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1%%%%%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Do not uncomment them without expanding them to explain what makes these tracks awesome. Administrivia/WeblinksAreNotExamples; a video link with no further explanation is not a proper example. And simply saying a track is "awesome" (or any other synonym thereof) is not context; WHY is it awesome?%%%%* ''Anime/SailorMoon'' has several songs for major battles that get you pumped up, including "[[ Ai no Senshi]]" (the senshi vs the black moon sisters), "[[ Moon Revenge]]" (the R movie finale), and "[[ La Soldier]]" (the battle against Wiseman). Also, while the dub [[{{Macekre}} is what it is]] it gave us "[[ Carry On]]" for the final battle of the first season.%%* "[[ Sailor Star Song]]", the [[ShapedLikeItself Sailor Stars OP]].* [[ Moonlight Densetsu]] is tops. Especially the last time it plays. It completes the entire series. [[ And the locket version is no less memorable.]]* [[ This cover]] made by [[Creator/CristinaValenzuela Cristina Vee]] is a good English cover on its own, but it's [[HilariousInHindsight even better]] as she'd eventually be cast as the official English voice of Sailor Mars.* "[[ Sailor Senshi Reunion]]", which first plays as Sailor Moon goes to face Beryl alone with the other Senshi dead in the traps of the DD Girls. It's at first grimmly determined and badass, but at the 1:20 mark it descends into a real TearJerker as a sudden violin solo cuts through the scene like a knife that really tugs at the heartstrings.* The [=DiC=] dub also gave us "[[ My Only Love]]", which ''really makes'' the scene when the Moon Princess is revealed.** The original dub did this a few times. Even the most purist of fans admit that "Carry On", "My Only Love", "A New Day", and a few others fit the scenes just as well, and in some cases better, than the original.** There is also [[ Usagi/Serena's transformation theme]] in the dub. Many fans describe the song as being wonderfully magical and nostalgic even if this is the first time you hear it.** The 90s dub's composer Bob Summers did have a good few cues up his sleeves that people who watched it growing up may never forget. [[ Tuxedo Mask's]] Spanish guitar cue and [[ Queen Beryl's/the villains' theme]] in particular will bring back many a fond memory.** And who could forget [[ Oh Starry Night]].** "[[ The Power of Love]]" from the dub version of the battle against Wiseman and the R Movie.** Speaking of the reveal of the Moon Princess, the original anime had the criminally underrated song [[ "Maboroshi no Ginzuisho"]] which works perfectly with the moment.* "[[ Mysterious Starry Sky, Part 5]]", a short, understated theme that tends to play when Usagi and Mamoru share a moment of connection as memories of their past lives surface. It's les than a minute in length, but it's memorable enough you'll recognize it when it plays from time to time.* Yet another example from the dub. Similar to "My Only Love", the scene where Jupiter recounts her first brush with love gave us "[[ Rainny Day Man]]", a reflective and wistful pop song.* The [[ Outer Senshi]] theme. You can expect badass moments whenever this song comes on.* Another dub one: [[ "She's Got The Power"]]. Come on, it's by Stan "[[WesternAnimation/TheTransformersTheMovie The Touch]]" Bush, how can it not be awesome?%%* [[ The German OP]].* [[ Golden Queen Galaxia]], the ImageSong for the villain of the last season, is somehow good enough to make ''xylophones'' sound badass. It sounds heartbreaking yet great when slowed down into an "orgel locket" version, too. [[ And here is said locket version]].* [[ The Dead Moon Circus]] is the villain group with the best theme. And the [[ Lemures BGM]] makes it even better!%%* [[ The Sailor Starlights' transformation theme]], like that of the Senshi of the Outer Solar System, is awesome.* [[ Anytime Michiru]] [[ plays the violin]], it's SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic. Thank you, Takanori Arisawa.* Creator/RikaFukami isn't exactly a singing seiyuu like others, but in [[ Route Venus]] she showed that she can handle more than her own. No wonder Creator/NaokoTakeuchi says this is one of her favorite ''Anime/SailorMoon'' songs!* And then we have the eerily beautiful OneWomanWail from the S season, [[ Hymn of Saturn.]]* There's "Mercury no Toujou" from episode 110, based on Music/GeorgeFredericHandel's [[ Sarabande]]; it's featured when [[spoiler: the Inners think of the Outers and are depressed as they realize how different they are, while Michiru comforts a doubtful Haruka]]. [[ Here in a 100% piano version]] [[ and here is one with synthetizers.]]%%* Rei's song, [[ Eien no Melody]].%%* [[ Pinch.. an determination]].%%* The monster themes for the [[ Daimons]] and [[ Lemures]].* [[ This one]], especially in combination with Usagi breaking down crying on the roof.* [[ The second half of the "Sailor Saturn" track from the S season]] combines PsychoStrings and gratuitous use of the ScareChord for chilling moments in the Death Busters' lair, such as when [[spoiler: the newly manifested Mistress 9 reveals the coming arrival of Pharaoh 90 to Sailors Moon, Uranus, and Neptune]].%%* [[ Otome no Policy]].* [[ Heart Moving]]. The Swedish version [[ "Sailor Moon, min vän"]] is no less awesome, especially after the episode where [[spoiler: Nephrite]] dies. The lyrics take on a whole new meaning. %%* [[ Dub opening]].* The Dutch version got an original happy hardcore track as its [[ own song]]. It will never leave your head.* [[ 20th Anniversary Album]] includes covers of "Moonlight Densetsu" by Music/MomoiroCloverZ, "La Soldier" by Tommy heavenly6, and "Sailor Star Song" by Mitsuko "Galaxia" Horie. The [[EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench French cover]] of "Moonlight Densetsu" by Clémentine on the same album, which is... DAMN. Just... ''[[IllBeInMyBunk daaaaaaamn.]]''* All [[ five]] [[ Sailor]] [[ Moon]] [[ Italian]] [[ themes]]. * The BeatEmUp game for the Sega Genesis has a pretty sweet [[ opening stage theme]].* For ''Anime/SailorMoonCrystal'':** "[[ Moon Pride]]", an anthem for {{feminist fantas|y}}ies everywhere.** The amazing rocked out soundtrack [[ backing]] Rei's transformation.** [[ Quiet Sorrow]], the memorable track playing in episode 17 when Chibiusa remembers her parents while watching the interaction between Usagi's parents, then afterwards runs off and walks alone on the streets while it's raining.** [[ Eternal Eternity.]] Finally, a duet between Neptune and Uranus. Very long-awaited by fans of the original anime. %%** [[ The Darkness Ever Stronger,]] the theme of the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon Clan...%%** [[ Black Lady...]]* The original [[ "Moon Prism Power"]] and [[ "Crystal Power, Make Up!"]] are perfect pre-ass-kicking transformation music.* [[ Rica Fukami (Sailor Venus' voice actress) singing "Venus"]] (the original version from Shocking Blue, not the Bananarama cover). Bonus point for it being exactly what Minako would do... And for [[ her themes]] [[ in the old fighting games]] [[ being based]] [[ on this song]].* Creator/MegumiOgata, the original voice actress for Sailor Uranus, released a cover of "[[ Moon Revenge]]" done alongside Creator/MasakoKatsuki, the original voice actress of Sailor Neptune. This takes an already awesome song and turns it into a powerful duet about Uranus and Neptune's love for one another transcending time, and keep in mind the two of them ''never'' shared a song during the original run of the series. Twenty-five years later, and the two of them are still doing the voices of Haruka and Michiru.%%* A cover of "Moonlight Densetsu" performed on [[ traditional Japanese instruments]].----


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