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1[[AC:Support Your Local Sheriff]]* One of Joe's henchmen gets the drop on Jason in the saloon and tells him to loosen his gun belt. Jason does, then [[QuickDraw pulls his gun from the holster]] as the belt is falling to the floor and shoots the henchman dead.* New Sheriff Jason [=McCullough=]'s clever "[[GuileHero red paint]]" trick.--> '''Joe Danby''': You expect me to sit here in this lousy cell on that... (notices the red paint drippings on the floor) What is that red stuff all over the floor there? --> '''Sheriff Jason''': Oh, uh... (waves his boot over the paint) ...that's the poor fella that crossed the line earlier today.--> '''Joe Danby''': (Joe ''leaps'' back over the line into his cell and sits down on the cot)[[AC:Support Your Local Gunfighter]]


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