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1* During The Forest of Death Naruto and his team of him, Tayuya, and Haku discover The Akatsuki agents threatening Sakura and planning on killing and implying on doing more than that if she doesn't tell them where Naruto is at. Naruto despite being a Sound Ninja now decides he's seen enough. Cue BigDamnHeroes * Naruto and Haku fighting against [[DefeatingTheUndefeatable Lu Xiaong]] who recently had been unbeatable and effortlessly defeating anyone who challenged him. The two not only fought him to a draw, but Naruto manages to land a hit on him that while doesn't penetrate his armor stuns him as no one before had done so.** Naruto gets one as well when he calls out to him drawing his attention.--->'''Naruto:''' Dog of Iwagakure, Naruto Uzumaki is here to face you!* Orochimaru gets several during his fight against Hidan. But the best one is when he cuts his hands off during the climax, whilst Hidan barks that he'll bite him to death Orochimaru summons the Rashomon Gate and opens it revealing a void and grabbing Hidan tosses him into it. Hidan screams and yells at Orochimaru claiming that he'll be back and he'll kill him and Naruto one day, only for Orochimaru to [[ShutUpHannibal slam the gate shut locking him in it.]]


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