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1!![[Music/TheRollingStones The band]]* Merry Clayton's ''incredible'' guest performance on "Gimme Shelter" is a Moment Of Awesome in itself. Recorded long after her bedtime, while she was in curlers and pajamas. And she was ''pregnant.''[[note]]A real tragic part of this is that the strain of the performance actually caused her a miscarriage.[[/note]] [[ This]] is her vocal isolated. * The 1972 North American Tour promoting ''Music/ExileOnMainSt''. The Texas shows captured on film in "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones".* During one show in 1981, shortly after Music/JohnLennon's murder, when rock stars were understandably wary of {{Loony Fan}}s, the Stones were in the middle of "Satisfaction" when Keith spotted a lone fan climbing on stage and making a dash for Mick. Keith calmly turned down the volume on his guitar, [[ hit the guy over the head with it]], strapped his guitar back on, turned up the volume and kept playing without missing a beat. Then he went down to the police station and bailed the guy out.-->'''Keith:''' Security was not there. [[TrueCompanions I'm watching Mick's back]].* For Charlie Watts, the BewareTheNiceOnes example on the main page.* They announced their 1975 North American tour by calling a "press conference" at a hotel in Midtown Manhattan, then pulling up to the front entrance on the back of a flatbed truck loaded with amps and instruments and [[ performing "Brown Sugar" on the spot]].


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