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1* The hauntingly beautiful [[ main theme]] for ''Film/EyesWithoutAFace''.* Jarre's most successful works were collaborations with director Creator/DavidLean. All three earned him Oscars.** [[ Suite]] from ''Film/LawrenceOfArabia''. The majestic, exotic-sounding main theme (inspired by one of the main themes from Edouard Lalo's Piano Concerto in F minor) succinctly captures the vastness of the desert, and how it engulfs even the extraordinary things Lawrence and his followers do there.** [[ Suite]] from ''Film/DoctorZhivago'', especially the lush romance of "Lara's Theme". Jarre struggled to write a suitable score at first, so Lean told him to take his girlfriend to his mountain cabin in Switzerland and spend a passionate weekend with her. The result remains one of his most unforgettable melodies.[[note]] Although Jarre felt that Lean and producer Carlo Ponti placed too much emphasis on the theme in the final cut of the film.[[/note]] It was later given lyrics by Paul Francis Webster as "Somewhere, My Love", becoming a hit in the United States for Ray Conniff and internationally for Connie Francis.%%** [[ Suite]] from ''Literature/APassageToIndia''.%%Why is it awesome? This is zero-context as written.* ''Film/TheLongestDay'' theme (together with Beethoven's DA DA DA DAA!!! DA DA DA DAA!!!)* Just as notable are his collaborations with Creator/PeterWeir. The films on which the composer collaborated would not have been even half as good without his music. ** Among Jarre's most affecting scores is that to ''Film/TheYearOfLivingDangerously'', which paved the way for further collaborations with Weir.** Conceptually speaking, Jarre's score to ''Film/{{Witness}}'' shouldn't work as it's played entirely on synthesisers (particularly the New England Digital [[ Synclavier]]) and the Amish wouldn't go near a synth, and yet it's uplifting without being sentimental. ** The final scene of ''Film/DeadPoetsSociety'' is epic, in no small part thanks to the music.* Jarre's score to ''Film/{{Dreamscape}}'' sounds alternately mysterious and adventurous, befitting a film about dream manipulation. All of it (except the sax) rendered beautifully on 1980s synthesizers.* There's a particular piece of heroic fanfare in ''Film/{{Ghost}}'' that plays up as the scene where he hounds his murderer to an early grave. Kind of gives that extra righteous kick to it.* The composer's score to ''Film/NoWayOut'', featuring heavy use of the [[ Roland D-50]] synthesizer, is one of his greatest achievements. For a sample, here's [[ the main theme]].* The score to ''Film/EnemyMine'' is one of Jarre's [[ best]].* The score to ''Film/{{Firefox}}'', most notably when [[Creator/ClintEastwood Gant]] is walking towards the hangar; the camera pans down and a ScareChord plays as we get our first look at the [[CoolPlane titular aircraft]].* Jarre's [[ haunting score]] to ''Film/JacobsLadder'' was sadly not nominated for an Oscar despite all the praise it received.----


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