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1PlayByPostGames have the capacity to give their players serious creative freedom, even if it does take place within an established canon. Good players will use this opportunity (in cooperation with their [=GMs=]) to create some truly astoundingly neat scenarios.²²!! Sub-pages²* Awesome/AMansDreamNeverDiesAOnePieceQuest²* Awesome/CityOfLostCharacters²* Awesome/DinoAttackRPG²* Awesome/HungerGamesSimulation²* Awesome/TheGoodTheBadAndTheSpandexII²* Awesome/LordsAmongTheAshes²* Awesome/MySuperheroAcademyCrisisOfInfiniteReboots²* Awesome/MySuperheroUniversity²* Awesome/TheMultiverse²* Awesome/TheOmniverse


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