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1%%Moments subpages are Administrivia/SpoilersOff. %% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.* Any serious arc has a good number of these. Most involve Gin getting up from the brink of death in order to beat the living hell out of the story arc's antagonist. There are more subtle ones scattered throughout the mostly disconnected comedic episodes as well.** The Gintama movie deserves one for ''outselling'' a lot of anime movies out there! [[ Link is right here.]] Take note, ''this is the collectors edition beating the likes of the [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Disappearance movie]], and beyond.''** Speaking of movies, the live action one was a box office ''smash'' in Japan, to the tune of over 3 billion yen, especially for a live adaptation of a manga. Take note that it was competing in a summer blockbuster slot as well, and won.* The end of the Benizakura Arc features Gintoki and Katsura tearing through an entire fleet of space pirates allied Takasugi, before the two of them declare that the next time they cross paths, they'd show just as little mercy. And then they jump off the side of the airship they were on amidst a hell of a lot of explosions. This is made ten times more awesome in the movie; the choreography has to be seen to be appreciated.** In the same arc, after Gintoki had been curb stomped and impaled by Nizo with Benizakura, who saves him? Shinpachi, who jumps down from the bridge and ''cuts off Nizo's arm''.* Kondo gets one in the Yagyu Arc, when, in a rare break from being a comedic stalker, he shows just why he's the Shinsengumi's leader by one-hit [=KOing=] Tojo, the leader of the Yagyu top students. And this is after Hijikata, generally a more serious and accomplished fighter, has an extremely difficult time with a less notable student.** Same thing for Shinpachi, who truly shows off his skill at sword-play by beating THE head of the Yagyu clan with ONE THRUST OF HIS SWORD.* The Mitsuba Arc may be very short, but it's not without its awesome moments.** Hijikata challenging all of Mitsuba's evil fiancé's minions alone and managing to hold his own despite sustaining heavy injuries.** How does Okita finish off Mitsuba's fiancé? By cutting his car, which was going at max speed, in half with a sword! It slices apart around him before continuing past and then exploding behind him.* In the Shinsengumi Rebellion Arc we have Hijikata overcoming the spirit in his sword which has possessed him and turned him into a cowardly otaku. He then uses it to cut down a helicopter.** Gintoki gets one of his best moments in the same arc when he pulls a freaking helicopter to the ground using Bansai's strings.** Okita saving Kondo from a carriage full of traitors before [[OneManArmy killing every single one of them]].* Then comes the Yoshiwara Arc, which takes Kagura's awesomeness to a whole new level when she awakens her [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Yato instincts]], turning what was previously her and Shinpachi's near-death into a CurbStompBattle.** At the end of the arc, Gintoki's moment comes when he manages to fight Hosen, former king of the strongest race in the universe, to a stand-still. And then kills Hosen by bringing the sun to Yoshiwara, becoming the town's savior.** Kamui reveals his awesomeness when Hosen appears to smash him into the roof, causing a shower of gore to fall into the room. Kamui is then shown sitting a few feet away, meaning he switched himself with a prostitute and escaped from Hosen's attack undetected in a fraction of a second. He then fights the King of the Night on equal footing, all the while grinning in glee.** Tsukuyo makes a stand against her own [[AmazonBrigade Hyakka]] to allow Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi to reach Seita and Hinowa, taking barrage after barrage of kunai yet remaining standing in defiance. She ultimately manages to [[MookFaceTurn convince them to join her in rebelling against Hosen]].* Just how does Gintoki make his entrance before his second fight with Jiraia in the Red Spider Arc? By appearing from behind the spider web Tsukuyo is tied up in and stabbing Jiraia's hand with his wooden sword, before swatting him away. The fight that follows expertly shows Gintoki's tactical sense as he lures Jiraia into a narrow space where he can't move about before tying their hands together with one of Jiraia's threads and beating him up.** Zenzo earns his in the same arc when he appears out of nowhere to save Hinowa from Jiraia's mooks and [[OneManArmy takes them all on alone]]. While the fight is off-screen, the next time he's seen he's wiped the floor with the whole lot of them.* Kagura's and Shinpachi's [[BackToBackBadasses back to back]] [[CurbStompBattle curb stomping]] of Mademoiselle Saigou and Pirako, respectively, in the Four Devas Arc. Especially awesome considering how they're often relegated to back-seat in favor of Gintoki when it comes to the serious fight scenes.* You could see it would happen somehow, but that doesn't make Jirocho and Gin teaming up against Kada's minions any less awesome for that.* In fact, the most badass fight of this arc is the first fight between Gintoki and Jirocho, which is also arguably the best rage fight of the serie. Long story short, this is the very first time Gintoki got so mad he does NOT speak a single word and demonstrated [[ how terrifying a berserk he could be]]. While he did lose this fight, it is justified since his opponent is Jirocho, one of the strongest survivors of the previous rebel generation way before Gintoki's generation no less.* Katakuriko Matsudaira isn't just for the show. In Episode 223, he takes down other Joui rebels in the hotel while rescuing his daughter and their hostages. This role fits him perfectly considering that that his [[Creator/NorioWakamoto voice actor]] was a man of the law right before his road to seiyuu-dom.** This line takes the cake.--->'''Matsudaira''': ''[[GratuitousEnglish "Happy Birthday to me..."]]'''* The Bagaraki Arc has some, including the battle of sadists between Okita and Nobume, and Hijikata cutting a bullet in half before stabbing Isaburo with the same move.* Gintoki pulls off ''the most epic'' CrotchGrabSexCheck ever on Kintoki. Never has a crotch grab look so damn badass.* The Courtesan of a Nation Arc is FILLED with these awesome moments.** The Yorozuya storming through the Royal Palace's army alongside Tsukuyo and Nobume. Some parts of it are especially noteworthy:*** Kagura, Nobume and Tsukuyo proving to the guards that the women are the most dangerous among them.--->'''Guard''': ''"Kill every single one of the rebels! No mercy for the women and children!"''--->'''Kagura''': ''"Women and children? That's some big talk!"''--->'''Nobume''': ''"Naturally, that scum would be served by scum. This nation has no respect for women."''--->'''Tsukuyo''': ''"Show that you can stop the women you sneer at. Show that you can defend the castle built upon the tears of those women. Since you've forgotten about them, we'll have to remind you! [[BadassBoast These women have come to topple a country]]."''*** Kagura hitting a freaking cannonball like a baseball with her umbrella and batting it straight back at the Shogun's palace.** Gintoki's reaction to Sadasada cutting off Maizo's arm and mocking him for wanting to see Suzuran again? He goes straight for the kill on the former Shogun and when [[TheDragon Oboro]] interferes he breaks his blade ''with his teeth'' and thrusts his sword into his helmet! Never make the White Demon angry.** Things proceed to look bleak after that, though, as Gintoki is poisoned, Tsukuyo and Nobume are having trouble with the Naraku, and Kagura and Shinpachi are about to be overwhelmed by the palace guards. Then TheCavalry arrives in form of the Shinsengumi (Aiding Kagura and Shinpachi) and the Mimawarigumi (Aiding Gintoki, Tsukuyo and Nobume).** This one's a twofer: When it looks like Isaburo has pulled a CavalryBetrayal and shot Gintoki, Tsukuyo goes absolutely berserk and kills any Naraku in her way to reach Gintoki. As she reaches him, a Naraku sneaks up on her and tries to stab her in the back while she's distracted, only for Gintoki to stab the Naraku through the chest with his '''''[[WoodenKatanasAreEvenBetter wooden sword]]''''', revealing that what Isaburo shot him with was an antidote.** TheCavalry then expands when the ''entire'' Edo police force led by Matsudaira surround the gates with artillery in retaliation against Sadasada. The real awesome moment behind it though was that there was only one person that got the forces united against Sadasada. It was the ''[[ButtMonkey freaking Shogun Shigeshige himself]]''!!!** Gintoki vs. Oboro Round 2 which ends with Gintoki saying the PreMortemOneLiner "Say hello to Sensei for me" before slamming Oboro onto his wooden sword, ''impaling him''!** Later, the phrase was one again used by Takasugi to Sadasada before killing him in cold blood.** The Shogun himself showed his authority by reasoning with the [[OmniscientCouncilOfVagueness Tendoshu]] that those who rebelled against Sadasada haven't done anything wrong as they were doing what they felt was right and even proved his point by letting ''all'' of his forces point their blades and cannons at him]] to show that it would be wrong to make that a crime, as he would then have to punish his entire army. He was even willing to resign as Shogun to bring Sadasada down with him but the imperial order prevented his resignation and at least Sadasada was arrested for his crimes. For the ButtMonkey he has been for the series, this arc has been a big reminder on why he is the Shogun.* The entire final battle in the second movie. Most of major recurring cast is involved in an epic battle in the past against the movie's villain. ''Everybody'' gets a moment. Even Yamazaki and Hasegawa.* Mutsu gets in on the awesomeness when she finally shows off what a badass ActionGirl she is by curbstomping an entire ship of SpacePirates and saving Sakamoto. Made even better by TheReveal that she is a freaking Yato!* The otherwise mostly comedic [[LoveIsInTheAir Love Incense]] arc gets some awesome action at the end when Tsukuyo shoots down cannon shells one-by-one with her kunai... using only one hand.* Providing some of the biggest {{Wham Episode}}s in the series, the Shogun Assassination arc provides plenty of awesome moments:** Okita vs Kamui in chapter 505. Epic fight that take almost an entire chapter without a single spoken word.** Shigeshige's appearance in chapter 506 after his supposed death. It's the friggin' Shogun indeed!** When [[FakeDefector Zenzo]] seems to be on the verge of being killed by the Kiheitai, who shows up to save him? None other than Sacchan!** Gintoki finally gets his long awaited showdown with Takasugi. Both prove as [[{{Determinator}} determined to win]] as the other, and when their weapons gradually break down, they resort to wailing on each other with the fists.** While Gintoki fights Takasugi, Kagura faces Kamui in another long awaited showdown. While Kagura proves to be much more outmatched, she still manages to a land several solid hits on him and refuses to give an inch.** When all four combatants have their fights interrupted by the Naraku, they all team up against them to make their escape. Most notably, Takasugi [[LaserGuidedKarma pays back]] Oboro by [[EyeScream stabbing out his eye]] with a sword.* The Farewell Shinsengumi arc follows immediately after the Shogun Assassination arc, and has its own fair share of awesome moments.** Otae gets her moment by calling out Nobunobu for being a tyrant, only for Nobunobu to slowly press his blade against her while she's restrained by his henchmen. Hijikata goes in to punch him, only for Gintoki to take the punch to the face, before punching Nobunobu ''himself''.** Gintoki is about to get arrested for the above punch when Katsura shows up, creating a diversion that allows Gintoki to escape while he is arrested in his place. Once in prison, he begins planning an escape with Kondo and Matsudaira.** During the ambush at sea, Kozenigata jumps in the way of a Naraku attacking Hijikata, taking out the Naraku but becoming critically injured in the process. Proving that while he is an incompetent detective and officer, he'll more than step up to the plate in a pinch.** Kondo is about to be shot by Isaburo and Matsudaira is about to get killed by the Mimawarigumi soldiers. Then suddenly some of the Mimawarigumi soldiers ''defend'' Matsudaira by cutting down the others, with Hijikata arriving to fight Isaburo.** One of the members of the Tendoshu, Utsuro, arrives on the battlefield himself and promptly starts handing everyone but Gintoki their asses. When Gintoki himself is stunned by Utsuro resembling or possibly ''being'' Shoyo himself and about to be decapitated, Kagura and Okita both team up to hold him back, allowing Gintoki to deliver a long slash down his chest. [[HealingFactor It doesn't last, but points for awesome.]]** Kondo and Hijikata team up against Oboro, using a combined attack on either side of him. Result: Hijikata cuts up his abdomen while Kondo ''[[AnArmAndALeg cuts off his arm]]''.* The arc following Farewell Shinsengumi begins with Yorozuya and Katsura going into space with Sakamoto to fight against the Harusame, now led by Utsuro.** Nobunobu and his forces blocks the rebellion's path to going to space. When it looks like they are cornered, Nobunobu's ship gets rear-ended by one of the Kaientai's ships with a ''cloaking device''. In just one chapter, Gintoki and co. invaded Nobunobu's ship and already got him where they want him!-->'''Gintoki''': ''"Your country is soft enough to take down in 5 pages."''** Gintoki makes good on his promise and does just ''that''! Gintoki, Katsura, and Sakamoto capture Nobunobu and humiliate him. When Nobunobu orders everyone who failed to rescue him to commit seppuku, Bansai of all people knocks him out in one punch, which breaks two of his teeth, and tells the retainers they don't have to listen to him anymore.** And when Katsura fights Shoukaku (and wins), showing that both characters are strong in their own way.** Sakamoto, Mutsu and Nobunobu joining forces when they went to defeat Hankei.** Gintoki surprises Batou and defeats him by blowing up his remaining eye.** Kamui appearing and assassinating Shirei in a cruel way and defying his own father, Umibozu.** Gintoki vs Kamui battle, being a very epic one since one of them was at a disadvantage compared to the other. ** Abuto stopping an enraged Kamui from killing Gintoki and Kagura in chapter 585. Despite his being a villain, he doesn't wish for his captain to go that far and to lose to his Yato blood.** In the same chapter Shinpachi blocking Kamui's attack that was directed at Kagura! Looking at how minimal his role was at the beginning of the arc and even the previous one, his determination to save everyone and after sending Umibouzu to safety makes it clear that [[HesBack he is back]].*** And the following chapter pretty much confirms that: Despite being in a massive disadvantage against Kamui in Berserk state, he, along Kagura, managed to hold Kamui enough time sending Umibouzu to safety and ''stop Kamui doing his slasher smile''!.%%** Takasugi gets his revenge by defeating Oboro once and for all.** Utsuro gets one for laying out his endgame. He fooled the Tendoshu by using the keys to unleash Altana to destroy enough planets throughout the universe left by the rotting bodies of the Tendoshu due to his immortal blood and then waited for the opportunity to turn against them, igniting a universe scale war that will destroy the Earth by having an alliance of those destroyed planets to attack... Just so he can find a way to die!* The Final Arc, the Silver Soul Arc, has begun.** Gintoki's friends are rebelling against the Altana Liberation Army who are looting and creating chaos in Edo. The Yorozuya finally arrived and their appearance eventually inspired not just their friends but the ''whole Kabuki Distrct'' to rebel against the army and ''winning''!%%** And then The Shinsengumi returns.** If that is not enough, BEHOLD THE NEO ARMSTRONG CYCLONE JET ARMSTRONG ''GENGAI'' CANNON!** Katsura despite screwing up a crucial stealth mission, gets another moment by making an alliance with Hata and his ilk to defend Earth thanks to the help of his long-lost brother Shijaku and... Elizabeth who is the thought dead older brother Draconia?!** The Yagyuu clan joins the fight! Especially Kyuubei saving Otae from getting beheaded by a Dakini soldier!** The Hyakka led Tsukuyo returns to give assistance to the Edo forces! Helping them pin down Ougai with their kunai and Gintoki delivering the finishing blow! It doesn't last however...** Ougai reveals to be NotQuiteDead by throwing his club at Kyuubei from behind, severely injuring her and taking her out of the fight! Then the Shinra warriors led by Soutatsu take the ladies at the rooftops hostage. What does Otose have in planned?** The rest of the citizens engage in an IAmSpartacus moment to save Gengai and free the hostages. Soutatsu's response? Spare Gengai and kill everyone else by throwing the hostages over the building starting with Tae! Who steps in? The return of Pirako who not only saved the hostages via nets and Jirocho ambushing the Shinra warriors while saving Otose and everyone in the process!** Hedoro joining the battle as well as the exorcist and there summons (Including Gedoumaru)** Nobunobu delivering an epic speech to Soyo, promising that he will defend Edo and the people in it, finding finally his bushido.** And in the following chapter... Katsura and Takasugi appears with their old warrior clothes, being prepared for the last battle.** A ship from space crashed into the Earth while Kagura is fighting against Master Son along with the fellow Yato. Kagura is now aided by those from that ship that bears the ''Harusame logo''... Kamui and his fellow Yato Squad! In space, the remaining Harusame pirates that serve with Kamui assists the rebels against the Liberation Army!%%** Kagura and Kamui teams up and defeats Master Son as loving siblings.** The HeroicSacrifice of both Bansai who made his last stand for Takasugi by using the grenades he tied up to himself to explode from inside while Henpeita crashing into the Hinokagutsuchi to delay its firing at the same time.** The above lead to these key moments: Sakamoto and Katsura finally makes their way to Enshou and the former shoots him straight into the locket! At the same time, Takasugi makes his way to the power generator and slashes through it with all his might while reeling from the sacrifices of his own fallen comrades that was not made in vain!** Chapter 662 deserves a mention: Just when Shinpachi is about to be killed by Utsuro, he gets some courage and surprises Utsuro ''blocking his attack'' and start a counter to him! Sadly, it gets interrupted when Utsuro attacks him, but when the latter realizes that he lost his regeneration factor...*** On the following chapter Shinpachi attacks him again landing some blows to him. And despite his regeneration is back and Shinpachi is defeated, due the unstability of the Altana flow, the damage Utsuro tooks starts to make effect on him.--


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