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1* When Pacha from ''WesternAnimation/TheEmperorsNewGroove'' tries to give Kuzco CPR, his long llama tongue pops out and flops on the ground. In reality, llama tongues are ''incredibly'' short; they can only reach half an inch out of their mouth.* Going past all of the usual dragon examples that would apply to the beast from ''WesternAnimation/{{Beowulf|2007}}'' (like wingspan), how does a heart that can fit in a man's fist pump blood through the body of a [[AttackOfThe50FootWhatever seventy foot long]] [[IfItSwimsItFlies flying and swimming]] reptile? Never mind that a heart in the neck protected by tracing paper is a bad idea anyway. Blocking the trachea and being easily ripped out are not desirable traits in a heart. However this is a human-demon hybrid, so there is an element of the supernatural at work which can circumvent the biological impossibilities. * ''WesternAnimation/{{Dumbo}}'' features a few examples of circus animals doing stuff they don't do (ostriches putting their heads in the sand, for example), but probably the most egregious is during "Baby Mine" when we see hippos sleeping underwater. [[AccidentallyCorrectWriting This is actually possible]], but only due to a reflex that lets hippos surface every couple of minutes and breathe air while remaining asleep. They don't stay submerged the whole time and breathe water as portrayed in the film - like every other mammal, they would drown. * ''WesternAnimation/FindingNemo'': ** Barracuda don't usually attack eggs. They prefer live prey. That said, it's possible the barracuda was aiming for Coral and destroyed the eggs by accident.** Also, clownfish don't keep their eggs in caves for the very reason that happened in the movie. To keep their eggs safe from anything that would eat the eggs, they lay them on a flat part of the sea anemone where egg-eaters can't get them. But then again, you need some reason to get the plot going...** The interior of the whale's throat is too large. While blue whales have a gigantic '''''mouth''''', their throat is tiny and unable to swallow anything larger than a beach ball (though that is still enough to swallow Marlin and Dory).** They also have respiratory and digestive traits completely separated, you know, so that they don't unintentionally [[spoiler:sneeze fish out of their blowhole]]. [[HollywoodDarkness And where is the light inside its mouth coming from?]]** Also, when [[spoiler:Marlin and Dory are holding onto]] the whale's tongue and [[spoiler:looking down]] its throat, the whale should not have a uvula (the grape-like ball that hangs in the back of your throat) dangling there.** Chuckles, the gift fish who was killed by Darla, looks like a goldfish. Which live in freshwater. The other Tank Gang fish are saltwater fish. You can see where this is going.** None of the sea turtles seem to worry about having to breathe. They also don't travel in flocks, [[RuleOfCool but this was intentional]].** Sea turtles don't live anywhere near 150 years; that honor belongs to tortoises. Their expected lifespan is still quite impressive at 80 years.** Clownfish do live in anemones but they also live in harems dominated by one male and one female, with a lot of non-productive males in the rest. When the dominant female dies, the dominant male undergoes a GenderBender and becomes the new dominant female. Clownfish will also reproduce with their relatives in times of emergency. This particular tidbit has raised eyebrows at the choice of clownfish for the film. ** Flapjack octopi have their mouths underneath their heads, not right below the eyes like a human face.** Interestingly, a featurette on DVD addresses the whole Artistic License issue. An animator relates a story of one of their consultants talking about the biological inaccuracies in their final fish designs. The animator replied, sheepishly, "Well... in real life they don't ''talk'' either, so..."* There seems to be some inconsistency as to whether Brutus and Nero from ''WesternAnimation/TheRescuers'' are alligators or crocodiles. If they are alligators (as the concept art for the movie implies) then their teeth are incorrect, being shown protruding instead of covered by the upper jaw, plus they are colored green like crocs rather than gray like real gators.* ''WesternAnimation/IceAge'':** There is a creature which is identified as an aardvark, but though it has the ears of an aardvark, it has the bushy tail of a giant anteater, and its snout is weirdly elongated to be reminiscent of an anteater (not an aardvark), but that animal would have a tiny mouth at the tip of its snout, whereas the cartoon critter has its mouth at the base. ** Scrat the proto-squirrel has huge saber-like canine teeth. Being rodents, squirrels -- even prehistoric ones -- don't have canines at all. Although the authors have said in an interview that it was PlayedForLaughs. Later crosses into AccidentallyCorrectWriting since [[ a later discovered prehistoric mammal was indeed squirrel-like]], [[ScienceMarchesOn and did indeed have fangs]]. It was not a rodent though, and lived in the ''Mesozoic'', not in the Cenozoic, much less the last ice age.** Sid and the other sloths walk perpetually upright and flat on their feet (sloths walk on all fours and on the sides of their feet, not unlike an anteater), and have heads shaped like a ''hammerhead''. They also have noses more like a dog's, though it's most likely ground sloths had pig-like noses since both 3-toed and 2-toed sloths have them.* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfTheTitanic'':** The dolphins jump as high as the deck of Titanic and manage to float in the air for a short amount of time by ''flapping their flippers''.** The unrealistically large octopus which has a dog's nose, and has to take a breath before it goes underwater.* ''WesternAnimation/{{Pinocchio}}'':** Jiminy Cricket bears very little, if any, resemblance to an actual cricket. To be fair, however, Jiminy was originally depicted as an actual (that is, less anthropomorphized) cricket with toothed legs and waving antennae. But Walt wanted something more likable. So he assigned animator Creator/WardKimball to redesign the cricket. Kimball whittled away at any and all cricket-like appendages until Jiminy became, in Kimball's words, "a little man with an egg head and no ears. And the only thing that makes him a cricket is because we call him one."** Monstro the whale resembles a sperm whale, but has a head much too wide and teeth on both jaws, when real sperm whale have laterally-flattened heads and only have teeth on their very thin lower jaw. He also has belly lining, which is a trait of baleen whales. He is also seen sleeping at the bottom of the ocean. Whales don't sleep that way, or else they would drown. Although it's eventually revealed he's just pretending to sleep so he can ambush passing schools of fish.* ''WesternAnimation/ThePrincessAndTheFrog'': The alligators that attack Tiana and Naveen are depicted with interlocking teeth like crocodiles. It gets jarring in that Louis has his lower teeth hidden when he closes his mouth, like a real alligator.* Combine that with ArtisticLicenseHistory: In Creator/RankinBassProductions' ''[[WesternAnimation/SantaClausIsCominToTown The Easter Bunny Is Comin' to Town]]'', one music segment has the chickens tell a story [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment in a song]] that makes fun of the riddle of "chicken or the egg": They explain that "the chicken came first" by retelling Literature/TheBible story of [[TheGreatFlood Noah's Ark]], and comparing the riddle to who came first: "[[NurseryRhyme the pussycat or the fiddle]]", "the [[ Fountain]] or [[ Ponce de León]]", and "[[BreadEggsMilkSquick the cow or]] [[ Mrs. O'Leary]]". ScienceMarchesOn: Scientists now think the dinoid oviducts had to evolve to produce the proper egg before the chicken('s ancestor) could be hatched. Technically, the chicken did evolve first.* ''WesternAnimation/{{Sahara}}'':** Each snake sports a unique scale color and patterning unlike anything exhibited by real snakes. In Eva's case, her pattern consists of a row of ornate flowers imitating the style of Mehndi body art, also known as henna[[]].** The Dusty snakes are shown eating watermelon and chewing it before swallowing. Real-life snakes are obligate carnivores (they won't eat anything other than meat), and they swallow their prey whole instead of chewing on it.** Snakes in real life exhibit a wide variety of colors and patterns meant to act as camouflage or signal that they are venomous. The patterns displayed by the snakes in the film, however, are unlike anything found on actual serpents. The colors and patterns seen in the film are instead designed to give each character a unique appearance and reflect some aspect of their personality. This is rather apparent in Saladin's case as his hood markings resemble a skull.* On ''WesternAnimation/StrawberryShortcake'', the Purple Pieman apparently literally never dreamed throughout his life up until ''The Sweet Dreams Movie'' that's why he wants to "steal a little dream of yours." That's biologically impossible people who don't dream go insane and eventually die.* In ''WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon'', Hiccup is out of bed and walking on peg leg just a few days after losing his foot. In RealLife, amputees take weeks or even ''months'' to heal enough to even be fitted for a prosthetic, let alone be using it.* ''WesternAnimation/{{Tarzan}}'':** Tarzan's often able to win over others' sympathy through his eyes, including the gorillas. In reality, gorillas do not like direct eye contact, perceiving it as a challenge. Locking eyes with one of them is demanding a fight.** A human walking on his knuckles as Tarzan does would be extremely painful and cause severe damage to the bones in the hands. Gorillas get away with this due to thicker knuckle bones and arms longer than their legs, unlike humans. As he's spent most of his life walking on all fours, Tarzan's pretty fortunate that his back isn't wrecked as well.** Albeit with great difficulty, Tarzan does manage to physically hold Kerchak back to stop him from attacking Jane. Though it is difficult to gauge their strength with any precision, a silverback male gorilla usually tips the scales at about 400 pounds and is many times strong than any human. A human attempting to take on an angry silverback in real life would literally be crushed in a heartbeat.* ''WesternAnimation/{{Madagascar}}'': Fossa prefer to live on their own, not in a pack.----


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