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1''Harvest Moon'', ''Story of Seasons'', or ''Bokujo Monogatari''. No matter what you wish to call the series, you can agree that the many songs that have been heard in the over twenty year-long series no doubt [[{{Pun}} planted]] themselves in your mind.²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder: 64]]²* "64 Memories", which plays in the introduction, is a sad little ditty that pays homage to those who passed whenever you hear it. One of the more popular songs that shows up as a record in future games.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: A Wonderful Life]]²While ''A Wonderful Life'' [[RealityHasNoSoundtrack likes to remain quiet when you're outside]], there are still some memorable tunes.²* "Spring Breeze", being the first song that plays when you start the game, is essentially your farm's anthem.²* "Quiet Winter" is more slow paced compared to "Spring Breeze", but it's easy sounding when you work in the Winter.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Story of Season (2014)]]²* Each season has its own {{leitmotif}}:²** Spring: The happiest music in the game, particularly in your very first spring.²** Summer: A pleasant, relaxed theme, like a summer breeze. Has a bit of a country feel to it, and a little traditional Japanese.²** Fall: A sprightly tune, to go along with the theme of fall harvest and celebration. Also feels a bit haunting.²** Winter: The winter music is more melancholy than the other seasons, and again, this is particularly apparent in your first winter. [[spoiler: There's a [[{{Foreshadowing}} good reason for this]].]]²** Each seasonal theme also has a slower nighttime equivalent, all of which are either very soothing (like the spring and winter music), or moving and reflective (like summer and fall's nighttime music).²[[/folder]]


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