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1[[quoteright:350:]] ''Rainbow Ruby'' is a Chinese-Korean animated series produced by produced by 38 °C Animation Studio, CJ E&M Corporation in South Korea, China Entertainment Corporation and Creator/DHXMedia. It tells the story of a young girl named Ruby who owns a magical teddy bear named Choco. Whenever a crisis occurs in the magical land of Rainbow Village, Choco's heart will shine, which sends him and Ruby there. To solve the problem, Ruby uses her Rainbow Roller to transform herself into the appropiate job costume.----!!''Rainbow Ruby'' contains examples of:* BabysittingEpisode: ** "Babysitter Blues" sees Ruby babysitting a villager's three children.** In "Big Baby", Ruby babysits Jessy.* InjuredLimbEpisode: In "The Show Must Go On", Princess Kiki breaks her leg on the day of the big performance.* MagicalGirl: This show utilizes the variety where the heroine uses her magic to help others.* MerchandiseDriven: The show has various toylines by different companies, each incorporating the items Ruby uses and the clothing Ruby wears.* SickEpisode: "Trunk Trouble" involves Ling Ling catching a bad cold.


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