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1* James taking out four strangers with his shotgun and an axe.* Zoey killing [[spoiler:the Polite Stranger.]]* Mary smashing [[spoiler:Grace's]] face in, ruining her face, and pretty much crushing her nose.** [[spoiler: Considering the fact that Mary has endured ''immense'' shit all night, and loses her husband, she had every right to do it and furiously tell her "'''DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID!? ''''''''NO MORE KILLING TONIGHT!''''''' Is that so hard''?!"]]* The homeless guy [[spoiler:saving the family from being killed by the evil neighbors.]]* The Sandins are hated by [[spoiler: their neighbors]] for their greater wealth and (allegedly) acting like they're better than everyone else. In the end, when the Sandins have every right to PayEvilUntoEvil, [[spoiler: they refuse to engage in the Purge]] and in doing so prove they're better after all. And the scumbag [[spoiler: neighbors]] now have to live knowing it.-----


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