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1%%%%%%NOTE TO EDITORS: Please put song titles, rather than just genre titles, whenever possible. If possible, include song title followed by genre title in parentheses.%%%%%%%%%%%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Do not uncomment them without expanding them to explain what makes these tracks awesome. Identifying the games in which a track appears is not context; that explains nothing about why they're awesome. Administrivia/WeblinksAreNotExamples; Youtube videos and accounts are deleted all the time. Explain why the track is awesome in a way that doesn't require clicking on a link.%%%%%%%%* [[ Power Plant]] (J-Tekno 2) from ''pop'n Music 5''.%%* First we had [[ Eien toiu na no biyaku]] (Pyramid) in ''pop'n 8''. Then we got [[ Eien toiu na no biyaku ~Pyramid Power - Death Match ver.~]] (Pyramid Remix), a remix by Dp.Honda in ''pop'n 20''.* From ''pop'n music 8'' we have [[ 100 sec. Kitchen Battle]] (Special Cooking), a catchy ditty made by Orange Lounge.%%* [[ cobalt]] (Hipunk) by Des-ROW Group special from ''pop'n music 9''.%%* [[ Meikyoushisui]] (Zen-Jazz) from ''pop'n music 10''. Also appeared in ''Guitar Freaks 11th Mix + Drummania 10th Mix''.* [[ Votum Stellarum]] (Anthem Trance), by iconoclasm (dj TAKA and wac) is pretty awesome itself, but the [[ remix by dj TAKA]] later featured on ''pop'n 15'' (Anthem Trance Remix), however, is simply ''incredible''.%%* [[ Beyond the Earth]] (Contemporary Nation) by Nekomata Master, from ''pop'n music 10 CS'', and also in ''beatmania IIDX 9th Style CS''. And then there's the [[ full version...]]* [[ Space Dog]] (Space Journey) from ''pop'n music 11''. Doubles as a TearJerker as it was inspired by Laika.%%* [[ Days]] (Beat Rock 3) from the [=PS2=] version of ''pop'n music 11''.%%* [[ Mugen no Hikari]] (Hyper Japanesque) by TËЯRA, which also got a shortened version in DDR [=SuperNOVA=]. There's also a [[ full version]].* [[ Moon]] (Sadness Euro) from ''pop'n music 13 CARNIVAL'' is one of the very few reasons ''Beat'n Groovy'' doesn't completely [[{{Macekre}} suck]].* [[ Pop'n Music Ron]] (Megane Rock) by Gira Gira Megane Dan from ''pop'n music 13 CARNIVAL''. So popular it spawned a sequel song [[ Ryouran Hit Chart]] ([[SdrawkcabName Negame]] Rock) on ''GF/DM V3'' and ''pop'n music 16 PARTY'' and a [[ remix by MAKI]] (Megane Kayo) on ''pop'n music 18 Sengoku Retsuden''.%%* [[ High School Love]] (High Speed Love Song) also by DJ Yoshitaka featuring DWP, from ''pop'n music 14 FEVER''. Also appeared in ''IIDX 14 GOLD''.* From ''pop'n music 14 FEVER'', we have the awesome techno/flamenco hybrid [[ hora de verdad]] (Cyber Flamenco).* [[ In the Ruins]] (Ancient Euro) from ''pop'n Music 15'', a Eurobeat track with an ancient flavor to it.%%* ''pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE'''s [[ Soul On Fire]] (Loud Mixture Ragga), by L.E.D. VS GUHROOVY fw NO+CHIN. Available as a download on a songpack for ''pop'n music'' on the Wii.* [[ Tree in Lake]] (Contemporary Nation 4), from the game ''pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE'', yet another instant classic Nekomata track.%%* [[ Ge-Ko-Ku-Jo]] (Gekokujo Drum'n'Bass) from ''pop'n music 18 Sengoku Retsuden''.%%* [[ GOLD RUSH (pop'n GOLD MOUNTAIN rush)]] (Reckless Rave). '''SENGOKU RETSUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!'''%%* [[ neu]] (Niente) That's the full version; the three short versions (Normal, Hyper and EX respectively) are [[ here,]] [[ here,]] and [[ here.]]* [[ Kurokami Midareshi Shura to Narite]] (Nadeshiko Metal) from ''pop'n music 18''. A catchy song with some nice vocals.* ''pop'n music 19'' had some gems, including [[ The Zoo Zone]] (Animal Minimal) with its superb tones.* The [=BabeL=] trio of songs. [[ BabeL ~Grand Story~]] (Spiral Stairs), [[ BabeL ~Next Story~]] (Scale Out) and [[ BabeL ~roof garden~]] (Twilight Chime). All three are combined into the ten minute masterpiece, [[ BabeL ~Stairway to Heaven~]] on the OST.* Like Eurobeat? Enjoy. [[ Majiyaba Saikyou Densetsu]] (Churiisu Euro) from ''pop'n 20 fantasia''.* Also from ''pop'n 20'', [[ Ikimono Shikkaku]] (crimms TALES), with the odd combination of Asaki's guitar and crimm's vocal, that for some reason, just works.* ''pop'n music Sunny Park'' brings us [[ Brand New World]] ([[CatchPhrase Without You Tonight]]), by VENUS, the infamous HoYay unit of DJ YOSHITAKA and Sota Fujimori.* ''Pop'n Music 13 Carnival'' gives us [[ Majestic Fire]]. Not only does it sound like something that would actually be in ''VideoGame/StreetFighterII'', there's a bit of genius behind this considering the one who composed it: Creator/YokoShimomura.* [[ Rin to shite saku hana no gotoku]] (Nadeshiko Rock) from ''pop'n 15'', a song so good it managed to get itself into 8 other Bemani series.%%* [[ Birds]] (Ambient) from ''pop'n 4''.----


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