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1* The climax, where Shaggy, Scooby and Buddy G manage to stop [[spoiler: Rafe]] from escaping. Extra points go to Buddy, for crawling under the stagecoach and uncoupling the horses.²* Fred treated his nets with U.V. powder, just in case the ghost got free. It pays off in a big way.²* Fred managed to lasso Daphne to safety.²* The whole film is a series of Awesome Moments for Shaggy, as it's one of the very few times when he's shown with genuine skills ''other'' than eating. The resulting boost in confidence leads to him²** joining a rodeo,²** riding ''towards'' a herd of stampeding bulls (alongside Fred, Daphne and Velma on a second, presumably very tough horse),²** and hunting down the villain in the aforementioned stagecoach chase.


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