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1* After giving them some more headaches, Captain Love tries to calm Don Rafael by pointing out they have superior numbers. While Don Rafael points out that how much an idiot the captain is for making such a boast. --> '''Captain Love''': After all, [[JustOneMan it's only one man...]] --> '''Rafael''': It isn't just one man, [[PrecisionFStrike damn]] it! ''It's Zorro!''* Watching Captain Love [[spoiler: [[KarmicDeath stabbed with his own sword]], before he gets hit by a wagon full of gold.]]* Rafael getting [[spoiler: caught in the straps of a wagon full of gold and then getting dragged to his death]].* Watching Alejandro go from a very scruffy horse thief to the most charming man in the world.* Captain Love and Monterro are both depicted as swordsmen able of going toe-to-toe with [[MasterSwordsman Zorro]]. During his infiltration of Monterro's mansion, Alejandro briefly duels them '''both''' - '''''at the same time!'''''* The ''epic'' shot of the giant Z [[FlamingEmblem burning]] into the countryside, as a way for Diego to let Rafael know he was back.* [[spoiler: Three-Fingered Jack's]] short but vitriolic ReasonYouSuckSpeech against the assembled Dons visiting [[spoiler: Monterro's secret gold mine]], right before trying to personally end Captain Love.--> '''Captain Love:''' Ignore him, gentlemen. He's a common thief.--> [[spoiler: '''Three-Fingered Jack:''']] Ha! As common as they come, but I ain't ''nothin''' compared to you "gentlemen". I steal money, I steal gold, but you? You steal ''people's lives!'' So damn ya! And damn the horse that brung ya!"


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