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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛[[caption-width-right:350:Pictured: 36 fighters. This is ''less'' than half of the base roster of the fifth game!]]˛˛Just in case [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros seeing Nintendo's greatest (and then some) duke it out]] isn't awesome enough...˛˛For Moments related to specific games, see their respective sub-pages:˛˛[[index]]˛* ''Awesome/SuperSmashBros64''˛* ''Awesome/SuperSmashBrosMelee''˛* ''Awesome/SuperSmashBrosBrawl''˛* ''Awesome/SuperSmashBrosForNintendo3DSAndWiiU''˛* ''Awesome/SuperSmashBrosUltimate''˛[[/index]]˛˛----˛* A CMOA not for the characters, but for Koji Kondo, Shogo Sakai, Kazumi Totaka, Kentaro Ishizaka, et al.: never before have such wonderful melodies graced players' ears. Absolutely beautiful.˛* Searching for "epic [[MegatonPunch Falcon Punch]] kills/[=KOs=]/wins/victory/etc." on Website/{{Youtube}} will reveal a whole host of incredible, self-made [=CMOAs=] by players who have managed to pull off absolutely ''epic'' [=KOs=] with one of the slowest, most powerful moves in the game. Possibly popularized by [[ this off-the-stage victory over Giga Bowser in Melee]], or maybe the infamous Falcon Punch in the anime, but now these range from [[ triple kills]] and [[ handballs]] to [[ just-as-epic off-the-stage reverse spin victories]], [[ miraculous teammate saves]] and [[ messing with Captain Falcon's real Final Smash to get the desired result]].˛** The off-the-stage Falcon Punches are also called Sacred Combos for a good reason.˛** If the Falcon Punch counts as one of the slowest and most powerful moves, then its buffed-up version, Ganondorf's Warlock Punch, would have to count as ''the'' slowest and most powerful. [[ Here we have a triple-kill Warlock Punch at 1:13]] to begin with. The question now must be asked: What would happen if these two ultimate punches were to ever collide with each other? [[ This simulation explores that circumstance.]] [[ Or this one]].˛** Any time a Falcon Punch is thrown qualifies as a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome in and of itself. Even if it's [[CherryTapping interrupted by a deadly Luigi taunt that ends the match]], the Falcon Punch is still the coolest thing in the game by far.˛* A footnote: one common pastime of high-level Smashers is to compile each others' little [=CMOAs=] into "combo videos". [[ Some]] [[ examples]], but feel free to search for more.˛* Anytime someone is hit with a DifficultButAwesome move, like Ganondorf's Warlock Punch, or Captain Falcon's [[FanNickname knee of justice]].˛** Truly one of the most awesome thing you can do is the 180 Falcon/Warlock punch. Basically, if you push the control stick to the opposite direction at the right moment Cpt. Falcon/Ganondorf will turn around and punch the opponent so hard that it can cause an easy K.O. ˛* Go on Big Blue with either Wario or Sonic. Give Wario a Smash Ball and have him ride his bike while giving Sonic a Bunny Hood. Congratulations, now you've given both characters the ability to keep up with the immensely fast cars.˛** Sonic plus the Bunny Hood plus the Super Hot Curry equals Sonic ''outrunning'' the racers.˛* The Smash Bros. Invitational for E3 had many many scenes. But the one that really stood was the cheers that the audience had when they saw [[ Mega Man's Final Smash]]. The announcers were going crazy screaming, [[WesternAnimation/MegaMan "SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT! MEGA MAN! FIGHTING TO SAVE THE WORLD!"]] It was no doubt that he immediately won the fan-favorite vote.˛-->'''Announcer:''' ''[[LargeHam SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT]], [[ChewingTheScenery MEGAMAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!]]''˛** Just in case you need some more convincing, here's a video from the [[ audience's perspective.]]˛** Hype for Mega Man's Final Smash is so big, it even occurs during much smaller events, like [[ local Bestbuy demos]]: Mega Man Final Smash activated properly but as combined laser beam of five Mega Men was ''just'' about to hit, time ran out.˛** Celebrity match had [[ another great Final Smash by Zelda Williams' Greninja]]: [[VideoGame/MarvelVSCapcom MAXIMUM SPIDER!!]].˛** At the end of the tournament, HungryBox has had a [[AntiClimax disappointing match against ZeRo,]] but Reggie comes out to congratulate them both. Reggie admits that he's not very good at Smash himself, but with it being on a mobile console, he's going to get better. Then ''what'' does Reggie say to one of the best Smash 4 players, and possibly ''the best'' Jiggs player in the community? What does he say?˛--> '''Reggie:''' [[BadassBoast "I'm gonna come back here next year and]] ''[[BadassBoast kick your ass."]]''˛** Reggie's promise rang true at NWC 2015. The announcers, segwaying into the Smash Bros round, realize that the two haven't had their match yet... Both [=HBox=] and Reggie are on stage, talking all kinds of smack, and the match begins with D1 commentating. Reggie chooses Ryu, who had been announced that morning, and [=HBox=] chooses Jiggs. The crowd is hyped beyond belief, and... [[AntiClimax Reggie rockets over the side of the stage within the first 5 seconds.]] [[EpicFail Needless to say, it looks like Reggie did NOT get that practice in.]]˛** Even then, Reggie talks big in defeat:˛--> '''Reggie:''' "Okay, so, I spend 16 hours a day running a company..."˛--> '''[=HungryBox=]:''' [[MemeticMutation "Johns."]]˛--> '''Reggie:''' [[TakeThat "You spend 16 hours a day playing Smash."]]˛* [[ This fan-made character reveal trailer]] for the [[VideoGame/RhythmHeaven Chorus Kids]] is very well made. It led many people to believe that this was an actual trailer and those who found out it was fan-made, dearly wish for the Chorus Kids to join the battle.˛-->'''"CHORUS KIDS BEAT THE BEAT"'''˛* [[ This fan-made trailer]] for [[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros Mario]] is full of SugarWiki/VisualEffectsOfAwesome. It features Mario (from ''Brawl'') running through the streets of Tokyo to make it to the Super Smash Bros. tournament building.˛* [[ Sakurai Directs to You]] which was made for Sakurai's 44th birthday. Which features Sakurai moving to the tunes of past and present Kirby games. Especially the ending and the moment where Dedede and Kirby are moving their arms along with him. ˛** "Sakurai Directs Forever!"˛* [[ THIS]] glorious clip of complete tag-team annihilation from the 3DS version, known on the Smash tournament circuit as a "wombo combo". Captain Falcon and Little Mac double sucker punch Greninja with a deadly Falcon Punch/KO Uppercut combination attack so brainbustingly awesome ''the game starts to lag''. '''(Warning: LOUD)'''˛* How powerful Amiibo can be in Smash Bros. For example, according to [[ this]], someone had a Mario Amiibo, and after eventually finding out that it was starting to win, the guy's response was to pit it against some CPU opponents with an intensity of '''9.0'''! And Mario kicked the CPU opponents in the butt. Awesome!˛* One of the great things to come from the Wii U game's Stage Builder is a fun custom game called "Smashketball", where players construct a basketball court with downward-pointing cannons as hoops and lava for backboards. The objective is to KO your opponent by tossing them through the "hoops". [[ Watch it in action]]!˛* Apex 2015, the biggest Smash tournament in history, was scheduled to last from Friday, January 30, 2015 to Sunday, February 1, 2015. Though it had already dealt with some issues (such as sexual harassment allegations being leveled against the head TO, Alex Strife, by several female Smashers; Strife stepped down from his position after this came to light), it looked like that was all behind and there was nothing that could go wrong. But then, on Friday morning, a fire alarm went off at the hotel where it was being hosted; though it was a false alarm, it summoned the fire marshall, who found that the hotel lacked permits needed for hosting a gathering of that size and that the building was not structurally sound due to damage from a recent blizzard. ([[ Seen here is the parking garage, which is partially collapsed.]]) Just when it seemed like all hope was lost and the event was going to be cancelled - in front of Nintendo, who were sponsoring it for the first time ever, no less - the Tournament Organizers went into overdrive, and were able to find a new venue with the help of {{Website/Twitch}}. Within hours, they were already transporting the gear over to the new place, and by the end of the day it was all set up. A revised 2-day schedule, with no events cut, was published by the end of the night. It looked like the event was going to be cancelled, but through sheer refusal to give up, the Smashers at Apex turned it around.˛* Competitive player [=ZeRo=], real name Gonzalo Barrios, held one of the longest tournament winning streaks in the Smash community, lasting from June 2014 until MLG world finals in October 2015, when he was finally brought down by [[TheRival Nairo]]. He may no longer be the undisputed best, but let us reiterate that the dude won 53 straight tournaments before finally losing. ''53''. [[GracefulLoser And he still shows good sportsmanship afterwards]]. ˛** The tournament organizer for CEO 2015 ''[[ put a bounty on his head]]'' for whoever manages to beat him. And he STILL won.˛** Perhaps the most understated moment in the entire streak came in the form of EVO 2015. The largest Smash 4 tournament to date, it featured entry from almost all the top players in the world. This included Rain -- the best Sheik in Japan -- and Mr. R -- the best Sheik in Europe --, both considered the top player in their regions at the time. There was also a looming threat in Abadango, a Japanese player who used Pac-man, a virtually unused character. In other words, [=ZeRo=], who is known for [[AwesomeByAnalysis adapting to his opponent's playstyle]], would be potentially playing ''three'' top-level players he had barely any experience against. Despite facing Abadango late in the tournament, followed by a grand finals set against the Mr. R, [=ZeRo=] would not just go on to win EVO 2015 -- he would do so ''without losing a single game.''˛** The most famous moment came at The Big House 5, another major that was held a couple weeks before MLG 2015. Despite losing a set in the second round to Seagull Joe, a Sonic player at a level well below him, ZeRo would go all the way through [[HeroicSecondWind losers]] [[HopeSpot bracket]] to win the tournament, even facing Nairo in the grand finals[[labelnote: The reason that's so impressive]] In fighting game tournament grand finals, the competitor coming from the loser's bracket must win two sets against their opponent in winners[[/labelnote]].˛*** The grand finals sets against Nairo seemed like a bit of an {{anticlimax}}, with Nairo throwing the first set by using Meta Knight and Robin rather than Zero Suit Samus, his best character by far. However, it turned out that Nairo was using his secondaries to get a better idea of how [=ZeRo=]'s Sheik played, without letting Zero do the same. In other words, he decided against [[LetsGetDangerous pulling out all the stops]] so that he could [[AwesomeByAnalysis download]] ''[=ZeRo=]'' [[BeatThemAtTheirOwnGame of all people]], [[NoSell while preventing the same thing happening to him]]. Oh, and it ''worked'', too. At their next meeting, MLG Finals 2015, Nairo won all three matches against [=ZeRo=]'s Sheik, and would also win enough against his Diddy Kong to win from losers bracket, ending the streak.˛* Disappointed that there were no Palutena's Guidances Conversations for the DLC characters? No problem! The people at ZeldaUniverseTV [[ made a fan-dub for the first four DLC characters!]] Not only are the voices nearly spot on, but they plan to do ones for Corrin, Bayonetta, and Cloud!˛** [[ Here for your viewing pleasure!]]˛* The 2018 Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational. The Grand Finals between [=ZeRo=] and MK leo. After some preliminary warm-up matches, the finalists are set and ready to go into a best two-out-of-three matchup with their best characters. Who were they? ''[[UsefulNotes/ConsoleWars Mario vs Sonic]]''. The announcers and the crowd ''erupted''. The dream matchup of the ages, and why Sega's mascot was brought into the fold in the first place. The two biggest mascots in gaming, to decide the first ''Smash Bros. Ultimate'' tournament champion. An excellent way to leave a great first impression for ''Ultimate''.˛* [[ Nairo vs. Light]] in the Collision 2019 Losers Semis. During the first two games, Nairo massively struggles against Light's Fox, losing the first game as Palutena and then losing the second as Zero-Suit Samus. Then, in the third game, Nairo switches to ''[[UnexpectedCharacter Ganondorf]]'', and then proceeds to win ''all three games in a row.'' Light's Fox is visibly breaking down by the end of the fifth game, the sheer pressure of losing to Ganondorf twice having clearly gotten to him.˛˛'''''[[AWinnerIsYou WOW!! INCREDIBLE!!]]'''''˛----


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