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1* Yuuki Mishima, for his cute design, apparent personality and Confidant abilities (increasing the overall XP gained as well as eliminating the need to grind benched party-members by having them level at the same rate as those currently in use) made him an EnsembleDarkhorse [[TaintedByThePreview before the game was even released]]. After it did players found Mishima turned out to be [[spoiler:selfishly using the Phantom Thieves to become popular, annoyingly needy and clingy on top of that, and his "big moment" ([[ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve saving the Phantom Thieves by rallying Tokyo]]) is completely dependent on whether or not you finished his Confidant Link.]] While this would have easily made him TheScrappy his saving grace is that [[spoiler:his use of the Phantom Thieves as a tool to social-climb happens entirely offscreen, and that the game doesn't hesitate to call him out on his flaws. The protagonist's dialogue options also show ''his'' growing irritation with Mishima, helped by how Mishima is one of the few Confidants [[KickTheSonOfABitch who it doesn't matter how you treat them for his link to progress]], before he finally loses his patience and drags Mishima's shadow by the ear to smack some sense into him]]. But even then, [[spoiler:his shadow is one of the few in the game that doesn't need to be fought for Mishima to realize his mistakes, because he ends up developing his own sense of courage and integrity anyway as the link is pursued]]. While people dislike him, certainly, others acknowledge his glaring flaws and overcoming them as legitimate CharacterDevelopment. Besides that, given the aforementioned extreme usefulness of his Confidant skills and the ease of leveling them up[[note]]He's available most nights and every meeting with him is a guaranteed rank up, although he might not be available if you have an outstanding request[[/note]], [[spoiler:if you see the [[FanNickname Floral Pants Man]] version of his big moment, it was either on purpose or you've mismanaged your time ''horribly.'']]* There are three camps for viewing The Traitor, for being TheDragon and TheHeavy for the BigBad. [[spoiler:Camp One acknowledges that while Akechi's actions can't be justified - indeed, the party never forgives him, they just come to understand him and sympathize with him somewhat - these fans think Akechi was a character that was severely manipulated by all sides, and as such, [[TrappedInVillainy probably didn't have much of a choice but to be evil, even if he regretted his actions]]. Camp Two believes that while he had a [[DarkAndTroubledPast tragic backstory]], he still [[MoralEventHorizon killed multiple people, including Haru's father and Futaba's mother, even helping spiral the latter into two long years of constant mental anguish and suicidal self-loathing]], and caused a lot of other problems for the main cast, [[SmugSnake along with being very smug and rude towards them]]. Camp Three just plain hates the guy, treating him like a completely irredeemable scumbag and [[UnintentionallyUnsympathetic finding his many reprehensible acts to nullify any sympathy points he would otherwise get]]. This leads to another argument: whether or not he should [[DisneyDeath turn out to be alive]] and have a [[RedemptionQuest redemption arc]] (Camp One and Camp Two supporters want to see him atone for his crimes, albeit in [[MustMakeAmends different]] [[PerpWalk ways]]), or [[KilledOffForReal stay dead]] (Camp One supporters believe that him turning out to be alive would undermine his sacrifice, while Camp Two and Three supporters believe that [[AssholeVictim his death was justified]]).]] Needless to say, bringing The Traitor up in any discussion will most likely result in a huge fight. ** See AlternateCharacterInterpretation and TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot on the [[YMMV/Persona5 YMMV page]] for how these camps may view [[spoiler: Akechi's other role as an even bigger pawn to the TrueFinalBoss, [[MoreThanMindControl and how much he may have been influenced by him.]]]]* Shido, the game's main villain gets hit by this as well. Most of it stem from differing opinions on just how effective he is as a villain and character. Proponents find him a good HateSink, and how his vileness is connected to almost everything in the game which makes it all the more satisfying once you confront him in what many consider to be one of the best boss battles in the game. His detractors however criticise the lack of motivations driving him beyond greed and power, making him come off as a rather flat CardCarryingVillain in comparison to the better-received Kamoshida and someone whose evil comes across as so excessive that it gets difficult to swallow, even taking into account his power and connections. ** This could also factor in with The Traitor's three camps above, [[CatharsisFactor in regards to]] [[PlayerPunch how much anger they may have]] [[MoralEventHorizon towards Shido for]] [[spoiler: being the one responsible for his DarkAndTroubledPast ([[StartOfDarkness which caused everything they love or hate about Akechi in the first place]]), along with his [[UncertainDoom potential demise]]: Camps One and Two might find it understandable for why Akechi is the way he is because of him, it's just that Two thinks [[HeWhoFightsMonsters he ultimately became no better,]] [[LikeFatherLikeSon depending on how much he may have inherited from him.]] Camp Three would [[DarknessInducedAudienceApathy find it hard to take either of them seriously]], [[FreudianExcuse even after ]] [[LukeYouAreMyFather the dramatic reveal]]. Coming off to them as flat and two-dimensional [[TheHeavy for what are supposed to be]] [[BigBad the game's biggest villains]], [[DisappointedByTheMotive along with their lame excuses and/or reasons for their actions]]. When it comes to [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness disposing of Akechi]] [[IKnowYouKnowIKnow when he already figured out]] [[OffingTheOffspring that he was his son]] ([[ProperlyParanoid even if he was correct about his plans to backstab him]]), [[AlasPoorVillain Camps One and Two would want to avenge his needlessly cruel fate, even if Camp Two still feels he deserved it.]] If Camp Three isn't outright ''cheering'' [[RootingForTheEmpire for Shido having him killed]], then they probably want him to pay for [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou taking that kill away from them,]] [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking if not everything else hes already put the cast through.]]]]* Morgana and Ryuji have a decent amount of detractors for everything that happened before the Okumura arc [[spoiler:where Morgana decided to leave the Phantom Thieves]]. Both people during that time are accused of passing the JerkassBall, and non-believers of those two [[NeverLiveItDown could not live that down]]. Among these factors, there's other reasons the characters are hated alongside why the supporters loved them in the first place.** People love Morgana for his BadassAdorable status, his usefulness in battle as the game's primary healer, and his SugarWiki/FunnyMoments with the Treasure, as well as all of his snarky commentary when exploring Tokyo. Others loathe him due to his tendency to dictate the Protagonist's free time, telling him he can't do something for sketchy reasons, and find his one-sided admiration for Ann more creepy than endearing. As well as how often he calls Ryuji some form of the word "idiot" in battle and normal cutscenes [[{{Hypocrite}} and proceeds to cause the Okumura Arc because Ryuji fired back at him and he couldn't take it.]]** People who like Ryuji bring up his loyalty, chemistry with Ann, [[HeterosexualLifePartners friendship with the protagonist]], [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold mindfulness towards his fellow teammates in general]] (not named Morgana), and just how plain [[LargeHam over-the-top he is]]; while those who dislike him point to him as an IdiotHero with NoIndoorVoice who's [[TooDumbToLive constantly putting the Phantom Thieves' identities at risk of exposure]] ''because'' of how loud he is (never mind the fact that he only nearly exposed them twice, and the other members got close to exposing their identities as well).


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