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1----[[AC:''Death Note'']]* The entire ending can qualify, on both sides.** Light's side: When this film changed the InternalReveal scene with Naomi Misora, at first, it can be initially disappointing, but after TheReveal, it felt right and showed Light being just as much a manipulative and evil genius as he was in the manga. To elaborate: when he saw Naomi at the train station after he killed Raye, he also noticed her papers that belonged to a wedding chapel. Then when she met Light for the first time, she introduced herself as Raye's fiancé, which gave him the idea to go to the chapel where she and Raye were going to get married, and discover Naomi's real name. This is because he realised that no one uses fake names in weddings! He then orchestrated the entire art centre standoff [[spoiler:by writing both Naomi's and his girlfriend Shiori's name in the 'Death Note', and let the Investigation Team and L watch the whole thing to provide Light an alibi. And due to his girlfriend's intended murder, he gains his father's sympathy and gets to join the Investigation Team. Now, he has an opportunity to destroy them from the inside out]].-->''"...everything went [[AllAccordingToPlan according to my plan]]."''** L: After [[spoiler:Light has pulled a particularly vicious and complicated {{plan}} with the dual aims of removing himself from suspicion and getting onto the Kira task force, this is apparently successful until L introduces himself to Light while very conspicuously and portentously eating a pack of chips of the same flavor (that very few people enjoy) and brand as Light used to conceal a mini-TV that allowed him to continue being Kira even while being under surveillance. The implicit message, that L knows exactly who Light is and what he did, just can't prove it yet, is not lost on Light who pulls a wonderful "oh shit" face. The fact that this is the only time we see L eat anything other than sweets just adds to the awesomeness]].[[AC:''Death Note: The Last Name'']]* [[spoiler:L's defeat of Light. He had already written his name into the 'Death Note', preventing others like Rem from killing him. And considering that 'Death Note' users go to [[TheNothingAfterDeath nothing]] after they die, this means L willingly gave up his right to go to heaven, just so he could finally expose Kira's true identity]].* When [[spoiler:L manages to prove that Light is Kira, and Light goes on a MotiveRant on how the justice system can't protect people. Soichiro, with TranquilFury and disgust, agrees that the justice system is flawed, because it's created by imperfect people]].-->''"The law isn't perfect. Neither are the people who've created it. But it's been made with the endless effort to do good. [[ShutUpHannibal What you've done is selfish.]] [[spoiler:Killing people isn't the answer]]."''** Also he remains in this state of TranquilFury until [[spoiler:Light orders Ryuk to kill him. That's NervesOfSteel.]]* L ends up in the reverse situation that Light was at the start of the manga: he is dying in less than a month, with a Death Note and a shinigami watching him so as to see the fun. Light had assumed he would have to pay consequences and wrote as many names as he could before Ryuk showed up. What does L do in the same situation? Burn the notebook and spend the rest of his limited time on solving crimes and settling his affairs. He expressly shows and tells Ryuk that he will not fall victim to the same temptation that corrupted Light. It shows that L, for his moral ambiguity, was not just a detective interested in the challenge but also in right and wrong.[[AC:''L: Change the [=WorLd=]'']]* L, despite having a bad spine, JUMPS onto a plane to rescue Maki from ecoterrorists with a bag of cures to the disease they let loose on his back.[[AC:''Death Note: Light Up the New World'']]* What does Yuki Shien do to take on an entire armed police squadron headed quickly towards his way? Since he has the Shinigami eyes, he makes Ryuk take off all the officers' helmets, so that he can see their names, and writes their names in a 'Death Note' page already labelled with lines reading "sudden death"! In other words, he kills them all in seconds.[[AC:''Meta'']]* Can we also mention that Soichiro is played by Chairman Kaga from ''Series/IronChef''? That alone is worthy of a Crowning Moment. And considering the idea that many only watched these films in the first place BECAUSE of him, YES.** Bonus awesome: he's reprised his role in the ''musicals''.


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