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1* After Mason accidentally holds up a ticket line Shawn tells him he's done (since he can't fire Mason because Mason technically doesn't work at the Megaplex anyway, though he loves to volunteer). Mason leaves, [[HamAndCheese but not before he makes a fine little speech as he goes down the escalator.]]--> '''Mason''': Enjoy your show! Tell my theater that even when I'm not here, it's magic is never far from my heart!* Pete using a fake hockey stick to clean up the gumball mess that Donny made.* Pete's "slaying" of the dinosaur (which of course is ''[[BlatantLies not]]'' an obvious ShoutOut to the ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'' and ''Franchise/JurassicPark'' franchises) balloon with the contest sword from the lobby. * Watching Pete fighting with [[spoiler: and ultimately defeating]] the Phantom.* Pete finally standing up to JerkJock Donny, which will be another time since he's got work to do at the moment.


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