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1Since there is now a ''LetsPlay/SuperGamingBros'' page, all moments specific to that channel have been moved to [[Awesome/SuperGamingBros here]].* Johnny in the Zelda Marathon defending his opinion of Link to the Past > Ocarina of Time WHILE fully understanding and accepting why this is seen as the best of the Zelda series, and considering he's not even a big Zelda fan makes this all the more impressive.* During Session 4 of the ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' Twitch livestream, Johnny was able to exploit a strategy to get a literal DiscOneNuke, by allowing Barret to get thrown out of the battle by a [[DemonicSpider Midgar Zolem]], and having Red XIII ''just'' survive the aforementioned DiscOneNuke, allowing Red XIII to learn it and promptly use it to finish off the enemy.* ED Annunziata, the creator of ''VideoGame/EccoTheDolphin'', has [[ seen Johnny's review of the series and enjoyed it]].* It's awesome enough that Johnny got Creator/MikePollock to join his ''Super Sonic Super Stream & Knuckles'' charity marathon as a guest commentator, but the two of them even enacted a scene from ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaSymphonyOfTheNight'' together with Johnny using his [[VideoGame/SlyCooper Bentley]] voice!* Johnny beating [[ThatOneBoss notorious]] bosses in ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsI'' ''very'' quickly... on ''proud mode''[[note]]In which you are capped to Level 1[[/note]].** Clayton - Beat on his second try, to great applause.** Parasite Cage - ''Both'' battles beaten ''on the first try''. At the point of its second defeat, the chat immediately went from spamming [[MemeticMutation #GetMe]][[ItMakesSenseInContext OuttaHere]] (and variants) to a [[JustForPun sea]] of incredulous reactions and aknowledgements.---> '''Co-Comm:''' You spent more time at ''[[BreatherLevel Winnie the Pooh]]!'' [[note]]Particularly, the honey-tree minigame.[[/note]]** Let's just throw in the entirety of Session 7. Starting from just after the battle against Lock, Shock, and Barrel and ending just after Neverland, Johnny only suffered 2 DEATHS. Made doubly awesome by the fact that Captain Hook, one of the most notorious pre-Hollow Bastion bosses in the game, was taken out on the 2nd try. Quite an accomplishment considering his luck against the likes of Pot Centipede and Ursula.* Johnny shows a great level of self-awareness and personal growth in his review of ''VideoGame/PokemonLetsGoPikachuAndLetsGoEevee''. As he reflects on his old review of ''Gold and Silver'', he notes that his quip about Bugsy's androgynous appearance could be seen as transphobic, and apologizes for it.----


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