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1[[foldercontrol]][[folder:Pre-Release]]* A real-life meets video game Moment of Awesome was at E3 when the Brawl Trailer was unveiled and, after having seemingly ended, was followed by [[Franchise/MetalGear a codec conversation between the Colonel and Snake]] With his theme music playing, Snake comes out from under his signature cardboard box and gets his name plastered on the screen, making him the first third-party character in the entire series. One of the most favored characters was revealed to be a third-party character for a game that was already Made of Awesome, and gamers around the world suffered a HeroicBSOD because of it.-->'''Snake:''' It's showtime.** On a similar note, VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog's inclusion in the game. With Snake's inclusion and [[VideoGame/MarioAndSonicAtTheOlympicGames the crossover with Mario]], it was all but guaranteed, but there's a reason it's the image on the [[AndTheFandomRejoiced/SuperSmashBros the page for And The Fandom Rejoiced]] - seeing the two biggest mascots in video gaming going head to head in Smash Bros. was such a huge moment for those who were around when [[UsefulNotes/ConsoleWars Sega and Nintendo were rivals]].* The first-party newcomers also got a lot of love, especially with the sheer variety of the cast:** [[Franchise/{{Kirby}} Meta Knight]], MasterSwordsman of Dream Land, finally arrives to do battle with Nintendo's all-stars. And he brings in his trusty Halberd as a stage.** [[VideoGame/KidIcarus Pit]] makes his first proper appearance since ''Of Myths and Monsters'' in late 1991. Welcome to the present, Angel Face.** You get to play as [[Franchise/{{Metroid}} Samus]] [[SamusIsAGirl outside of her iconic Power Suit]], and she's just as capable (and according to some tier lists, ''more so'') without it.** VideoGame/{{Wario}} rides in with his [[VideoGame/WarioWare biker gear]], finally completing the main ''Mario'' cast. ''And'' he comes with his classic yellow-and-purple outfit as a PaletteSwap.** Ike, [[VideoGame/FireEmblemPathOfRadiance leader of the Greil Mercenaries]] and [[VideoGame/FireEmblemRadiantDawn Radiant Hero of Legend]], arrives onto the Smashing scene with Marth.** A simple Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Trainer makes an appearance and calls upon Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard for a tag team combo. And fittingly enough, he's based on Red, the PlayerCharacter and Champion from the original ''VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue''.** [[VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry Diddy Kong]] shows up alongside his big buddy, also becoming the first character not made by a Japanese studio (specifically, the British Creator/{{Rare}}).** [[VideoGame/Mother3 Lucas]] makes his first appearance outside of Japan in this installment. If it weren't for that, [[NoExportForYou people in the west wouldn't even know his game existed]].** "[[MemeticMutation How can I help you,]] [[Franchise/{{Kirby}} King Dedede]]?" "[[Anime/KirbyRightBackAtYa Ah need to join Smash to clobbah dat dere Kirbeh!]]" That's right, the so-called King of Dream Land has joined the fray to do battle with his arch-nemesis. Now the main trio of the series is complete!** [[VideoGame/{{Pikmin}} Captain Olimar]] joins the fray alongside his Pikmin. Apparently, being the size of a coin didn't stop this tiny adventurer from duking it out.** [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Lucario]], [[WolverinePublicity fittingly enough]], has joined the brawl with his aura powers. And to this day, he's the only Fighting-type to be playable in the series.** Another surprise inclusion from the past: the VideoGame/RoboticOperatingBuddy, R.O.B. for short, has gained a spot on the roster.** The incarnation of the legendary hero that [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker crossed the Great Sea]], now known as Toon Link, has made an appearance. Finally, there's more than one version of Link this time!** Another villain character, the bounty hunter [[Franchise/StarFox Wolf O'Donnell]], has arrived to settle the score with his main enemy. [[/folder]][[folder:Overall Game]]* Being the game that ''introduced'' [[FinishingMove Final Smashes]], each character gets one. Let us list the ways, shall we?** Mario Finale: Mario shoots two streams of fire that scorch their opponents. The trophy description in ''Brawl'' even describes them as "twin dragons of flame."** Konga Beat: Donkey Kong gets out the DK Bongos and uses them in a manner similar to ''VideoGame/DonkeyKong64'', turning the battle into a RhythmGame, with each successful press of the A button creating a greater shock wave.** Triforce Slash: Link/Toon Link (and later Young Link) traps the enemy in the Triforce of Courage and quickly cuts them to ribbons before finishing with a stab and sending them careening off the screen.** Zero Laser: Samus fires a WaveMotionGun across the screen which engulfs anyone in its path. At first, the power was so great that it stripped Samus of her Power Suit, but she's since overcome that little hurdle.** Super Dragon: Yoshi sprouts wings and starts spitting fire as if he'd eaten a Red ''and'' Blue shell, darting across the screen and singing every enemy in sight.** Cook Kirby: Kirby takes one of his strongest abilities from his series and cooks anyone unlucky enough not to dodge. As a bonus, he even gets some refreshments.** Landmaster: Fox/Falco/Wolf[[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers (?)]] summons the tank in question and proceeds to run over and blast their opponents. In Falco's case, he can fly so high that the Landmaster's top can launch opponents into a K.O. just by ''flying.''** Volt Tackle: Pikachu (and later Pichu) engulfs himself in electricity and darts around the screen, shocking opponents in his wake and delivering powerful electric blasts all the while.** Negative Zone: Luigi does a strange dance and creates a field of negative energy which [[ConfusionFu causes a wide variety of effects]]. According to WordOfGod, it's a reflection of the darkness he embraced from being stuck as Mario's number two, meaning [[DarkIsNotEvil he learned to weaponize his status as a]] ButtMonkey!** PK Starstorm: Ness/Lucas causes several shooting stars to fall down from the sky, damaging anyone under them. The trophy descriptions state that Poo and Kumatora respectively taught them the technique.** Blue Falcon: Captain Falcon calls upon his F-Zero racer and has it slam into anyone in its vicinity, knocking them to a track before proceeding to ''run them right over with the vehicle!''** Puff Up: Jigglypuff takes its status as the [[{{Balloonacy}} Balloon Pokémon]] to its logical extreme by growing to the size of a hot-air balloon and expelling the air around it to cause damage. In some stages, it even fills up the entire screen!** Peach Blossom: Peach does a small dance that puts everyone to sleep and summons peaches to recover any lost health.** Giga Bowser: Bowser transforms into the titular TrueFinalBoss of ''Melee's'' Adventure Mode, becoming even stronger and giving his attacks added elemental effects.** Iceberg: The Ice Climbers ''somehow'' summon a giant [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin iceberg]] in the middle of the stage which proceeds to do freezing damage to anyone making contact with it.** Light Arrow: Zelda/Sheik fires a giant Light Arrow from Twilight Princess, and anyone it hits is seen in BulletTime, effectively telling them their fate is sealed.** Critical Hit: Marth (and later Lucina) rushes at the opponent with Falchion and delivers a powerful blow, causing their health bar (yes, the attack summons a ''health bar'') to go straight to zero and ensure an instant K.O.** Beast Ganon: Ganondorf turns into Ganon, stomps the ground to entrap everyone in his line of sight, and rushes at them like a mammoth-sized battering ram.** Octopus: Mr. Game & Watch transforms into the titular cephalopod and attacks his foes with its tentacles.** Galaxia Darkness: Meta Knight shrouds the opponent in his cape, then delivers several slashes at what appears to be light speed. In the trophy description, it even states that it can hit anyone adjacent to the attack, implying that Meta Knight zips back and forth to do this.** Palutena's Army: Pit calls upon his very goddess, who summons the Centurions to assist the angel [[HeroicSacrifice at the cost of their lives]].** Power Suit Samus: Zero Suit Samus just puts her Power Suit back on. It doesn't seem that impressive, until you realize that activating it near an opponent does massive damage. In other words, Samus can hurt people by ''putting her clothes back on.''** Wario-Man: Wario eats a clove of garlic and transforms, gaining extraordinary speed and power. Every one of his attacks could be considered a recovery move, his fart is powerful enough to launch him off the screen if you're not careful, and his Wario Bike can send him accidentally flying off the stage!** Grenade Launcher: Snake jumps into a helicopter and fires grenades at his opponents, blowing each of them to kingdom come as he sees fit. It even got a SpiritualSuccessor in the form of Zero Suit Samus' Final Smash later.** Great Aether: Ike launches his opponent into the air with Ragnell and delivers a series of flaming slashes, ending with him rocketing down with one final slice that sends his foe skyward.** Triple Finish: Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard team up and use Hydro Pump, Solar Beam and Fire Blast at the same time to utterly decimate the opposition.** Rocketbarrel Barrage: Diddy Kong gets out his Rocketbarrel Pack and shoots at everyone with [[DualWielding dual-wielded]] Peanut Popguns. As a bonus, the ones that don't hit can be eaten to restore health.** Super Sonic: Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to turn into his iconic GoldenSuperMode and flies around the screen, becoming even faster and just destroying anyone he touches.** Waddle Dee Army: King Dedede does the '''''[[MemeticMutation BIG GAY DANCE]]''''' to summon an army of Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Gordos to cause chaos across the field.** End of Day: Olimar gets in the Hocotate Ship and flies off, leaving his foes to take damage from the Distant Planet's denizens before kamikazeing the stage. And anyone caught in the initial liftoff is embedded into the ground, possibly unable to do anything about it.** Aura Storm: Lucario darts upward and fires a KamehameHadouken downward, which can be guided to hit any opponents in its path. No wonder Lucario's often compared to [[Franchise/DragonBall Goku]]!** Diffusion Beam: R.O.B. creates a short, spiral-shaped beam of energy that entraps anyone caught in it, allowing for even greater combos. And if it ever shorts out, it does even ''more'' damage than the usual attack.* When [[Franchise/MetalGear Snake]] answers a codec call against Falco and is greeted by ''[[VideoGame/StarFox Slippy]]'', who has apparently hacked into the channel. He even goes "Snake? SNAAAAAAKE!" if you get KO'd during the conversation!* Another Moment Of Awesome goes to Creator/HideoKojima, who designed the Shadow Moses Island stage. During the stage, the wall in the background will occasionally collapse, revealing a Metal Gear Rex, Ray, or a pair of roaming [=GEKKOs=]. Anyone who has played through ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4'' should by now realize that these were not random references: Snake and Ocelot would eventually return to the island and battle each other in the Rex and the Ray respectively ''right after an army of Gekkos self-destruct and destroy the Shadow Moses base''. It takes balls to do your {{Foreshadowing}} in ''someone else's game''. Let alone using the very definition of purely concentrated Nintendo fanservice to advertise ''the [=PS3's=] killer app''.[[/folder]][[folder:The Subspace Emissary]]* The scene "The Great Invasion" in the "Subspace Emissary", [[spoiler:where the ''Halberd'' goes up against Ganondorf and Bowser's battleship. The ''Halberd'' gets destroyed by only a few shots (yes, that's right, the friggin ''Halberd'' gets thoroughly owned), only to have Samus's gunship, the Falcon Flyer, Falco's Arwing, and even Olimar's little rocket fly out of the blast, right into the teeth of Ganondorf's guns, weaving through and around {{roboteching}} lasers bigger than they are... and it's all a distraction, to allow Kirby to get close enough on the [[HoverBoard Dragoon]] to take the ship down in one hit.]]** See it [[ here]], in all its massive awesomeness.** The fact that Kirby [[spoiler:saved Link, Zelda, Peach, Yoshi, Meta Knight, Ice Climbers, R.O.B, Snake, and Wario '''singlehandedly''' from the trophification.]]** Not to mention [[spoiler:the battleship itself, which looks like a [[Franchise/StarWars Star Destroyer]] that TookALevelInBadass. Ganondorf and Bowser. Commanding a Star Destroyer. Which they blew up a floating island to even ''use''.]]*** Their reaction to [[spoiler:the ship's destruction is pretty awesome as well. Ganondorf turns with a CapeSwish and strides into Subspace while Bowser clinches his fists and follows. As they disappear from view, the platform they were just standing on explodes.]] Bad. Ass.* Most of the cast in the Subspace Emissary gets at least one moment. Case in point, [[spoiler:R.O.B., in his intro scene "Ganondorf Takes Command" (the one where it first lists his name), right after his own kind turned on him, spends a solid minute ''[[ManOnFire on fire]]'', looking perhaps a little sad at worst, then proceeds to blast several flying mooks out of the air with consecutive eye-laser blasts before shaking off the fire. Additionally, he spent the better portion of the scene ''[[IncendiaryExponent on fire]]''. And it was awesome.]]* King Dedede ''[[SpannerInTheWorks is the hero of the entire goddamn story.]]'' (Inasmuch as there is a hero; everyone did their fair share, and the ending essentially proved that all the way through by the way it was played.) Which is funny because Sakurai VOICED him... so basically, the creator of the series saved everyone... yes.** Additionally, King Dedede's ''[[AnotherSideAnotherStory entire side story]]'' is a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome. [[spoiler: He lands a OneHitKO on Luigi, jacks Wario's car, puts badges on all three stolen trophies [[HeroicSacrifice except himself,]] and ends up reviving Ness and Luigi with his badges, and saving half the cast's lives.]]** And of course, King Dedede started off as Kirby's BigBad. His portrayal here as the ''BigGood'' is not only {{Irony}}, but it also cements his CharacterDevelopment as an AntiVillain, redeeming himself of his initial greed [[note]]...except spin-offs[[/note]].* Sonic's unexpected appearance. Players wait most of the game waiting for him to show up, and then [[spoiler:were totally blindsided when he stopped Tabuu from turning everyone back into trophies in the "The Final Battle" scene. Too bad that was a case of GameplayAndStorySegregation.]]** It seems both ironic AND fitting that the fastest character in the game would be [[spoiler:the LAST guy to show up]].** The weird thing is, this is actually ''in-character'' for Sonic; [[spoiler: not taking action until the absolutely LAST MOMENT, because he's so goddamn fast he can afford to wait that long]] is a trait shown in several of his own continuities.** Sonic [[spoiler: damaging Tabuu's wings changed the whole pace of the final assault. Tabuu already inflicted a TotalPartyKill and was about to do it again, only this time Dedede's badge's weren't on any of the heroes. Had this succeeded, EVERYONE would be a trophy forever and Tabuu would win. Sonic stopped it. Sonic ''singlehandedly'' saved the whole cast and made sure the heroes had a fighting chance! Such is the power of a character who takes on gods and godlike beings in his home series.]]* Ness when [[spoiler:fighting off Wario in the "Lucas Leaves Ness" scene. Not only does he evade every shot targeting him, but when Wario shoots at Lucas, NESS TAKES THE HIT FOR HIM. Talk about a noble sacrifice.]] This turns out to pay off later when [[spoiler:King Dedede's badges restore him and Luigi because King Dedede had put the badges on the two of them, as they restore King Dedede right away, and the trio proceed to find and restore about half of everybody hit by Tabuu's earlier attack.]] Oh, and just look at his expressions, such as when he's looking at [[spoiler:a restored Dedede]]. Heck, the only reason why you'd expect somebody with a baby face like Ness's to pull this off is because of examples like Kirby as indicated above.** This is also a moment of awesome for ''Wario'', who never before has been ''genuinely sinister and frightening''.** Hell, Ness [[spoiler:destroying the Pig King statue with one PK Flash hit]] in the "Ness and Porky Face Off" scene certainly counts -- especially since in ''Mother 3'', [[spoiler:it has ''one hundred million hit points'' and can't be destroyed without a certain weapon]]. Totally win.*** Believe it or not, [[spoiler:PK Flash can kill that statue in one hit in ''Mother 3'', [[FridgeBrilliance because that boss is susceptible to the side effects of PK Flash, including a one-hit kill.]]]] [[GameplayAndStorySegregation Unfortunately you can't repeat the stunt in the stage proper, even playing as Ness.]]** Immediately after this scene, Ness and Lucas team up and fight Porky. Ness and Lucas teaming up by itself is awesome given that they never met in canon due to a long time skip between games; having them team up against the one guy they both have as an enemy is even better.* Probably not as awesome as some of the finer moments, but in the "The Destiny of Ridley & Samus" scene, Samus's eternal nemesis Ridley [[spoiler:spends a good minute fucking Samus up -- half of that being grinding her, suit and all, against a wall. He would have kept it up until Samus was a goner had Pikachu not interfered. Yes, ''[[ComMons Pikachu]]'', electrocuting and causing real, ''serious'' damage to someone who regularly fights toe-to-toe with Samus Fuckin' Aran.]]* "Sheik and the Fallen Arwing", the princess's scene. [[spoiler:Fox is strafing the ''Halberd'', but might have caught Peach in the crossfire. Zelda (in her Sheik persona) doesn't like that, so she leaps up onto Fox's Arwing and ''spearhands through the canopy''. The two drop to the deck [[LetsYouAndHimFight and start fighting]] -- but Peach, unhurt, promptly ends the fight by offering Fox a cup of tea. Fox is confused for a moment, then looks back at Sheik, who already has a cup.]] Doubles as a SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}}. Not to mention [[spoiler:Peach calmly walking on the Halberd's deck ''as explosions go off behind her''.]]* Several characters, like Fox ("Fox Confronts [[OlympusMons RAYQUAZA]]"), Falco ("Falco Appears"), and Falcon ("The Two Captains") had awesome entrances.* The cutscene introducing Olimar and Captain Falcon is a [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments hilarious]] example. We start with a shot of the Pikmin swarming a giant-size ROB, who promptly spins its arms and sends them flying off (and killing about two-thirds of them), causing the tiny-by-comparison Olimar to step back. But then a red Pikmin points at something in the distance, Olimar looks back, and, with the Mute City theme blaring in the background, Captain Falcon zooms out of nowhere in the Blue Falcon, ejects forward from the seat at several miles an hour, delivers a ''FALCON PUNCH'' to the R.O.B.'s head that sends it flying off into the distance, and then does a cool pose as he lands and powerskids to a stop.....straight through the rest of Olimar's Pikmin, killing them all. The music abruptly stops, and Olimar gives him a blank stare.* Snake is introduced in the only cutscene in the entire story to feature coherent dialogue:--> '''Snake:''' [[BreakingTheFourthWall "Kept you waiting, huh?"]]* While not as awesome as some of the above, Snake's [[spoiler:instant unexpected ownage of the Game & Watches on the Halberd in "The Ones in the Bridge" was pretty cool.]] Plus, Dedede [[spoiler:in his first appearance, "King Dedede Steals Peach/King Dedede Steals Zelda", 1-hit surprise KO'ing Luigi and going on to use his Waddle Dees to steal Wario's ride and his trophies.]]** On the subject of Dedede, when [[spoiler:Bowser attacks him and gets knocked out. Dedede revives him and Bowser steps up to fight him again, and Dedede just pimp-slaps him in the face. (Scenes: "King Dedede Vs. King Bowser" and "The True Enemy Is Right There").]]* Mario gets one if you choose to save Peach: Once he sees her trophy disappearing at the hands of Link later in the game, he ''charges right at him''. Link avoids being punched into the ground! If you save Zelda the whole scenario is reversed; it's Link who charges at Mario, who then avoids becoming a plumber-kebab. (Scene: "Mario's Misunderstanding/Link's Misunderstanding")* There is also their BigDamnHeroes later, when Mario, Link, Pit, Yoshi and Kirby get their {{Ass Kicking Pose}}s, and jump in a YeahShot to fight the Primids attacking Lucas, PT, Marth, and Ike. (Scene: "The Five Warriors") It's unfortunate that the Yeah Shot gets cut off later when re-viewing the scenes.* The very team up of three of the biggest badasses on the roster (Lucario, Meta Knight and Snake) during the Halberd arc.* The Ancient Minister has been dropping Subspace Bombs left and right, easily escaping every single foe that tries to stop him (even the ones that fly!), avoiding even Marth and Meta Knight's attacks... when all of a sudden [[{{BFS}} Ragnell]] spins into frame, shortly followed by Ike, and he slices through the Minister's bomb-carrying arm with his Aether move, sending the enemy spinning into the distance and rendering the bomb useless. The three go into a badass pose , as well as the Ancient Minister's dawning look of realization (read: "[[OhCrap Oh shit]]" look) as he notices the sword come up behind him. [[ See it here]] (Scene: "Ike Unleashes Aether")** Just to add to the awesome, this is [[spoiler:the only time anyone successfully prevents a subspace bomb from being deployed.]] The team of Ike with MK and Marth running interference is just that awesome.* Mario and Link get one in one stage where they charge at a pair of R.O.B.s about to detonate a subspace bomb, while dodging a steady stream of lasers. The two most iconic. Nintendo. Characters. Ever. Mario. And. Link. On a team. Dodging lasers. Badass. (Scene: "The R.O.B. Army Rallies")* Lucas [[spoiler:growing a pair and fighting Wario. (Scene: "The Wario and Lucas Rematch")]]** Also, Lucas [[spoiler:when he and Pokemon Trainer were picked up by Galleom and flown into the sky, rather than being caught in Galleom's explosion, Lucas blew off Galleom's arm, freeing himself and the PT. What made it awesome was that Lucas knew full well that they were screwed either way, but still tried to protect the unconscious PT from impact, and Meta Knight caught them in midair for the win. (Scene: "Galleom Self-Destructs")]]* Even ''Olimar'' manages a CMOA, when we see Fox's Arwing, Samus's Gunship, Kirby on the Dragoon, and Falcon's Falcon Flyer, and Olimar's 50's style rocket, the company ship from ''Pikmin 2'', is keeping up with them, even while shuddering in mid-air and making cartoonish sputtering noises.* When Diddy and Donkey make their first appearance. One of Bowser's minions fires a pair of Bullet Bills at Donkey, Diddy rushes out of the forest, jumps off of Donkey's back, and then goes into BulletTime and fires two Peanut Popguns at the Bullet Bills *pak* *pak*. Then, he shoots one more shot at a third Bullet Bill, and lands next to Donkey. They both do an AssKickingPose as the Bullet Bill lands behind them and ''EXPLODES''. (Scene: "Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong")** Before that, Bowser's mooks swipe his bananas and what does DK do? WRECKS the mooks he can get his hands on and leaps out of the bushes with a ''ROAR''. If that's not badass enough for the thrilla gorilla, nothing is.* The scenes where after cornering the supposed leader of the subspace army, Ganondorf [[spoiler:pops out of nowhere as a hologram and presses a button which makes all the [=ROBs=] turn on the subspace bombs]]; it's the first time Ganondorf directly interferes with the heroes, and it is very evil. (Scene: "Ganondorf Takes Command")* Another one for Ganondorf... [[spoiler:After seeing the ''creator of the world'' being effortlessly manipulated into doing another being's dirty work, what does Ganondorf do? He jumps and tries to whup Tabuu's ''{{Franchise/Tron}}''-inspired ass. Too bad he fails. (Scene: "The Crushing, Ruinous Defeat")]]* And because nobody else has directly said anything about it, [[spoiler:Ness and Luigi being revived from the their trophy state and immediately reviving Dedede once they saw the badges on them. This was a CMOA because, dude, Dedede's plan ''worked'', and if it wasn't for those three (and Kirby), everybody would be screwed. (Scene: "King Dedede's Timed Badges")]]* Lucario [[spoiler:finding Snake hiding in his box]] just goes to show you that Lucario [[spoiler:is smarter than Metal Gear bad guys]]. [[ See video here]]. (Scene: "LUCARIO Discovers Snake")* [[ This Trailer]] for the Subspace Emissary, set to the "[[Film/ThreeHundred This! Is! Sparta!]]" [[StupidStatementDancemix Remix.]] Also [[ this one]], set to the ''300'' trailer audio.* Power Suit Samus's entry. Seen [[ here]], one doesn't need an explanation for why it is Samus's CMOA. She's staring in awe at her suit, when a mass of R.O.B.s flood in from the hallway. The shot cuts to the hallway, where the R.O.B.'s are consumed by an explosion as Samus puts on her suit and with one missile blast destroys at least 10 R.O.B.s, and [[SmokeShield she walks out of the smoke.]] Samus puts on her suit and destroys 10 R.O.B.s in ''two seconds''. (Scene: "Samus Revived")* Fox meeting Diddy, hurting [[OlympusMons Rayquaza]] as easily as if he was swatting a fly when he pulls out his reflector, causing Rayquaza's energy blast to rebound on itself. (Scene: "Fox Confronts RAYQUAZA")* Surely Luigi venturing into Subspace to save the others must count? When we first see him, he's terrified of a harmless little Waddle Dee, and now he's willing to go through [[EldritchLocation Subspace]] to save his pals? He [[TookALevelInBadass grew a pair]] between these two events.** Nah, he had that pair the entire time. [[CowardlyLion He was almost certainly terrified of going into Subspace, but he went in anyway to save his bro and all the other heroes,]] whereas he had no reason to put his fear aside against the Waddle Dees because nobody was in trouble.* The ending. [[spoiler:After Tabuu is defeated, the world returns to normal, all except for the floating island the [=ROBs=] came from: all that remains of it is a small ball of light. After that, the opening theme for Brawl plays, complete with the Latin lyrics and their English translations. It doesn't quite become a CMOA until about halfway through the song, when we see all the heroes who escaped Subspace standing together on a cliff, looking out at the light where the ROB's island once stood. Seeing all the heroes standing together was a powerful image: many of them were enemies with one another, some were from completely different origins altogether, but all of them made a stand together to save the world from utter destruction. This makes the ending of the game ''THE'' Crowning Moment of Awesome of the Subspace Emissary.]] [[ See it here.]]* Mario leading the entire Smash Cast to face Tabuu. Sure, they all get defeated by Tabuu's Off-Wings, but still... it was just amazing! Mario is THE leader of all Nintendo, and to see him leading the Smash crew into battle, and going "hm!" with a frown when he sees Tabuu... Mario is just that amazing.** Technically, it wasn't all for naught. The Smash crew fights through tons of enemies along the way, so they probably [[spoiler:made Ness, Luigi, Dedede, and Kirby's job easier.]]* Yoshi gets a small one after a subspace bomb goes off; while Kirby carries Pit and Link overhead on a warp star, Yoshi runs Mario to safety on his back, like he usually finds himself doing in the mainstream Mario games. What makes it double as awesome is that Yoshi outruns the explosion ''and'' manages to keep up relatively well with a warp star.* Link's introduction, in which he draws the Master Sword while the Legend of Zelda title theme swells.* Ike, Marth, Pokemon Trainer, and others appear to be overwhelmed by Shadowbugs at The Canyon. Only for five figures decide to make the odds more even and leap into action. Those five, you ask? Mario, Link, Pit, Kirby, and Yoshi!* Here's one point that only really becomes evident in hindsight: Peach is much less willing to fight than, oh, ''everybody''. This is the World of Trophies, where everyone is a Blood Knight from [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Ganondorf]] to [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Jigglypuff]], and being turned into a Trophy is death in part because you ''can't'' fight. A pacifistic character just goes against the rules of the world. This alone makes Peach pretty damn impressive.* One for Bowser, but also doubling as a SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}}: Ganondorf [[spoiler:shoots down Bowser with a Dark Cannon, but is later revived by Dedede. The very first thing Bowser does after siding with Dedede is to ''[[ sprint up to and beat down]]'' Ganondorf's trophy. And when he was revived, it's implied that Ganondorf ''felt'' it all, too.]]* A small one for the Ice Climbers during The Glacial Peak. In the cutscene before the level, Meta Knight is shown to be ahead of them and has the obvious advantage of being able to fly. The Ice Climbers have slightly decent regular jumping abilities and a rope. In addition, MK is much more of a natural at fighting all the enemies on the mountain than the climbers. Despite this, they still reach the top before MK in the next cutscene. Popo and Nana might not be natural fighters or heroes, but in their field they're second to none.* The three holders of the Triforce all simultaneously get this prior to the final battle. Link and Zelda find Ganondorf's trophy. The two don't even hesitate, sharing a brief nod. Link shows his courage by risking Ganondorf's betrayal should they revive them, and Zelda shows wisdom in knowing that they need their mortal enemy's power to aid them. Upon his revival, Link doesn't say anything. He simply points toward Tabuu, as if to say; "Do you really want to start something now, or would you rather take care of ''that''?" He and Zelda then turn their backs to Ganondorf, fully expecting him to comply. Ganondorf is furious at this and contemplates for a moment, and then complies, swallowing his pride and agreeing that Tabuu is the bigger threat and must be dealt with. For the first time ''ever'', the three Triforce wielders are united![[/folder]][[folder:Fan Content]]* [[ This]] [[GameMod Brawl Hack]] to let Ganondorf use his sword, predating ''Ultimate''. It even broke Link's HeroicMime status, causing him to talk in LeetSpeak.** And [[ this]] Hack to give him the ultimate PunctuatedForEmphasis Kick, sending [[ButtMonkey Sandbag]] on a journey across the Homerun Stadium, spanning multiple days.** [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Mewtwo]] joins the Brawl and [[ kicks Shiny Charizard's ass.]]*** [[ This one]] puts him against a pretty convincing-looking Typhlosion.* Ganondorf yells "[[Film/ThreeHundred This! Is! Sparta!]]" with [[ predictable results]] against a VideoGame/{{Pikmin}}.** He also does it to [[ Dark Link.]]** And to [[ Mr Game & Watch.]]** And to [[ Captain Falcon.]]* [[ Super-sizing Lucario and having him let loose a screen-filling Kamehameha-esque Final Smash]] ''will'' make your head asplode and cause everything in your room to be displaced by the atmosphere of intense awesome.[[/folder]]----


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