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1With [[Music/{{BEMANI}} several thousand songs spanning across over ten different game series composed by dozens of musicians, in-house and otherwise]], the BEMANI franchise is bound to have countless examples of SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic.²----²%%²%%²%%Please put songs under the series they debuted in. Also please list the game that the song debuted in.²%%²%%²²[[index]]²* AwesomeMusic/{{Beatmania}}²* AwesomeMusic/DanceDanceRevolution²* AwesomeMusic/DanceRush²* AwesomeMusic/{{GITADORA}}²* AwesomeMusic/{{jubeat}}²* AwesomeMusic/PopNMusic²* AwesomeMusic/ReflecBeat²* AwesomeMusic/SoundVoltex²[[/index]]²²[[AC:Private BEMANI Academy]]²²A special online event that puts the awesome composers of the BEMANI series into a HighSchoolAU. You play games to build up their RelationshipValues and unlock these special collaboration songs, which can be played on most BEMANI series. That means if you play a lot of BEMANI series, you can almost play these songs no matter which game you're on.²²All of these songs were made available for unlocking in ''VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution'', ''VideoGame/{{beatmania}}'', ''VideoGame/PopNMusic'', ''VideoGame/{{jubeat}}'', ''VideoGame/{{GITADORA}}'', and ''VideoGame/ReflecBeat'' simultaneously, with special arrange versions for ''GITADORA'' if necessary.²²* [[ Endless Chain ~futari de trigger wo hikou~]], the theme song of the event, by PON and 96.²* [[ GAIA]], by Nekomata Master and L.E.D.²* [[ Empathetic]], by Sota Fujimori and Des-ROW.²* [[ How to Cook Delicious Rice and the Effects of Eating Rice]], by Asaki and 96[[note]]pronounced "kuro"[[/note]]. An awesome metal song about ''[[MundaneMadeAwesome eating]] [[FoodSongsAreFunny rice]]''.²* [[ Raki Raki]], by Mutsuhiko Izumi and S-C-U, and its [[ GITADORA]] version.²* The FinalBoss of the event, [[ Elemental Creation]], by dj TAKA and DJ YOSHITAKA. By far the fastest "Hard Renaissance" song at 212 BPM, and the second time that Taka and Yoshitaka collaborate together. Naturally, it is a top-end boss on most of the games it appears in, going as far as to break notecount records on many of the games it appears in. Also [[ the GITADORA version]], arranged by good-cool.²²[[AC:Nettou! BEMANI Stadium]]²²Another multi-game BEMANI unlock event, this time also including ''VideoGame/SoundVoltex'', ''[[VideoGame/DanceMasters DanceEvolution Arcade]]'', and ''Miraidagakki Future [=TomTom=]'' and themed around baseball.²²* [[ Squeeze]], a collaboration between VENUS and Mutsuhiko Izumi. Notable for being the first VENUS song with ''no vocals.''²* [[ IX]], the final boss of the event, is a collaboration between DJ TAKA and DJ TOTTO. Really gets the blood pumping for what will a [[ThatOneBoss brutal song]] no matter what game you're playing it on. Even more awesome is the [[ Gitadora version]], making it into even more of a rock song with guitars playing.²²[[AC:BEMANI Summer Diary]]²* Enjoy a romantic summer with [[ In The Breeze]] (official upload), a collaboration between 96 and Sota Fujimori with Mayumi Morinaga's charming English-language singing.²²[[AC:Multiple-series debut / Other / Unsorted]]²* [[ Pink Rose]], originally from Keyboardmania, and has since appeared in pop'n music, DDR, and IIDX. The [[ full version]] is an even bigger dose of the same kind of awesome.²* [[ Mobo*Moga]] by Orange Lounge, originated from the first mix of ''DanceManiaX'' and has appeared in countless other Bemani series since.²* [[ Gamelan de Couple]] by TOMOSUKE. Originally from ''Mambo a Go Go'', this song has cropped up in many other Bemani series as well.²* [[ Bass 2 Bass]] from Jubeat.²* DJ YOSHITAKA's [[ThemeNaming plant]] series, which includes:²** [[ Evans]] from ''jubeat'' and its [[ "prototype"]] version.²** [[ ALBIDA]] from ''jubeat ripples APPEND''.²** [[ FLOWER]], from ''REFLEC BEAT'' and ''jubeat knit APPEND''. (The song debuted on both games simultaneously.) So awesome, it crossed over into every other active BEMANI series. Yes, even into ''[=GuitarFreaks=]'' and ''drummania'' in the form of a [[ rock arrange by TLION69]] and into ''SOUND VOLTEX'' as [[ a REDALiCE remix]]. Hell, even [[ a TV commercial for BEMANI]] gets in on it.²** JOMANDA from ''jubeat copious APPEND'', which gains a breathtaking [[ music video]] in ''IIDX''.²** [[ VALLIS-NERIA]], from ''REFLEC BEAT limelight''. So awesome that it was ported ''in its original form'' to ''SOUND VOLTEX II''.²** [[ Lisa-RICCIA]] from ''REFLEC BEAT colette -Autumn-'' and ''jubeat saucer'', as part of the Mission DELTA phase of the Pastel-kun and Smith-shi Runrun Marathon event.²* [[ Fly Above]] and the [[ Back Into The Light]] remix. These might be a little bit TastesLikeDiabetes for some.²* [[ Tears For The Time.]]²* [[ Broken (8cmix)]], first appearing in ''SOUND VOLTEX''.²* [[ Juicy]] by kors k and DJ YOSHITAKA.²* [[ SENSATION (from SALAMANDER2)]] from ''Keyboardmania [=3rdMIX=]'' is a neat arrangement of the Stage 2 music from (as the title implies) ''[[VideoGame/{{Gradius}} Salamander 2]]''.²* [[ Midori no Kaze]] by Naya~n, from ''Keyboardmania 3rd Mix''.²* [[ Idola]] by iconoclasm feat. [[Music/{{Vocaloid}} GUMI]], made to celebrate GUMI's 5th anniversary.²----


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