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1!Per wiki policy, Administrivia/SpoilersOff applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. Administrivia/YouHaveBeenWarned.˛[[foldercontrol]]˛[[folder:The Game]]˛!! Gameplay Mechanics˛* Some of the Charge Attacks and Summon Call Animations are glorious animated for a game making use of ''Final Fantasy''-esque Chibi characters, especially those with noticeable AnimationBump for the RuleOfCool factor (That is, if you use the Standard Animation Speed Setting in-game):˛** Some of the Eternals' Charge attacks involve a change in background scenery as they prepare their attack. Threo's [[FlamingMeteor Meteor Thrust]] has her summon a meteor from the sky and drop it down to the enemy, and it deals 999,999 NonElemental Damage which is great for DamageSponge bosses.˛** Event Zeta's Charge Attack involves an animation in which she thrusts her spear but appears similar to a Summon call. Likewise, Zooey's Gun version has her fly into space and deliver a giant laser beam with her [[RayGun gun]], before returning to the battlefield.˛** Tiamat's Charge Attack "Aerial Blitz" certainly lives up to its name. It involves her flying up out of the screen and into the sky, where she makes her 3 dragon head tails appear and shoots a dozen purple lasers at the enemy before coming back down.˛* Being able to successfully pull off the effective, yet [[RandomNumberGod RNG]]-reliant nukes and abilities for the first time may give the player a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome vibe:˛** Barawa's Bluff is known for dealing a random damage by multiplying his attack up to a damage multiplier of 100,000% and it has a maximum cap of 10 million. An extremely lucky 10 million Bluff can end an Omega raid (or even a fight against an Eternal) in one turn! Additionally, since Bluff deals elemental damage, it is affected by the ElementalRockPaperScissors and damage-increasing {{Status Buff}}s, ramping the damage to exceed the said cap.˛** Oh My Bahamut is Pengy's equivalent to Barawa's bluff, capable of randomly dealing [[NonElemental Plain Damage]] up to the cap of 9,999,999 or 75% of the target's maximum HP (whichever is lower). If luck favors you, the MVP chest of that raid can be easily yours.˛˛!! Main Story˛* The fight between the Black Knight and Pommern, under the effects of the Dark Crystal is briefly shown as the main party advances ahead. The [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome narration mentions]] that the Black Knight subdued Pommern with only ''three sword strikes''.˛* In Chapter 105, 'Round Two', just when the rest of the crew are getting overwhelmed by an unstable Ganesha, we get the glorious reunion of Eugen, Io, Rosetta, and Rackam in a wonderful BigDamnHeroes moment. After happily greeting everyone, the four of them proceed to successfully fight off the primal beast in a second showdown (hence the chapter name 'round two').˛** The Rhem King gets special mention. After a lot of self-deprecation and a moment of worry that the pressure finally got to him when he runs away after the first unsuccessful fight against Ganesha, he turned out to be the one who lead the rest of the MC's crew to them! If it weren't for him, who knows what would've happened!˛* In Chapter 114, the first four primal beasts acted in their own volition to protect the Grandcypher as it ascends from the explosion caused by Ebisu. This act even suprised Lyria, their supposed summoner. For a short scene such as this, [[ Colossus]], [[ Leviathan]], [[ Yggdrasil and Tiamat]] even have their own CG to show what they were capable of doing at that time.˛˛!! Fate Episodes˛The Fate Episodes contain some examples of this, particularly for the BigDamnHeroes introductions of some characters and those who have their 5★ Uncaps, or when unlocking a skill.˛----˛* Threo manages to defeat the dragon that attacked her while she was asleep.˛* Narmaya demonstrates her abilities by tapping on a tree and then quickly cutting the falling leaves in the blink of an eye - a feat that Gran / Djeeta failed to do upon imitating her. She also gets one particular brief moment in her 5★ episode - where she accidentally slashed upwards, visibly ''splitting clouds'' in the process. ˛* Lady Grey's "[[NotSoDifferent I won't become a monster]]" speech is accompanied by the transformation of her spectral family into their larger sizes, despite the fact that they were easily shattered by a necromancer a few moments before.˛* Nezahualpilli, despite being acrophobic, ''dives from a flying airship down to the island below'' to save a man who had previously refused to help him, landing without even a scratch.˛* In Lecia's Summer episode, her lightning spike that won the beach volleyball match is described by the narrator in this manner:˛--> "Lecia's final spike is so powerful that it has produced a mini sandstorm. And from the whirlwind, two victors emerge."˛* Aglovale's skill episodes have him retake control of his life and will after he'd been under the Otherworld's thrall for who-knows-how-long, and proves his status as TheAce: he out-gambits and kills not one, but ''two'' Otherworld beings, one of which was the one he'd been pacted with during "Between Frost and Flame" and who discarded him as "worthless" at the end of the event! He then destroys his father's research, deciding to move forward with his own strength and become a person worthy of leading Wales to glory.˛* In the second Fate episode of Charlotta's Light version, she and Lancelot explain that they had to improvise a battle where both sides don't lose so that they could control the situation between the Lumiel Knights and White Dragons arguing who is the strongest between the two captains. As a last performance, Lancelot gives the audience knights the chance to challenge their captains. After a brief moment of silence, one knight draws his sword, screams and rushes towards them, and suddenly ''everyone'' rushed in the stage to fight.˛˛!! Story Events and Side Stories˛[[quoteright:350:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:350:"Ain Soph Aur!"[[note]]"The Maydays" event, 2019[[/note]]]]˛* As the vampires of Medvecia are panicking and rampaging because of a loophole in the customs that involves harming fellow vampires, Feldrac and Vania convince them of the message behind the "ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight" trope, with Vania somehow delivering it on the [[BalconySpeech highest room of the castle]].˛-->'''Feldrac''': Cease this at once! Laws and customs be damned!˛-->'''Vania''': Do you really think the old ways are worth throwing away your lives for? If that's what you think, then hurry up and destroy each other! I've had enough! But you know what? I'd hate it if you weren't here! I don't want you to die! If you all left me, it'd be too painful to go on!˛* Sandalphon's CharacterDevelopment in "What Makes The Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost", starting from the moment when he breaks out of the cocoon, he seeks out Lucifer's voice while the captain, Lyria, and Vyrn are still unconscious. Then he find's Lucifer's remnant, a severed head, which later passed the supreme primarch wings to Sandalphon. After desperately finding out a purpose in life, and his breakdown when he learned that he was just a substitute for Lucifer in the first run of the event, he finally got what he was longing for - fulfilling his role as Lucifer's substitute, and the wings that he once envied. When he later meets Belial and Beelzebub, his first action was to stab his sword on the latter, without them noticing beforehand.˛** A ScriptedBattle in the event has Sandalphon going one-on-one with Avatar. When all the basic attacks barely even damage it, the player has to unleash the Supreme Primarch's [[SignatureMove Paradise Lost]] as a [[LimitBreak Charge Attack]]. It deals a whopping ''ten million'' damage, instantly killing the Primal Beast. A beginning ''Granblue'' player may be surprised at this, as it is actually possible to deal up to 8 digits of Charge Attack damage with advanced weapon grids and summons.˛* In "Ranger Sign Bravo", Fenrir stands in Walder's way of getting to Jade, feeling it's the best route. Walder persists, fighting her and getting thrashed, but [[{{Determinator}} he doesn't stay down]], even from attacks Fenrir thinks should kill him. By the time the rest of the party gets there, he's down in a rather bloody heap, right before he gets up once more. The whole thing earns some sort of respect from the usually misanthropic primal beast, with her saying she doesn't care to eat him.˛* In "Auld Lanxiety", Zooey takes on the Joya into a chase and a gun-fight ''from outer space''. The scene's narration can be compared to the battles of the ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'' series.˛* In "The Other Side of the Sky", Elmott is able to deliver an ArmorPiercingQuestion against the CEO of Tandem, and convinces the committee to halt the suspension which would be given to Tsubasa. He also shows that he can be calm and collective even after watching two rival delinquent gangs nearly beat each other to death. Elmott then mentions this gem, which makes even the event's BigBad to know how amazing he is.˛--> ""All right, you miscreants! Field trip's over! Back to school!"˛* As the finale for the "What Makes The Sky Blue" event saga, "000" has moments that can constitute to it.˛** Near the end of the event's first half, we get a WhamLine and a WhamShot as Belial mocks Beelzebub that "[[ChessMotifs the King is still in play]]". Then Lucilius awakens and back-stabs Beelzebub with a sword, lifting him up with one hand as the sword pierces through his chest. It is rather {{Ironic}} that Beelzebub back-stabs Lucifer in "Paradise Lost", only to get [[LaserGuidedKarma back-stabbed]] by another entity who looks exactly like Lucifer.˛** The sealing of Beelzebub done by Cagliostro as the other knights fight against Beelzebub to buy her time. But Beelzebub, despite being heavily wounded, brush off their attacks like nothing, [[UnderestimatingBadassery underestimating them big time]]. The end result? The knights won and sealed Beelzebub. Complete with Cagliostro calling a BadassBoast before she sealed him.˛---> '''Cagliostro''': Hahaha! Who's the insect now! So long, sucker! Enjoy your life sentence!˛*** Beelzebub had been gravely wounded by Lucilius prior to this point, but it still took the combined efforts of Halluel and Malluel, Lancelot, Charlotta, Naoise, Albert and Ilsa ''just to stall him''. The power of the Astrals is truly terrifying.˛** The short fight between Lucilius and Lucio/Helel ben Sahar inside Etemenanki - Both of them unleash Paradise Lost to each other at the same time.˛** Cagliostro also "makes medical history", by saving Azrael and restoring her to her sanity. All in a day's work for the genius alchemist.˛** None of this compares to the climax however; Sandalphon absorbs Lucifer's power in addition to the four primarchs, growing ''12'' wings, and proceeds to wipe the floor with Lucilius once and for all, with the Captain and Lyria's help. Even Vyrn pitches in to try and protect Sandy while he heals.˛*** On meta note; after looming in backstory for a ''long'' time, we finally get to fight a honest-to-god Astral at the height of his power. Lucilius (Raid) and its hard version that was released shortly after the event only serves to demonstrate his strength.˛*** The Hard version of the raid opens with Lucilius doing 30,000 plain damage to your entire party. It's a 6 man raid with a 30 minute time limit, and if six characters across the entire raid are knocked out, he'll instantly kill ''everyone'', including backline allies. [[BrutalBonusLevel Have fun.]]˛* Despite being a comedy-filled {{parody}} of shark films, "The Maydays" event has its share of amazing feats done by the primarchs.˛** During "What Makes The Sky Blue III: 000", Sariel's physical strength is only lampshaded by the primarchs while describing him as one of the strongest primal beasts capable of going toe-to-toe with Uriel, the phyiscally strongest among the four primarchs. In "The Maydays", Sariel puts his SuperStrength to use by [[{{Jawbreaker}} prying open the jaws]] of the giant shark Old Bruce ''with one arm'', while using the other arm to pull the swallowed victims. To top the scene off, Sariel casually makes some sort of an ApologeticAttacker giving a PreAssKickingOneLiner before he jumped in to do the act, while he was merely watching from the sidelines before.˛---> There you go. Just keep saying ah... Sorry.˛** Ever since the first "What Makes The Sky Blue" event, the game has simplified the depiction of Sandalphon's SignatureMove "Ain Soph Aur" due to the chibi-field sprites, and the Summon Call only showing it as a series of straight lasers aiming downward. That is until a unique CG for "The Maydays" event potray Ain Soph Aur as something more of a HomingLasers variant. Nontheless, seeing Sandalphon using it against a target larger than him is more of an overkill during a DavidVersusGoliath scenario.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:The Anime]]˛* How did Gran interrupt Pommern's breaking speech to Lyria? With a flying kick to the face!˛* The fights against the Primal Beasts have some shade of awesomeness too:˛** We later get to see the fight between Tiamat atop Port Breeze in its animated glory. It takes place in the [[HighAltitudeBattle high skies]] with the Grancypher dodging several attacks from the Primal Beast, and Gran sky diving in order to get close.˛** Gran manages to block the [[{{BFS}} large sword]] of Colossus using his own sword, and the party manages to defeat it by skewering a huge icicle. And even when they knocked it out, Colossus manages to save Io from a collapsing rubble by using its weight.˛* Episode 8 has one that also counts in the RuleOfFunny: When Mary's bomb misses the Clay Golem's mouth, Gran finishes it by performing a [[FeedItABomb slam-dunk]].˛* Episode 12 serves as a {{Fanservice}} for those who are familiar with the Cameo characters, as they ''all'' have their BigDamnHeroes moments while assisting the main cast. Most of them demonstrate their in-game abilities and/or attack animations, but Feather is a notable example for creating a small explosion after a lightning trail.˛** As for the RuleOfCool, Eugen manages to prove his [[ImprobableAimingSkills sharp shooting]] by sniping the "leader" fish among the numerous floating group from a long distance.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Meta]]˛* ''Granblue Fantasy'' is so well-known for its quality in storywriting, characters, and gameplay that it has a sizable overseas following despite technically remaining unreleased outside of Japan. Cygames is well aware of its overseas fanbase, adding an in-house English translation team in 2016 for their players.˛* Cygames pays close attention to the game's fanbase, and its ability to hype up players in anticipation for their upcoming banners can be awe-inspiring.˛** The banner released on October 31, 2018 and the hype around it was a huge example of this. When "Between Frost and Flames" was announced as a side story, many fans began to predict Aglovale's release as a gacha unit. These predictions were vindicated by the addition of an extra story for the side story and the in-game Aglovale sticker. Then, previews for "Welcome to Bistro Feendrache" revealed the new event wouldn't follow up on the plot of the previous Dragon Knights stories, sending fans clamoring for Aglovale into a panic. His fans began theorizing ways Aglovale might appear in the event, while other fans believed Arthur would get an SSR or Mordred would make it into the game. Half a day before the event and banner dropped, new journal entries for Lancelot, Vane, and Arthur appeared while nothing appeared above Aglovale's NPC journal entry, sending fans into a frenzy again. When the event finally released, the banner revealed its lineup: ''SSR Lancelot/Vane and SR Arthur/Mordred as two-in-one units '''and''' SSR Aglovale''. Fans went absolutely wild, as evidenced by the whopping [[ 12k retweets on Aglovale's reveal tweet]].˛[[/folder]]


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