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1* The way Stocke learns Vanish. He basically goads [[spoiler:Heiss]] into spamming it in front of him so he can pick up on the basic idea, grabs the documents he was after to begin with and then uses it himself to escape the city.* When Stocke confronts [[spoiler:Queen Protea, he doesn't even have to do more besides threaten her, and then ominously thumb his sword as though he would draw it against her, to get her to surrender and flee.]]** Perfect Chronology makes this scene even better: [[spoiler:Stocke presents a certain keepsake to Protea, reminding her of the vows she made the day she was crowned queen, and manages to get her to step down and leave gracefully without further violence]].* Stocke correctly guessing where the bearer of the Black Chronicle would go, then jumping to that node to [[spoiler:prevent Eruca from being murdered]] is a particularly impressive moment, where one time traveller outwits the other.* Heiss [[spoiler: finally realizes his role in the GoldenEnding, and gives up his life to let Stocke live in his place]].* In the possible history "Raging Storm". Unlike all the other possible history boss fights, Palomides doesn't have the artifact, rather, Dias has it as he faces Garland and by the time you reach him to offer backup we see that he's already won and killed Dias. What makes this so awesome is that it's been seen previously that, among other effects, artifacts tremendously bolsters a holders fighting ability to the point that [[spoiler: in one possible history a low rank Granorg soldier could defeat [[FourStarBadass Viola]] and in another, Dias and Selvan together managed to force ''[[BigBad Heiss]]'' to retreat with the Black Chronicle]]. In other words, Garland managed to kick Dias's ass when the latter was magically augmented with nothing but his own [[BadassNormal fighting abilities]]. AuthorityEqualsAsskicking indeed.


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