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1* As short as it was, Hassan's entire WWE run could be considered one big Crowning Moment Of Awesome. Let's take a look at some of his accomplishments during his time with WWE:²** The very first thing he did in WWE was to interrupt Wrestling/MickFoley, one of the most respected superstars in the business.²** Went months without being pinned or made to tap out.²** Getting victories over various legends, including Wrestling/SgtSlaughter and Wrestling/JerryLawler.²** Wins against some of WWE's top guys at the time, such as Wrestling/{{Batista}} (well, okay, it was by disqualification, but it still counts) and Wrestling/TheBigShow²** Having a ''Wrestling/{{WrestleMania}}'' segment with the legendary Wrestling/HulkHogan.²** Hassan and Daivari faced Hogan and Wrestling/ShawnMichaels at ''[=Backlash=] 2005''.²** Having a WWE Championship match against the future face of the company, Wrestling/JohnCena²** His last match was against another legend, Wrestling/TheUndertaker.²* Keep in mind, he did all of this in less than a year, and WordOfGod states that he would have done more if he had not been ScrewedByTheNetwork.²* He was in two VideoGame/WWEVideoGames, ''Day of Reckoning 2'' and ''WWE [=Smackdown=] Vs. Raw 2006'', both of which were released ''after'' he left the company.


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