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1* How Keyser Soze [[UsualSuspectsEnding slips through the hands of the police]]** There's something very awesome about the moment towards the very end [[spoiler: when Kint untwists his foot, and walks normally. That's when you realize: it was all a lie.]]** ''And like that... he's gone.''* The entire "New York's Finest Taxi Service" job was flawlessly executed. * Also, the {{flashback}} retelling of how [[ he slaughtered the Hungarian mob that came after him when he was a small timer]] is also noteworthy, if horrifying.** Kujan was even impressed after having spent most of the movie treating Verbal like shit.* Perhaps the only time GunsAkimbo is portrayed at all realistically in film and still manages to be totally badass; [=McManus=] takes roughly ten seconds to aim, then successfully kills two guys at once.** I'd like to point out that if you pay attention to [=McManus's=] face, even behind the shades, you can tell he's concentrating ''very'' hard. And they say Alec is the Baldwin with all the talent.


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