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1'''In Game'''* The whole campaign of the original game is a series of awesome moments for Arkantos, who travels across the world, partaking in battles involving three different mythologies including: participating in the battle of Troy, entering the Underworld to destroy a ram capable of busting into Tartarus, taking down Circe despite being a boar, recovering the pieces of an Egyptian God, and [[spoiler:confronting all of the Norse tribes at once even after being tricked by Loki]]. And in the last mission, [[spoiler:he ascends as a demi-god empowered by Zeus with an final epic duel with Poseidon's LivingStatue, and wins!]]* At the climax of the expansion, [[spoiler:Gaia appears in all her glory, swats away enemy forces, and fights [[GodOfEvil Kronus]] hand-to-hand, then throws him back into Tartarus, [[SaveTheWorld saving the world]].]]* The Powers of The Gods. This gives you the ability to assualt your enemies with Tornadoes, Meteors, or a variety of other disasters. Usually accompanied by dramatic music.* Heroes. These warriors are strong against mortals and myth units alike, are capable of picking up relics, and when they die a ghost rises from their bodies.'''Meta'''* The existence of the Tale of the Dragon expansion pack. It's been twelve years since any new content was created, and it looked like we'd never get anything else due to the closure of Ensemble Studios. Cue the gaming company Skybox. Seeing the popularity of '''Age of Mythology''', they teamed up with another company to create some new Chinese DLC that feels very much like the original game.** Their Titan is also epic when you read up on its mythological origins. Whereas the other Titans were either Gods, Giants, or mythological creatures re-purposed into Titans, China's Titan is none other than the first living creature in the Chinese Creation Myth. In Pokemon terms, it means that while the other civilizations have Legendaries or [[InfinityMinusOneSword Pseudos]], China has a Mew.


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