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1* Beating ''[[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson THE ROCK]]'' in the main event of ''Raw'' before ''[=WrestleMania=] XIX''. The fact that Stone Cold came out and distracted Rock takes nothing away from what an amazing moment it was for the young man.* ''Finally'' hitting the Hurri-chokeslam on an opponent (Tajiri) and, better yet, winning his first piece of gold (The Cruiserweight Championship) as a WWE Superstar because of it!** And right after making his jump to Raw, winning the Tag Titles with Kane(!) after a ''stereo'' chokeslam to Wrestling/LanceStorm and Wrestling/{{Christian}}.* Matt Hardy won their match by using a groin shot when the ref wasn't looking, but he looked like he could barely stand up after the count. Seeing Matt exhausted and limping after cheating Hurricane out of a win is pretty sweet. And the icing on the cake? Matt had just recently scored a win against the Undertaker.* He beat Triple H clean. Thanks to Ric Flair distracting the ref and pulling him off, the Hurricane had HHH pined for a freakin four count and H was down for ''at least'' another two counts while he was fighting Flair. Hurricane spend the rest of the match giving HHH one of the worst beatings he has ever received. And would have beaten him ''again'' if the ref hadn't looked away from the ring. He beat HHH ''TWICE'' in the same match and pounded the ever-loving crap out of him.** He also would have gotten a clean win on Randy Orton had Flair not interfered.** Speaking of Ric Flair, Hurricane came ''really'' close to beating the legend himself. The match starts outside the ring and once they get inside Gregory dominates Flair and nearly pins him twice, both times ''very'' close. The onslaught only stops when the ref distracts Hurricane and Ric low blows him in the knee. The match goes downhill after that but good lord was that amazing.* He and Rosey clobbering Kane to save a child. * One of his recent appearances had the theme from Superman The Animated Series as his intro music.* His HeelFaceTurn at ''Total Nonstop DELETION''[='=]s "Tag Team Apocalypto" match. The Helms Dynasty (the trio he led until he was thrown in that same night at the Lake of Reincarnation) and Decay were giving Wrestling/MattHardy and Wrestling/JeffHardy the beatdown of their lives, and each team picked up a Hardy. The Dynasty led Matt to the Land of Obsolete Men, and were going to give Matt a double shovel hit when their shovels got stopped. Eventually Helms, now back as The Hurricane, [[BigDamnHeroes helped Matt defeat the Dynasty]] and gave them a [[BuriedAlive burial]] that, in Matt's own words, would make [[Wrestling/TripleH "the man with three H's"]] proud.----


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