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1%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread:²%% Please do not replace or remove without starting a new thread.²%%²[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:''I pray, pray to bring on the new day'']]²²->''"It is [[AlternativeCalendar the year 0079 of the Universal Century]]. A half-century has passed since Earth began moving its burgeoning population into gigantic orbiting space colonies. A new home for mankind, where people are born and raised. [DramaticPause] And die."''²-->-- '''OpeningNarration'''²²''Mobile Suit Gundam'' (''Kidou Senshi Gundam'', lit. "Mobile Soldier Gundam") is the original Franchise/{{Gundam}} show, created by Creator/YoshiyukiTomino. It started in 1979 as a planned 52-episode series, but it was cut down to 43 due to the show pulling in horrible ratings[[note]]actually cut down to 39, but the producers managed to bargain for a one-month extension to actually finish the story[[/note]]. However, the [[MerchandiseDriven merchandise]] for the show sold rather well, allowing the series to go straight into syndication, where it found its audience. A largely reanimated CompilationMovie trilogy successfully convinced the people with the money to further develop the series, and Mobile Suit Gundam eventually spawned a massive franchise.²²The series takes place in the year 0079[[note]]read as "double oh seventy-nine"[[/note]] of the [[AlternativeCalendar Universal Century]], during a war between the [[TheFederation Earth Federation]] that governs [[OneWorldGovernment Earth and most of the space colonies]] and the [[TheEmpire Principality of Zeon]], a group of colonies that declared independence from the Federation. Despite coexisting more-or-less peacefully for years, Zeon launched a surprise attack using their [[BiggerStick devastatingly effective]] new [[HumongousMecha enormous humanoid combat vehicles]] known as [[AMechByAnyOtherName mobile suits]], catching the Federation completely off guard, decimating the Federation's military and then proceeding to wipe out half of humanity with a combination of [[DepopulationBomb nerve gas]], [[NukeEm nuclear weapons]], and [[ColonyDrop intentionally deorbiting a space colony]] as a makeshift OrbitalBombardment. When this failed to bring the Federation to its knees, Zeon follows up by invading Earth.²²Months later, after the war has dragged into a stalemate, the Federation is testing a new [[CoolStarship warship]] (an [[TheBattlestar assault carrier]] named the ''White Base'') and a [[SuperPrototype highly advanced]] mobile suit known as the Gundam when they come under attack by a small Zeon force. Local resident Amuro Ray, an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent, ends up FallingIntoTheCockpit and piloting the Gundam to fend off the Zeon attack. With most of the Federation staff killed during the battle, Amuro and a group of surviving locals are forced to crew the ''White Base'' themselves in order to survive.²²From there, this unlikely group journeys across Earth and space, going up against the Zeon forces and a variety of enemy {{Ace Pilot}}s arrayed against them, in a classic series that is both a war drama and a ComingOfAgeStory, focusing simultaneously on the [[WarIsHell horrors of war]] and the gradual maturing of its teenage cast from [[ChildrenForcedToKill frightened, desperate children]] simply fighting to survive into a [[BandOfBrothers tight-knit crew]] of {{Unlikely Hero}}es who manage, through skill, luck, and determination, to change the course of the One Year War.²²The original RealRobot series, ''Mobile Suit Gundam'' literally [[TropeMaker created a genre]], and eventually spawned an entire franchise. Details can be found on our ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'' page. ''Mobile Suit Gundam'' has a direct sequel in ''Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam'', and there are also a trio of {{OVA}}s and one [[WebAnimation ONA]] set in the same time period during the One Year War: ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamThe08thMSTeam The 08th MS Team]]'', ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam0080WarInThePocket Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket]]'', ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamMSIGLOO MS IGLOO]]'', and ''[[Manga/MobileSuitGundamThunderbolt Gundam Thunderbolt]]''. There is also a manga re-imagining of ''Mobile Suit Gundam'' under the name ''Manga/MobileSuitGundamTheOrigin''. The show's production itself was [[RuleOfFunny comically]] fictionalized in ''Manga/GundamSousei''.²²----²!!This show provides examples of:²²* AlasPoorVillain: Ramba Ral, Crowley Hamon, and any Zabi other than Gihren and arguably Kycilia are played for sympathy at the last.²* AchillesInHisTent: Amuro abandons the White Base twice. The first time (figuratively) he refuses to fight, causing Bright to [[GetAholdOfYourselfMan slap him back to sanity]]. The second time, Amuro physically deserts the White Base when Bright threatens to take him off the Gundam. ²* AdaptationDistillation: The CompilationMovie trilogy, which are often considered of higher production value than the series. They streamline the plot (albeit at the expense of crucial character and plot development), and cut out a lot of elements that Tomino didn't really want in there to start with (Like the G-Fighter/Armour and Gundam Hammer). They also improve on the animation, which was [[OffModel not great]] in the original series.²** The novelization is greatly compressed when compared with the TV series, completely skipping the Earth-bound portion of the plot and cutting out a lot of the characters and mecha (Zeon only has two MS, the Zaku II and Rick Dom).²* AdaptationalEarlyAppearance: In Kazuhisa Kondo's manga adaptation of the series, the Gouf shows up in a cutaway to Gadem's supply ship as they go to deliver the replacement Zaku II's to Char; the soldiers remarking on it as a new ground type to be shipped to M'Quve's forces. At this point in the story Side 7 is still being attacked and in the original the Gouf didn't show up until Ramba Ral's attack which happened when they got to Earth.²* AdaptationalWimp: The Compilation movies changed a few skill levels.²** M'Quve is just ArmchairMilitary in this version and his mechs, the Adzam and Gyan, were AdaptedOut. His command accomplishments are roughly the same, but him shooting down the White Base was also removed.²** In the Series the Doms' armor was explicitly tougher than previous Zeon suits and could NoSell the Gundam Vulcans. In the films Amuro destroys a Rick Dom from Conscon's squadron using the Vulcans.²* AerithAndBob: Standard names like Ryu, Kai, Matilda, etc. put alongside Kycilia, Dozel, Artesia, and, of course, Bright. In a funny twist to this, Tomino, the director and writer, decided to name the lead character Amuro because he thought it was exotic and a made up name. Turns out it is the name of a Japanese island and is in fact a real name.²* AgeGapRomance: Hamon and Ramba Ral. While it certainly seems to be a MayDecemberRomance from their appearances, Ral's much YoungerThanHeLooks and is actually in his 30s, his lined face and gray hair just makes him look older. There's a big age gap between the two.²* AgonyOfTheFeet:²** When Sayla takes the Gundam and takes on Ramba Ral's Gouf he surprises her and tears Gundam's foot in half. The blow basically cripples her as the Gundam's stabilization measures were neutralized.²** Kai and the Guncannon's fight with Gaia and his Dom ends with Gaia blowing the Guncannon's foot off with a missile.²** While the Guntank technically doesn't have feet, it's main method of ambulation, its treads, are destroyed three times: during Hamon's counterattack, the second engagement with the Black Tri-Stars, and the Solomon Offensive.²* AgriWorld: In the lore of the Universal Century, certain space colonies are devoted to farming. In the backstory leading up to ''Mobile Suit Gundam'', an accident in one causing famine is part of what led to the One Year War.²* AllThereInTheManual: Most of the One-Year War is backstory, only described in the novelization but still considered canon. Examples include the Battle of Loum, [[ColonyDrop Operation British]] and [[RousingSpeech General Revil's "Zeon is Exhausted" speech]].²* AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs: Twice during the series; [[WorthyOpponent Ramba Ral]]'s assault on the White Base, and the Zeon's attack on Jaburo.²* AlternativeCalendar: The Universal Century.²* AntiVillain: Several examples, but most famously Ramba Ral. Often overlaps with PunchClockVillain and MyCountryRightOrWrong.²* AnyoneCanDie: The series was, after all, created by a man who was ''nicknamed'' KillEmAll. In this case there are only a few main character deaths, though.²* ApocalypseHow: Stellar/Societal Disruption. Over half of humanity's population is killed in the One Year War, but humanity survives and is able to rebuild.²* ArmorIsUseless: ZigZagged. Gundam's armor is one of it's best assets and allows it to NoSell a number of crippling blows that would destroy other mechs. All other Mobile Suits use varying degrees of armor, with the Doms constructed to be especially tough. Unfortunately Gundam's introduction is when Beam Weaponry starts to become more and more standardized and that makes all of the armor in the series useless. The shields the Zaku's used for defense could be pierced easily, the Doms could be taken down in one hit and even the Gundam itself can't fully defend against the Zeong [[spoiler:and is destroyed]]. By series end offense was one of the key factors in Mobile Suits rather than defense; the Gelgoogs and GM's all utilized beam weapons and tried to avoid getting hit rather than defending themselves. There were some counters however: Federation utilized particle spread to disrupt beam blasts and the Big Zam had DeflectorShields.²* TheArtifact: The TV series still carried many SuperRobot elements. The later movie versions retconned many of them away.²* TheAtoner: Zaku pilot Cucuruz Doan was involved in an offensive that left numerous civilians dead. When ordered to execute the children of those civilians, he defected and took the children into hiding to raise them.²* AwesomeButImpractical: Zeon's approach to Mobile Suit design. Zeon made a lot of cool looking suits, easily more than the Federation, but while the Federation suits were well rounded, Zeon design often had a ton of issues. Zeon's Mobile Suit production was heavily privatized with different companies pumping out different designs each eating up resources in a desperate attempt to build more impressive weapons. The Gouf and Gyan were good as one off designs, but never saw major production because they were two specialized for dueling. The Dom succeeded in every way to the Zaku II, but the innovation paled in comparison to the leaps that the Federation made developing the GM's. Super weapon after super weapon was developed, mobile armors cycled in and out, and the entire production line of aquatic mobile suits was rendered useless when Zeon lost their foothold on earth. The fighting to get the next model out delayed the production of the much more practical Gelgoog (a Zeon MS that finally came standard with beam weaponry, armor, and mobility to rival the Gundam) up until the end of the war and by that point it was too late. ²* BadassMustache: Ramba Ral.²* BattleChant: The Toonami opening credits (which replaced the original opening on the initial Region 1 [=DVDs=] starting with volume 4) show Gihren Zabi at Garma Zabi's funeral leading the Zeon soldiers in the chant "Hail Zeon!" ²* BigBrotherMentor: Ryu Jose, and to a degree, Bright.²* BigScrewedUpFamily: The Zabi family; the Deikuns aren't far behind.²* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler: Amuro fights Char to a draw but is about to let himself die until he hears his friends' voices and is able to reunite with his adoptive family. Char survives, finishes his "revenge" by killing Kycilia, and escapes but is separated from his beloved sister Sayla forever. To add insult to injury, the CoolShip, ''Whitebase'' is destroyed, along with the Gundam, Guncannon and Guntank, leaving the protagonists without a home to go back to]].²* BlackAndGrayMorality: Though it did fall to GreyAndGrayMorality when it comes to side materials and individual levels, but on the whole, Zeon is portrayed as TheEmpire with PuttingOnTheReich stylings while [[TheFederation the Earth Federation]] is portrayed as more benevolent, but their mistreatment of space colonies led to [[TheWarOfEarthlyAggression conditions]] that would spark the One Year War.²* BlingOfWar: ''[[AllThereInTheManual Mobile Suit Variations]]'' reveals that several of the high-ranking Zeon officers had custom-built mobile suits, many of which had highly ornate engravings and other detailing. Of particular note are [[ Dozle Zabi's custom Zaku II]] and [[ M'Quve's downright gaudy custom Gouf]].²* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: The [[CoolShip White Base]] girls -- Sayla, Mirai, and Frau.²* BoomHeadshot: For the most part, ''Gundam'' tends to avert this as mobile suit cockpits are actually be placed in the machine's torso. The head usually only contains sensors and cameras so destroying it tends to only blind the mobile suit. Humourously however, the final episode both reverts and re-inverts this trope. Amuro manages to destroy the torso of Char's Zeong and thinks he scored a killshot...only to then see the Zeong's now detached head fly upward and attack him, and realize that for once, Zeon's engineers put the cockpit in the head this time. In turn, Char blasts the Gundam's head off (along with its left arm) to which Amuro retorts that Char only destroyed his main camera. And during the same episode we get two examples of this performed on humans. Kycilia blasts a neat little hole in Gihren's head as revenge for the latter killing their father Degwin. Not long after that though, as she's retreating from A' Baoa Qu, Kycilia ends up on the receiving end of one from Char. [[NoKillLikeOverkill With a rocket launcher. While Char is not in any sort of MS, free-floating in zero gravity,]] [[BeyondTheImpossible blasting said rocket from a considerable distance straight through the windscreen of Kycilia's warship, straight dead center into Kycilia's head, blowing it right off.]] Wow.²* BootstrappedTheme: ''[[ Soldiers of Sorrow]]''/''[[ Ai Senshi]]''. It's not the series' theme, yet it pretty much became the theme of the ''entire franchise'', even becoming the BGM for the 30th anniversary video. Being a perfect example of LyricalDissonance probably helped.²* BoringButPractical: The Federation's approach to Mobile Suits. Zeon's very much AwesomeButImpractical pumping out a variety of different suits with different specializations and abilities, while the Federation just standardized their model. The GM isn't a very flashy suit, but it does have the basics: beam sword, shield, and beam rifle. It's maneuverable and coupled with the Ball Mobile suits can be quite a formidable army, especially with the mass produced beam rifles which Zeon never found an effective mass produced counter to. While Zeon pumped out the Goggs, the Z'Doks, the Acguys (all of which were only deployed on Earth), the Federation had one design in mind and just mass produced it, ultimately winning them the war.²* BridgeBunnies: Mirai as White Base's pilot, Sayla as Communications Officer [[spoiler:later replaced by Fraw Bow]], plus [[ThoseTwoGuys two male navigators]] who play no role in the plot outside of navigating.²* BriefcaseFullOfMoney: Late in the series, Char sends a briefcase full of gold to [[spoiler: his sister Sayla]] in an attempt to persuade her to leave ''White Base'' and the Federation military. She turns it over to Bright.²* ButForMeItWasTuesday: The entire White Base crew knows and fears Char Aznable, the Red Comet. Conversely, for most of the series Char doesn't even know who Amuro is, and they only meet face-to-face very late in the series (Char helps Amuro pull his car out of a mud puddle). Of course, after [[spoiler:Amuro kills Lalah while aiming for Char, the whole thing becomes [[ItsPersonal very personal]] for both of them.]] ²* ButNotTooForeign: WordOfGod is that Amuro is half-Japanese and half-North American, but over the years they've [[FlipFlopOfGod flip-flopped]] on whether his mother was American, Canadian, or Mexican.²* CharClone: The original, actually, from which all Char Clones derive.²* CharacterDevelopment: What set it aside from several other HumongousMecha shows of its time, aside of the RealRobot aspect.²* ColonyDrop: Operation British in the back story is the TropeNamer. Zeon [[DepopulationBomb nerve gassed]] a space colony, and then deorbited it in an attempt to destroy the Federation HQ in South America (which, being an ElaborateUndergroundBase whose exact location was secret, was effectively invulnerable to everything up to and including nukes). Unfortunately for them, the Federation intervened and inflicted enough damage on their missile that it broke up in the atmosphere, with the only major damage being to ''[[EpicFail Sydney, Australia]]''.²** The effect is still pretty terrifying. The blast was 60,000 megatons, devastated southeastern Australia (killing 10 million people in Sydney alone), and left a 500 kilometer crater in the continent that leaves a massive gulf along the coastline. ²* CombiningMecha: The Gundam is formed from three separate parts; later in the series, even more optional parts are added.²** The Guncannon and Guntank are also merely plug-and-play parts that can be attached to a Core Fighter.²** The Core Fighter, a little jet with anemic firepower, can combine with the G-Fighter in the TV series and the Core Booster in the movies. ²* CompilationMovie: Three of them.²* ConservationOfNinjutsu: ²** When Ramba Ral first appears in the Gouf, Amuro can barely hold his own and is nearly taken down with it. Later, Goufs appear somewhat regularly and Amuro can destroy several of them at a time. Possibly [[JustifiedTrope justified]] by Ramba Ral being an ace pilot and Amuro not being used to the Gouf's speed and weapons.²** Char's Gelgoog gives Amuro some trouble, but the mass produced Gelgoogs in the final battle go down with ease. Justified when one of Kycilia's subordinates tells her that the Gelgoogs aren't as effective as they ought to be because most of the Gelgoog pilots are inexperienced.²* CyberCyclops: Zeon's mobile suits. The Zaku series is probably the most famous for HumongousMecha as a whole.²* DeathByAdaptation:²** [[spoiler:[[ItWasHisSled Amuro is killed]]]] in Tomino's novelization. However, this wasn't due to his KillEmAll attitude but rather because he didn't anticipate any sequels, and he has said that he wouldn't have done it if he knew better.²** [[spoiler:Hayato, as well. In fact, of the three main pilots, only Kai survives in the novelization.]]²** In Kondo's manga adaptation the soldier that Amuro shoots in self-defense in front of his mother is killed instead of only wounded, making the argument with Kamaria take on a different light.²* DeathByFallingOver: Happens more than once. [[spoiler:First Garma's girlfriend Icelina slips and falls off the top of the aircraft she was chasing after the White Base on in an ill-conceived attempt to avenge his death (though this part was cut from the compilation). Later on, Amuro's dad falls down a flight of stairs and breaks his neck.]] Eerily, this is also how M'Quve's voice actor died in RealLife.²* DueToTheDead: After the Black Tri-Stars attack and both sides take casualties they go about honoring their dead. The White Base crew and Matilda's unit all share a moment of silence and salute as the ship takes off to pay respects to [[spoiler:Matilda]] and the other soldiers that died. In the next episode Gaia and Ortega construct a small grave for Mash, say a few words, and discharge their guns in salute; M'Quve is dismissive of the whole affair.²* DoomedHometown: Side 7.²* DownerEnding: In the novelization of the series, Amuro [[spoiler:is actually ''killed'' by a random beam bazooka blast from behind during the Battle of A Baoa Qu.]] The novelization differs in several other points (such as actual use of the G3 Gundam), but this is the most shocking change.²** So much so, ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAdvance'' actually uses the novelization Amuro's fate as part of the AlternateUniverse plot.²** [[spoiler:And of all things, ''SD Gundam G Generation DS'' used ''that'' downer ending to set up its Villain Route.]]²* DoubleWeapon: The Gelgoog, Zeon's answer to the Gundam, has a double-ended beam naginata, one of the earliest examples of this in speculative fiction.²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Fans of the franchise who haven't seen the original series will be surprised to find there are no mid-season upgrades, only one Gundam, several machines and weapons that aren't mobile suits and plenty of battle scenes that do not revolve around actual mobile suit battle. There's also the Guntank and Guncannon, which are reasonably far from the types of mobile suits seen in later installments. The series can have something of a rough around the edges feeling, given that Tomino was in the process of figuring things out.²** In-universe, the (rather logical) explanation for all of this is that the One Year War is the very ''beginning'' of Mobile Suits, and for technological and logistical reasons it's easier to keep fighting with what they had. For example, the Guntank and Guncannon fill long- and mid-range fire-support roles that later Mobile Suits can do with better mobility, and quite a few of the Federation's land battles were won through the use of old-style tanks and tactics.²* EliteMooks: The Zeon's foot soldiers and Zaku II suits are the regular mooks, and several elite groups and newer mechs show up to give the heroes a harder time.²** Ramba Ral introduces the Gouf to the series and much later it shows up in larger quantities. While the Gundam can still beat them, they're tougher than the Zakus.²** Ramba Ral's soldiers pose quite a challenge when compared to Char or Garma's men. Though they're largely with the same resources (only 4 Zaku's were under Ral's command for his entire tenure as a villain) they prove to be very powerful and skilled adversaries with Ral's final attack costing a lot of White Base's personnel [[spoiler:and Hamon's final attack leaving Ryu dead]].²** The Black Tri-Stars are a trio of powerful soldiers all showing off the new Dom type mobile suit. In their debut they give White Base and Matilda's staff quite the fight even with the new upgrades for Gundam culminating in [[spoiler:Matilda's death]].²* EnergyWeapons: Mostly based on Minovsky reaction-derived mega-particles, though there's lasers here and there.²** The Gelgoog debuts at the end of the war as Zeon's top Mobile Suit. Though it's performance isn't stellar compared to previous suits partly because of how skilled the White Base crew has gotten, partly because of the lack of experienced fighters to crew the suits, and partly because the series was wrapping up and the Gelgoog could only get a good showing with Char. It is one of the better Zeon weapons and it's notable for finally being the suit that Zeon mass-produced beam rifles for. Later series set around this time frame would retroactively demonstrate that the Gelgoog really was a cut above the other mass-produced Zeon suits.²* EngineeredPublicConfession: [[spoiler: How [[TheMole General Elran]] gets caught - Amuro corners him with incriminating evidence whilst the general's soldiers (who Amuro had warned beforehand) monitor the cameras in his office.]]²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Ramba Ral's introduction in episode 12 really hammers home who he is and how the audience should feel about him. He attacks White Base from reentry to the planet forcing them to retreat. His attitude to the conflict is entirely businessman like; he's firm and clever but also a pretty good guy to work for. He debuts the Gouf and matches Amuro in combat and when routed his wife Hamon organizes the retreat. It's notable that when he went into combat his side had no casualties and the RedShirt Zakus and Capsule Pilots all made it back alive.²* EverybodyCries: The White Base crew is left in tears after [[spoiler: Ryu's HeroicSacrifice.]]²* EvilIsBigger: If the Brow Bro, Elmeth, and Big Zam are any indicator, someone at Zeon's department of design likes to build large. This is justified, however: The Brow Bro and Elmeth were designed around the use of psy-commu weapons, then in its infancy, which forced them to be larger than Mobile Suits. The Big Zam was designed to be able to take a whole ''fleet'' on by itself, and is big in order to fit everything it needs.²* FallingIntoTheCockpit: Amuro, even when his dad was the one who built the Gundam itself. To a lesser extent, the entire ''White Base'' crew; at age 19, Bright was the most junior officer of the White Base's original crew until a Zeon attack left him as acting captain.²* {{Fanservice}}:²** The Char ShowerScene for female viewers.²** Throughout the series, Mirai, Fraw Bow, and Sayla all get shower or bath scenes that have no connection whatsoever to the plot.²* FascistButInefficient: Throughout the show, the efficiency of the Zeon forces is frequently hampered by several of their leaders being involved in constant political power struggles against each other, leading to problems such as officers getting backstabbed in the heat of battle or supplies being conspicuously delayed when they are needed the most. It is often suggested White Base would be facing even more insurmountable odds if Zeon could actually pull themselves together for once and stop their low-intensity in-fighting.²* TheFederation: The Earth Federation, naturally.²* FictionalGenevaConventions: The Antarctic Treaty sets out the laws of war for both the Federation and Zeon. It's treated more as a guideline.²* FingerFirearms: The Gouf comes equipped with cannon fingers and the Zeong has laser ones.²* ForgottenPhlebotinum: The super napalm used in the second episode; a mecha-scaled flamethrower would have been awesome and useful, if impractical in vacuum and limited in ammunition. Somewhat rectified in recent years, as newer video games included it as part of Gundam's arsenal, as well as its inclusion in the newest Gundam MG model kit.²** The Gundam's learning computer. This was the early explanation for how a novice pilot like Amuro was able to kick ass the way he did. Tomino seems to have forgotten about it halfway through, because he introduced the concept of Newtypes with the sole purpose of explaining why the Gundam fought so well. Like the super napalm, this was eventually brought back in ''Manga/MobileSuitCrossboneGundam'', where the learning computer, left adrift for half a century after Amuro abandoned his totaled Core Fighter, was found by the Jupiter Empire and used to create an AI clone of Amuro to pilot the prototype version of one of their new mobile suits.²* FullNameBasis: ''Everyone'' calls him "Ramba Ral". Nobody calls him just "Ramba". Sometimes (in the series) they call him just "Ral", but mostly it's "Ramba Ral". Also Challia Bull, and often, but not always, Fraw Bow.²* FullPotentialUpgrade: The RX 78-2 needed multiple upgrades due to Amuro's growing capabilities, the best-known of which is the Magnet(ic) Coating on its joints to make them react faster. Of course, even this wasn't enough, and the [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam0080WarInThePocket NT-1 "Alex"]] was designed just for him.²* FuroScene: Sayla got a bath scene.²* GasMaskMooks: The wires around the Zaku II and Gouf's faces invoke this trope, looking like breathing tubes and adding to their evil militaristic designs.²* GeniusBruiser: Prince Dozle Zabi is 7' feet of pure Zabi muscle and leads his troops in person heroically in the Battle of Solomon. Might be a bit of a GentleGiant, since [[PetTheDog he truly cared for his family]] (namely his little brother Garma, his wife Zenna and his daughter Mineva) and was apparently well-loved by his subordinates. Thank God Mineva didn't take after her father in appearance.²* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: The infamous Bright Slap, delivered by Noah Bright to Amuro, was the original TropeNamer. We also have Sleggar and Ryu mastering this technique. Somewhat humorously, for how famous the original incident's become it actually ''didn't'' work as intended, with Amuro going AWOL within minutes.²* HelpingHands: The Zeong mobile suit can disconnect its arms at the elbow (they're connected by wires, but very long ones) in order to attack with its beam cannon fingers from any angle. For example, it could disconnect an arm and circle around a GM in order to shoot it in the back, bypassing its shield, but this isn't very necessary given its incredible power. [[spoiler:This ability was built into the suit in order to let pilot Char Aznable make use of his telepathy to guide the arms and attack from unpredictable angles.]]²* HeroicSacrifice: From both throwaway and major characters. [[spoiler: Poor Matilda, poor Ryu, poor Michelle, poor Woody, poor Lalah...]]²* HoistByTheirOwnPetard: The entry for InterserviceRivalry is the big reason why Zeon lost the war: from Zabi family squabbles to wannabes and has-beens trying to one-up actual aces and trying to squash the Gundam and failing miserably means that, by the end of war, Zeon has lost so much of its might, it's pretty much down to rookies who barely know how to control their powerful new Gelgoogs.²* HollywoodHomely: Invoked. Despite the Zabi family being frequently described as ugly, only Degwin and Dozle (and in ''The Origin'', Sasro) are particularly ugly. The rest of the family ranges from average to beautiful. The Zabi males, however, are considerably darker than most of the other main characters. ²* HotBlade: Being a step behind the Federation in EnergyWeapons science, Zeon's standard mecha melee weapons for most of the war are superheated metal blades like the Zaku's heat hawk and the Dom's heat saber. General consensus is that they're good, but not ''quite'' as good as a beam saber.²* HoverSkates: The MS-09 Dom has these in the form of thermonuclear jets built into its legs. It can't use them to fly, but it can zip across the ground at a ''much'' higher speed than simply running.²* HoverMecha: The MS-09 Dom. The MS-09R Rick Dom and MSN-02 Zeong ''look'' like they might count, but they're designed to fight in space (and the Zeong isn't meant to ''hover'').²* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Dozle Zabi and his wife Zenna. Zenna appears normal size, but Dozle is gigantically tall at 210cm coupled with a broad muscular frame built up like a brick house. And his daughter literally fits in the palm of his hand.²* HumongousMecha²** RealRobot: Started the genre. Despite this, it still has many SuperRobot hangups, mainly in the TV series.²* {{Hypocrite}}: Zeon claims to be liberating the colonies, even as it destroys several of them.²* IHaveNoSon: Though Amuro's mother makes a show of seeing him off when he returns to the White Base at the end of the North America arc, it's clear she can't bring herself to love him anymore after watching him kill a Zeon soldier and the two of them have no further contact for the remainder of their lives.²* ILetGwenStacyDie: [[spoiler:Lalah, for both Amuro and Char.]]²* ImageSong: Char gets his own song, "Char ga Kuru" albeit not sung by his respective voice actor.²** One might argue that the first ending is actually also an image song, though in the same case as above. That, or "Eien ni Amuro" (Forever Amuro) is a tribute to Amuro.²*** At least Andrew W.K.'s versions of "Tobe! Gundam" and "Eien ni Amuro" sound like tributes... only awesome.²* ImpossiblyGracefulGiant: Thanks to EarlyInstallmentWeirdness, the RX-78 is far more agile than later Gundams - it even pulls off the occasional UnnecessaryCombatRoll. You could probably {{Handwave}} it as not having the multitude of thrusters all over its body that future Mobile Suits do, but still...²* InASingleBound: Thanks to its thrusters, the Gundam can jump high enough to engage enemy fighters in their own airspace.²* InsultBackfire: Gihren takes it as a ''compliment'' when his father compares his world view with that of Adolf Hitler. Though he'd never heard of Hitler before Degwin made the comparison onscreen, and Gihren didn't hear very much detail about Hitler. In this sense it's almost a backfire ''of'' an Insult Backfire.²* InterserviceRivalry: The Zeon forces would probably have beaten the Federation if they could resist the urge to play politics with each other. One memorable case is when M'Quve "loses" a request by Ramba Ral (who's not part of Kycilia's faction) for the new Rick Doms. ''Gihren's Greed'' suggests that if M'Quve had provided Ramba Ral with the support he needed, he'd have been able to capture White Base.²** [[AllThereInTheManual Supplemental material]] also makes clear that this is part of why Zeon has so many mobile suit variations; there were several companies and design teams all pushing their own programs and diverting resources to pet projects, and many {{Ace Custom}}s (for example, M'Quve's Gyan) are just prototypes, rejected or otherwise, that some ace or Zeon bigwig liked and kept for their personal suit. Conversely, all of this tail-chasing meant that Char's preferred design, the Gelgoog, didn't go into mass production until it was too late to affect the outcome of the war.²* ISurrenderSuckers: At one point, White Base sets up a ceasefire with the Zeon forces to let the civilians off the ship, and uses the ceasefire to secretly plant the Gundam behind enemy lines before the fighting restarts.²* LadyAndKnight: [[LadyOfWar Kycilia Zabi]] and her [[TheDragon Dragon]] [[SmugSnake M'Quve]] have got this vibe going. Kycilia is a ManipulativeBastard and EvilGenius, who nevertheless maintains a very feminine air to her persona. M'Quve, who always addresses her as "Lady Kycilia" serves as her [[TheStrategist strategist]], enforcer, and go to whenever dirty work is required; he is obsessively loyal to her, and to top it all off, pilots a mecha (the YMS-15 Gyan) designed to resemble a knight. ²* LatexSpaceSuit: Pilot suits. Averted on the Federation side with the suits worn by civilians and the ship's crew, which are much bulkier.²* LawOfChromaticSuperiority: The "Char custom" is probably the most iconic example.²* ManlyTears: A more rare villainous example is when Masked badboy Char promises to get his revenge on the Gundam, a few tears trickle under his mask. Amuro also cries a lot.²* MascotVillain: Char Anzable, who is popular enough to show up in [[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam the sequel series]] and [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack an OVA]], as well as inspire [[CharClone a slew of copycats]].²* MaskPower: Char, of course. Also, Kycilia.²* MeaningfulName: Zaku comes from the Japanese word for {{Mooks}}, ''zako'' (雑魚, "small/inferior fish") which, incidentally was what they were actually called in ''Anime/SDGundamForce''.²** Some fans believe Zaku to be derived from the word 'Zakuzaku', which (fittingly enough) means 'cut up roughly'.²** This is also played straight with the Musai-class Battlecruisers, the word 'musai' meaning 'lacking skills or abilities'.²** The colossal, green-colored, Mega Particle Cannon-equipped Mobile Armor Big Zam is named after the Zam Zammah, a massive, greenish cannon built by the Durrani Empire, immortalized in Creator/RudyardKipling's ''Literature/{{Kim}}''.²* MechaExpansionPack: ²** The G-Armor, a transport/fighter-bomber/tank that is compatible with the Core Block System. Later adaptations would remove it, as Tomino felt it was "too super-robot."²** Numerous {{Mecha Expansion Pack}}s exist in the ExpandedUniverse, most notably the "Full Armor Gundam" which takes the RX-78-1 and slaps heavier armor and weapons on it. Deconstructed in that it makes an overall worse machine and later versions are built Full Armor from the ground up. ²* MegaCrossover: The ''VideoGame/GundamFighter'' Flash game, with over 80 gundam characters from various shows²** SD Gundam G Generation World, the newest SD Gundam G Generation game, holds Mobile Weapons and Pilots from any series, up until A Wakening of the Trailblazer and Unicorn. Yup. More than 1000 Mobile Weapons and 500 Pilots in a PSP and Wii Game.²* MenOfSherwood: While the greater Federation army's competency fluctuates and is primarily offscreen (with battles like the Odessa offensive only briefly shown), they can be a competent force. Their earliest showing is the Jaburo defensive where in the face of a full on Zeon assault the heavily armed Federation soldiers destroy Zakus, Goufs, and Doms left and right. It's also where the the Federation mass produced mobile suits, the GM's, make their debut to help even the odds.²* MerchandiseDriven: Like you would not believe. It's interesting to note that this was a necessity - since the show was pulling low viewership numbers, the only thing that kept it on air past a certain point was a strong toy line - the full story of which is chronicled in Manga/GundamSousei. ²** What's impressive is that they were able to ''justify'' this to a believable extent - competition between manufacturers, a fundamental difference in the weapons designing process between the two sides, the scale of the war, etc.²* MidSeasonUpgrade: An unusual subversion for the franchise; while nearly every Gundam show since has the protagonist's mech eventually get either drastically remodeled into or replaced with a better one, in this series the Gundam's only upgrade is a magnetic coating for a better reaction time - otherwise it's exactly the same machine throughout. This can be attributed to EarlyInstallmentWeirdness.²** Other versions [[PlayingWithATrope downplay the trope]]. The movie version, for example, has the mid-season introduction of the Core Booster, basically a set of Core Fighters [[MechaExpansionPack with additional fire-power]].²** Definitely applies to main antagonist Char Aznable, who starts the series with a basic, albeit upgraded, Zaku and ends it piloting a Zeong -- a mecha so bleeding edge it isn't even finished when Char takes it out.²* MildlyMilitary: A deliberate choice on the part of the White Base officer cadre - given their desperate situation and the fact that most of their crew were green recruits and civilians, they decided that it would be easier for all concerned if they played fast-and-loose with the formalities. The mainstream Federation military is notably more rigid and disciplined.²* MinovskyPhysics: TropeNamer.²* MissingBackblast: Averted, as [[spoiler:Miharu]] finds out.²* ModestyTowel: In one scene Hamon is seen in a towel, having just got out of the shower. ²* MoodWhiplash: At one part, the kids catch Zeon troops planting time bombs to destroy a series of Gundams at Jaburo and have to find and dispose of them themselves before they explode. An otherwise tense scene is made rather odd with some more comical moments added in.²* MookLieutenant: The Zeon forces featured a number throughout the show's tenure usually given more to do than the average mook. They wore distinctive helmets and a black insignia on their outfit.²** Dren was one to Char's forces, often issuing orders and acting as second in command.²** Clamp was one to Ramba Ral's troops.²** Boon was the commander of the aquatic squadron that started attacking White Base at Northern Ireland.²** Tokwan was another one of Char's lieutenants who engages the White Base in space.²** Conscon was the Chivvy commander that harassed the Base during their visit to Side 6.²** Mulligan was Tokwan's replacement as Char's 2nd in command and serves till the final few episodes.²** Twanning was the head soldier under Gihren and later Kycilia during the battle at A Baoa Qu.²* {{Mukokuseki}}: Mostly averted. Mirai Yashima, the one with more direct Asian heritage, looks noticeably more Asian than the rest. Amuro is an aversion, since he's ButNotTooForeign (his mother is either American, Canadian or Mexican, depending on the canon you follow).²* NamesToRunAwayFromVeryFast: The Elmeth, which is (grammatically dodgy) Hebrew for "God of Death".²* ANaziByAnyOtherName: SIEG ZEON! HAIL ZEON! Gihren Zabi is directly compared to Hitler by his father at one point, though if one looks more closely, they're more similar to UsefulNotes/ImperialJapan's UsefulNotes/HidekiTojo.²* NiceJobBreakingItHero: When Amuro shoots the soldier at the refugee camp out of desperation when his cover is blown, there doesn't seem to be any major repercussions for everyone else (on-screen anyway). In the manga adaptation, Amuro shoots the soldier and as he falls he discharges his machine gun, gunning down at least two other civilians. Their survival is left up in the air.²* NonIndicativeName: Char's Newtype Corps is three people, including himself, two of which (Challia Bull, Lalah Sune) end up dead before they even get to A Baoa Qu. ²* NoseArt: Many of Char Aznable's AceCustom mobile suits featured his trademark red paintjob. PlayedStraight to the point of parody, where several mangas even featured "Char Aznable" custom ''[[JokeCharacter RB-79 Ball]]'' designs, painted red with horns attached.²* NoSell: ²** An interesting variation in the first episode. When Amuro is shot at point blank with a Zaku machine gun after starting up the Gundam for the first time, he starts screaming in abject terror, but the Gundam itself stands stalk still as the bullets bounce off its fancy new super alloy armor.²** As the series goes on and Zeon develops more heavily armored Mobile Suits, the Vulcan guns (the machine guns in Gundam's head and a primary ground attack weapon) can't even scratch the Doms or M'Goks. Though in Episode 32, Amuro manages to shoot out the less protected eye of one Dom using Gundam's head Vulcans.²* NicknamingTheEnemy: Some of the English localizations had this. The Federation forces were nicknamed "Feddies", while Zeon forces were nicknamed "Zekes". Some weapons received nicknames too, such as 'skirts' for Zeon's Dom fast assault suits, which used hover-jets to propel their massively-armoured frames.²* NuclearNullifier: Minovsky particles don't make [=ICBMs=] and other long-range missiles that practical.²* NuclearWeaponsTaboo: Averted. Nukes are used extensively in the opening battles of the war, resulting in up to a ''billion'' civilian casualties. [[SmugSnake M'Quve]] also launches an explicitly nuclear missile when it becomes clear that he's lost. Mobile suits also have nuclear reactors in them that GoCritical when hit by beam weapons; this happens several times in the series, including in [[DoomedHometown Side 7]] during the first episode.²* TheOjou: Iselina Eschenbach is a very tragic version of the trope. Mirai is technically one, but she tries her best to not let her family connections interfere.²* OffModel: While it ran rampant throughout the series[[note]]animation teams included Studio Z, {{Creator/Artland}}, Creator/NakamuraProductions and Anime Friend, who would later become infamous for their work on ''Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross''[[/note]], one episode, Cucuruz Doan's Island, was taken out of circulation because of it[[note]]As was the aforementioned Anime Friend, the episode's animators[[/note]].²* OutOfFocus: The Guntank in the movies. While it serves largely the same role on earth, when the White Base returns to space for the third movie, it's swapped out for another Guncannon for Hayato to pilot.²* OvershadowedByAwesome: By the end of the One Year War, Hayato, Sayla, and Kai are all highly competent pilots who qualify as aces several times over. They just have the bad luck of serving alongside the OneManArmy that is Amuro Ray. Zeon, meanwhile, has its own examples in the MS-14 Gelgoog and MSN-02 Zeong (particularly and especially the Gelgoog), suits that equal or exceed the Gundam in performance but pale before Amuro's supreme piloting skills.²** This is also {{Deconstructed}} to an extent - even as late as ''Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam'', 8 years later, Amuro lives under virtual house arrest and Bright flies a shuttle, while Hayato, Sayla, and Kai (especially) live and work in relative freedom.²* PastelChalkedFreezeFrame: Used multiple times, partly for dramatic effect, ''mostly'' because of the very cheap animation.²* PsychicPowers: Newtypes.²* PuttingOnTheReich: the Zeon flag is basically the flag of the Third Reich with a different symbol.²* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: The ''White Base'''s crew is partly composed of civilian volunteers, since some members of its original complement were killed in the incident at Side 7.²* RammingAlwaysWorks: Averted. Ramming ''sometimes'' works (at huge expense in lives and equipment), but mostly it's just an excellent way to get killed.²* RealityEnsues: Zeon's utilization of superweapons as part of the MonsterOfTheWeek format causes them to lose the war in a combination of repeated failures (including numerous deaths of their experienced pilots) and an inability to produce more standardized Mobile Suits. Also, by the end of the war, their crop of pilots are mostly young and inexperienced recruits, who are outmatched and [[WeHaveReserves outnumbered]] by the Federation's seasoned pilots with new GM mobile suits.²* RealRobot: The TropeMaker.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: A healthy share of the Federation officers are like this, and whilst Zeon doesn't have as many, they're still visibly present.²* RedShirtArmy: In most games, both the Zaku II, Gouf, GM and Ball qualify for this. In Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, this is increased to ''every'' One Year War-era suit except for the Gundam, Char's Zaku and Gelgoog, and the Zeong. ²** In SD Gundam G Generation Wars, this is, however, not so much the case. While they can still get blown up in one attack, provided a strong enough Mobile Suit, the GM, Zaku II, Gouf and Ball can actually become some of the most lethal Mobile Weapons at Level 99, provided they get both the +3 inheritance bonus, a Level 99 pilot from the beginning and a target to kill.[[note]]The reason for needing a Level 99 pilot? The Pilot's level determines the Suit's upgrade amount (3 points, +1 to ATK, DEF or EVA at level 1, while 20 points and +10 to ATK, DEF or EVA per certain number of points).[[/note]]²* RegionalRedecoration: During the One Year War, the Principality of Zeon attempted to [[ColonyDrop drop a depopulated colony]] onto [[TheFederation the Federation's]] base in South America. Unfortunately, they miscalculated and the colony fell onto Sydney, Australia. This resulted in a massive explosion that vaporized the city and much of the surrounding landscape, leaving behind a 500-kilometer-wide crater known as the Gulf of Sydney.²* ReportingNames: The White Base is codenamed "the Trojan Horse" by the Zeon forces.²** The Earth Federation refers to Lalah's Elmeth as the "Tricorn Hat."²* RightBehindMe: At one point, Kai is praising Matilda's virtues and explaining why she's his ideal girlfriend. She promptly walks by and tells him to focus on repairing the White Base, and wishes him good luck in finding a girlfriend.²* SelfMadeOrphan: ²** [[spoiler:Gihren kills his father via [[WaveMotionGun Solar Flare]], and then his younger sister offs ''him''.]]²** Tragically, [[spoiler:Amuro is indirectly responsible for his father's brain damage and subsequent death.]]²* SeriesFranchise: But man, the staff had ''no idea'' this would turn out to be the case at the time. They knew they were making a pretty good show - they just had no idea they were ''inventing a genre'' or a ''series''.²* ShaggyDogStory: "Winds of War," Episode 8, has a mother and her child leaving White Base with a group of civilians in search of her husbands home town on earth, St. Agnes. The episode plays out with Amuro and the others engaging the Zeon forces to protect her, the other refugees finding a different place for shelter, and even a Zeon pilot aiding the mother and child. At the episode's end the pilot reveals that the town was long since destroyed, not knowing she was searching for it, and encourages her to follow the other refugees to the shelter they found. As Amuro and the others leave they wonder if she ever really found that town.²* ShellShockedVeteran: Amuro Ray, towards the end.²* ShinyNewAustralia: Australia was one of the first victims of a ColonyDrop by Zeon.²* [[{{StabTheSky}} Shoot The Sky]]: the Gundam's "[[{{FanNickname}} Last Shooting]]" in the final episode.²* ShoutOut:²** "Sieg Zeon!" is taken directly from UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler's infamous quote, "Sieg Heil!"²*** Zeon is an outright reference to Nazi-Germany. Heck, their political leader, Gihren Zabi, is even ''compared to Hitler'' in-series, and takes it as a compliment!²** The term "Mobile Suit" comes from the Mobile Infantry of ''Literature/StarshipTroopers''²** As one would expect for a science-fiction show from the late 70s, ''StarWars''' fingerprints are everywhere, from the Gundam's beam saber to Char's Darth Vader-esque helmet. Tomino wanted the Gundam to be all-white like an Imperial Stormtrooper, but was overruled by the producers, who wanted kid-friendly primary colors.²*** Similarly, it also takes many cues from ''Star Wars'''s most famous imitator, the original ''Franchise/BattlestarGalactica''. The Pegasus class assault carriers function similarly to the Battlestar class ships and take their name from one of the ships in the series. The iconic Zeon [[CyberCyclops mono-eye]] is markedly similar to those of the Cylons.²** Gundam's evolutionary concept of Newtypes is likely influenced from ''Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey''.²* ShowerScene: ²** Near the beginning of the series Char got a shower scene. In [[Manga/MobileSuitGundamTheOrigin YAS' The Origin]], that scene was a lot longer and left a lot less to the imagination. ²** Fraw Bow and the kiddies get a scene where she tries to keep the kids from horsing around in the shower. [[NippleAndDimed Fraw's nipples are in plain view]].²* SmokingIsCool: In the original series, during Gihren's speech Char is seen in a bar, drinking. In the equivalent scene in The Origin, Char is shown drinking AND smoking. Keep in mind that he's an ace pilot who probably couldn't afford to risk his lung health. ²* SortingAlgorithmOfEvil: {{Justified|Trope}}, in that the mobile suits that Amuro fights are all top-of-the-line at the time, and Zeon is forced to continually develop more powerful suits as they come to terms with the Gundam, and later the Federation's GM's. ²* SpannerInTheWorks:²** The entirety of the Principality of Zeon is just one big spanner against themselves in the One Year War. Among them being:²*** M'Quve refusing to give Ramba Ral the new Doms, leading to his death and later that of the Black Tri-Stars, depriving Zeon of experienced and talented soldiers.²*** Sayla and Amuro spotting a Federation traitor just before Operation Odessa, managing to foil his plans.²*** Zeon blowing a lot of their funding on expensive Mobile Armors or experimental, extremely limited-focus Mobile Suits.²*** Ghiren firing a superweapon too early just to kill his own father, also wiping out LOTS of Zeon's troops. Then a pissed off Kycillia executes Ghiren for Patricide, leading to the powerful Delaz Fleet (that Gato is a part of) to bail. And to think, they had spent 9 months at that point in a stalemate and were really close to winning...²*** And, of course, the ultimate one: three Zeon soldiers go to Side 7 to investigate goings on in there and discover the Federation building Mobile Suits there. Had they not attacked the factory... ²** From the spinoff:²*** [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamThe08thMSTeam Ghinias Saharin]] snapping and attacking, leading to the death of his own men that his sister Aina had brokered for a cease-fire to get them out for medical attention.²*** Zeon soldiers mistakenly thinking the Gundam had been destroyed early on in the Battle of Solomon, leading a talented and seasoned pilot like [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam0083StardustMemory Anaval Gato]] to break away and miss fighting Amuro.²* SparedByTheAdaptation: ²** In the novels, [[spoiler:Degwin Zabi is just said to be dethroned. This suggests that he survived as he did not accompany the fleet that was destroyed by the Colony Laser.]]²** In the compilation trilogy, Captain Paolo is last seen being carted off to receive medical care at Luna II. While in the original anime, Paolo dies of his wounds after the Luna II fiasco, the movies never state that he died. In addition, [[spoiler:Icelina and M'Quve]] survive because the episodes featuring their deaths were not featured in the movies.²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Lots of 'em, including the Principality/Duchy/Archduchy/Grand Duchy of Zeon/Zion/Jion. Also Kycilia/Kashiria, Gihren/Ghiren/Giren, and Mineva/Minerva Zabi. Amuro's last name also frequently shows up as "Rei" instead of the official "Ray".²** Fun fact : Char Aznable is what happens when [[NamedAfterSomebodyFamous your translation of]] [[ Charles Aznavour]] goes horribly wrong.²* SpikesOfVillainy: The Principality of Zeon are big fans - more so here, in fact, than at any other point in the faction's history.²* SpoilerOpening: Ending, really, but the ending used for the Creator/{{Toonami}} broadcast spoil the final moments of the show, with Amuro in his damaged Core Fighter finding the White Base crew's Launch.²* SpySpeak: When Bright comes across what looks like a Feddie jeep and driver in the desert.²-->'''Bright''': Do butterflies fly in the desert?\²'''Driver''': Only the cactus thorns fly in the desert.²* StayingAlive: [[spoiler:Char is presumed to have been killed when Kycilia's Gwanzine exploded, but the final compilation movie adds a scene during the end credits showing a shadowy figure bearing a resemblance to Char on a Zeon escape ship. Zeta Gundam confirms that Char survived the One Year War.]]²* StealthPun: Zako is Japanese for small fry. The Zaku Mobile Suit, with the exception of the ones that are AceCustom models that follow the LawOfChromaticSuperiority, are piloted by {{Mooks}}.²* StockFootage: Mostly involving the Gundam launching or combining with its various parts.²* StupidStatementDanceMix: [[ "We're jumping onto White Base - AAAAAAAHHH!"]]²* SuperPrototype: The Gundam. The Big Zam and YMS-15 Gyan later in the series, as well, and for a certain definition of 'prototype', the Elmeth and Zeong.²* SuperweaponSurprise: More than one, and used by both sides.²* SureLetsGoWithThat: Bright accuses Sayla of stealing the Gundam so she could prove she was as good as a man in battle. She lets him think that rather than tell him [[spoiler:she was looking for Char, to find out if he really was her brother Casval]].²* SwissArmyWeapon: A very basic example - the Gundam's beam sabers can extend their handles to become short-bladed tridents.²* SwordFight: With mobile suits, and between Char and Amuro in person during the final episodes!²* TagalongKid: Katz, Kikka, and Letz, who are White Base's [[BrattyHalfPint Bratty Half-Pints]].²* TankGoodness: Guntanks. They do one job, and they do it well. (Just, y'know, more on land than space.)²* TelepathicSpacemen: Newtypes.²* ThemeNaming: Several characters are named for World War II aircraft; Kai is named for the [[ N1K2-J Shiden Kai]], while Amuro himself is named for the infamous [[ "Zero"]].²** A few postwar fighters get referenced, too. The name of M'Quve's assistant Uragang is a corruption of the Dassault Ouragan, which first saw service in the UsefulNotes/ArabIsraeliConflict.²* ThouShaltNotKill: The stance of Amuro's mother. Deconstructed and played for drama. See WhatTheHellHero below.²* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: The up next ads at the ends of episodes almost always spoil something for the next episode and the narration gives away key details and directly states which characters die even though it always ends with "who will survive?"²* TransformationIsAFreeAction: ZigZagged with Amuro's midair docking procedures; the Core Fighter combines with the two halves of Gundam to be fully battle ready even when in the midst of combat. Out of combat the crew is seen practicing the procedure so they can do it faster because the soldiers will be shooting at them when they attempt it and in Episode 23 a Gouf does try and blast him while Gundam forms. That said, any and all attempts at stopping the transformation have the enemies turn into the ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy for a bit and never get any meaningful hits in until Gundam has formed and can protect itself.²* UnfinishedUntestedUsedAnyway: All three of Zeon's late-game superweapons, the Big Zam, the Colony Laser, and the Zeong. Results were decidedly mixed. To elaborate:²** The Big Zam proved devastatingly effective, but they hadn't fitted in the close-ranged defences yet, letting Amuro and Sleggar eventually take it out.²** The Colony Laser was fired prematurely, destroying it after it had wiped out only half the Federation fleet and letting the other half win the war.²** The Zeong went into battle missing its legs. This had no real effect on its performance - they were fighting in outer space at the time, and legs aren't much use in zero gravity - other than perhaps not allowing Char to use one of his famous kicks.²* {{Unobtainium}}: Played straight and subverted. Early on the Gundam is all but indestructible, much to the surprise and misfortune of Zeon troops. However by the latter half of the series, Zeon gains access to beam weaponry, and it turns out to be equally deadly to the Gundam as it is to everything else. Afterwords tactics in the entire Universal Century timeline focus on avoiding getting hit at all, as no matter how much armor you have, beam weaponry punches right through it.²** Lunar Titanium isn't really Unobtanium per say, it's just a significant upgrade over the kind of armor most mobile suits of the day were using which were steel alloys. Conventional weapons still manage to significantly damage the Gundam on several occasions, and during one encounter explosive charges small enough to be carried in one hand are shown to be capable of breaching the armor if placed in the right spot. Really, Lunar Titanium has about as much effect on the battlefield as the invention of Sloped Armor did in WWII; it is superior to any existing design, but not a game-changer in and of itself.²* VillainousValor: Gadem attempting to destroy the Gundam with his aging and unarmed Zaku I to get revenge for his downed ship. [[CurbStompBattle He doesn't last long]], but it is still quite impressive.²* ViolationOfCommonSense: The fact that the Guntank can be operated in space is one of the more absurd examples in the franchise. Sure it's sealed air-tight and has a few maneuvering thrusters to move and change direction but the Guntank's speed and maneuverability are laughable enough to make an ordinary Zaku I look fast. Not to mention that the lower half of the Guntank would be disappointingly easy to hit. In the remakes, the Guntank was left behind in Jaburo and replaced with a Guncannon which confirms that even the creators thought that a Guntank operating in space was too silly.²* VisualPun: During its stay in the neutral zone of Side Six, the White Base's weapons are literally tied down with red tape.²* WarIsHell: {{Downplayed}} but certainly a running theme throughout the series. The start of every episode shows us the infamous ColonyDrop that wiped out Sydney, Australia, and the ''very first episode'' shows us innocent civilians who are evacuating being blown up and killed by an overzealous Zeon soldier in a Mobile Suit, [[spoiler:including Fraw Bow's mother and grandfather]].²* WarfareRegression: Minovsky Particles can screw up electronics and telecommunications. As a result, war in the Universal Century goes back to visual ranges. ²* WarriorTherapist: Char and Amuro tend to talk a lot while they're fighting. Being the first Gundam, every subsequent series following it followed suit.²* WeakButSkilled: Initially the reason that Char can keep up with Amuro. [[LensmanArmsRace Later on it's the reason Amuro can keep up with Char.]]²** And by the end of the show, Gundam can't keep up with Amuro's reflexes, which is fixed through an off-screen upgrade.²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: ²** Amuro's dad, who never actually got a death scene even though he ''did'' die at Side 6. The CompilationMovie fixes this by adding a scene where he falls down some stairs and ''apparently'' breaks his neck -- the animation doesn't make it clear. The whole thing comes off as rather arbitrary, really.²** On the other hand, M'Quve disappears after Odessa in the films. The manga ''Char's Deleted Affair'' depicts him dying in a similar fashion as the TV series, only at A Baoa Qu instead of in the Texas Colony.²** Lieutenant Reed, the soldier who escorted White Base to Earth and stayed on ship for a number of episodes butting heads with Bright, leaves the series on a transport ship and never returns. It's especially noticeable because all of the recurring soldiers around Reed: Wakkein, his CO; Matilda, his rescuer; and Dren, the one who injured him; all return at different parts in the series whilst he stays gone.²* WhatTheHellHero: Amuro's mother denounces him for becoming a soldier and killing other soldiers who could have had children of their own in spite of Amuro's intention of protecting the refugees.²* WhipItGood: The 'heat rod', WeaponOfChoice of Zeon's Gouf mobile suit, which Ramba Ral in particular uses to devastating effect.²* WorstAid: After having his arm impaled by the blade of Char's fencing foil, Amuro pulls the broken piece out. This can probably be forgiven as he was in a depressurized area of A Baoa Qu, and his main motivation appears to be patching his normal suit.²* WorthyOpponent: Char and Amuro eventually consider each other this. Earlier, Ramba Ral came to respect Amuro.²* YouAreInCommandNow: Happens to Bright during the opening episodes; despite being 19 years old and only an ensign, he ends up in command of the ''[[CoolStarship White Base]]'' when every other officer on the ship is killed or critically wounded.²* YouKeepUsingThatWord: According to the novel the "Colony Laser" is a hollowed out colony filled with a large number of mirrors with a single focal point. Therefore the Colony Laser is not, in fact, a laser.²** That said, the Gryps Colony Laser that shows up in Zeta Gundam is a bona-fide laser cannon the size of a space colony, so the Novel may just be the odd one out.²** Somewhat debatable, but Zeon is called a Principality, even though it's lead by a Archduke. Wiki/TheOtherWiki, however, notes that "principality" can denote any society lead by a monarch, no matter what they call themselves. This bothered Fred Schodt, though, and when he translated Tomino's novels he changed the name to "The Zeon Archduchy"; as with all his other changes (Sha for Char, Zak for Zaku, et cetera), it never caught on.²*** The whole thing makes a bit more sense given the nation's backstory. Even after the Zabi family took power and declared themselves royalty, Zeon was still (at least nominally) a semi-autonomous Federation state for a while before they began to push for full independence. Degwin calling himself Archduke instead of King or Emperor was a sop to the Federation's authority. [[{{Woolseyism}} On the other hand, the official English version's more ambiguous "Sovereign" and "Principality" come off as a lot more canny]]. A principality can, like a duchy, refer to the domain of a noble in a larger empire (as in the principalities of UsefulNotes/TheRomanEmpire or the "princely states" of India during UsefulNotes/TheRaj) but it has ''also'' been used to refer to small, independent or semi-independent states like those that eventually unified to become Germany and Italy. It's hardly a stretch to think of Degwin, [[TheEvilPrince and especially Ghiren]], presenting themselves to the Federation as the former while plotting to become the latter.²----


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