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1* The Madison Square Garden performance in 2014. Not only did they flat out wow the world but it showed to everyone that [[HesBack X Japan is here to stay]].
2* To put it mildly, their '''entire existence'''. For a band are the definition of DysfunctionJunction with a slew of mental breakdowns, differences, and even ''death'' twice in their career, to see them still continue on with no trouble at all shows how strong the band is.
3* Yoshiki's drumming, even if it's ''fatal''. That is all.
4* Three words: '''[[ Art of Life]]'''. One song, one CD, ''[[EpicRocking 29 minutes]]''. At no point will you be checking the time stamp to see if it's over yet, the whole thing is awesomeness from the soft guitar intro to the chilling final high note from Toshi. There's an 8-minute piano solo that effectively displays the fragility of life, and the other 21 minutes are speedy, brutal as fuck Power Metal with guitar melodies that would make Music/IronMaiden moist, powerful vocals and mysterious spoken word. That there are no other songs on the CD, and that the song even has its own live release should say something about how much of an artistic statement it is. Also, itís entirely in English.