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1* Masaki's moment of awesome only continues to build more and more over the course of February after deciding to help Sanae confess to Kouhei with Valentines chocolates: He figures out and defeats the methods used by the two other girls who like Kouhei, manages to get them both away from the school using restaurant vouchers and a fake video on Valentines Day itself, then proceeds to use an ExactWords Gambit against Sanae when it looks like she'd chickened out!** Not only that, but he knocks local rich snob Moyori Uesugi down ''several'' notches by calmly explaining to her that invoking her family name for everything means absolutely nothing due to the simple fact that she- as an individual- has done '''absolutely nothing''' to contribute to the family name's reputation. It puts her in so much shock that she stops speaking for the entire rest of the scene.* The group's final attack on the minor gods rampaging throughout July. Hopelessly outnumbered, they begin to retreat. Mizuho hesitates, so Masaki protects her, followed by Shiro protecting Masaki, and finally a BigDamnHeroes moment from Madoi, who had a serious case of TakenALevelInBadass.* Naomi vs. Yuki during August, despite being just a sparring match.** The build-up and climactic battle of the August chapter, which basically boils down to two gods channeling their powers into humans to do battle. From a storytelling perspective, it also brings pretty much everything that had happened in the previous chapters all together up to that point.*** The final crown on an already-awesome series of Moments of Awesome is the duel between Yuki and Magari that serves as the climax.* Kouhei being willing to take on a wolf using just a kitchen knife to stop it from attacking Sanae.* Masaki standing and facing his final obstacle: Shirou.----


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