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1! Lucifer's Star˛˛* The LastStand of the Archduchy of Crius is an impressive one, especially the actions of Archangel Squadron (Cassius' unit) during it. They threw everything at the Commonwealth with the plans of smashing its offensive to save their homeworld. Archangel Squadron goes through several other squadron, [[EliteMooks including an elite Commonwealth one]], [[DwindlingParty gradually dwindling down]] until they attack the enemy flagship. They manage to lower its shields and open it up for attack despite the cost of nearly the entire group. [[spoiler: Too bad it's AllForNothing as the entire Commonwealth attack was a diversion to do a ColonyDrop on the Crius homeworld.]] This is also all in the first chapter.˛* Cassius has one on the ''Rhea'' when he deals with a number of Chel, Crius Special Forces, and more ''with a sword.'' ˛* Cassius, William, and Isla having to deal with an essentially cyborg version of the Xenomorph in Shogun's dungeon. The fact it ends up being a battle involving PowerArmor and a very-pissed off A.I. helps. The fact an Elder Race artifact designed to cause wars is destroyed in the process adds to it.˛* Cassius manages to take down a group of attacking cloud cars with machine guns....on foot. This includes hijacking one in mid-air. Anakin Skywalker would be proud.˛* The protagonists versus the Kriegermonster which is basically a cyborg CaptainErsatz for a [[Franchise/{{Alien}} xenomorph]].˛* The climax of the book which amounts to a gigantic running retreat combined with LaserGuidedKarma for everyone involved. [[spoiler: Cassius manages to destroy the Elder Race artifact, steal Judith the A.I., frame Ida for offenses which will keep her occupied for years to come in court, and escape BOTH the Crius as well as Commonwealth militaries. Cassius even manages to outwit via BavarianFireDrill Zoe's soldiers after Judith performs a GrandTheftMe to get her bioroid body back (which Zoe had been inhabiting)]]˛˛!! Lucifer's Nebula˛˛* Cassius and the ''Melampus'' crew fight off a pirate ship and its squadron of starfighters despite being heavily outgunned. It turns out the pirates are actually local military doing a side job. [[spoiler: Later, it's revealed they were deployed by Ida Claire to disable them and she severely underestimated her former crew.]]˛* [[spoiler: Subverted]] when Cassius takes the ''Melampus'' into a radioactive gas cloud full of explosive reactions in order to escape a Elder Race probe. He uses the conditions to set a trap for it and sets off a massive explosion consumes the probe. [[spoiler: Which doesn't work.]]˛* Clarice gets one of these when she [[spoiler: arranages Cassius' brother to defect, wrecks the entire Free Systems Alliance base, and gets them all to escape from their luxury prison. She also does it all off-camera and has time to sleep with Cassius too.]]˛* Cassius final confrontation with his father. [[spoiler: The two of them have a duel on the bridge of the ''Revengeance'' and Cassius Senior is being aided by a drone. Cassius uses the fact he's a clone of his father to manipulate the drone then the fact he's a CombatPragmatist to take his father by surprise. It's a very satisfying ending to a deeply hateable villain.]]


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