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1* Even though most of his current video montages are designed to only be [[JustForFun humorous]], his first truly successful series, ''Dark Souls 2'', had him trying to defeat bosses on the game's highest difficulty (NG+10) with a [[ScrappyWeapon broken ladle]] or bare handed.≤** Tear also used to be quite good at the [=PvP=] mode in that game.≤** He also eventually became quite skilled at ''The Binding of Isaac'', trying to [[HundredPercentCompletion complete every challenge in the game]] and being relatively successful at it.≤* The fact that [[NiceGuy he supports]] other smaller Youtubers that he personally likes to watch and promotes them at the end of his videos so more people find out about them. He believes that if everybody would do this, smaller channels wouldn't have such a hard time being noticed and getting the attention they deserved.≤* Tear managed to get 5000 subscribers by March 2014, more than three years after starting his channel. By the end of the year, he already had over 40,000 subscribers. Six months after that he managed to reach 100,000 subscribers, four months later he double that and two months later, at the end of 2015, he had already reached 320,000 subscribers. As of October 2017, Tear has over 600,000 subscribers.≤* Between January 17 and June 14, 2015, Tear released two fully edited videos per day, and as he later noted, during that time [[MarriedToTheJob he barely had time to leave the house, let alone do anything else]]. After taking a little break, he started to upload less frequently and instead [[QuantityVsQuality focused more on quality]]. As of June 2016, Tear has hired two other editors to help him with his videos, and he now uploads every weekday.≤* The Nemesis fight in ''Middle Earth: Shadow Of War''. After literal ''years'' of anticipation spent waiting for Prâk Jaws, it would be easy to feel disappointment when anyone else showed up. But it's Ukrom Blood-Storm, the orc who, in Brett's own words, drove him to stop the original Shadow of Mordor series. Ukrom has almost all of Prâk's abilities, including the penchant for humiliating his foe, and Brett was forced into an absolutely brutal struggle for his life. If anyone could have lived up to Prâk's dark legacy, it was him.≤** Even more awesome than this- in Episode 15, it's revealed that Ukrom survived his supposed death and came back as Ukrom the Machine. Brett spent the entire episode trying to kill him and failed. This guy is starting to truly become just like Prâk. The way he's introduced is also badass, giving off a HesBack speech followed by his previous subtitle being changed to "The Machine", all while the inevitable Orc fight music plays.≤*** The ''entire episode'' is dedicated to killing him. [[spoiler: Tear fails. Multiple times.]]≤** Brett ''does'' make up for his failure by essentially [[CurbstompBattle slaughtering through an army of Orc generals]], even managing to recruit one... before he finds that he is no help fighting the Machine and decides to kill him rather quickly after some botched attempts. All with a nice comeback as well.≤--> '''Flogg:''' [[WhatTheHellHero So this is how the Ranger treats his soldiers]]. [[WhatTheHellPlayer I shoulda known...]]≤--> '''Brett:''' [[ShutUpHannibal Only the ones who under preform]], [[PreMortemOneLiner PISS! OFF!]] ≤** In episode 14 Brett goes to rescue Gondorians who had been captured, only to first encounter Ugol the Biter and then getting ambushed instantly after by Koth the Cut-Throat, facing two captains. Bret gets knocked down, all while complaining about how unfair the fight is. [[spoiler: Suddenly Stakuga, one of the orcs Bret had dominated just before the mission, comes from nowhere, stabs Ugol in the face before pulling a chain to rip Ugol's head off, before proceeding to amputate and decapitate Koth.]] Brett is so impressed he makes him his bodyguard instantly.≤** Episode 17 brings us the glorious return of [[spoiler: Kruk Blood-Axe]], who proceeds to clean a swath through [[spoiler: Bruzís]] army.≤** Episode 20 showcases what is possibly Tear's greatest [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome Crowning Moment of Awesome]] thus far: After being betrayed by [[spoiler: Takra Brawl-Master]] and subsequently killed, Tear goes on a [[RoaringRampageofRevenge glorious campaign of vengeance]], laying siege to Cirith Ungol's fortress and carving a bloody warpath through [[spoiler: Takra's]] newly acquired domain before cutting down the traitor himself. This entire montage is set to a badass heavy metal tune that emphasizes just how epic taking a fortress in Shadow of War can be.≤** Episode 28 is not only where Tear gets to take down all his defeated past enemies one more time (including everyone related to Brûz, much to his chagrin) and finally put Zog down again with a well-aimed arrow to the face, but the only times he's in risk, including a point where he almost got killed, an unlikely rescuer comes in: Zûgor of the Black Gate, who at first glance and due to his low level could easily be dismissed as a worthless thug with little more than a bone for a weapon (not to mention shit-talked Talion's dead family). Not only does he barge in to beat Tear's attempted murderer to death from nowhere, he also holds his own the entire fight to the point of almost stealing Zog's death, and finally [[spoiler:manages to subject Daz the Ripper, a vengeful Blood Brother uruk ''ten levels higher'', to a CurbstompBattle]]. "[[BigDamnHeroes Bodyguard incarnate]]" indeed.≤** In Part 33, an army of all the enemies Tear made shows up, and, as you might have guessed, Ukrom the Machine was one of them. However, this time, Tear's followers finally prove to be too much for the once-unstoppable Orc, and it's [[spoiler:Hura the Obessed]] that finally ends Ukrom's reign of terror. But his head wasn't cut off, so he may return still.....≤** Someone used a cheat engine to make a fortress seige based off of Tear's Shadow of Mordor playthrough, complete with a RoguesGallery of Tear's worst enemies, including Ishgha the Mad, Pigug the Shadow, Ukrom Blood Storm (before he became "The Machine") and of course, Prâk Jaws. You also get to seige it with Tear's greatest allies, including Krûk Blood Axe and Feldûsh Giggles.≤** In Episode 55, we have Tear's epic ReasonYouSuckSpeech to Muzu The Betrayer. After betraying Tear, taking over the fortress he was partially responsible for losing in the first place, and inadvertently costing Tear around a dozen captains and potential recruits, Muzu's time finally came when Tear's army finally surpassed Muzu's fort in power. What followed was Tear and his captains slaughtering their way through Muzu's fortress, in the process taking out just about every Nemesis Tear had left in the region. Then, after defeating Muzu, [[ButForMeItWasTuesday who didn't even remember who Tear was when he walked into the throne room]], Tear brings him to his knees and gives quite the epic speech to the traitor.≤-->'''Tear''': I wanted you to be my right hand man, all of it, from the very beginning I did! You know what, I'm the forgiving soul, I am the man who will lead by example, forgive and forget. It is water of loriens under the bridge! ≤-->''*Tear attempts to rerecuit Muzu*''≤-->'''Muzu''': [[DefiantToTheEnd You men are too weak-minded for me!]]≤-->'''Tear''': Oh, apparently there's been a drought, there will be no water under this bridge. I am still really on the path to forgiveness, I don't really want to just have you be dust and bones left behind. So, uh, I'm gonna take my castle back, you know, the thing that you ''failed'' to help me defend in the first place. I'm gonna cast you aside as you did me. And then maybe one day when I'm strolling down the streets, seeing whats burled up in the gutter, I'll see how you're doing, and we'll see if you're ready to forgive and forget then!≤-->''*Tear [[FateWorseThanDeath Shames]] Muzu*'' ≤-->'''Tear''': Asshole.≤** Episode 56, also known as "[[ Kruk Kills Everything]]". Whether it's three-shotting an Olog, slaughtering captains left and right, playing the role of a OneManArmy and mowing down nameless uruks like so much overgrown grass, or running roughshod over a captain ten levels ''above'' him without even getting hurt. Kruk Blood-Axe remains [[TheBerserker too angry to die]].


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