finishes.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/TheYouTestament'']]: Jesus teaches you the Force. You can thank him by [[GroinAttack kicking him in the jimmies]].˛** [[spoiler:''The Making of a Prophet'']]: Muhammad argues with Snidely Whiplash as an eleven foot tall nightmare given flesh uses his mystical powers to blow people up, steal the devil's face and still get kicked around a lot.˛* [[spoiler:''Franchise/{{Ys}}'']]: A red-haired young man winds up far from home. Now it's up to him to sort out the problems of all the locals.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/YumeNikki'']]: A girl travels through her own dreams to collect goodies. Said dreams are completely and totally disturbing.˛** Alternatively, a young girl sleeps all day to while the time away. Said girl should really get out more.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ZackAndWikiQuestForBarbarosTreasure'']]: A ten-year-old chocoholic pirate and a flying monkey turn their foes into tools in their quest to reassemble a dead guy made out of jewelry.˛** (Alternatively): A kid shakes his best friend to solve puzzles.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ZenKoi'']]: A fish eats things and turns into a dragon. This process then repeats [[GottaCatchThemAll 991 more times.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ZenKoi2'']]: The sequel to the fish game, only now there are playable dragons and has [[GottaCatchThemAll new patterns to collect.]]˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ZenoClash'']]: Travel through a [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs fascinating]] world, meet [[TheMadHatter interesting characters]], and [[GoodOldFisticuffs smash their faces in with your bare fists]]. Also, the voice acting is [[SoBadItsGood unique]].˛* ''[[spoiler:VisualNovel/ZeroEscape'']]:˛** [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/NineHoursNinePersonsNineDoors'']]: A twelve-year-old uses time travel to solve a sudoku puzzle.˛*** Or: Our protagonist flirts with her kidnap victim for several hours, intending to kill him if he doesn't 'become one' with her. In the best ending, she succeeds. ˛** [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/VirtuesLastReward'']]: To stop the spread of a virus, a deadly game with puzzles takes place long after it would do any good.˛** [[spoiler:''VisualNovel/ZeroTimeDilemma'']]: A bunch of test subjects get themselves killed in multiple gruesome ways so they can all win a coin toss.˛*** Or: A history buff monologues about snails. Meanwhile, a kidnapper wonders why her victim became distrustful of people, their companion tries to [[ShipperOnDeck ship]] them, a sociopath prevents her boyfriend from abusing a child, and a pair of corporate employees ponder philosophy with a nurse.˛*** Or: A game which structures itself around player choice, yet which can only continue after a certain point if the player renders all their previous choices - no matter how profitable or altruistic - inconsequential.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ZeroWing'']]: As the good side's [[OneManArmy last remaining soldier]], you save the universe from certain destruction. All that's left of your epic journey is [[AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs a tired meme]].˛* [[spoiler:''[[VideoGame/ZettaiHeroProject Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman]]'']]: You are recruited to stand in for a guy who got killed on his way to the longest FinalBoss battle in the history of mankind.˛* [[spoiler:''[[Website/GaiaOnline zOMG!]]'']]: A guy has daddy issues, so you have to use jewelry to kill his pets.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ZoneOfTheEnders'']]: A boy and his not-girlfriend ride inside of a VisualPun. The onboard GPS unit turns out to be a better-developed character than either of them.˛** [[spoiler:''Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner'']]: An ex-soldier rides inside of a VisualPun that is acting as a replacement for his heart.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Zork}}'']]: You explore a dungeon with a total of about five enemies. The evil parser remains undefeated.˛** [[spoiler:''VideoGame/ZorkGrandInquisitor'']]: An [[FeaturelessProtagonist anonymous]] vacuum cleaner salesman takes a crash course in sorcery in order to help a talking lamp overthrow a {{bald|OfEvil}}, [[MagicVersusScience magic-hating]] tyrant.˛* [[spoiler:''VideoGame/{{Zuma}}'']]: Shoot marbles to appease the Aztec Frog God. Requirements: Pot.˛˛----


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